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Trainer Eckhard

Location: Guardian Tower -> Left, Guardian Tower -> 3 Left

Quests given
Guardian Trainer
Battle Krakhim
A Visit to Cysero
The Dread Dragonmaster
The Guardian Dragon

The Cave of the Dragon

Shops owned
Guardian Items

Trainer Eckhard: The tower may be broken, but I will remain as long as it takes to avenge the Guardians lost when it fell!

If have not unlocked a guardianship:
Trainer Eckhard: Sorry!! I can't find the guardian armor that belongs to you. Are you sure you are a Guardian?

If you've verified guardian:

Trainer Eckhard: Welcome! I am Guardian Trainer Eckhard. What can I help you with Guardian?

  • Unequip
    Removes your Guardian Armor and switches back to your current saved class.

  • Save Class
    Saves your Guardian Armor as default class

  • Save Base Class
    Saves your base class armor as default class

  • Items
    Opens Guardian Items shop

  • Summon
    Trainer Eckhard: The Guardian Dragon has moved to a nearby cave to be closer for the times when he is summoned.
    Trainer Eckhard: If you wish, you may go and speak to him.
    Trainer Eckhard: From what I'm told, he may have something to offer anyone who is able to prove how powerful they are.
    Trainer Eckhard: Do you wish to visit him?
    Starts The Cave of the Dragon

  • Train!
    Go on various quests to unlock class skills (see Guardian Trainer)

  • Heal and Potions
    Recover your health and potions

  • Done
    Exits conversation

    Guardian Trainer

    Trainer Eckhard: So, now that you have your Guardian Armor, you need to level up your Guardian skills.
    Trainer Eckhard: Ok, now that you have the basic attack down, you need to go learn a little more about the Guardians.
    Trainer Eckhard: Go upstairs to the library and talk to Loremaster Malek. He can help you find some reading on Guardians.

    Go talk to Loremaster Malek

    Trainer Eckhard: As you know by now, part of being a Guardian is defending those in need.
    Trainer Eckhard: Bring me 10 Defender’s Medals to prove your willingness to defend Falconreach.
    Trainer Eckhard: You can get Defender’s Medals by defending Falconreach from any invading forces during any war.

    Defeat ten enemy waves and return with 10 Defender's Medals

    Trainer Eckhard: The next portion of your training involves doing good deeds. Grams is the pet shop owner here in Falconreach, and Aria is her granddaughter.
    Trainer Eckhard: Aria is a bright young woman, and very talented… but she also has a talent for getting herself into trouble.
    Trainer Eckhard: We have reports that she was seen near a dangerous cave outside of town… again. Find her, and help her exit the cave then return to me.

    Click the “Quest!” button and explore the Critter Cave

    Trainer Eckhard: The time has come for you to obtain the traditional weapons of the Guardians… the Guardian Blade
    Trainer Eckhard: Several skills can only be used if you have the Guardian Blade to focus your power. It will be necessary for you to develop further skills.
    Trainer Eckhard: Travel to the Willowshire Guardian Tower. The tower has been destroyed…
    Trainer Eckhard: … But the blade can still be purchased in the basement. Make sure to bring lots of gold, the blade does not come cheap.
    Trainer Eckhard: … And beware!! Monsters are very powerful so make sure you use any skill or armor you own.
    Trainer Eckhard: Return with the Guardian Blade equipped to learn your next skill!

    Head to Willowshire / Race to the Keygems

    Trainer Eckhard: Now that you have the Guardian Blade, you need to get used to the balance of the weapon.
    Trainer Eckhard: There is a beast causing trouble in SureWould Forest named Krakhim. Defeat this beast and return here for further training

    Battle Krakhim

    Trainer Eckhard: The armor that you wear is almost as ancient as our order. It has suffered much damage over the centuries.
    Trainer Eckhard: We need to restore the armor to its former glory. I will need 10 pieces of Scrap Metal from Dr. Voltabolt’s creation.
    Trainer Eckhard: Once we start fixing it up, it will unlock a new ability! Good luck hero.

    Collect 10 Scrap Metals from You Need More Iron in Your Diet

    Trainer Eckhard: Repairs on your Guardian Armor are coming along nicely. In order to unlock the new ability, we will need to buff out the damage.
    Trainer Eckhard: Most of the Vurr’men of Oaklore carry Pouches of Sparkling Sand. We will need 5 pouches of this sand to apply to the armor.

    Collect 5 Pouches of Sparkling Sand from the Vurr’men Ruins

    Trainer Eckhard: Your next skill will unlock when you bring me 10 pieces of Ahzite Ore to reinforce the armor. It is a rare ore found only in a hidden jungle

    Collect 10 Ahzite Ores from the Bungle in the Jungle

    Trainer Eckhard: The repairs are nearly complete. Your next ability can only be unlocked by someone very skilled in working with metals.
    Trainer Eckhard: The Mad Weaponsmith, Cysero is the only person that I know of who can make the final repairs. Return here after you’ve spoken with him.

    Click the “Quest!” button and pay A Visit to Cysero

    Trainer Eckhard: Your next ability will require 10 bags of Moonglow. It can only be found growing on pumpkins outside of Amityvale.
    Trainer Eckhard: When you’ve gathered the Moonglow, return to the Guardian Tower and speak with me.

    Go farm The Pumpkin Patch

    Trainer Eckhard: Next, you’ll need to test your combat skills against other heroes. Head to the Aeris Battlespire and bring back 3 PvP Trophies.

    Head to the Aeris Battlespire

    Trainer Eckhard: Your next skill unlocks with a test of endurance! Go deep within the 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom and return with the rare Wings of 100 Flames.

    Brave 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom!

    Trainer Eckhard: Your training is nearly complete <Character>. Your next skills unlocks once you defeat Dragonmaster Frostscythe!
    Trainer Eckhard: He and his dragon Glaisaurus are an ever-present danger to us. I want you to take the fight to him!
    Trainer Eckhard: Make sure he that he knows that as long as Guardians defend Falconreach, he has no chance of defeating us.

    Defeat The Dread Dragonmaster

    Trainer Eckhard: You still have one skill left to master <Character>. It is the most impressive skill that a Guardian possesses.
    Trainer Eckhard: But it has been lost over the years. We Guardians have forgotten how to tap into this ultimate skill.
    Trainer Eckhard: Maybe with your help we could rediscover our lost power. I’ll have to do some research… until then, practice your new skills.

    Trainer Eckhard: You still have one skill left to master <Character>. It is the most impressive skill that a Guardian possesses.
    Trainer Eckhard: But it has been lost over the years. We Guardians have forgotten how to tap into this ultimate skill.
    Trainer Eckhard: But maybe not lost forever...
    Trainer Eckhard: The legendary Guardian Dragon has sent you a magical summons. He wishes to speak with you in his lair.
    Trainer Eckhard: He has not been seen for centuries, and he may be dangerous. Good luck <Character>!

    Defeat The Guardian Dragon

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