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Malifact's Ghost

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8/3/2007 23:35:25   

Malifact's Ghost

Location: DeathKnight, The Necropolis -> Artix -> Other Classes! -> Death Knight -> 2 More -> To The Tomb!

Quests given

Shops owned
DeathKnight Items
DeathKnight Resources
DeathKnight Upgrades
Zeclem's Items


Malifact's Ghost: OoooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooooOoooooo.....

Malifact's Ghost: OOooooh......
Malifact's Ghost: *coughs*
Malifact's Ghost: What? You can hear me?

Malifact's Ghost: My name is Sir Bram Malifact the holy Paladin of truth, justice, and peace!

Malifact's Ghost: I was adventuring here with my allies... we must have been defeated. I cannot remember how.
Malifact's Ghost: Until I remember what happened I am doomed to haunt this crypt.
Malifact's Ghost: Perhaps if you find my missing belongings we can solve this mystery and my soul can finally be put to rest!

Malifact's Ghost: Thank you hero. First you should try to find my Holy Sword. It must be somewhere here in the Crypt.

Malifact's Ghost: Amazing you found my Holy Sword! The blade is charred black, what could this mean? If only you could find my Blessed Helm...

Malifact's Ghost: You found my Blessed Helm! It is burned too as if scortched by fire, even the gold trim is melted. We must find my Divine Cape.

Malifact's Ghost: Excellent, the Divine Cape! What is this... there are holes in the back, as if made by daggers! Hmm, do you think you could find my Paladin Armor?

Malifact's Ghost: My Paladin Armor! What has happened to it!? Perhaps my Paladin's Ring could help me remember.

Malifact's Ghost: You found the ring? Hmm, this does not look like a Paladins ring. Oh, the necklace! You must find the Neclace of Protection.

Malifact's Ghost: Excellent, the necklace! Hmm, it has been broken and cursed. The work of a Necromancer? Could you find my Belt of Justice?

Malifact's Ghost: Someone put a skull on my belt of Justice! Hmmm... I have everything now and I still do not know what happened.
Malifact's Ghost: The answer must be found with my missing allies. Trelix was a powerful Fire Mage. Please find Trelix's Mage Staff.

Malifact's Ghost: Ah, you found Trelix's staff. He was such a good friend. Always used calm cool logic, even though he was on a secret mission for the Mage University.
Malifact's Ghost: That is right... we were to recover a treasure box! What was in it? The rogue in my party was Stabina. You must find Stabina's Vorpal Daggers!

Malifact's Ghost: Your found Stabina's daggers! Yes, now I remember. She was after the treasure box for the Thieves guild. Hmmm....
Malifact's Ghost: I was to recover the Treasure box for the Temple. Oh no... you must recover my last item. My Journal!

Malifact's Ghost: Of course! All Paladins keep a detailed public journey to chronical their battles and victories over evil!

Malifact's Ghost: ...

Malifact's Ghost: Trelix and Stabina battled evil across the land with me. Alas, I still cannot remember how our final quest together ended. Will you find my Journal?

The Necropolis

Malifact's Ghost: My name is Sir Bram Malifact the holy Paladin of truth, justice, and peace! How can I assist you, hero?

  • Talk
    Malifact's Ghost: Ah, I sense that you know truth about me.
    Malifact's Ghost: Yes, I was the last Death Knight. I was trained as a Paladin and fought for good until I found the ring.
    Malifact's Ghost: All the dark knowledge of necromancy flowed into my mind, twisting it but giving me SO MUCH RAW POWER...
    Malifact's Ghost: After betraying my friends, I found that I had been doomed to haunt this crypt until my items were returned to me.
    Malifact's Ghost: You now have all the knowledge and power of both a Paladin and a Necromancer but, like me, you hunger for more.
    Malifact's Ghost: I will teach you what you need to know, in return for Undead Slayer Badges. If I gather enough of them, others may come looking for my horde...
    Malifact's Ghost: ... and I can trick that poor fool in returning my power to me!

  • Become A Death Knight!
    Malifact's Ghost: It is time to unlock the power of the DeathKnight.
    • About DeathKnight
      Malifact's Ghost: You wish to learn of the powers DeathKnights can wield? Very well.
      Malifact's Ghost: DeathKnights gain power from using relics and equipment. However, such strength never comes cheap.
      Malifact's Ghost: Equipping items related to DeathKnights will empower you in many ways, offensively, defensively, and beyond.
      Malifact's Ghost: Moreover, as a master of life and death, you can sacrifice your health for even greater power, or recover over time.
      Malifact's Ghost: When in Consuming Presence, the blade icon in combat will glow. You'll lose health on each attack, but you'll gain more power.
      Malifact's Ghost: If you click on the blade icon, you can swap your presence between Consuming and Healing presence.
      Malifact's Ghost: Mastery of knowing when to swap your presence is key to survival and combat as a DeathKnight.
      Malifact's Ghost: The runes on the blade icon will also glow depending on the number of DeathKnight relics you have equipped.
      Malifact's Ghost: DeathKnight relics include any items that were connected to the DeathKnights of the past.
      Malifact's Ghost: I have a selection I am willing to part with, for a price, of course. DeathKnight relics are key to bringing out the full potential of your abilities.
      Malifact's Ghost: Of course, one of the best ways to learn is to try things out for yourself. You seem sturdy enough to withstand some experimentation.

    • Unlock DeathKnight Armor
    • Train DeathKnight Armor

    • Equip DeathKnight Armor - equips DeathKnight class.
    • Unequip DeathKnight Armor
  • Items
    Malifact's Ghost: I sense your eagerness. Tell me which you wish to obtain.
    • What are these?
      Malifact's Ghost: While you are not cursed as I and many other DeathKnights were, you can still use some of our equipment.
      Malifact's Ghost: I have a small collection of DeathKnight items that I have found. I will give you them in exchange for some Undead Slayer Badges.
      Malifact's Ghost: I can also teach you how to empower them using certain resources. It will not be easy to collect the necessary items though.
      Malifact's Ghost: I also have a special set of items I can give you. They were used by one of the most powerful DeathKnights, Lord Zeclem.
      Malifact's Ghost: I found some of his items and saved them for one who may be able to use them. No one is quite sure where he went though...
      Malifact's Ghost: I require a special form of currency that many use in exchange for those. I wish to study it to learn why it is regarded above gold.
      Malifact's Ghost: All of these items would increase your power. Choose any you wish.

    • Death Knight Items - opens DeathKnight Items shop.
    • Resources - opens DeathKnight Resources shop.
    • Upgrade Items - opens DeathKnight Upgrades shop.
    • Zeclem's Items - opens Zeclem's Items shop.

    Other information
  • Also known as Sir Bram Malifact.

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, other information, and corrections.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for additional location and dialogue.
  • Melkrin for additional dialogue.
  • Insane2201 for information.
  • Doomstalker for correction.

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