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Fear Sirius

Location: Across the Fearscape

Quests given

Shops owned

???: Well. Look who we have here.

Fear Sirius: Nothing gets by you lot, does it?

Fear Sirius: Is that a rhetorical question, or would you like me to spell it out for you? I'm your Fear, after all.
Fear Sirius: Clearly, you are afraid of being a competent Emperor...
Fear Sirius: ...With all the lying, sacrifices, and back-handed deals that are needed to keep your glorious empire running.
Fear Sirius: And why would you be afraid of this? An Empire at its peak. All your wishes fulfilled.

Fear Sirius: Oh? Then why are you here?
Fear Sirius: To bring Kass home?
Fear Sirius: Or is it to show Father that you can actually accomplish something other than getting lucky with the Sword of Inanitas?

Fear Sirius: And why would I need to cast "normal magic" when I can wield a Celestial's power to rule unopposed?!
Fear Sirius: I don't fear the Sword dangling above the throne. I wield it!
Fear Sirius: And you, Kass. What are you doing here? So far away from home.
Fear Sirius: You claim you are looking to help free us from the Sword but look around at this mess! How is this helping?

Fear Sirius: The Artifact, the Artifact, the Artifact! It's all the Artifact's fault, is it?!
Fear Sirius: Tell me, would Cassiopia and Arthur buy that excuse?

Fear Sirius: What about all the people you helped the Thorn kidnap?
Fear Sirius: They're all dead, you know. Sacrificed in a ritual!
Fear Sirius: Let me guess. Was it in the name of "research"?

Fear Sirius: Oh, the infamous Hero! I've been waiting to talk to you!
Fear Sirius: How many people were you able to save when you were frozen for all those years?
Fear Sirius: Zero? That's what I thought! Just think about their suffering, their screaming—

Fear Sirius: Speaking of Jaania, wasn't it you who helped let her out?

Fear Sirius: Aaaand why did Wargoth arrive in the first place? Wasn't it because you weren't strong enough to stop that sun-eating dracolich on your own?
Fear Sirius: You made Warlic use all his power to protect everyone in your stead!
Fear Sirius: And don't get me started on how you helped that dracolich come into existence! You—

Fear Sirius: At last!
Fear Sirius: Spoken like a true Emperor!

Fear Sirius: That... was quite fun!


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