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The Hot Gates

Location: Wrath of Xan -> Falconreach 50% / Falconreach 25% -> Left -> Search for King Alteon
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 23rd, 2007

Objective: All of King Alteon's troops have been defeated, and the king himself has gone missing. This could be a disaster if Xan's forces have gotten to the king before you. You have to find him!
Objective completed: Oh good, you found him.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Flamewing
(3) Inferno Elemental
(3) Lava Glob

King Alteon

301st Elite Knight Cape

King Alteon: *Coughs* Who goes there?
<Character>: King Alteon, I am <Character>, a friend.
King Alteon: ... *coughs* ....
King Alteon: Thank you for saving me *coughs* Xan.... Xan is more powerful than we ever imagined.
King Alteon: He had a second army of fire monsters waiting for us....
King Alteon: All 500,000 of my Knights were defeated!
King Alteon: *coughs*
<Character>: King Alteon! You are wounded!
King Alteon: It is alright... Now listen carefully. *coughs* When facing Xan my 299 Elite Knights formed a wall...
King Alteon: Xan defeated them all with a single fire spell...
King Alteon: *coughs* a SINGLE SPELL!
King Alteon: But <Character>, we can still win this...
<Character> (thinking): Judging by the 0 remaining Knights he must have a REALLY good plan.
<Character>: How, sire?
King Alteon: Because we have more warriors than Xan does!

*Multiple question marks appear around your head.*

King Alteon: <Character>, what is your profession?
<Character>: Video Game Character?
King Alteon: NO! You are...
<Character>: Ahwaaaa?
King Alteon: <Character>, become the 301st Elite Knight, stop Xan, and save Falconreach!
<Character>: 301st? What happened to 300th?
King Alteon: Lets not talk about that....
King Alteon: Take this cape and stand your ground against all odds. Save Falconreach as the 301st Elite Knight!
King Alteon: For tonight... we dine in Serenity's Inn!

Thanks to
  • DragonGuard for original entry.
  • Jay for entry rewrite.
  • Krazy_Kakadu for dialogue.
  • Nemi133, zandermon, and Zekrom5 for information.

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