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Across the Fearscape

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8/12/2023 21:14:10   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Across the Fearscape

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Right -> Sirius -> Quests! -> Across the Fearscape
Requirements: Completion of Sibling Bonds
Release Date: August 11th, 2023

Objective: Sirius has discovered a light at the end of the tunnel... One final Fearscape remains.
Objective completed: The Aker'varus is here.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Arachnophobia
(4) Feargeist
(4) Herpetophobia
(4) Hypengyophobia
(2) Ovinophobia
(1) Fear Sirius - Boss

Fear Engine
Fear Sirius

Shadecloak of the Emperor (I-VII)

Access to AtF Loot for DCs.

  • Kassandra joins you as Guest A.
  • Sirius joins you as Guest B.

    *In the Fearscape, Sirius uses a finger to point where he, you, and Kassandra will go next.*

    Sirius: See? Just over there! That looks pretty important, right?

    *What Sirius discovered revealed to be a cliffside that has a purple glow.*

    Kassandra: That glow...
    Kassandra: The Fear Engine! It must be!
    Kassandra: If we can reach it, we should be able to shut it down and get out of this place.
    <Character>: The question is... How do we get to it?

    *Scene pans outward to reveal that to reach the Fear Engine, they will have to pass through portals on the cliffside.*

    Sirius: That's the easy part. We'll just have to fight our way over! Follow me!

    *You and your allies fight your way through through the Fearscape, battling various Feargeists along the way; eventually, Kassandra, you, and Sirius reach the Fear Engine.*

    <Character>: This... is the Fear Engine? How do we shut it down?
    Kassandra: Well, with the Artifact destroyed, I can think of only one good way to stop it.
    Kassandra: We have to overload it.
    <Character>: And what does that mean?
    Kassandra: We're going to have to get it to generate our... deepest fears. Perfect fears.
    Kassandra: Through my tests it was only able to make one or two of these "perfect fears" before shutting down.
    Kassandra: Temporarily, mind you. So we'll have to be quick.
    Kassandra: But... this could get quite unpleasant. Maybe I can figure out another way to—
    Sirius: If we have a plan, then let's do it! Let's get out of here!

    *Sirius approaches the Fear Engine.*

    Kassandra: Sirius! Wait!
    Sirius: I'll get it to make a big sheep. What's the worst that can happen?
    Fear Engine: Scanning... Scanning...

    *The Fear Engine scans Sirius.*

    Fear Engine: Fear analyzed. Generating manifestation...

    *The Fear Engine generates a fear manifestation related to Sirius, signified by a purple mist.*

    Sirius: Here it comes! Get ready!
    Sirius: It's just a sheep. It's... just a sheep...
    Kassandra: You performed necromancy on one sheep! You still aren't over that?!
    Sirius: It was Nature necromancy! Those roots were all twisted around the bones! It was terrifying!
    Kassandra: Grow up!
    Sirius: No, you!
    <Character>: Yeah. You two are definitely siblings.
    ???: Well. Look who we have here.
    Sirius: Wha—! That's... that's not a sheep...
    <Character>: Wait. That sounds like...

    *The fear manifestation reveals itself as Sirius, who is wearing a crown.*

    <Character>, Kassandra (in unison): Sirius?!
    Sirius: Me?!
    Fear Sirius: Nothing gets by you lot, does it?
    Kassandra: That crown. Is that...?
    Sirius: The Imperial Crown. My biggest fear is... being Emperor?
    Fear Sirius: Is that a rhetorical question, or would you like me to spell it out for you? I'm your Fear, after all.
    Fear Sirius: Clearly, you are afraid of being a competent Emperor...
    Fear Sirius: ...With all the lying, sacrifices, and back-handed deals that are needed to keep your glorious empire running.
    Fear Sirius: And why would you be afraid of this? An Empire at its peak. All your wishes fulfilled.
    Sirius: I have no interest in being Emperor.
    Fear Sirius: Oh? Then why are you here?
    Fear Sirius: To bring Kass home?
    Fear Sirius: Or is it to show Father that you can actually accomplish something other than getting lucky with the Sword of Inanitas?
    Kassandra: You call that lucky?! I— You can't cast normal magic without hurting yourself!
    Fear Sirius: And why would I need to cast "normal magic" when I can wield a Celestial's power to rule unopposed?!
    Fear Sirius: I don't fear the Sword dangling above the throne. I wield it!
    Fear Sirius: And you, Kass. What are you doing here? So far away from home.
    Fear Sirius: You claim you are looking to help free us from the Sword but look around at this mess! How is this helping?
    Kassandra: I don't need to justify myself to a product of Fear. If I just had the Artifact—
    Fear Sirius: The Artifact, the Artifact, the Artifact! It's all the Artifact's fault, is it?!
    Fear Sirius: Tell me, would Cassiopia and Arthur buy that excuse?
    Kassandra: You leave them out of this!
    Fear Sirius: What about all the people you helped the Thorn kidnap?
    Fear Sirius: They're all dead, you know. Sacrificed in a ritual!
    Fear Sirius: Let me guess. Was it in the name of "research"?

    *Sirius is horrified upon hearing Kassandra's crimes before turning around to face her.*

    Sirius: Kass, is that true?
    Kassandra: I... didn't know that was going to happen! I... didn't want to think about it...
    <Character>: That's enough! You aren't real!
    Fear Sirius: Oh, the infamous Hero! I've been waiting to talk to you!
    Fear Sirius: How many people were you able to save when you were frozen for all those years?
    Fear Sirius: Zero? That's what I thought! Just think about their suffering, their screaming—
    <Character>: If Jaania didn't freeze me, I would have—
    Fear Sirius: Speaking of Jaania, wasn't it you who helped let her out?
    <Character>: Well, yeah, but that was only because we needed her to help stop Wargoth and—
    Fear Sirius: Aaaand why did Wargoth arrive in the first place? Wasn't it because you weren't strong enough to stop that sun-eating dracolich on your own?
    Fear Sirius: You made Warlic use all his power to protect everyone in your stead!
    Fear Sirius: And don't get me started on how you helped that dracolich come into existence! You—
    Sirius: Enough! You will not speak to my friends like this any longer!
    Sirius: Draw your weapons, and let us end this!
    Fear Sirius: At last!
    Fear Sirius: Spoken like a true Emperor!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Fear Sirius; will also re-invite Kassandra and Sirius if defeated in a previous attempt..
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *After defeating Fear Sirius, he says his final words.*

    Fear Sirius: That... was quite fun!

    *Fear Sirius vanishes in purple mist, dispelling the fear manifestation.*

    Sirius: Speak for yourself! That was awful! Thank goodness that's over!
    Sirius: He was creepy!
    Kassandra: He was you!

    *The Fear Engine remains intact even after dispelling Fear Sirius.*

    <Character>: Um... Kass...?
    Kassandra: Ugh. Guess it wasn't enough. We'll have to make it generate another one!
    <Character>: ...Right, guess it's my turn!
    Kassandra: <Character>, wait...
    Kassandra: I've put you- both of you, and so many other people through so much.
    Kassandra: I... haven't taken responsibility for any of it.
    Kassandra: I know I can't undo all of the damage I caused, but please, let me do this.
    Sirius: Kass, you don't have to—
    Kassandra: I do, Sirius. I can't bear to face you without some form of atonement.

    *The Fear Engine scans Kassandra.*

    Fear Engine: Fear analyzed. Generating manifestation...

    *The Fear Engine generates a fear manifestation related to Kassandra.*

    <Character>: What is it making? What can we expect?
    Kassandra: There's... There's only one thing it could be...
    Sirius: ...The creature that has haunted her dreams for years.
    Sirius: The legendary beast of the South that killed her parents...
    Kassandra: The Aker'varus...

    *Scene cuts to black as The Aker'varus roars.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens AtF Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • The purple tear acts as a HP/MP healing source during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Oh no! This poor Feargeist was scared of YOU!
  • Kass: "Be ready for anything. This is a Fearscape, after all."
  • Sirius: "The endless void I can understand. But why all the purple and blue?"
  • Kass: "That's just how it is. Watch your step, okay?"
  • Sirius: "...It's really quite beautiful, in its own way."
  • Kass: "I've never seen these crystal formations before in a Fearscape. Interesting."
  • Kass: 'Looks like we can stop and rest here for a moment if you need to, Sirius.'
  • Sirius: "After you!"
  • Kass: "Please, let this be the end. I'm getting dizzy."
  • Sirius: "The light is coming from right up there! Nearly there!"
  • Kass: "The Fear Engine is just up ahead. Be ready for anything."

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