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Jungle Adventure

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7/23/2022 14:59:08   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Jungle Adventure

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Right -> Sirius -> Quests! -> Jungle Adventure
Requirements: Completion of Into the Fearscape
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022

Objective: Wow! This jungle is massive! What secrets does it hold?
Objective completed: You've escaped one Fearscape, only to find the nightmare isn't quite over.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Archeonaut
(4) Canopy Raptor
(3) Common Jungle Cabit
(2) Puddle
(4) Underbrush Tog
(1) Aerozoophobia - Boss


Wings of Fear

  • Kassandra joins you as Guest A.

    *A retro TV activates and displays Professor Kassandra, who is wearing an explorer's hat, and you as her "assistant" find the ruins in a jungle.*

    If these charts are to be believed, the ruins should be just up ahead.

    Oh boy, I can't believe we are almost there!

    Thanks for finally taking me on one of your expeditions, Professor Kassandra!

    You've proven to have a curiosity similar to mine!

    Not many people get as excited about primordial Lore as we do!

    How could anyone not find it interesting?!

    We're discovering the very foundation of what Lore is built upon!

    *Suddenly, the retro TV effect starts blinking on Kassandra and wore off as Kassandra is no longer wearing an explorer's hat and found herself confused as there was someone else beside them.*

    Kassandra: Was... Wasn't there someone else with us?

    Haha! That's the trick you play on newbies, is it? You're going to have to try better than that to scare me!

    Kassandra (briefly): What? I'm seri—

    *As Kassandra tries to understand what is going on, the retro TV effect on her returns.*

    Got me! There's no fooling you!

    Come on, let's hurry ahead! We can't let those Archeonauts get there first!

    *You fight your way through the jungle, battling various monsters along the way in search of the ruins; after you find the ruins, you and Kassandra observe its age.*


    These ruins appear to predate the last that we found by a significant amount!


    The artifacts left in the ruins have created anomalous—

    *The retro TV effect on you wore off as you found yourself confused.*

    <Character>: Wait, what?

    <Character>: I don't know anything about these ruins...

    What are you talking about? I taught you everything you know!

    Oh, I see! You are trying to get back at me for my prank earlier!

    <Character> (briefly): Huh? No, I—

    *As you try to understand what is going on, the retro TV effect on you returns.*

    Dang! Just when I thought the student had surpassed the master!

    *The Exalted ruins shakes as you and Kassandra look above.*

    ...What was that?

    I don't know. Maybe something in the ruin is creating tremors that are—

    *The retro TV effect on Kassandra starts to fade as she realizes what is going on.*

    Kassandra: No! This isn't happening! We need to—

    I'm sure everything is fine. Let's keep—

    Kassandra: No! It's not real! My parents aren't here! No Arcana are coming! We need to—

    —studying this area and then move deeper in.

    Kassandra (briefly): STOP!


    *The retro TV effect on her breaks as she realize that her adventures with you in the ruins are not real.*

    Kassandra: We don't have time for this!

    Time for what?! This is what we came here to do!

    There's so much left to learn from these ruins! We can't just—

    Kassandra: Enough. Hearing you talk like that is a nightmare in itself.

    *Kassandra takes a deep breath and composes herself as her adventures with you as her "assistant" is an another Fearscape.*

    Kassandra: <Character>. It's another Fearscape. One likely created by the Fear Engine malfunctioning.
    Kassandra: I need you to focus.
    Kassandra: This. Is. Not. Real.

    *You blink continuously as the Fearscape's grasp on you is broken.*

    <Character>: Wait, what?! Where are we?! Where's Sirius?!
    Kassandra: Fearscape. It's... all a Fearscape.
    Kassandra: This isn't right. There shouldn't have been anything left to...

    *The Exalted ruins shakes.*

    Kassandra: Never mind that. We have to find a way out of here! NOW!
    Kassandra: The Aker'varus will be on our trail and we will not survive!
    <Character>: The what?!

    *A winged Fear creature teleports behind you and Kassandra.*

    <Character>: Looks like talk will have to wait. We've got company.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Aerozoophobia.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *After defeating Aerozoophobia, the Exalted ruins continues to shake as Kassandra covers her eyes.*

    Kassandra: Please, please please! Just let this be over!

    *A distorted sound appears to attract your attention.*

    <Character>: Is that...?
    Kassandra: Nononononono! NO!
    ???: There you are!

    *A pink summoned sword appears to break through the Exalted ruins Fearscape, signifying that you and Kassandra are being rescued by Sirius.*

    ???: Hold on! I'll get you out!
    Kassandra: Hurry it up!

    *Multiple pink summoned swords appear to break through the Fearscape, allowing Sirius to rescue you and Kassandra; after being rescued, you, Kassandra, and Sirius found themselves teleported on a purple platform.*

    Sirius: Looks like I made it just in time.
    <Character>: Sirius! Am I glad to see you!
    Sirius: Now, Kass, would you mind telling us where we are?

    *From the purple platform, you, Kassandra, and Sirius found themselves on yet another Fearscape, which contains multiple stairs with a black hole and two galaxies in a distance.*

    Kassandra: A-another Fearscape?
    Kassandra: I... don't know...

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Any guests and pet dragon are removed upon beginning this quest and prevented from being summoned.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Professor: "Can you smell that? The scent of the jungle! Of awaiting adventure..."
  • Professor: "Looks like the Archeonauts got here first. We can't let them get their hands on the ruins!"
  • Professor: "Are those... Canopy Raptors? W-well, we must push on regardless. They won't stop us!"
  • Professor: "Watch your step, assistant! Don't drop our supplies in the water!"
  • Professor: "Ah, I can see the temple from here. Built atop Exalted ruins, our goal lies within..."
  • Professor: "Out of the way, Archeonaut!"
  • Professor: "Ah, the common Cabit! Fiercely territorial, unfortunately for them."
  • Professor: "There it is! The entrance is in sight! Odd. It's remarkably well preserved..."

  • Next Up: Sibling Bonds

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