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6/7/2005 0:18:35   

So, it's MTM time again... ask questions and stuff, and I'll answer... and stuff ;). Make sure not to edit your post until after I've answered it or that the title says that I'm not online. Get to it :) RAWR!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
6/7/2005 0:19:51   

How long have yo been a Mod/Sage of Lores?

3/3/05 as a Mod, I think. Arch SoL was whenever Encyc changed, a few days before 3/25/05.

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DF  Post #: 2
6/7/2005 0:20:18   

If i said i luffed you....what would you say back? o.O;
hm... *snuggles*?
Do you like pizza?
Yep... black olives the most :P
Are you in teh U.S.?

do you play sports?
Mainly just gym, most of my friends are either into talking a lot or tech stuff. I was in Track for three years in H.S. as a bad thrower, since I can't really run well competitively.

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AQ  Post #: 3
6/7/2005 0:20:45   
Randall Flagg

wow mabe first post
hehe, not quite
Hi ya!
Read lots?
S king fan
In a way, I am, but I haven't read that much by him, just The Stand and some prolouge to the Dark Tower series.
DT series?
see above ;)
umm fave bands?
I don't really have any. I basically listen to anything (usually soundtracks) but country, pointless rap, and things that supposedly have lyrics but doesn't seem like it.
umm well thats all for now...
uh huh
Oh do youRP?
I used to. I started sometime around late June last year. My RP writing went downhill after school started.

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AQ  Post #: 4
6/7/2005 0:20:47   

And just what is your favorite colour?
guess ;)

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 0:30:24 >
Post #: 5
6/7/2005 0:21:05   
The Extinguisher

W00t First Post! Boo People Posting before me
:o evil people
Demons or Butterflys?:
demonic butterflies
Purple or Tuna Fish?:
*eats the fish* What fish?
The Mexican Hat Dance?:
Did You Know I am the King of Demons and Ruler of Butterflies?:
and I'm the Goddess of Geckos and Ruler of RARs
And my Sworn Enemy is Theaya and her moogle army?:
only if you defeat first
Do you find me annoying?:
You'll have to try harder :P
I'll be back later, with Ham.
Too late, I already ate it.

< Message edited by Flame Master Axel -- 6/7/2005 9:42:03 >
Post #: 6
6/7/2005 0:21:15   

Sup Homie!
stuffs, much stuffs
Can I have a homie handshake?
*offers a tail*
Do you like my new title?
streaM of Misspelling
Do you like your job? (real life)
er... well... it's fun, usually
Do you like your job? (Forums)
of course
Do you have kids?
uh... no...
Do you have a pet?
I wish that I did but no :(
Do I seem immature?
Do you live in America?
Please refer to Section 8, Chapter 1, Article 3.

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AQ  Post #: 7
6/7/2005 0:22:33   
Bao Er

How do you taste?
bettery than a Powader-y mess... maybe like peaches? Or a croissant?

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AQ  Post #: 8
6/7/2005 0:22:39   
Randall Flagg

oh yeah play chess?
A bit, I used to play at least twice a week the summer before eighth grade, but it's probably been a few years by now, since I've actually played a serious game.
ok now ill leave you alone your gonna get swamped wit Q's

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 0:41:38 >
AQ  Post #: 9
6/7/2005 0:22:41   

I'll start easy and get boring:
Oh noes!
Who are you?
Pae... Gecko... Newt... Spider... Rabbit... Duck... Fox... and some huge acronym that I never remember >_< | ah... ESBA3SGP
Explain in your own words why Geckos are so awesome...
'cause... they're too awesome for words to explain
Why do bus stops exist?
The bus would end up crashing into Mercury without one. >.>
Why do you exist?
Really, I do?
Um... I thought I could think of some better/proper/new questions but I guess I'll have to try again later :P

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 0:45:18 >


AQ DF  Post #: 10
6/7/2005 0:23:44   

Where to start...hmmm lets see...

Ok then:

Pae, do you remember what ESBA3SGP stands for? I'll be disappointed if you don't.
em... *sweat drop* (though geckos are too civilized to sweat :P) Evil Silly Bunny Agent Sly Sky Sage Gecko Pae. Beat that!
Do you wuv me? If not wuv, love?
Are you still active with the Synod?
err... activity sharply dropped off from that night I popped in, though I'll be more active now that school is "over"
I'm sure I have other questions I just need to think them up.
:O What?!
aww... cute little geck
Favorite Quote?
too many... and none that I remember
Favorite Forum?
This one at times... assorted other ones for quieter times when I know that I won't get bombarded with things :P
Favorite forumite(s)?
I don't know... too many mites to name them all...
And more to come I'm sure

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 0:52:53 >
AQ DF  Post #: 11
6/7/2005 0:24:32   

*Ponders then comes to a sudden conclusion*
AHH! The explosions!
So...what do you think of Bal being a Moogle?
instead of an almighty God of Light :o? I don't know... much more snuggle-able, though.
Would you hug the Moogle? *Awaits hug*
hm... nah *snuggles* instead
How did you decide the Gecko?
:o BraveNet (pure EVIL) chat randomness, you shold know this. Killer was opening up a shop for the RP boards, and I was too, though I just hadn't gotten my shop approved. He ended up having giant geckos it, so I settled for smaller, "regular" geckos. If I remember correctly, that was just a small part. We were goofing off in chat, and RPing a human, elf, or basically anything else seemed to plain and often overdone, so I became a gecko.
<.< *Doesnt know what to say but gives the large puppy eyes for no reason*
*sics Mid on him*
Uhh...What about Chipmunks? ^_^
more utter randomness... maybe from me, not sure
And now to something I've been wanted to ask since Shanrio...
since all time began?
Where did you begin your RPing experiance?
You should also know this :P RP Palace
That is all.....for now *Shifty eyes*
*gives Bal eye drops*

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 0:57:53 >
AQ  Post #: 12
6/7/2005 0:25:01   
Chibi Coronet

Finallies! GECKO!
Firstlies First! Can I have a snuggle? ^-^
What about my firstlies? Geckos have needs too! *snuggles*
How did you stumble upon the wonderful world of LORE?
err... someone at school, hehe
What do you like best about Battleon, that is, the community in the forums and IRC?
interactions between people, relaxing, chatting, discussing, most of it
What do you like best about AQ, the game?
hehe, definitely the community still... purely the game, I guess to see what's coming next and digging out a plot line (just the Drakel one so far)
What inspired you to be a mod, or accept the position?
I guess that it was from my other experiences with being a mod (ends up being a lot of fun; also being able to quickly resolve something, usually) and being able to get to know people on staff much better. Some of them are sneaky and evil... ;)
Do you enjoy your job?
Please refer to Section 8, Chapter 1, Article 7
Do you like pineapples? If they're on toothpicks?
Spearing them with claws are much more efficient and fun.
What were the first 3 versions of you? You're on 4.0 right now.
Am I supposed to know? I think that I went over one and two quickly then stayed with 3.x for a while... . It was Gecko MODule (Demosthenes thought that up) to begin with. Things just kept getting added... HelpOp is the most recent one. THe other ones might've been added around the same time... many title changes
Do you like weapons? If so, any particular class of weapons? I'm a fan of the Longspear class of weapons, myself.
hm... fairly indecisive on this again... I mainly like swords (includes basically any bladed weapon but smaller things like knives), staves, shurikens (several others I don't really know the name of...), and bows if they're unique in some way. I don't actually have any of these, though I did some archery in a camp before and have handled several other kinds before. Shurikens are interesting when you're actually holding one; they're heavier than I thought that they'd be.
¤sigh¤ That's all I have for now. But, wait this time, Gecko! I'll be back!
*nibbles on the post while waiting*

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:09:47 >
AQ  Post #: 13
6/7/2005 0:27:57   
Wolf Boi

Do any of the Mod's besides Blackhawke know who I am? (i think i scare him calling his chracter hot one time)
<.< >.>
What do you think of wolves?
Do you read any manga?
part of one... it was in Chinese, though
if yes whats your fave?

Do you jig?
What about play DDR?
a few times
Whats your fave book?
I don't really have one; I just read a lot in Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres.
Do you like werwolves?
As long as one isn't trying to kill me, sure.
Whats your fave FF game?
err... never played one myself...
I hope that I'm not asking to many things.
guess not
Oh and one last thing, what is your face candy?
i think i forgot something though hmmm

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:17:32 >
AQ  Post #: 14
6/7/2005 0:28:45   

Hmmm... questions for Pae...

Oh, I know!

Can you do the Robot? 'Cause the Geico Gecko can do the Robot! I saw it on their website! It was da bomb!
*roasts the Seahawk for a midnight snack*
/me goes off to await the smack he's going to get for asking that....

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:18:00 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
6/7/2005 0:28:55   
Replacement Sonic


Marry me? ( again )
XD whee

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:18:13 >
AQ  Post #: 16
6/7/2005 0:37:23   
The One Wolf

How's the RP post coming along?
err... heh heh...
Got a Nation in Nation Building?
I used to, but I gave it up after it went into the public boards, since what I had of it didn't apply to a specific island.
How's life?
*shrugs* same as always
Hmm, t3h snuggledragon, hawk or wolf?
*somehow jams the three together and snuggles*
Which do you like better, a geico or a gecko?
*watches auto-nukes courtesy of Frictor go off on Geico* Gecko :P
I've heard that you secretly love geico's. Is that true?
Is it true that there is a secret geico loving clan in the forums, headed by you? :P
*thinks that lupine sounds like a tasty snack...*
*wanders off, after snugglehugglewugglenuzzlecuddling Pae.*

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:21:00 >
Post #: 17
6/7/2005 0:49:52   

How's life?
Please refer to Section 8, Chapter1, Article 17.
Wanna pet gecko for your birthday?
hehe, I'd have to make sure that I could take care of it first.
Huggles or snuggles?
snuggly huggles and huggly snuggles are the same :P
Both for me...right? O_o
PAE! *snuggles*
I have no more construstive thoughts to relay (not that any were constructive in the first place lol)
*siphons thoughts*
Rawr ;)
Blasphemy! RAWR!

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:23:08 >
AQ  Post #: 18
6/7/2005 0:52:43   

Can I have better car inshurence in the future?
Can I eat some ham?
*gives some decomposed ham*
Can I can I can I... uh... Well Can I?
Yes, you can go patrol the boards for questions that need answering.
Have you seen return of the Sith? Hitchiker guide to the galaxy?
Yes. No.
Biaza! *this was posted by the Master of Mispelling* XP
<.< >.>

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:24:22 >
AQ  Post #: 19
6/7/2005 1:03:31   

I'm back Evil Silly Bunny Agent Sly Sky Sage Gecko Pae, by the way I'm quite pleased that you remembered that, you made my day!
Now then to the questions! MUWHAHAHA!

Number 1: Any human pics? Although I'm sure the one provided suits you more.
<.< >.> maybe
Number 2: Do you ever plan on coming back to the RP game since school is out?
I might... though it probably wouldn't be AQ RPs, unless I got more loose with how I wrote those.
Number 3: If you do I shall follow thee around...but it is not stalking!
Number 4: Favorite food?
pizza, ice cream, nectarines or was that peaches..., grapes, apples, oranges, candy, others
Number 5: Whats my real name?
Smelly Marker!
Number 6: Who is my favorite RP char? (Bonus points if you get it right) [hint: Faust]
eee... Mephistopheles
Number 7: Do you know who my first RP char was? (Bonus points for a correct answer)
a bee! >_>
Number 8: I think thats all for now, don't you?
nope... *stares blankly at the posts*

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:26:59 >
AQ DF  Post #: 20
6/7/2005 1:07:07   

Ahh!! My eyes!! *Runs around before hitting a wall*

So..uhh..what, you rather me be an ultra power being of Light then a cuddly Moogle?
sure :P
*Is suddenly kicked outta nowhere by an unknown and hidden Mid* ....And why must you insist of her kicking me!! *Rubs shin*
*plots with Midori and cackles*
So..if I was to turn into a Gecko, what would happen?
some pouncing, I suppose
You do know you gave me the name for an evil weapon of immense pain causing...*Weilds Balabar*
hehe, yep, I think when Midori was one too
Which room do you sign onto first in IRC? Ours....or the AQ ones...<.<...>.>
err... *checks script* indirectly the Cael staff chan and more directly Gent's Club's
Ok...seriousness and logical questions...
How old are you? *Shifty gaze again* You never did reveal your age....or if you did...I missed it.
You lie! :O I was born in Dec. 7, 1905, which makes me 99 years old... give or take 81 years >_>
If you became president, would all of the US be turned into lesser Gecko's to do your evil wishes of doomishdom?
Yes! Other than certain people... who would be sent to Ren's void to be properly dealt with...
And now...randomness...
Who am I?
snuggly Moogle of doom?
How old am I?
Do you think I am annoying you with endless questions?
You'd like that wouldn't, you?
Do you feel I could annoy you wish endless questions?
And finally....being to name off all the nicknames I am known as both in real life, and in chat.....
*blah, blah, blah, rambles on with all the names*
EDIT: Sorry for the editing...needed to correct spelling...

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:32:50 >
AQ  Post #: 21
6/7/2005 1:25:08   

Where did you fine/Hear about AQ(battleon)?
Please refer to Section 8, Chapter 1,Article 13.
Fav. People on forums & mIRC?
Too many to name.
What do you do are your Spare Time?
too much stuff :P | modding on boards, playing online games, coding, doing stuff in Paint, developing ideas, listening to music, watching movies, biking, running, swimming, teaching (informal), that should pretty much be it
How many characters you have?
five: AntiTwilly, Gecko XD, Tigon, Pae, and Gecko
How many are guardians?
two: AntiTwilly and Gecko XD

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:37:18 >
DF  Post #: 22
6/7/2005 1:34:30   
Wolf Boi

Do you think I'm strange?
if you want to be
What do you think of my tail?
I don't see it.
are you male or female?
Iron! :o
Do you like zombie movies?
Not really, since they're usually boring.
Do you like Canable movies?
Do you play and RPG's on say the PS or PS2?
I don't have the platform.
Do you watch any anime
In AQ do you think there will ever be a face set that lets you have kitty/wolf ears?
Will you watch Land of the Dead when it comes out?
if a friend wants to
Do you want to see me jig? I was jiging before it became popular from pirate movies
if you want
hmm i realise this is the only time I havent asked to snuggle yet, is that strange?
if you think so

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:39:03 >
AQ  Post #: 23
6/7/2005 1:48:48   
Dadric Daeglos

Yo Paedr, Huzzah!

Where did you learn Dadrician? You speak it so well...
I learn only from the best.
Can I take you out for some ice cream? zomg kreepy daydrik!
*eats ice cream now*
But seriously, can I? >:D
You're paying :P
Dadric > Baodr

Fav. People on forums & mIRC?
Too many to name.

C'mon, my name's only six letters...it wouldn't have been THAT hard to type.
too long :P
Do you play Guild Wars?
of course not <_< >_>
Are you excited to be done with High School?
Am I running out of randomness? Yes. Bye.
:O Bad Dadr!

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/7/2005 1:51:31 >
AQ  Post #: 24
6/7/2005 1:57:06   
Doctor Zhivago
Professor of Ratings

Why hello, oh most sneaky of geckoes! *Huggle*
rar *huggles*
Hmm... let's see... first off, do you play any games other than AQ? If so, what sorts of games do you play?
a lot of random online stuff... and Guild Wars
Books, books... if you like to read, what are your favorite types of book to read? Favorite books in general?
Books in general, sci-fi/fantasy, and some topic-specific science books >.>
Movin on to movies! What is the best movie you've ever seen? Worst movie you've ever seen?
not much of an opinion... unless I just watched it
Speaking of movies, what do you think about Batman Begins? Do you think it'll be better than the last two movies? *Shudders*
From what I understand, it's supposed to be completely separate.
*snugglewugglehuggles Pae out of nowhere*
If you could visit any place at all, what would that place be?
Any place... if on earth, the Mariana Trench... otherwise a solar system orbiting the largest applicable star :P
Let's see... if you were a Megaman boss, what sort of power would you give if you are defeated?
Gecko Fury? >.>
Which would you rather have: a katana, a Carrier or a +10 Vorpal Stick?
katana, toothpicks are better ;)
Speaking of which, let's assume that life runs on a D20 system. What class would you be? What allignment would you be?
ee... I have a feeling that I should know this, but I don't... I blame my parents for me not having many games.
Phew... that's about it from me. You'll probably see me again later; you never know when I appear.
yay ^_^
*Byesnuggles Pae*

< Message edited by Pae -- 6/8/2005 10:07:33 >
AQ  Post #: 25
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