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Rickyb20 -> =AQW= Monster Suggestions (6/13/2021 13:22:04)

Monster Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can post your monster ideas and designs!

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  • WakaiQuketsuki -> RE: =AQW= Monster Suggestions (6/13/2021 13:31:42)

    Suggestion of a Frogzard evolution: https://twitter.com/Wakai_Quketsuki/status/1394359374928297991
    Chaotic Xenozard suggestion : https://twitter.com/Wakai_Quketsuki/status/1394359380339044354/photo/1

    Crimson King -> RE: =AQW= Monster Suggestions (6/14/2021 12:14:38)

    Frogzard redesign suggestion by me [removed for rework]

    Crimson King -> RE: =AQW= Monster Suggestions (6/16/2021 17:30:11)

    Cocodrilo Soldier suggestion: [removed for rework]

    Protégé -> RE: =AQW= Monster Suggestions (7/7/2021 17:58:44)

    Heya folks! Here's a revamp of the incubus boss that I've made as a suggestion for this mogloween 2021 that I would like to share

    [ Incubus Boss Revamp ]: https://twitter.com/VII_VII_V_VIII/status/1384371328979963909

    Note: I've the Flash files

    Cyrenius -> RE: =AQW= Monster Suggestions (10/4/2021 12:01:47)

    Ultra Desolich


    Monthly Boss

    Level 100

    Room locked to level 100 (must be level 100 to enter)

    250 million HP

    8 people to a room (designed for a Legion Revenant, Lightcaster, Lord of Order, Archpaladin, Stonecrusher, Infinity Titan, Naval Commander or Death Knight Lord, and Void Highlord)

    Reward: 5 million EXP, 2 million Au, 20 Ultra Desolich Insignias

    Quest chain to unlock

    Infernal Flame Pyromancer
    Hollowborn Shadow of Fate

    25 Champion Drakath Insignia
    60 Avatar Tyndarius Insignia

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