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Lord Darkovia -> Sir Vey's Camp (2/10/2007 14:59:20)

Sir Vey's Camp

Access Point: Falconreach -> Travel -> Oaklore Keep -> Sir Valence -> Sir Vey's Camp
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 5, Completion of Sneevil Boxopolis
Release Date: February 9th, 2007

Quests Available
For The Birds
The Mollo Tree
A Piece Of (Fruit)Cake!
Missing Equipment
Burn It All!

Sir Vey

Sir Vey's Shop

Sir Vey: Greetings. I was told that someone was coming to help me out around the camp. Is that you?

  • Talk
    Sir Vey: I am Sir Vey, a knight of the Pactogonal Table. I am also a naturalist. I specialize in studying the plants and animals in Oaklore forest.
    Sir Vey: I am surveying the land, finding ways for King Alteon to use the land without over-using it and hurting the balance of nature here.

  • Quests
    Sir Vey: Something has upset the natural balance in Oaklore forest. We have to repair it.

  • Shop
    Sir Vey: Great Job <Character>! The balance of nature can be restored now, thanks to you.
    Sir Vey: I know that I can trust you. I'll trade you some items that you can use in exchange for Pouches of Sparkling Sand.
    Opens Sir Vey's Shop

    Thanks to
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    -- Voodoo Master for correction.
    -- Sagrym for corrections.

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