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Location: A Serious Encounter, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Right, Storming the Boat, Into the Fearscape, Jungle Adventure, Sibling Bonds, Across the Fearscape, The Aker'varus

Quests given
A Serious Encounter
Storming the Boat
Into the Fearscape
Jungle Adventure
Sibling Bonds
Across the Fearscape
The Aker'varus

Shops owned

A Serious Encounter

???: Oww.

???: Gah!!
???: No! It caught up to me!

???: H-huh? Where did it go?!

???: And why am I still floating?!

???: Oof!
???: Thanks!
???: What was that?!

???: You've seen them before?!

???: Then would you mind lending me a hand? These things won't leave me alone!
Sirius: The name's Sirius, and you are?

Sirius: Later, first we get rid of these sheep monsters!

Sirius: Like I said! Later!
Sirius: I'll take care of the ones I see, you can take out the ones you see!

Sirius: Well, it appears I'm afraid of giant mutated lizards now?

Sirius: That was definitely something different.
Sirius: It was also something much stronger than the shee– than these other things.

Sirius: Yes...
Sirius: Well, anyway, thanks for the help, <Character>.

Sirius: Listen, when I was a kid there were these sheep that–
Sirius: It's a perfectly rational fear!
Sirius: What do you see then, brave <Class>?

Sirius: Well, the woman that created those monsters...

Sirius: The who?

Sirius: Well, she...
Sirius: She kidnapped my sister.

Sirius: I... I don't know...
Sirius: I made it to her boat and saw my sister for just a moment, before this Phobeist set those sheep– I mean, Feargeists, after me.
Sirius: But now that they've been dealt with, I'm going back.
Sirius: Thanks again for your help.

Sirius: You're willing to help? Really?
Sirius: Are you... "Sirius"?

Sirius: Right. Sister kidnapped. Scary monsters. I'd appreciate your help.

Falconreach (Book 3)

Sirius: Hi, <Character>! It's nice to see you again!

  • Quests!
    Sirius: Thanks, again, for the help. The sooner we rescue my sister, the better.
  • Invite Sirius as a guest (DA Required; Locked)

  • Talk
    Sirius: Certainly. What do you want to know?
    • Who are you?
      Sirius: I'm a Rune Arcanum and a researcher of all things magic. I'm looking for my sister, and thanks to your help, I know we'll be able to save her!

    • Sister?
      Sirius: My sister, Kassandra, and I are from the continent South of here.
      Sirius: We have traveled across Lore studying the different forms of magic we encounter.

    • Rune Arcanum? (Locked)

    • South? (Locked)

    • Forms of Magic? (Locked)
    Storming the Boat

    Sirius: Well, my sister, Kassandra, and I are not from this continent.

    Sirius: We're from a continent south of here.

    Sirius: I don't know much about that.
    Sirius: The South is a pretty big place.
    Sirius: I haven't heard of anything like that, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

    Sirius: Kassandra, actually.

    Sirius: We are. Though she isn't my sister by blood.
    Sirius: Ever since we were little, our families were always close.
    Sirius: Her parents were actually the ones to introduce me to magic.
    Sirius: They used to teach me about all the different types of magics they had discovered during their travels.
    Sirius: They were supposed to teach me how to perform them all, until...

    Sirius: Well, they aren't with us anymore...

    Sirius: Anyway, after they passed, my parents sought to it that Kass was taken care of.
    Sirius: We were inseparable ever since.
    Sirius: Now we travel the world, studying the different magics that exist on Lore, like her parents would have wanted.
    Sirius: From the South, Azaveyr, and now, here.

    Sirius: She would love that.

    Sirius: Mostly. It's Rune Magic, a specialty of ours in the South.
    Sirius: This artifact allows me to use it.
    Sirius: It is an heirloom, passed down through my family for generations.
    Sirius: We aren't exactly sure how it works, but it seems to "focus" magic into something more potent.
    Sirius: But enough about me, what about you, <Character>?

    Sirius: That sounds a little more than "not much to tell"...

    Sirius: I take it this par for the course?

    Sirius: NononONONO!

    Sirius: Then you haven't seen Southern Sheep!

    Sirius: T-there's no way I'm fighting that thing!

    Sirius (inverted): I...

    Sirius (inverted): I'm...

    Sirius: Kass! What do you think you are doing!?

    Sirius: You know how afraid I am of those things!!!

    Sirius: I'm sorry, <Character>, for misleading you.

    Sirius: What are you talking about? What's going on?
    Sirius: If you tell me, I can help you!

    Sirius: Where did you get that?

    Sirius: You need to put that thing down and get away from it.
    Sirius: Nothing is coming for you.
    Sirius: That artifact is messing with your mind!

    Sirius: I won't let anything get you, Kass. Just put the artifact down. You'll see.

    Sirius: You know I would never lie to you!
    Sirius: This thing is messing with your mind! It's holding you hostage!

    Sirius: That's not true, Kass!
    Sirius: You know that if I didn't go after you, they would have sent Arcana to drag you back!
    Sirius: I just–

    Sirius: I'll explain later...

    Sirius: Kass, I know what you're thinking!
    Sirius: Don't do this!

    Sirius: <Character>, run! I don't want you getting sucked into this!

    Into the Fearscape

    Sirius: It's a Fearscape. Mine to be exact. A place that manifests one's most gruesome fears.
    Sirius: It's an advanced type of phobia magic her parents worked on.

    Sirius: She is like a sister to me. But the Kass I know and the "Phobeist" you have encountered in the past are one in the same.
    Sirius: I'm sorry for misleading you. Lying is a family specialty that I don't like to partake in.
    Sirius: I didn't want it to appear that I supported Kass's previous messes. Especially those you apparently have had to clean up.
    Sirius: I will admit the situation is worse than I thought. That artifact that Kass was holding seems to be feeding off her fears.

    Sirius: They're mages, similar to me. They are the Empire's special task force.
    Sirius: I knew once Kassandra ran away, they would most likely be sent to hunt her down.
    Sirius: I had to appeal to my father to send me instead. I convinced him that I could make her come back peacefully.
    Sirius: Kass said I used it as an excuse to leave the Capitol, and while that is partially true, I really just want to figure out *why* she ran away...

    Sirius: Unfortunately.

    Sirius: Please don't...

    Sirius: Please. Let's just find our way out of here so we can save Kass.

    Sirius: Finally! I am so ready to be out of this place!

    Sirius: Kass!
    Sirius: Come with us! You know this isn't like you!

    Sirius: I'm sorry, Kass, but this is for your own good...
    Sirius: I promised I would keep you safe.

    Sirius: Kass! Look at me. How are you feeling? Are you—

    Sirius: It... It was the only way I could think of saving you!

    Jungle Adventure

    ???: There you are!

    ???: Hold on! I'll get you out!

    Sirius: Looks like I made it just in time.

    Sirius: Now, Kass, would you mind telling us where we are?

    Sibling Bonds

    Sirius: Well why didn't you say so? I'll run ahead and see if I can find it!

    Sirius: It's nice to meet you, Lady Kassandra. I look forward to becoming friends!

    Sirius: It's alright, Lady Cassiopeia! I don't need any special treatment. I'm sure we will end up being friends eventually!
    Sirius: We both love magic, after all! And together, we are going to learn all the magic Lore and beyond has to offer!

    Sirius: Quick! Get behind me!

    Sirius: Are you alright?!

    Sirius: Don't worry, you're safe now.
    Sirius: I'll always be here to protect you!

    Sirius: I told you, Cassiopeia, you don't have to call me "Prince".

    Sirius: I shouldn't keep my father waiting! I'll be back later for my lesson!

    Sirius: Look at this new spell I can do, Kass!

    Sirius: Alcor sent me to get him some burn salves for him...

    Sirius: N-nothing... Never mind! Good night!

    Sirius: ...

    Sirius: My-my magic! It-it-it... It burns!

    Sirius: W-why? D-did I do something wrong? Why is my magic hurting me?

    Sirius: Hey! You two! I think I found something!
    Sirius: Get over here, you're going to want to see this!

    Across the Fearscape

    Sirius: See? Just over there! That looks pretty important, right?

    Sirius: That's the easy part. We'll just have to fight our way over! Follow me!

    Sirius: If we have a plan, then let's do it! Let's get out of here!

    Sirius: I'll get it to make a big sheep. What's the worst that can happen?

    Sirius: Here it comes! Get ready!
    Sirius: It's just a sheep. It's... just a sheep...

    Sirius: It was Nature necromancy! Those roots were all twisted around the bones! It was terrifying!

    Sirius: No, you!

    Sirius: Wha—! That's... that's not a sheep...

    Sirius: Me?!

    Sirius: The Imperial Crown. My biggest fear is... being Emperor?

    Sirius: I have no interest in being Emperor.

    Sirius: Kass, is that true?

    Sirius: Enough! You will not speak to my friends like this any longer!
    Sirius: Draw your weapons, and let us end this!

    Sirius: Speak for yourself! That was awful! Thank goodness that's over!
    Sirius: He was creepy!

    Sirius: Kass, you don't have to—

    Sirius: ...The creature that has haunted her dreams for years.
    Sirius: The legendary beast of the South that killed her parents...

    The Aker'varus

    Sirius: So this is it. The creature that took your parents from us.

    Sirius: I'm here this time...
    Sirius: We'll take it from here. Right, <Character>?

    Sirius: It wasn't! The Arcana were able to rescue Kass and fled!

    Sirius: Kass, I need you to snap out of it!
    Sirius: Just think of the Aker'varus as another species you've studied!
    Sirius: You have to have learned something right? I need you!

    Sirius: I got it! I know what I have to do!
    Sirius: You two, get behind me!

    Sirius: Don't worry. Like I said.

    Sirius (Past and Present): I'll always be here to protect you!

    Sirius: Stay back!

    Sirius: Ahhhhh!

    Sirius: Y-yeah, sounds good.

    Sirius: No... *pant*.
    Sirius: Let me give this one last try...

    Sirius: I know you're in there. Please, give me the power to get them out of here.

    Sirius: Did... did it work?

    Other information
  • Completion of A Serious Encounter will unlock Sirius' presence in Falconreach (Book 3).

    Kid Appearance

    Also See: Fear Sirius, Inanitas, Inanitas (forum user)

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for Kid appearance.

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