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Breakfast With Warlic

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Dragon Egg -> Warlic's Tent
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Egg Recovery
Release Date: April 6th, 2007

Objective: Warlic has invited you into his tower to try and help you to identify which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
Objective completed: In an attempt to save your world, you cooked the egg that you thought was the dragon egg. Luckily, you were wrong.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




Warlic: A Dragon Egg? So you have five eggs and can't tell them apart? Interesting. Please, step into the tent and tell me more.

<Character>: Wow. This is a lot more... roomy.. then it looks from the outside. I wouldn't have expected stone walls inside a tent.
Warlic: Oh, we're not in a tent. That is just the portal that leads here to my Mage Tower.
Warlic: We pay a little more for the extra dimensions, but we thought that it would be worth the rent.
<Character>: "We?"
Warlic: Yes, me and my roommate, Cysero. He's a decent roommate... mostly because he's gone most of the time.
Warlic: Anyway, Twilly told me how these eggs came into your possession. You've had quite an adventure so far.
<Character>: Yeah. That's one way to put it.
Warlic: I have begun doing research on the Black and White Dragon Boxes. The texts are ancient and difficult to translate, but it looks bad.
Warlic: If I'm correct, the texts say that this egg will hatch the Great Dragon that will destroy all of Lore!
<Character>: !
Warlic: We may be able to avert this catastrophe but first we will need to reveal which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
Warlic: I have a good feeling about this one, but we will need a power spell to dispell the illusion.
<Character>: Illusion? I don't see any illusion.
Warlic: Of course not, it's an illusion. All dragon eggs have a natural magic illusion around them that helps protect them.
Warlic: I have to find a spell powerful enough to counter the dragon magic on the egg. While I do my research make yourself at home.
Warlic: Feel free to make yourself a snack while you wait. I won't be very long. Watch the egg that will destroy Lore carefully. *He walks away*
<Character>: *... Fix myself a snack?... *

...Ten minutes later...
Warlic: I have great news!
Warlic: As it turns out, I believe that YOU have the egg that will hatch the dragon that will SAVE all of Lore from destruc... *sniff sniff*
<Character>: Don't worry Warlic, I already handled the problem in my own way... and it's DELICIOUS! Want some?
Warlic: Uh... No thank you. So you... uh... cooked the egg?
<Character>: Yup.
Warlic: You COOKED the dragon egg that would have saved the world.
<Character>: ... and then I ate part of it! YOU said that it was going to DESTROY the world! You said to fix a SNACK!
Warlic: Quickly... did the egg taste like Honey and Mackrel?
<Character>: EW, nasty! No, it tasted like a normal fried egg.
Warlic: Ok, then that wasn't the Dragon Egg. One sure way to tell if an egg is a dragon egg is the taste test.
<Character>: *Whew* So did you find a spell that can tell us which is the real egg? WITHOUT tasting it?
Warlic: Unfortunately, no. The magic is very strong. We will have to summon a creature that feeds on dragon eggs to dispell the illusion for us.
Warlic: I will need your help, hero. The Ancient Tome of Summoning lies high in my tower, behind a barrier that I cannot pass.
<Character>: Oh, some sort of magical force field that you can't penetrate.
Warlic: Not... exactly. The Tome is on Cysero's half of the tower.
Warlic: You see, his insane experiments and dirty laundry were driving me nuts, so we painted a yellow line separating his half from mine.
<Character>: ... Warlic, that isn't a very mature solution...
Warlic: Think so? Let's see if you feel that way after fighting past his magical accidents and his enchanted filthy laundry.

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