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Aker'varus, The

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3/9/2024 13:32:03   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Aker'varus

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Right -> Sirius -> Quests! -> The Aker'varus
Requirements: Completion of Across the Fearscape
Release Date: March 8th, 2024

Objective: The Aker'varus is here.
Objective completed: ...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Aker'varus (1) - Boss
(1) Aker'varus (2) - Boss

Fear Engine

Wings of Aker'varus (I-VI)

Access to tAV Loot for DCs.


*Continuing where Across the Fearscape left off, Kassandra glares at horror as the Fear Engine has generated a fear manifestation of Aker'varus.*

Kassandra: The Aker'varus...

*Scene shifts to the fear manifestation of the Aker'varus, the legendary beast of the South that has a resemblance to a dragon.*

Sirius: So this is it. The creature that took your parents from us.

*Sirius summons a summoned sword to prepare to fight against the Aker'varus.*

<Character>: Kassandra, are you okay?
Kassandra: I... I can't—

*Scene shifts to a young Kassandra witnessing the death of her parents by the Aker'varus in the Exalted ruins; the Aker'varus roars; Kassandra sobs as the scene transitions back to present day.*

Kassandra: I— Mom?! Dad?! Sirius?!
Sirius: I'm here this time...
Sirius: We'll take it from here. Right, <Character>?

  • Sirius joins you as Guest A.

    <Character>: Right!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Aker'varus (1).
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *You and Sirius fight against the Aker'varus, however, it proves to be an insurmountable obstacle for both of them.*

    <Character>: We aren't doing anything to it!
    <Character>: How did you say this thing was beaten before?
    Sirius: It wasn't! The Arcana were able to rescue Kass and fled!
    <Character>: That would have been good to know before we started this!
    <Character>: Kassandra! A little help here!

    *Kassandra is still sobbing upon reaching her with your words; the Aker'varus strikes an attack, but is blocked by Sirius' swords.*

    Sirius: Kass, I need you to snap out of it!
    Sirius: Just think of the Aker'varus as another species you've studied!
    Sirius: You have to have learned something right? I need you!

    *Reached by Sirius' words, Kassandra stops sobbing.*

    Kassandra: You— You're right.

    *Kassandra stands up to fight against the Aker'varus.*

    Kassandra: Sorry. I'm here... Let me think.
    Kassandra (thinking): The one thing that makes the Aker'varus so indestructible is its metallic hide.
    Kassandra: If we had a way of softening it, we could maybe—

  • Removes Sirius from Guest A.

    Sirius: I got it! I know what I have to do!
    Sirius: You two, get behind me!

    *Sirius casts pink flames from his hands; this causes Kassandra to react strongly against it due to Sirius' link with the Sword of Inanitas.*

    Kassandra: Sirius, what are you doing? The Sword! It will—
    Sirius: Don't worry. Like I said.

    *Scene shifts to the young Sirius protecting Kassandra from Sibling Bonds as the scene splits with the past and present Sirius saying…*

    Sirius (Past and Present): I'll always be here to protect you!

    *Scene shifts back to the present day, where Sirius incinerates the Aker'varus' metallic hide with pink flames, causing it to roar strongly against it; as Sirius incinerates the Aker'varus, his sleeves incinerate, showing his magical wounds from the Sword of Inanitas.*

    Sirius: Stay back!

    *Sirius continues to incinerate the Aker'varus' metallic hide with pink flames.*

    Sirius: Ahhhhh!

  • Kassandra joins you as Guest A.

    Kassandra: Sirius, that's enough! <Character> and I will take it from here!

    *Sirius stops incinerating the Aker'varus.*

    Sirius: Y-yeah, sounds good.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Aker'varus (2).
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

  • Removes Kassandra from Guest A.

    *You and Kassandra fight against the weakened Aker'varus, however, it still proves to be an obstacle for both of them.*

    <Character>: I don't think we can finish it off.
    Kassandra: The Aker'varus's natural regeneration is being enhanced by the Fear Engine.
    Kassandra: We can get it weak, but it's going to be good as new soon enough...
    Kassandra: You two, get out of here while you can. This is my mistake, I'll deal with it.
    Sirius: No... *pant*.
    Sirius: Let me give this one last try...

    *Sirius calls out to the Sword of Inanitas.*

    Sirius: I know you're in there. Please, give me the power to get them out of here.

    *The Sword of Inanitas turns blue as Sirius becomes empowered with Inanitas' power.*

    Inanitas: You humans are truly interesting. Alright, but it's going to hurt.

    *Using his two fingers, Inanitas prepares to incinerate the Aker'varus with blue flames.*

    Inanitas: Vanish.

    The Aker'varus moves as Inanitas incinerates it with blue flames, defeating it completely; you and Kassandra become shocked as Inanitas incinerates it.*

    Inanitas: Now don't die on me. We have much to do.

    *Sirius turns back to normal as Inanitas leaves him.*

    Sirius: Did... did it work?

    *Sirius collapses from exhaustion.*

    Kassandra: Sirius!
    <Character>: What was that?!
    Fear Engine: System Overload. System Overload.
    Fear Engine: Beginning Shutdo—

    *Suddenly, the Fear Engine begins its meltdown sequence.*

    Fear Engine: Beginning Self Destruct Sequence.
    Kassandra: What?!

    *A portal that leads back to Kassandra's ship opens near Kassanda, you, and the collapsed Sirius.*

    Kassandra: <Character>, take Sirius and run as far from here as you can!
    <Character>: But what about you?!
    Kassandra: If the Fear Engine self-destructs, the machinations that create the Fear creatures will be released and fuse with the surrounding area...
    Kassandra: ... turning everything into a permanent Fearscape. This time with no exit.
    Kassandra: I am going to try and minimize the damage as best as I can.
    <Character>: Then I'm staying to help!
    Kassandra: And do what?! Do you know the workings of Fear magic?
    Kassandra: I need to do this! So many people got hurt because of me and my obsessions. I won't let this thing hurt anymore people.
    Kassandra: I need you to help me by making sure Sirius doesn't get hurt as well.
    Kassandra: Take this and go!

    *Kassandra gives you a book; left with no choice, you decide to take Kassandra's book and Sirius.*

    <Character>: Alright...
    <Character>: Just make it out safe... You know, for Sirius's sake...
    Kassandra: That's the plan. Now go!

    *You leave the Fearscape with Kassandra's book and Sirius; scene shifts back to Kassandra, who looks down solemnly.*

    Kassandra: I'm sorry, Sirius...

    *Scene fades to black as the portal closes.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens tAV Loot for DCs shop.

    Next Up: [link=]???[/link]

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