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Rickyb20 -> =AQW= Helm Suggestions (6/13/2021 13:13:40)

Helm Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can post your helm ideas and designs!

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  • Joselx -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (6/14/2021 2:47:23)

    Quasar platinum helm


    Snuf59 -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (7/6/2021 14:10:20)


    It seems the name is kinda undecided, “Kenzo of Helm,” I only say this because it says of Helm. It looks really clean cutted, and has a nice design. It really makes me think of Darkon or Lae. Idk, I’m not good at coming up with what to say about the person’s creation.

    Joselx -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (9/14/2021 16:18:40)

    Major Dragonlord helm(what If galanoth is a Dragonlord)

    Failleens AQW -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (9/15/2021 14:37:02)

    I Suggest these hairs morph https://twitter.com/Faillensisme/status/1438197802065031170/photo/1
    the morph is made by me, Faillens
    Thankss >w<

    Cyrenius -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (10/3/2021 11:48:19)

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    +100% EXP
    +100% Au
    +100% Rep
    +100% Class Points


    Level 100
    Member, and minimum 2 years as an active member
    Helm of the Legion Beast
    Infernal Flame Pyromancer
    Awe-scended Badge

    Quest 1 (only quest)

    500 Dark Potions (from Dark Box quest)
    100 Bloodgems of Nulgath
    1,000 Diamonds of Nulgath
    200 Daily EXP Boost! (1 hr)
    200 Doom Gold Boost! (1 hr)
    200 Daily Rep Boost! (1 hr)
    200 Daily Class Boost! (1 hr)

    Rewards: Shine on You Crazy Diamond (100% EXP, 100% Au, 100% Rep, 100% Class)

    Snuf -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (10/15/2021 6:39:56)

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/758890377780002848/898519248673071124/unknown.png Memet,Mort, and Scurvy as Helms for Heromart.

    Datenshi -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (10/22/2021 18:19:52)

    Black version of DemonHunter Horns & DemonHuntress for upcoming black friday
    Cyber version as well

    IGN : Lucifer

    Ae_How -> RE: =AQW= Helm Suggestions (12/21/2021 15:30:59)


    St. Patrick's Day Suggestion:
    Lucky Award Show Hat + glasses

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