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NightBane, a.k.a. Balius

Race: Human Dracopyre

  • The Devourer Saga
    **(1) Huntress, the Hunted!
    **(2) Exodus Attacks
    **(3) Azma Lake
    **(4) The Network Strikes
    **(5) The Beginning of the End
    **(6) Like Father, Like Son
    **(7) The Manifestation

  • Other Quests/Events
    **(1) The NightBane Chronicles

    Bio: Balius (top) was the son of Wolfwing. He has two children, Cenara and Edward with his former wife, Lady Evina.

    Balius was previously the Avatar of Death, but is now Forsaken since it left him for his son. He was doomed to die, so he became undead as an evil werepyre (bottom). He sought even more power, and drank the blood of a thousand dragons to become a Dracopyre and taking the name Nightbane. At this time, his wife left him, for He joined The Network in hopes of using The'Galin to gain even more power, but Cenara convinced him otherwise. Afterwards, Nightbane dedicated his "life" to redeeming himself and killing The'Galin.

    Function: He redeemed himself in The Manifestation, when he died fighting The'Galin.


    Thanks to Kiki, DragonSlayer4544, Lurchylurch and Ninja Paladin. Correction from OmniGuardian. Update from Z.324.

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