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Mogloween 2006

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12/18/2007 20:26:44   
 formerly In Media Res


Mogloween 2006

Main Menu

Jack:Helloooo to you on this cool dark night. It seems it is that time of year again... the time of Mogloween! For most, it is a time for fun, a time to run around and gather goodies from every cornor near and far, a time of lighthearted scares. But every Mogloween, my family is frightened for a very real reason: so many of us are carved and placed on doorsteps for all to see. For years my people have been used as mere decoration, left to sit alone in the cold and rain, our insides removed and filled with burning candles! This torture will end!!! Finally, I, Jack Pumkinface, King of All Gourds, have joined forces with someone to help our cause. A friend of mine has created a secret weapon to fight for us-- a powerful golem who will stalk the night!! Go now, hunt for your candy, but beware-- we will find you!!!

Being the pumpkin king means you need to be one with the pumpkin.
Grass... yes, grass.
Getcher pumpkin-carvin' hands offa me!
Artix Entertainment reserves the right to build doors that do not have knobs.
Knock knock?
Sure is a spooky night...
A house on a haunted hill... or a haunted house on a hill?
Lights are on, but nobodies home.
Something is missing...
So that's where E's hat went!

  • Trick or Treat!

    Happy Mogloween! All of the adventurers are out trick or treating for candy! Earn candy then trade it in for cool masks and Pumkin Armor!
  • Trick or Treat!
  • Candy Trade!
  • Eat Some Candy!
  • Back to Town

    Mercuria:A little advice for you: Be careful knocking on doors-- you never know what will happen! Who knows what might be lurking in some of these houses!

    Artix: Once a year for one week only, is the Mogloween festival! This is a very special holiday because it also celebrates AdventureQuest's birthday! The best part about Mogloween is the prizes! A lot of people are making characters just to hold rare items like the Pumkin armor you will be able to buy in the shop. Beware of the Moglins! Those cute little fellas can become a handful during the Festival. It is the one time of year that trnaforms them into giant Moglinsters! I hope you brought your best gear and lost of room for Candy! I am going to try to wear each mask atleast once before the festival ends! Now-- let's go get some CANDDAAYYYY!

    Warlic: The masks and prizes you trade your candy for are temporary. Your normal gear will return when you log out. You will be able to buy a permanent set of Pumkin Armor the last few days of Mogloween though! Now go have some fun!

    Zorbak: Mehehehe... *ahem* This costume is great, don't you think? Everyone is mistaking me for Zorbak. I'm really just a 6 year old boy... yeah that's right. Anyway, would you like to go on a quest for me?
  • Are you helping Jack Pumpkinface ??
  • Zorbak's Ebil Pets!
  • Ghost Princess (The very first AdventureQuest quest ever released!)
  • Fight your clone!
  • No thanks
    Zorbak: Meh-- of course not! I admit, I made some golems in the past, but they were made from Moglin parts, not tasty squash that is good for pies. There may be SOMEONE I can think of that is helping him... someone who is not Ebil like I am. My BROTHER, Kabroz!! Mehehe... I wonder if he has come back??
    Trick or Treat!

    250-1000 Candy gained

    1 BATTLE

    At Captain Rhubarb's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Giant Chicken Trobble

    At Artix's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Evil Artix

    At Galanoth's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Drago HumanSlayer

    At Zorbak's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Zorbak (100) (Weaker)

    At Wun-Eye's House
    1 BATTLE

    At Frogzard Hunter's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Frogzard Hunter

    At Michaelon Entan's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Michaelon Entan

    At Safiria's House:
    1 BATTLE
    Reneee the Vamp

    Randomly, at any house:
    «The door opens as normal. A shadow approaches from off-scene»
    Golem: THE TIME FOR MAN IS OVER, THE TIME FOR PUMPKIN WILL NOW BEGIN! Pumpkin MAD!!!!!! No longer will the humans leave us to rot! No longer will we become pies! No longer will we carved and gutted! I know what you did last Mogloween!
    Pumpkin Golem

  • If not wearing a mask
    Moglins: Oh no oh no oh no... you are not wearing a mask!!! (Why are we suddenlies so hungwy!)
    1 BATTLE
    Green Moglinster
    Blue Moglinster
    Red Moglinster
  • If wearing a mask
    Moglins: Hiyas! Okays lets play the Mogloween game! Choose a hand... if you choose correctly, you get a treat! Choose wrong and its tricky tricky time!
    «Choosing the correct hand results in a TREAT. Choosing the wrong hand results in a TRICK»
    Candy Trade!

    Princess Mask for 560 candy
    Bee Mask for 314 candy
    Jason Mask for 1000 candy
    King Mask for 1399 candy
    Frank Mask for 830 candy
    Mummy Mask for 1560 candy
    Pirate Mask for 4000 candy
    Skull Mask for 2500 candy
    Slime Mask for 1800 candy
    WereWolf Mask for 999 candy
    Witch Mask for 560 candy
    ZardHunter Mask for 777 candy
    Zombie Mask for 256 candy
    Zoro Mask for 760 candy

    Pumpkin Armor for 3000 candy
    Pumpkin Carver for 5000 candy
    Pumpkin Shield for 1000 candy
    Pumpkin Mask! for 500 candy
    Clown Costume for 5000 candy
    Pumpkin Staff for 6000 candy
    Harvest Reaper for 8000 candy (Guardian)
    Gorgonzilla Costume for 4000 candy (Guardian)
    Ghost Costume for 4000 candy (Guardian)

    Thanks to Stephen Nix and UltimateAQ.com, as well as previous Mogloween entries. Main Menu thanks to Scakk.

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    12/18/2007 21:01:08   
     formerly In Media Res


    The Mogloween Secret - Kabroz Returns!
    Uh oh...

    Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

    «You»: Alright, enough of this mystery! I'm going to find out just who helped Jack Pumpkinface make those giant Pumpkin Golems!
    Hozer (simultaneously): Hey! Quiet out there!
    SuperXMan (simultaneously): We're trying to sleep
    Lissandra (simultaneously): What's with all the noise?!?!
    «You»: uh-- sorry. I'll try to keep it down.
  • Whew

    «Zorbak enters the scene.»

    Zorbak: I couldn't help but hear you. Everyone wants to know who helped Pumpkinface make those golems! Including me. I have a feeling it was my brother, Kabroz.
  • ???
    Zorbak: He's been missing for over a year now, ever since you adventurers defeated his zombie armies.
    «You»: Well, he deserved it!! I mean, come on, he even turned every Moglin in the village where you grew up into undead, zombies, and patchwork freaks!
    «You»: How can you feel sorry for him??
    Zorbak: Well, he IS my brother. And I can't help but admire his innovation: zombies and Moglin freaks are a true testament to his genius!
    Zorbak: (ahem, AND to the genius that runs in my family...)
    «You»: Do you have any idea where he is?
    Zorbak: Oh yes I do! That way you can go attack him before he has a chanc to build up another army! ...NOT. mehehehe
    «You»: We just want to see if he'll stop those Pumpkin Golems from attacking us, that's all.

    «Jack Pumpkinface enters the scene.»

    «You»: Pumpkinface!
    Jack Pumpkinface: That's Jack Pumpkinface, King of All Gourds, to you, buddy!
    Jack Pumpkinface: My Pumpkin Golems aren't going anywhere-- not until I get you all to promise never to carve a pumpkin again!!
    «You»: How about this? We promise to only carve pumpkins on Mogloween.
    Jack Pumpkinface: Let me think-- NO.
    «You»: What if we only carve old or sickly pumpkins--?
    Jack Pumpkinface: How about-- NO.
    «You»: We could only carve DEAD pumpkins?
    Jack Pumpkinface: Again, NO. .................. My people must never be carved again!! It is a disgrace. Especially when our seeds are roasted and enjoyed later.
    «You»: Okay, I have an idea! Would it be okay if we used PLASTIC REPLICAS of pumpkins?
    Jack Pumpkinface: Hmm... I suppose so. You can continue your tradition while avoiding the need to actually carve real pumpkins.
    Jack Pumpkinface: Wait-- has plastic even been invented yet?
    «You»: Actually no-- it hasn't... I will have to get right on that.
    Zorbak: Imagine the possibilities of plastic.... Plastic forks and spoons!! Or maybe even a fork/spoon hybrid that we could call a SPORK!!
    Zorbak: It's only of time before PLASTIC ACTION FIGURES can be made of all of us!! How cool would that be??!!
    Jack Pumpkinface: Then we have a deal... starting next Mogloween, only plastic pumpkin replicas shall be used!
    ???: NEVER!!!

    «Kabroz enters the scene.»

    Zorbak: BROTHER!!!
    Zorbak: I'm so happy to see you again! Hm.. you haven't been brushing your teeth lately have you?
    Kabroz: Bah. Don't be too excited-- it's not like you actually came looking for me! I bet you were too busy with your small-time EBIL schemes.
    Zorbak: Well, I won't apologize. Being EBIL is a way of life. I must dedicate my very existence to it. You on the other hand, being pure evil, don't need to try so hard.
    Kabroz: Oh, I try... I definitely try. But you are right... my talent is truly natural.
    «You»: Aw come on-- Your talent is NOT natural. If anything, making zombies is UNNATURAL.
    Kabroz: Whatever! Like anything YOU say matters to me. My pumpkin golems aren't going anywhere!! NO DEALS!
    Jack Pumpkinface: Hey now, Kabroz-- I already made the deal. They will use plastic pumpkins from now on. I return, we call off the golems.
    Kabroz: Shaddap, toothpick. I CALL THE SHOTS NOW.
    Zorbak: Really? I was thinking we'd share... You know, you'd be EVIL, and I'd be EBIL. Like chocolate and peanut butter!
    Kabroz: Hmm.. you always HAVE been a bit nutty.

    «Twilly and Twig enter the scene.»

    «You»: Twilly! Twig!! What are you two doing here?? This might not be the best time for a visit!!
    Twilly: Heyas!!! Twillies is here to save the day!! And Twig is backing me up!!
    Twig: YAHHHH!! Fish and ice cweam!!!
    Zorbak & Kabroz: ................
    Kabroz: I know that EBIL means "cute evil", but does it also mean you are against the mistreatment of cute Moglins?
    Zorbak: Not at all, my dear brother, not at all...
  • EBIL attack! - «Zorbak punts Twilly and Twig off-screen.»
  • EVIL attack! - «Kabroz blasts Twilly and Twig off-screen.»

    «You»: OMG!! That was a terrible thing to do!!
    Kabroz (simultaneously): hahahaha
    Zorbak (simultaneously): mehehehe
    Kabroz: I think it's time you got a taste of my REAL power!!
    «You»: Bring it on, little green man-- with giant ears-- and a tail--!!!!
    Jack Pumpkinface: Sorry I can't stick around and help...but I, uh... Have to go remove some candles from some friends' heads...

    «Jack leaves the scene»Kabroz: Okay, now I'm MAD. Zorbak, you might want to stand back. This could get ugly.
    Zorbak: Are you kidding? It already IS ugly, since you've come back!!
    Kabroz: Meh... I suppose being EBIL means you can make JOKES. I don't make jokes.
    Zorbak: That's alright, because at least you LOOK funny.
    Zorbak: .............
    Kabroz: Am I laughing?
    Zorbak: I'll leave now.

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»«You»: What are you still doing here?? I just kicked your butt!!
    Kabroz: I'll be back!! HAHAHAHA!! You only beat me because I am still weak. I will build up my armors once more, and return in FULL FORCE to--

    «Enter Artix, Captain Rhubarb, Galanoth, Robina, Twig (On Galanoth's shoulder), and Warlic.»

    «You»: You should run away now before my friends get involved....
    Kabroz: grrrrr

    «Kabroz leaves the scene.»

    Warlic: I think getting rid of Kabroz is worthy being able to get some permanent Mogloween items! Don't miss my special spell just for this holiday: Candy Corn Storm!
    Mogloween '06

  • Pumpkin Staff
  • Pumpkin Carver
  • Pumpkin Smasher
  • Pumpkin Carver
  • Harvest Reaper
  • Pumpkin Smasher
  • Pumpkin Staff
  • Pumpkin Carver
  • Pumpkin Carver
  • Harvest Reaper
  • Pumpkin Smasher
  • Pumpkin Carver
  • Pumpkin Carver
  • Pumpkin Carver

  • Gorgonzilla Costume
  • Ghost Costume
  • Clown Costume
  • Gorgonzilla Costume
  • Gorgonzilla Costume
  • Gorgonzilla Costume
  • Gorgonzilla Costume
  • Gorgonzilla Costume
  • Gorgonzilla Costume

  • Pumpkin Shield [L. 10 | 81 GZ | 37 G, 64 G, 91 G, 118 G, 145 G]

  • Candy Corn Shower
  • Candy Corn Storm
  • Candy Corn Squall
  • Candy Corn Tempest

    Write-up thanks to Absolite. Shop items update and Guardian restriction by In Media Res.

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