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Dense Red Fog: The Tower of Xyphos

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1/4/2008 11:24:59   
Lost Star

Dense Red Fog/The Tower of Xyphos

Location: Travel Map -> Go South -> DragonClaw Island -> Dense Red Fog
Must be level 50 or higher.
You must complete the Claw Tip Landing quest to unlock this one.

A powerful magical fog swirls around this area. Entry here would be suicide at best right now.

«You»: Beleqwaya!
Beleqwaya: Greetings, my adventuring friend.
Beleqwaya: Would you help me to obtain an object I need to complete my spell? We are searching for an ancient artifact called the “Sphere of Entwined Force”.
Beleqwaya: It will be able to bring the random assortment of energy together from all the other different components I am gathering.
Beleqwaya: I have determined that the Sphere is in a tower, in the centre of that red fog.
Beleqwaya: I can hold the fog out of the way – if you will go and find the Sphere for me. I will join you later if I can permanently remove this fog.

  • Find the Sphere!
  • Go home

    Beleqwaya: Excellent – let me move this fog out of the way!
    Beleqwaya: Keep your eyes open for the Sphere. It is a red and purple gem, in a gold frame. And be careful in there – I sense a powerful force at center of that tower.

  • To the Tower!
  • Last Chance to Retreat!

    «Just Inside the Tower»

    ???: No solicitors! OR Girl Scouts!
    «You»: Uh--?
    ???: Go away! Employees only! No admittance under any circumstances! Go. Away. Now!
    «You»: Who are you?
    ???: I'm the warning, but I can't do anything to stop you. So anyone determined will just ignore everything I say and walk right in.
    «You»: What can you tell me?
    ???: About this place? Bit of a dungeon, full of stuff, holds a guy somewhere. Don't know much more than that.
    «You»: Well, okay...thanks.
    ???: Sure, sure. Don't say I didn't warn you. I'd hate to be accused of not doing my job. Uh... Proceed no further!
    ???: *whispers* Oh, and you'll want to look for the combination to a lock on a large door on the lowest level. There are 3 levels: ground, above, and below. Don't tell anyone I told you...

  • Enter the Tower!
  • Second Last Chance to Retreat!
    Enter the Tower!

    Scenes on the map correspond to these scenes. You begin at Scene #1 (marked in blue). Scenes marked with circles are battles. Green scenes give you a full heal (after fighting the monster, if any). Scene #5 connects with Scene #6 (denoted by a red staircase). Scene #18 connects with Scene #19 (denoted by a purple staircase). You can exit at any time to return to Dragonclaw Island.

    The goal is to reach Scene #8 (marked in purple) to get this combination, and then go to Scene #27 and enter the combination. The fastest route to do this is

    left, up, right, upstairs, up, right. Reverse directions to return to the start.
    (Scenes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    From the beginning, right, down, downstairs, up, right, up, right.
    (Scenes 1, 14, 18, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27)

    Monster Encounter List

    Level 50-59Level 60-69Level 70-79Level 80-89Level 90-99Level 100+
    «At Scene #29»

  • Walk up to the body!
  • Leave the Tower!

    ???: hhhhheeeeeee.........
    ???: You wake us but you are not void.
    Therefore you must become void. Great seething masses bring glory to the devoured.
    «You»: Wh--
    ???: No questions for the devoured. No answers for void. Only blessed existence within.
    «You»: Wait--
    ???: Join us in celebration. Join us for retribution.

    Undead Xyphos

    «You die»

    Xyphos: Who are you and why are you interrupting my nap?
    «You»: I was attacked by a powerful undead at the bottom of a tower! Where am I now??
    Xyphos: You are dead. And in the Void. By the way, I claim no responsibility for anything my body says or does while I'm no longer a part of it.
    Xyphos: Apparently you can't leave a body for a day before someone comes along and steals it.
    «You»: I was sent to find an item for Beleqwaya. Can you help?
    Xyphos: Beleqwaya Melamin? ... Fun. Yes, yes I can help.
    Xyphos: We'll just return to the tower, evict those in my body, and see what happens from there.
    Xyphos: Since you came from where my body is – all I need to do is bring us right back from where you came from – lovely! No - glorious! Err - lovely...glorious...no...yes...no...yes...
    Xyphos: Ahh - Fun Times.

    «You and Xyphos return to the bottom of the tower. Xyphos evicts the Undead Xyphos»

    «You»: ..............
    «You»: It would have been nice to have you here a little earlier.

    «Enter Beleqwaya»
    «You»: Beleqwaya! You were able to extinguish the red fog and follow me in?
    Beleqwaya: Indeed I was, friend!
    Xyphos: Corporeal body, physical world, I'm back again. Did you miss me?
    «You»: Just WHO are you?
    Xyphos: Xyphos Celestin, adorer of cute fuzzy things, devourer of insects, enjoyer of roasts.
    Beleqwaya: And what were you doing here, Xyphos?
    Xyphos: I WAS napping, but then ‘somebody’ decided to go and wake me up.
    Beleqwaya: Having another out of body experience, then?
    Xyphos: More fun than the inner-body experience-- less fluids. Though I did miss eating quite a bit.
    Beleqwaya: Well my apologies - the fault is mine. My friend here was looking for the "Sphere of Entwined Forces" for me - I sensed it in your tower. Do you have it?
    Xyphos: Possibly – allow me to rummage through my belongings. Help yourself to anything in the closet.

  • Seraph
  • Powerword Red Fog
  • Powerword Thick Red Fog
  • Powerword Soupy Red Fog

    Xyphos: Catch!

    «Xyphos throws the Sphere to Beleqwaya»

    Beleqwaya: Ahh!! Xyphos, please, be careful with-- Nevermind. Thank you.
    Xyphos: You are welcome.
    Beleqwaya: Well, that completes everything I need for the spell. I will begin preparations immediately, although they will take awhile. Come and see me again later, my friend.
    «You»: I will be sure to!
    Beleqwaya: And you, Xyphos, welcome back to the world of the living!
    Xyphos: I intend to enjoy every minute of it, until I get bored enough to try something else. Possibly transdimensional synthesis. Or reincarnation as a lower life form?
    «You»: Wow, that sure sounds like-- fun. Just try and make sure your spell for that doesn't misfire and hit me on my way out of here....

    Correction from LINKTHECHAMPION.

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