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Rickyb20 -> =AQW= Pet Suggestions (1/17/2021 10:34:51)

Pet Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can suggest all manners of animals and critters to follow you around as your pet!

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  • bruextian -> RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions (4/4/2021 6:42:39)

    I think it's appropriate to make aKidz The Kid AC Tagged. Specially because of its significance. One of the Golden Cheezburger item.

    Joselx -> RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions (6/21/2021 23:48:06)


    Baby Dragon Warlord Pet

    danang5 -> RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions (7/27/2021 0:42:56)

    please buff Holiday Paragon Pet Quest to be at least on par with Shogun Paragon Pet

    GiraffeMystic -> RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions (9/22/2021 18:35:12)

    Please make a baby Pumpkin Dragon pet.

    Cyrenius -> RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions (10/1/2021 11:30:08)

    Museum Curator Pet

    Allows you to access Blade of Awe enhancements without going to /museum (very handy for ultra fights)
    AC tagged (so canít be accidentally sold and can be stored in bank for free)


    Blade of Awe faction rank 10
    All pieces of Armor of Awe completed
    All chaos beast quests in museum completed


    5 million Au

    Joselx -> RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions (10/13/2021 23:26:16)

    Toxic flame baby dragon https://twitter.com/seobaiano/status/1448458657029627909?t=3q-mvrDaeiPkHgW2D_DCxw&s=19

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