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Resolute -> Spidermancer (5/9/2007 23:01:05)


Location: Arachnattack! -> Fight the Boss Monster!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: May 7th, 2007

Objective: It's time to face the architect of this arachnatrocity!
Objective completed: Squish that oversized bug!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Spidermancer - Boss


Time Travel Fairy Ticketstub

Spidermancer: The conquest of your surface town has proven too difficult for the Spider Queen's minions, so I have come to stop you.
<Character>: What do you want from us? Why attack us? What happened to the Dragon Eggs!?
Spidermancer: In that order?
<Character>: I beg your pardon?
Spidermancer: I'm asking if you want me to answer those three questions in that order.
<Character>: Uh. Sure. Go right ahead.
Spidermancer: FIRST: What do we want from you. We can see that there are many differences between our two people.
Spidermancer: But those are just on the outside and it is what's INSIDE that really matters... and that is what we want, your delicious insides.
<Character>: Ew, you want to eat us?
Spidermancer: Well, yes. Don't you want to eat us?
<Character>: NO! Of course not.
Spidermancer: Ok, forget that one then. SECOND: Why are we attacking you? It is YOU who attacked us first!
<Character>: WHAT? We didn't even know that there WAS a city below us.
Spidermancer: So then... do you deny dropping a large statue of a dragon, clutching an egg directly into our town square?
<Character>: You mean... you mean you didn't take the egg? The statue just....fell through the floor?
Spidermancer: Is THAT what happened? That's kind of funny. Heh. HEH. HAHAHAHAHAH!
<Character>: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, so that one is taken care of too, and if you just give the eggs back, we can call this whole thing off.
Spidermancer: Yeah, it's all a big misunderstanding. Except that the egg turned out to be a very important dragon's egg. We're keeping it...
Spidermancer: ...and we still want to eat you. Since you don't want to eat us that makes things a lot eaiser.
<Character>: Why do I even try to talk my way out of things like this?

Battle The Spidermancer

<Character>: Well the monster is defeated and the town is saved, once more. Hmmm... what to do now?
<Character>: Not sure why but I really feel like going out to see a movie all of the sudden. Hm.
Serenity: You could help me patch up my floor, if you wanted to.
Twilly: Don't Worry I'm back!
<Character>: Tell ya what Serenity... lets all go to the movies and THEN I'll help you fix your floor.
Twilly: *AHEM* I'm back... and I'm fine. Don't anyone worry about me. I just rescued the Dragon Eggs... ALL OF THEM... BY MYSELF...
Serenity: Actually, a movies does sound good. What do you want to go see?
<Character>: Lets see what's playing. I'm sure we'll think of something.
Twilly: I have to get these things back to the cave before they hatch.
<Character>: Hatch? When does that happen Twilly?
Twilly: Oh NOW you're listening. The dragon eggs hatch exactly one year from the appearnce of the Dragon Amulets...
Twilly: ...on June 10th. I thought everyone knew that.

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