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Phobeist / Kassandra

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Phobeist / Kassandra

Location: Fear, A Serious Encounter, Storming the Boat, Into the Fearscape, Jungle Adventure, Sibling Bonds, Across the Fearscape, The Aker'varus

Quests given

Shops owned


Phobeist: It's nice to finally work with another scientist, such as yourself.
Phobeist: And out of all my customers, you've certainly been the most... interesting...

Phobeist: Excellent! You'd be surprised how hard it is to make a decent living studying primordial Lore.

Phobeist: Careful, Thorn. You wouldn't want your worst fear to show up, would you?

Phobeist: I figured those Feargeists wouldn't be a match for you. No matter!
Phobeist: I'll take care of you myself!

Phobeist: All in due time, little one.
Phobeist: First, let's see what you truly fear.

Phobeist: Very interesting...
Phobeist: Should be easy enough!

Phobeist: Maybe...

Phobeist: Or maybe I really am your worst nightmare!!!

Phobeist: Easy, easy! You win!
Phobeist: Look, I was only doing business for my research. I have no stakes in this!

Phobeist: Some man with a god complex named "Theano".

Phobeist: I'm supposed to send him another shipment of Feargeists in a day or two.
Phobeist: *mumble*Never really told him they aren't made for fighting. *mumble*

Phobeist: Some base in the woods. Just south of here.
Phobeist: He mentioned a ritual he was planning, if that makes a difference.
Phobeist: He wouldn't tell me anything about it. Shame, too. That stuff is right up my alley.

Phobeist: Probably.
Phobeist: Now, if that is all, I must get going.

A Serious Encounter

Phobeist: It's getting close!

Phobeist: I know it!
Phobeist: I can't let it get to me!

Phobeist: My creatures will protect me...
Phobeist: They will protect me...

Storming the Boat

Phobeist: Go away!

Phobeist: You already led this "Hero" to me!
Phobeist: You're going to lead it to me, too!

Phobeist: I said...
Phobeist: GO AWAY!

Phobeist: Why do you want to lead it to me, Sirius?!

Phobeist: Go away, Sirius! It's coming!

Phobeist: No! You're just trying to trick me!
Phobeist: You want that... that thing to get me!
Phobeist: This... it will protect me!

Phobeist: You're lying! Just like your family!

Phobeist: You didn't follow me here because you cared!
Phobeist: You only came because they sent you!

Phobeist: What? Used this as an excuse to get out of your stuffy tower, Prince?
Phobeist: Oh no, I can only imagine the rumors being sold on the streets back home!

Phobeist: No.
Phobeist: No!
Phobeist: I won't let you do this to me!
Phobeist: I won't!

Into the Fearscape

Kassandra: I can't let you leave!
Kassandra: If... if I let you out, you're going to lead it to me!
Kassandra: I can't let you!

Kassandra: No! I won't let it trick me! Just turn around and leave me alone!

Kassandra: Sirius? What did you—

Kassandra: Sirius, what did you do?!

Kassandra: Obviously not! The artifact was the only thing keeping the Fear Engine under control!
Kassandra: Did you have to go and destroy it, Sirius?!

Kassandra: We need to get out of here, now!

Jungle Adventure

If these charts are to be believed, the ruins should be just up ahead.

You've proven to have a curiosity similar to mine!

Not many people get as excited about primordial Lore as we do!

Kassandra: Was... Wasn't there someone else with us?

Kassandra (briefly): What? I'm seri—

Got me! There's no fooling you!

Come on, let's hurry ahead! We can't let those Archeonauts get there first!


These ruins appear to predate the last that we found by a significant amount!

What are you talking about? I taught you everything you know!

Oh, I see! You are trying to get back at me for my prank earlier!

I don't know. Maybe something in the ruin is creating tremors that are—

Kassandra: No! This isn't happening! We need to—

I'm sure everything is fine. Let's keep—

Kassandra: No! It's not real! My parents aren't here! No Arcana are coming! We need to—

—studying this area and then move deeper in.

Kassandra (briefly): STOP!


Kassandra: We don't have time for this!

Kassandra: Enough. Hearing you talk like that is a nightmare in itself.

Kassandra: <Character>. It's another Fearscape. One likely created by the Fear Engine malfunctioning.
Kassandra: I need you to focus.
Kassandra: This. Is. Not. Real.

Kassandra: Fearscape. It's... all a Fearscape.
Kassandra: This isn't right. There shouldn't have been anything left to...

Kassandra: Never mind that. We have to find a way out of here! NOW!
Kassandra: The Aker'varus will be on our trail and we will not survive!

Kassandra: Please, please please! Just let this be over!

Kassandra: Nononononono! NO!

Kassandra: Hurry it up!

Kassandra: A-another Fearscape?
Kassandra: I... don't know...

Sibling Bonds

Kassandra: Unlikely. This is probably a Fearscape generated from the Fear Engine itself.
Kassandra: If we're going to make it out of here, we're going to have to find the Fear Engine and shut it down.

Kassandra: Sirius, you shouldn't—!
Kassandra: *Sigh* Impatient as ever...

Kassandra: ...Clearly, I was hoping to avoid the subject. If anything, I was maybe hoping that by some miracle, you'd forgotten about all that.
Kassandra: And besides, I never tried to kill you.

Kassandra: I suppose I do owe you an apology. Forgive me.

Kassandra: I thought this was a Fearscape, not an interrogation-scape.

Kassandra: You really want to know why I did all of this? What it was all for?
Kassandra: I needed the money. And Theano was paying the highest prices.
Kassandra: And I needed the money for... him!
Kassandra: For Sirius!

Kassandra: ...It all started when we were kids...

Kassandra: Not interested. They only have room for one student and that's me.

Kassandra (narrating): He was always so positive and supportive, no matter how hard I tried to push him away.
Kassandra (narrating): I don't know why I was so mean to him back then. Perhaps I was jealous...
Kassandra (narrating): Magic came so naturally to him.
Kassandra (narrating): While my parents never treated me differently, I couldn't help but think they liked teaching Sirius more than me.

Kassandra (narrating): But Sirius was right, and I started to warm up to him.
Kassandra (narrating): And soon we became friends.
Kassandra (narrating): All the time he spent with my family brought him closer to his dream of being able to cast every application of magic.
Kassandra (narrating): I knew that while Sirius cared deeply for his own family, he could truly be himself with us.
Kassandra (narrating): He was the brother I never had.

Kassandra (briefly): Sirius! Help! Help!

Kassandra: I— I was trying to gather herbs and those togs came out of nowhere! Then, they— they bit me!

Kassandra: We are fine, Mom. Sirius fought them off.

Kassandra: I wish I had some way of stopping what had happened next...

Kassandra: Wow! So cool!

Kassandra (narrating): But later that night was when everything changed.

Kassandra (narrating): Sirius never told me, but he was never able to perform normal magic after he started wearing that artifact.

Kassandra: Ever since then, even against the wishes and orders of the Imperial Family...
Kassandra: ...my parents searched for a way to remove that artifact from Sirius.
Kassandra: The Sword of Inanitas... Its power is beyond ancient.
Kassandra: Sirius has compromised by just reading and seeing the different types of magic Lore has to offer, but I know he's hurting.
Kassandra: And not just because of the artifact.
Kassandra: ...That's why I've continued their research, searching for the artifact's origins.
Kassandra: It was always his dream to perform all types of magic, not simply watch...
Kassandra: Anyway, research into such ancient and obscure fields is expensive. Incredibly so.
Kassandra: And in the course of my explorations, I came across that artifact that Sirius so recklessly destroyed earlier.
Kassandra: I discovered that it had originated from around the same time period as the Sword of Inanitas.
Kassandra: And so I figured I would study it and uncover its secrets to maybe one day let me save Sirius from his fate.

Kassandra: I can't exactly turn the feargheists into a traveling circus troupe. Unless that's what you're afraid of.
Kassandra: And while Theano was generous with his gold, I doubt The Rose would be happy with my studies.
Kassandra: I was going to get enough to procure some other interesting items I had my eyes on...
Kassandra: ...and then sail somewhere else, away from this land and its troubles.

Kassandra: I don't need your approval.

Kassandra: What do you— Oh, I see what you're getting at.
Kassandra: Well, I can't head back to the Empire. Arcana would still hunt me down regardless. Perhaps I'd settle down on a nice beach somewhere.

Kassandra: Since a certain someone destroyed my artifact, I couldn't do so even if I wished.

Across the Fearscape

Kassandra: That glow...
Kassandra: The Fear Engine! It must be!
Kassandra: If we can reach it, we should be able to shut it down and get out of this place.

Kassandra: Well, with the Artifact destroyed, I can think of only one good way to stop it.
Kassandra: We have to overload it.

Kassandra: We're going to have to get it to generate our... deepest fears. Perfect fears.
Kassandra: Through my tests it was only able to make one or two of these "perfect fears" before shutting down.
Kassandra: Temporarily, mind you. So we'll have to be quick.
Kassandra: But... this could get quite unpleasant. Maybe I can figure out another way to—

Kassandra: Sirius! Wait!

Kassandra: You performed necromancy on one sheep! You still aren't over that?!

Kassandra: Grow up!

Kassandra: Sirius?!

Kassandra: That crown. Is that...?

Kassandra: You call that lucky?! I— You can't cast normal magic without hurting yourself!

Kassandra: I don't need to justify myself to a product of Fear. If I just had the Artifact—

Kassandra: You leave them out of this!

Kassandra: I... didn't know that was going to happen! I... didn't want to think about it...

Kassandra: He was you!

Kassandra: Ugh. Guess it wasn't enough. We'll have to make it generate another one!

Kassandra: <Character>, wait...
Kassandra: I've put you- both of you, and so many other people through so much.
Kassandra: I... haven't taken responsibility for any of it.
Kassandra: I know I can't undo all of the damage I caused, but please, let me do this.

Kassandra: I do, Sirius. I can't bear to face you without some form of atonement.

Kassandra: There's... There's only one thing it could be...

Kassandra: The Aker'varus...

The Aker'varus

Kassandra: The Aker'varus...

Kassandra: I... I can't—

Kassandra: I— Mom?! Dad?! Sirius?!

Kassandra: You— You're right.

Kassandra: Sorry. I'm here... Let me think.
Kassandra (thinking): The one thing that makes the Aker'varus so indestructible is its metallic hide.
Kassandra: If we had a way of softening it, we could maybe—

Kassandra: Sirius, what are you doing? The Sword! It will—

Kassandra: Sirius, that's enough! <Character> and I will take it from here!

Kassandra: The Aker'varus's natural regeneration is being enhanced by the Fear Engine.
Kassandra: We can get it weak, but it's going to be good as new soon enough...
Kassandra: You two, get out of here while you can. This is my mistake, I'll deal with it.

Kassandra: Sirius!

Kassandra: What?!

Kassandra: <Character>, take Sirius and run as far from here as you can!

Kassandra: If the Fear Engine self-destructs, the machinations that create the Fear creatures will be released and fuse with the surrounding area...
Kassandra: ... turning everything into a permanent Fearscape. This time with no exit.
Kassandra: I am going to try and minimize the damage as best as I can.

Kassandra: And do what?! Do you know the workings of Fear magic?
Kassandra: I need to do this! So many people got hurt because of me and my obsessions. I won't let this thing hurt anymore people.
Kassandra: I need you to help me by making sure Sirius doesn't get hurt as well.
Kassandra: Take this and go!

Kassandra: That's the plan. Now go!

Kassandra: I'm sorry, Sirius...

Other information
  • Also known as Professor Kassandra.
  • From Inanitas:

    Fun fact: the runes on her arms give her various abilities
    The ones in her eyes show her what people fear most
    the Phobeist is an independent person, her only loyalty is to herself

    Explorer Appearance
    Kid Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Inanitas for quote.
  • BluuHorseOfficial for information.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for Explorer and Kid appearance images.

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