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RE: Armor/Weapon/Shield/Spell/Misc/Title Bugs

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8/21/2013 16:51:59   

I'm not entirely sure that I'm in the correct spot (might be game engine - will discuss later in post), couldn't find this issue brought up at all before.

Basically, I'm level 90, but I have the level 105 version of Asgardian armor (feels like cheating but I'm not getting rid of it until I know it's unintentional, also I just discovered it).

I've had this armor since I was around level ~85.

My theories are that I bought the armor before it went to the 45/60/75/90/105/120/135/150 scale and got the 105 armor somehow.


There was a bug with the BUY button, I clicked on it, it worked and I forgot about it. This would have been about 1 year ago.
AQ DF  Post #: 1251
8/21/2013 23:39:38   
Heroes of the Scape

@above: That is not a bug. When Asgadian was swept new tiers were introduced. That also involved the "leveling up" of the old sets. The level 85 became the level 105 so there is no wrong doing on your part. You are able to use the armor all you want without repercussions since it was legally in your inventory before the sweep. Enjoy the armor as it will be the strongest Energy armor you will have till you reach level 105.
AQ  Post #: 1252
8/26/2013 5:47:48   
Rafiq von den Vielen

For some reason, the Astramorph series seem to work similar to Amulet of Drakonnan - if you unequip the Astramorph you gain MP proportionate to the INT returned after unequipping
(Say, if you unequip and have 200 INT you will gain 50% of 200 INT back - makes sense?)
It doesn't appear to be intended this way as things like Sila+Soluna can make a lot of profit this way....

This is intentional, I think. ~IMR

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Post #: 1253
8/27/2013 23:45:14   
Dragon Blade Master

Item Bugged: Chomping Fangsword
Other Equipment: Sword Master Emblem
Screenshot link: [URL=http://s24.photobucket.com/user/Istar_Magus/media/bug.png.html][IMG]http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c4/Istar_Magus/bug.png[/IMG][/URL]
Character page link: Under Avvy

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yup
Browser Info: Chrome 29.x
Flash version: 10

Should be fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1254
8/29/2013 8:25:18   

There seems to be a bug with the Frost Wyrm armor. After you use a potion the weapon changes into the very basic graphic glitch weapon and when a special occurs the whole game freezes.

Should be fixed. Clear your cache to get the fixed version. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 1255
8/30/2013 15:06:07   

My starting equipment is:
Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Spell Barricade
Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G

I noticed earlier I was unable to load my Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G during any battle. I bought and sold weapons, and now my default weapon is the Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G. Something wrong with it causes me to be unable to load into the game for a REALLY long time. When the game finally loads, the weapon is invisible. Then, when switching weapons during battle to the Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G, the game gets stuck for a long time. My character ID is 63060195.
Post #: 1256
8/30/2013 15:17:18   

try clearing cache , the item file is probably broken or corrupted.
AQ Epic  Post #: 1257
9/1/2013 16:27:28   
Lord Athor

I just noticed that the Magic Elite Ice Katana doesn't register as a Sword when using it and trying to equip the Sword Master Emblem.

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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Post #: 1258
9/5/2013 17:23:03   
Daimyo Daimyo

Naga Necklace regenerates MP when you kill the monster and end the battle but the Legendary Crystal V1 (Naga Day) doesn't do the same.
MQ  Post #: 1259
9/5/2013 17:50:43   

@above: If you read the pedia entries for the two items, there is a difference in how the effect is dealt.

Shadow Crystal specifically says that the MP heal takes place during the misc's turn, while the rejuvenating Necklace specifically says that it takes place at the end of your turn and NOT during the miscs turn.

This is by design and not a bug
AQ  Post #: 1260
9/6/2013 1:12:22   
  In Media Res
 Mini Egg Cookies of Order

No, it's a "bug". I want to convert the Legendary Shadow Crystal to work the same way the Naga Necklace does, but the file for the Legendary Shadow Crystal is HUGE, so every time I try I go all "whiiine I don't wanna do this" and move on to something else.

I'll do it soon, mom :/
AQ  Post #: 1261
9/18/2013 0:22:30   

With the new "darkovia" trigger for Tarnished Caliburn, the Void conversion works, but the Poison attempt seems to be absent. I might just have been getting unlucky, but for it to consistently not attempt to poison Werebat after Werebat, turn after turn, I figure it's gotta be an error in the weapon, and not simply the RNGod smiting me. That is, unless it's intended to not poison darkovia-category mobs, in the same sense that how the elemental/temp Dragon Blades get less of a trigger on Drakel/Dragonkin than they do on fully-fledged Dragons.

Should be fixed. Clear your cache to get the fixed version. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1262
9/20/2013 17:32:51   

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.): Bug

Bug details: Using Asgardian Voltage's Exactitude's click attack with Hippocampus causes the game to freeze.
Before bug occurred: I was playing through the Talk Like a Pirate Day quiz. I accidentally clicked on the barrel that gives you the Hippocampus armor.

During Bug: I tried to use the Asgardian Voltage's Exactitude's skill but then the game froze.

After bug: The game froze so I couldn't do anything else.

Item Bugged: Hippocampus
Other Equipment: Electric Guitar Axe, Asgardian Voltage's Exactitude, Prophet's Sacragon
Screenshot link: Can't have one
Character page link: http://guardian.battleon.com/Build30/charview.asp?temp=44038170

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? No
Did the bug happen again?
Browser Info: Google Chrome 29.0.1537.76
Flash version: 11.8.800.168

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ AQW  Post #: 1263
9/24/2013 4:22:58   

Aerodu Shortbow has gone from 2 hits to 1 hit, not sure if it was bugged before or bugged now
The version I used was 130

It's intended. It was bugged before. ~IMR

< Message edited by In Media Res -- 9/24/2013 11:44:08 >
AQ  Post #: 1264
9/26/2013 3:34:50   

i'm not sure if this is intended or not, but Rejuvenating Necklace does not recover MP on Guardian Dragon.

I figured it would be treated as as spell instead of a special, of course, but it just doesn't do anything.

It's intended. Guardian Dragon is treated as an "other". ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 1265
9/28/2013 19:16:47   

I am going to try my best to type this in as calmly as I can because you have no idea how VEHEMENTLY annoyed I am at the fact that apparently the rate of enemies choking on paramount's special attack or being off guarded (wind one) and the chance of 75% of being unable to act... the enemies STILL attack every single time.

So um.. 75%?


Choke reduces the monster's damage. So the monster only does 75% damage while Choke is active. They're supposed to always attack. ~IMR

< Message edited by In Media Res -- 9/28/2013 23:48:34 >
AQ  Post #: 1266
10/1/2013 17:55:06   

The game freezes when I use the following equipment together.

Fujin Plate (Armor)
Grim Visage (Misc)

I am currently using the following equipment. Though, I'm fairly sure the problem is with just those two in combination.

Fujin Plate (Armor)
Merridi's Sword (Weapon)
Paragon's Dedication (Shield)
Grim Visage (Misc)
Fairy Godmother (Pet)
AQ  Post #: 1267
10/3/2013 20:08:49   

i cannot access the skills menu on my lvl 5 dracomancer armor when i have a crossbow as my weapon. is this supposed to happen?

< Message edited by WolfPup -- 10/3/2013 20:16:23 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1268
10/6/2013 11:10:55   

Has this bug been reported before? No

Type of bug (Game crash/blackscreen, glitch, graphical error, typo, etc.): Glitch

Bug details: While wearing the Squire's Training Armor and using the Shield Bash skill the element of the UltraGuardian Shield is forced to Light. This can be seen on both the element icon of the Shield Bash damage and being unable to daze light aligned monsters. The UltraGuardian Shield resistances do not appear to be affected - I'm still seeing -25% to my aligned element (Earth). I suspect this is because the Squire's Shield is Light and the no-drop is picking this up. I've not tried with any other type of no-drop shield. You do not need to equip the Squire's Shield first.

Item Bugged: Squire's Training Armor
Other Equipment: UltraGuardian Shield
Screenshot link: n/a
Character page link: http://aq.battleon.com/Build30/charview.asp?temp=47323776

Did you log out and log back in? Yes
Did you clear cache? Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser Info: Chrome
Flash version: 11.8.800.170

@infuturity (below): That makes sense. I mostly brought it up because I hadn't seen it mentioned and wanted to make the staff aware. Though there's always the chance it was mentioned in the original GD thread and missed it 'cause I was taking a break form AQ at the time. If the shield behavior is intentional or non-trivial to fix then the only downside would mean sometimes attacking on a secondary resistance for that one specific attack. This would be annoying but hardly the end of the world.

< Message edited by Larodis -- 10/6/2013 17:51:35 >
AQ  Post #: 1269
10/6/2013 11:46:17   

@Larodis: That actually makes a certain amount of sense, although I don't know if it's actually intended to be that way.

The UG shield's Database element is Neutral, regardless of its elemental alignment, so it would have to elementalize somehow, unless it became Harm while a neutral shield is equipped (there's an idea).

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying it might not actually be a bug.
AQ  Post #: 1270
10/12/2013 1:44:07   

My character Lord Aurion only does 10-80 damage per hit despite having decent stats and decent equipment.
This has been happening for the past 8 years.
At first, I enjoyed the challenge. Then it became frustrating. Now it's completely unbearable.
This is a -very- serious glitch.
I've reported it once before, and nothing was done or said about it, besides "stats armor skill" crap that has absolutely NO relevance to my inferior damage.
I am 100% positive that this has no convenient fixes.
I am also willing to have my account be held for "investigation" if that's what it takes to fix/understand this glitch.

Edit: also, therion's spike doesn't couple with Sword Master Emblem, despite obviously being a sword.

< Message edited by Laekker -- 10/12/2013 2:01:10 >
AQ  Post #: 1271
10/19/2013 19:42:36   
Dino Il Paladino

Dear staff,
when I was level 145 I bought an enhancement +1/+2 for my Blade of Awe, and it dealt 16/47 damage (it was 15/45 before).
Now I'm level 147 and it deals 16/46 damage. Is it normal or is it a bug?

Dino il Paladino
AQ  Post #: 1272
10/19/2013 20:53:17   

Dragon blade also went from 15-44 to 15-43 today for me
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1273
10/20/2013 10:52:56   

ShadowFeeder Pendant 125
Cost of Celerity is 182 instead of 179 as stated in the info subs. In game pop-up message when not enough SP also stated 182.

EDIT: further testing showed that SP regen is 31, not 30

< Message edited by sol1tud3 -- 10/23/2013 10:08:45 >
AQ  Post #: 1274
10/23/2013 9:21:48   
Rafiq von den Vielen

I'm honestly not sure why, but it appears as if the damage compensation of Algern's Carapace takes over to Regeneration (Radiant Solaris Shield in my case) and enemy attacks (level 140 Absolix challenge battle thing at the end of Absolix Attacks!)

Effect 1: Wearing Radiant Solaris Shield, level 124 Algern's Carapace and Krenos' Spirit Katana (110) my Solaris shield started regenerating ~30 HP whereas before I've seen the highest to be 15 HP at most

Effect 2: This is utterly strange - fighting challenge Absolix in Tinkerer he deals normal damage but as soon as I switch to Algern's Carapace his damage starts to double for no apparent reason O_o In Tinkerer his 1-hit attack deals between 180-270 damage if it hits, if I switch to AC, it starts hitting 390-520 damage O_o

Exact battle sequence for the second bug: (ready inventory before battle off) Go first -> Use Tinkerer's Fire skill twice -> Attack once -> Use Fire skill -> switch to Algern's + UltraGuardian -> Get murdered by 520 dmg hit -> O_o -> Flip table

Item Bugged: I suspect Algern's Carapace
Other Equipment: Tinkerer, Hydro Blaze Shield, UltraGuardian Shield, Radiant Solaris Shield, Krenos' Spirit Katana, Retro Twilly
Screenshot link: -/-
Character page link: Ancient Thanatophobic Sentient Being

Did you log out and log back in? Yep
Did you clear cache? Yep
Did the bug happen again? Radiant Solaris one yes, Absolix one I didn't try to reproduce yet
Browser Info: Firefox 24.0
Flash version: Latest
Post #: 1275
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