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Crynsos -> Dragon Attack at Willowshire! (6/17/2006 22:11:23)

Dragon Attack at Willowshire!

Other name: Defense of Willowshire, Dragon Assault on Willowshire!, Willowshire Burns!

Location: Testopia -> Dragon Attack at Willowshire! scroll -> Go there!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 16th, 2006

Objective: The earth dragon Gorgok and his army are destroying the town of Willowshire and the tower at its center! What does this terrifying new foe want from this small town?
Objective completed: The earth dragon Gorgok and his army are destroying the town of Willowshire and the tower at its center! What does this terrifying new foe want from this small town?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 1191
Gold rewarded: 232


(16) Dravir
(13) Lizardman
(5) Sneevil
(14) Tog

Guardian Bruce
Guardian Chuck
Guardian Fortuna
Guardian Steve


Side Quests



Adventurers are rushing to Willowshire to defend against a powerful Dragon and his army of earth monsters! The Guardian tower at Willoshire seems to be the focus of the invading force!

Go to Willowshire and help defend!

  • Go there! - continues to Willowshire (Rare).
  • Close - returns you to Testopia.

  • Willowshire (Rare)

    Before defeating Gorgok's army:
    Guardian Fortuna: Thank goodness you are here, the Dragon and his army are destroying the entire town!

  • Mission! - begins Willowshire Burns! quest.

  • Talk
      <Character>: What is the situation?
      Guardian Fortuna: They attacked without warning. The focus of their attack seems to be the Guardian tower!
      Guardian Fortuna: I was instructed by the Tower Commander to get as many villagers out of town as possible and call for reinforcements.
      Guardian Fortuna: But when I got back.... the Dragon and his army had already reached the tower!
      Twilly: Twillies brought as many people as Twillies could!
      Robina: I will do what I can to help!
      Ash: Let me at those Dragonheaded goons!
      Guardian Chuck: You can count on my blade!
      Guardian Steve: My spells are ready for battle!
      Guardian Bruce: I am ready for the hardest, toughest, most dangerous, and crazyiest missions you can throw at me!
      <Character>: I am at your service as well.
      *! appears above Guardian Fortuna's head.*

      Guardian Fortuna: By the light.... you are <Character>! If you are here, we can retake the town! Your fellow adventurers are already down there.
      Guardian Fortuna: There are a lot of us, so if we run strategic we can help those who are trapped and push back the invaders!
  • Team up!
    • Yes - adds Ash and Robina as Guest A and B, respectively.
    • No
  • Dragon
      Guardian Fortuna: I heard his minions say his name.... and I am certain. That Dragon is Gorgok
      Robina, Ash, Twilly (in unison): Gorgok!!!?
      *! appears briefly above Gorgok's head.*

      <Character>: .... who is Gorgok?
      Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok the Terrible Earth Dragon! He is infamous for all sorts of horrible tragedies and known by so many terrible names...
      Robina: The destoryer of Deconville
      Ash: The terror of TempleTerrace!
      Twilly: The sheep shredder.
      Robina, Ash (in unison): The reaper of Redville!
      Robina, Ash (in unison): Hey, that was mine!
      Robina: Jinx!
      Ash: ...
      Twilly: The dingleberry destroyer!
      Robina: You just made that one up....
      Ash: ...
      Guardian Fortuna: Guys... this is serious....
      Ash: ...
      Guardian Fortuna: *Sigh* Robina...
      Robina: Fine.... Ash, you are unjinxed.
      Ash: Thanks.
      Robina, Ash, Guardian Fortuna, Twilly (in unison): Lets take Gorgok and his army down!
      <Character>: .... Jinx.
      Robina, Ash, Guardian Fortuna, Twilly (in unison): ...
  • Quit - returns you to Testopia.

    After defeating Gorgok's army:

    Gorgok's Army has been defeated... now it is time for us to challenge the Dragon himself and bring this beats reign of terror to an end! Team up with Robina and Ash then battle the Dragon together!

  • Team up!
    • Yes - adds Ash and Robina as Guest A and B, respectively.
    • No
  • Boss Fight! - begins Slay Gorgok quest.
  • Decline - returns you to Testopia.

  • After defeating Gorgok:

    All hail the heros of Willowshire! The Dragon's army has been defeated and Gorgok has been slain!

    However.... the Guardian Tower here was destroyed. Worse yet, the attackers did not seem to find whatever object they were searchin for. What was their real purpose here? Oh no... reports are now coming in... Three more Guardian Towers are about to be attacked!

  • War Loot - opens Gargok's Horde Shop.
  • Complete - returns you to Testopia.

  • Pop-up headlines while exploring Willowshire:

  • How are we doing? Dial 1-555-Slay-Dragon
  • Robina
  • Ash
  • That is you... the Hero!
  • Guardian Fortuna
  • Twilly
  • House sitter? This house was sat on!
  • The Baker's shop is toasted!
  • The Guardian tower of Earth is almost destroyed!
  • The weapon store is sold out!
  • Gordok is one big, ugly, mean Dragon!
  • School is closed on account of Dragon invasion.
  • Hey! I can see my house from here!

  • Shops
    Gargok's Horde Shop

    Other information
  • The Dragon Attack at Willowshire! took place in Willowshire (Rare).
  • The war against Gorgok's army was won on June 19th, 2006.
  • The war retired on July 14th, 2006, allowing access to the Willowshire Guardian Tower.
  • The original Willowshire Burns! war wave and Slay Gorgok! boss fight were re-released on August 27th, 2010 in order to gain access to Willowshire.

    Boss Fight (100,000 Waves): Slay Gorgok!

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