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Sibling Bonds

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7/15/2023 15:06:15   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Sibling Bonds

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Right -> Sirius -> Quests! -> Sibling Bonds
Requirements: Completion of Jungle Adventure
Release Date: July 14th, 2023

Objective: While searching for a way out of another Fearscape, hear Kassandra's reasons for creating the Fear Engine in the first place.
Objective completed: Whatever could Sirius have discovered? Hopefully, when all this is over, you can find a way to help Sirius be freed from the Sword's influence!

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*You, Kassandra, and Sirius are trapped in an another Fearscape—now containing multiple staircases—with a seemingly no way out.*

<Character>: Does this place ever end?
Kassandra: Unlikely. This is probably a Fearscape generated from the Fear Engine itself.
Kassandra: If we're going to make it out of here, we're going to have to find the Fear Engine and shut it down.
Sirius: Well why didn't you say so? I'll run ahead and see if I can find it!

*Sirius runs off to try and find the Fear Engine, causing him to be separated from you and Kassandra.*

Kassandra: Sirius, you shouldn't—!
Kassandra: *Sigh* Impatient as ever...

*Now alone with Kassandra, you turn around to face her and ask her about her wrongdoings in the past.*

<Character>: So... are we going to talk about how you tried to kill me before?
<Character>: And kidnapped a bunch of villagers for experimentation by Theano and the Thorn?

*You glare at Kassandra.*

Kassandra: ...Clearly, I was hoping to avoid the subject. If anything, I was maybe hoping that by some miracle, you'd forgotten about all that.
Kassandra: And besides, I never tried to kill you.
<Character>: Riiiight, only trap me in several Fearscapes...
Kassandra: I suppose I do owe you an apology. Forgive me.
<Character>: And what about all those villagers? You—
Kassandra: I thought this was a Fearscape, not an interrogation-scape.
<Character>: Your actions have led to unspeakable harm to people!
<Character>: I can't just let that go! Why?
<Character>: What caused you to do all this? From helping the Thorn to creating the Fear Engine?
<Character>: Sirius seems to really care about you.
<Character>: Out of respect for him, I'm willing to listen.
Kassandra: You really want to know why I did all of this? What it was all for?
Kassandra: I needed the money. And Theano was paying the highest prices.
Kassandra: And I needed the money for... him!
Kassandra: For Sirius!
<Character>: What's that supposed to mean?
Kassandra: ...It all started when we were kids...

*Scene fades to black before fading back in; years ago, in an alchemist lab on a school in the South, Cassiopeia asks the young Kassandra to study with the young Sirius.*

Cassiopeia: Kassandra, I want you to meet Prince Sirius. He will be studying with you starting today.
Sirius: It's nice to meet you, Lady Kassandra. I look forward to becoming friends!
Kassandra: Not interested. They only have room for one student and that's me.
Cassiopeia: Now, Kassandra. Be nice. He's the prince.
Sirius: It's alright, Lady Cassiopeia! I don't need any special treatment. I'm sure we will end up being friends eventually!
Sirius: We both love magic, after all! And together, we are going to learn all the magic Lore and beyond has to offer!
Kassandra (narrating): He was always so positive and supportive, no matter how hard I tried to push him away.
Kassandra (narrating): I don't know why I was so mean to him back then. Perhaps I was jealous...
Kassandra (narrating): Magic came so naturally to him.
Kassandra (narrating): While my parents never treated me differently, I couldn't help but think they liked teaching Sirius more than me.

*Scene fades to black before fading back in; in a jungle, Sirius heals one of Kassandra's legs.*

Kassandra (narrating): But Sirius was right, and I started to warm up to him.
Kassandra (narrating): And soon we became friends.
Kassandra (narrating): All the time he spent with my family brought him closer to his dream of being able to cast every application of magic.
Kassandra (narrating): I knew that while Sirius cared deeply for his own family, he could truly be himself with us.
Kassandra (narrating): He was the brother I never had.

*Scene fades to black before fading back in; as Sirius takes a stroll throughout the jungle, Kassandra pleads for help as she is chased by Togs.*

Kassandra (briefly): Sirius! Help! Help!
Sirius: Quick! Get behind me!

*As Sirius stops the Togs from attacking, he asks Kassandra if she is alright.*

Sirius: Are you alright?!
Kassandra: I— I was trying to gather herbs and those togs came out of nowhere! Then, they— they bit me!
Sirius: Don't worry, you're safe now.
Sirius: I'll always be here to protect you!

*Sirius casts a fireball from his palm of his hand, causing the Togs to roll into the air; scene fades to black before fading back in; back in school, Cassiopeia asks Kassandra and Sirius if they are alright.*

Cassiopeia: Are you kids alright?!
Kassandra: We are fine, Mom. Sirius fought them off.
Cassiopeia: You have my gratitude, Prince Sirius.
Sirius: I told you, Cassiopeia, you don't have to call me "Prince".

*Suddenly, someone knocks the door to the alchemist lab; this came from one of the Rune Arcanum, who requests Sirius to come to join with his father.*

Arcanum: Prince Sirius, the Emperor requests your presence in the throne room.
Sirius: I shouldn't keep my father waiting! I'll be back later for my lesson!

*Scene fades to black; Kassandra, narrating her story in present day, laments that she could have stopped what happened next.*

Kassandra: I wish I had some way of stopping what had happened next...

*Scene fades back in to focus on Sirius wearing his pink diamond necklace known as the Sword of Inanitas; the young Kassandra is amazed about this revelation.*

Cassiopeia: Amazing! A member of the Imperial Family hasn't been able to use the Sword of Inanitas in generations!
Sirius: Look at this new spell I can do, Kass!

*Touching the Sword of Inanitas, Sirius summons a pink sword illusion.*

Kassandra: Wow! So cool!

*Scene fades to black; Kassandra, narrating her story in present day, reveals that everything from their life changed from that night.*

Kassandra (narrating): But later that night was when everything changed.

*Scene fades back in; as the young Kassandra sleeps in her bedroom, Sirius opens a door, causing Cassiopeia to ask Sirius why he is up late.*

Cassiopeia: Sirius? What are you doing up so late?

*The young Kassandra wakes up in her bedroom as the conversation between Sirius and Cassiopeia continues.*

Sirius: Alcor sent me to get him some burn salves for him...

*Kassandra gets out on her bed as she goes on her bedroom's door to eavesdrop Sirius and Cassiopeia's conversation.*

Cassiopeia: Burn salves? And since when have you become your brother's errand boy?
Cassiopeia: You're a bad liar, Sirius. You know you can tell me anything.
Cassiopeia: What's wrong? What do you need burn salves for?
Sirius: N-nothing... Never mind! Good night!

*One of Sirius' arms touches his sleeves, causing Cassiopeia to ask him to roll up his sleeves.*

Cassiopeia: Sirius, roll up your sleeves...
Sirius: ...
Cassiopeia: It's okay, child. Roll up your sleeves.

*Sirius—crying with tears—rolls up his sleeves, causing Cassiopeia to be shocked.*

Cassiopeia: Oh, my sweet child...

*Scene shifts to focus on Sirius' arms, which now contains magical wounds caused by the Sword of Inanitas; this revelation shocks the young Kassandra.*

Sirius: My-my magic! It-it-it... It burns!
Cassiopeia (thinking): The artifact... Could the entity's power be too much?
Sirius: W-why? D-did I do something wrong? Why is my magic hurting me?
Cassiopeia: Nononono, my sweet child! You didn't do anything wrong!
Cassiopeia: Here, let's get you all fixed up, and then we will talk about your magic, okay?

*Cassiopeia touches the Sword of Inanitas from Sirius, however, her hand is shocked upon touching it.*

Cassiopeia: And we will deal with that later...
Kassandra (narrating): Sirius never told me, but he was never able to perform normal magic after he started wearing that artifact.

*Scene fades to black before fading back in; back in present day, Kassandra tells you why is the Sword of Inanitas is hurting Sirius.*

Kassandra: Ever since then, even against the wishes and orders of the Imperial Family...
Kassandra: ...my parents searched for a way to remove that artifact from Sirius.
Kassandra: The Sword of Inanitas... Its power is beyond ancient.
Kassandra: Sirius has compromised by just reading and seeing the different types of magic Lore has to offer, but I know he's hurting.
Kassandra: And not just because of the artifact.
Kassandra: ...That's why I've continued their research, searching for the artifact's origins.
Kassandra: It was always his dream to perform all types of magic, not simply watch...
Kassandra: Anyway, research into such ancient and obscure fields is expensive. Incredibly so.
Kassandra: And in the course of my explorations, I came across that artifact that Sirius so recklessly destroyed earlier.
Kassandra: I discovered that it had originated from around the same time period as the Sword of Inanitas.
Kassandra: And so I figured I would study it and uncover its secrets to maybe one day let me save Sirius from his fate.
<Character>: ...The best way for you to fund your research was kidnapping people?
Kassandra: I can't exactly turn the feargheists into a traveling circus troupe. Unless that's what you're afraid of.
Kassandra: And while Theano was generous with his gold, I doubt The Rose would be happy with my studies.
Kassandra: I was going to get enough to procure some other interesting items I had my eyes on...
Kassandra: ...and then sail somewhere else, away from this land and its troubles.

*You disapprove Kassandra's actions.*

<Character>: ...Even if it's for Sirius, I do not condone your actions.
Kassandra: I don't need your approval.

*Despite acting disapprovingly of Kassandra, you ask her of the future after breaking Sirius free from the Sword of Inanitas.*

<Character>: If you find the answers you're looking for...
<Character>: If you find a way to break Sirius free from that Sword, what then?
Kassandra: What do you— Oh, I see what you're getting at.
Kassandra: Well, I can't head back to the Empire. Arcana would still hunt me down regardless. Perhaps I'd settle down on a nice beach somewhere.
<Character>: No more evil experiments? No more kidnapping innocents or trapping people in Fearscapes?
Kassandra: Since a certain someone destroyed my artifact, I couldn't do so even if I wished.
<Character>: ...I see.

*One of your eyes look at the right side as you decide to work with Kassandra.*

<Character>: Then I'll work with you. I won't forgive you, but it sounds like Sirius is suffering, and I'd like to help him if I can.
<Character>: We'll find a way to free him from that Sword.
<Character>: Speaking of which, where did he run off to?
Sirius: Hey! You two! I think I found something!
Sirius: Get over here, you're going to want to see this!

*You turn around to face the off-screen Sirius as he have discovered something; scene cuts to black.*

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