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RE: =AK= MQ Gameplay Feedback Thread

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11/21/2009 15:27:35   

Personally, my opinion of MechQuest has fallen somewhat with the recent releases. There used to have been some depth to the storyline (missions actually had some dialogue explaining why the player had to perform them; instead of just randomly hopping into them w/o a real reason), as well as characters that did have a bit more "emotion" (instead of feeling like a cardboard cutout).

I'm hoping that it's only a temporary pitfall; and that we'll see better and more coherent releases by Christmas onwards.

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Post #: 126
11/21/2009 15:38:00   

Recent releases is also where Korin took over.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 127
11/21/2009 15:47:52   

I personally stopped playing mechquest at about level 12. Didn't play for months then went crazy and I'm now level 25. I easily caught up on everything. It's not that difficult. However, things that still need to be fixed. C-mail. Helping people see the point of jobs besides the mech you get. I say c-mail helps you. Jobs activate other things, more planets are added and hope this doesn't turn into the confusion that is aq. Wars sorta make since sometimes and connecting have been somewhat decent so far. I'm still waiting to see what's Korin is going to do, but right he's ??What??

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 128
11/28/2009 2:29:52   

While the Energy Blades mechanic greatly needs a revamp, there is one "simple" fix that will help make the current system more dynamic. Release more enemies in the style of Master Twang and the ghosts from the ghost hunting finale. It's not much, but forcing most enemy damage on a predictable turn will at least add a little more depth.

I find it interesting that we've been getting almost solely monster style enemies since Westion Chapter 2 started. While the new system of powerful specials certainly makes them better than most of the ones of old, they have a tendency to become predictable since there's no randomization whatsoever. Adding a few mecha/equip style enemies would shake things up. In a roundabout way, I also wonder if it would be easier on the team. Most enemies in Westion Chapter 1 were available as playable mecha so while they lacked proper AI, they had a decent number of options.
DF MQ  Post #: 129
1/29/2010 8:06:20   
madman 13

I agree with zamuel. One of the things I like the most about MQ is custiomisation to solve a problem, or changing strategy on the fly. more enemies where you have to
A) observe, make nopte of attacks, and then build a configuration thats strong against it or
B) take note of its attack pattern, and build your strategy around that
would be an improvement

Besides that, I like it because
A) theres so many cool weapons
b) its random. really random. seriously (or not as it may be).

Speaking of random I just triggered the funniest glitch since those enemies with dodgy size scaling: I attacked with a stunning weapon, but didn't stun. I still get an extra attack, but when I clicked everything exploded because it wasn't my turn, and turk locked into an endless string of attackks, despite the fact it had killed me, and had nothing left to fight

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MQ  Post #: 130
2/14/2010 19:59:16   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Because of the in depth strategy and sophistication. And the way they listen to and Care for their players.
Why do you think it's bad?
Their aren't many weapons and mechs available for NSC's at my level.
What makes you play MQ over other games?
The awesome cutscenes, storylines, and overall gameplay.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Again, Lack of weapons and mechs at my level.
DF MQ  Post #: 131
3/6/2010 14:21:35   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Because there are awesome mechs, weapons, and enemies. The storyline is very simple and easy-to-understand, unlike AdventureQuest where there's a hundred of NPCs involved.
Why do you think it's bad?
Mechquest is leaning heavily toward AdventureQuest, the reason behind not having enough aliens in the entire game and etc.
What makes you play MQ over other games?
It doesn't make me bored. The blow-stuff-up concept of the game keeps me interested.
What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
Explanation. Farming, definately. It is pretty time-consuming to accumulate experience for the next level. And it's not a complaint.

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DF MQ  Post #: 132
3/11/2010 17:02:53   

I need to say this, why is it bad?

necryptos opened up last halloween, and we have only finished the first storyline with 4 different styles of mechs (3 are permanent) and shops with weapons only good for one planet and there was a complete lack of reasoning why we went there what did we get to help us fight the ShS

and whatever happened to evil jim (yes they created him after westion exploded what 5-6 months ago)
AQ MQ  Post #: 133
3/12/2010 0:52:47   
Breaking Things

To address just a few things...

Necryptos is in no way a cash in on the Twilight vampire craze. In fact, most of us here strongly dislike Twilight and vampires in general. Furthermore, Necryptos was planned long before Twilight was even announced.

Also, there are 2 more pre-planned planets that are going to come out and one of them inparticular is ridiculously similar to Kung-Fu Panda but guess what. It isn't based on Kung-Fu Panda. It's loosely based on the same concept that Kung-Fu Panda and several other movies are based on.

As for holidays, we personally aren't the biggest fans of making them. We were okay with doing Frostval until it was decided it would be a whole month worth of holiday release because it completely jumped in the middle of Necryptos. Granted if you play through Necryptos now, it should at least work a little better. I'm personally happy with the way that Necryptos ended up. I personally dreaded the idea. But I think we came up with a really linear story. Something that the player really has to work towards completing. In the past our releases have been made so that every player can play the newest release and that kind of killed the progress a player would take if he were to join now. Because where you initially play through Soluna, you were constantly told to play Westion or Lagos. Now if you go back, I personally can't imagine how scattered it must feel and trust me when I say we are really working on a way to organize Westion and Lagos.

This said, we wouldn't be heart broken if we stopped doing releases. However many people enjoy them. And we enjoy making people happy. Sadly, not everyone can be happy.

Finally, I'd like to point out that the story will become more linear as a whole. We realize Necryptos came out of the blue. The next couple planets will have a reason for visiting and we believe it'll be a good one. It does have something to do with the Dragonoid so we're revisiting and older point. I'm going to try very hard to make it very organized in a way that any console RPG would be. As in, if you haven't beaten this, you can't go here. Some areas will have to be adjusted because fact is, not everyone will get through all that story so if we make all this high level content, only the few that completed all the quests would be able to purchase the rewards or Star Captains. Without those, we don't make money. And as much as I wish I could make this game for free, and I really mean that, we can't. If I could, I would. So some aspects of the future releases will still be playable by others. Maybe in temporary format. However I would personally like to keep it linear.

I would also like to apologize personally. I realize the scale of releases has fallen by some degrees. For a while, Warlic and I were both making full quests which made for bigger releases with more dialogue and even more cutscenes. These days Warlic's working on awesome new projects and while he still helps me now and then, such as this week and next week, we probably won't be up to a super fast speed for a few more months. I'm still figuring out the game engine. It's one thing to write your own game. It's another to learn how someone else's game is written. Also for awhile we had J6 helping on quests.

Anyways, before my post gets too big to post (unless it is already), I just want to finish by noting that we do take this game seriously. We do work hard on it. We do hear your feedback. We're encouraged by the good feedback, always saddened by the bad. But we hear it. We agree with a lot of you. Sometimes we disagree. Some things we can't follow through on. But we're trying really hard to give you a great mech game. Please continue to give your feedback. And I'm personally sorry if I personally can't produce as large of a flame that was lit before me.


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MQ  Post #: 134
3/12/2010 0:59:10   

MQ is good, the only thing I dislike about it is the exp farming...even with the Permanent X-Boost on, sooner on the higher levels,it's gonna be pretty tough to level up. So they either make the monsters give a little more exp or they make the exp requirement lower. I could care less either way...that is all. :D
Post #: 135
3/12/2010 1:57:21   

First off I would like to say it is good to see the staff addressing concerns that have been stated. That alone is probably half of the reason that I play MQ. Not just because it is a good game, but because the staff is almost like another player. Someone that you can talk to about the ups and downs of the game without them going all "Iron Wall Defense" on you. That is what make the MQ team extraordinary. What makes extraordinary extraordinary, its that little extra tacked on to the beginning.

Now on to addressing the actual post.

If you guys don't enjoy making so many Holiday releases then why do them. You could instead focus the time into making the story linear for what is already ingame, and also advance the story with more content. I could do with less of the minor holiday releases and more storyline development.

Yes Necryptos has a somewhat linear story to it now. Unfortunately there is no real closing to the planet. There is no "Yes we will ally with you and help you against the ShS". You beat the boss and then... Poof Weapons appear and Safira want you to be her Vampiric minion. A small cutscene with Safira gloating over the fallen Miracyna, or Shawn Declaring his revenge and stomping her out of existence with a VH would be sufficient to provide a little bit of info on what happened after you fought Miracyna, instead of weapons and Safira magically appearing out of nowhere...

I am glad to hear that future quests will have some requirements in order to complete. What I am hoping will happen is that some of the team will be put on making some beginner quest/item/revivals. Or in other words that some of the team works on progressing the storyline while others help to bring about some of the S.O.O.N list into being. Or they could work on expanding the new player experience, more tutorials, some newer weapon specials put into the old weapons to give them a taste of what it is like to use the specials, Mecha/weapon revivals, and so forth. Basically have them work on the key first impression. You know the one that keeps people coming back for more. I might post more on this subject later.

Anyways I could try and say how much I appreciate the work that the staff puts into MQ by going and using a bunch of really big words that hold no meaning for half of the civilized planet, but alas I feel that a simple "Great jobs guys, I really appreciate what you do for this game," is the best thing that I can think of.


AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 136
3/16/2010 19:29:31   

The rules are simple, tell the mechquest team what your thankfull for about the game. It could be your fav mech, or your fav planet.Or you can tell the team what a good job there doing.

I'll start.: I am thankfull for my vladic knight, who pwn3s the noobs with style!!!!!

Thanks and have fun!!!!!!~blast
Post #: 137
3/16/2010 19:37:42   
Psycho Warrior

i am thankful for my new novagems.

not enough to get a mech, but, the x-boost and mocha cola are mine
MQ  Post #: 138
3/16/2010 19:49:26   
BATORO! Huge in Gothpan

Merged with "The mechquest (positive) feedback thread."
DF Epic  Post #: 139
3/16/2010 20:35:04   

Why do you think MQ is good? I think MQ is good because of great graphics, gameplay, and much more.

Why do you think it's bad? There are only a couple bad things about it that I can think about. Things such as the fact that it takes so long to level up, that over half the good items are hard to get, rare, or NG. The worst thing about MQ I can think about is Queen ugly Akana's face.

What makes you play MQ over other games? Probably the fact that even though it only gets updated once or twice a month, the updates are awesome and fun to play through.

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games? There's not much for me to say here, but probably because once I finish the monthly update, I don't have much to really do.

P.S. Comma overkill.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 140
3/16/2010 20:59:50   

Why do you think MQ is good?
The mecha bases are a lot and well planned its like having a new class version almost every update in other AE game, I just love when MQ is the first over DF/AQ/AQW in stuff like selling more of one item,

Why do you think it's bad?
The plot of the main game just became something like "fillers" and the Shs are just grey, red and black no other colors, just ONE really bad guy I tought it was an army...

What makes you play MQ over other games?
Also I love when I can see someone eleses mecha in a war, its really creative around grapichs and Npcs (probably the best names of all AE)... and the animations are great, if only there were more stuff like aprils fools were the blast went trough all games...

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
After classes/jobs were done and level cap reached no more stuff to do but some challenges that are just not for me... and BTW weres my DF/AQ mecha?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 141
3/16/2010 21:49:42   

There positive feedback thread ate my positive feedback thread.O.o Whateves, mechquest is kewl, nuff said.
Post #: 142
3/18/2010 16:25:43   
Deleted User
[Deleted by Admins]
  Post #: 143
3/19/2010 1:18:25   

If the energy blade fights were like Tekken 6 in terms of gameplay, it would be perfect.
A better idea? Energy blade fights-Grand Chase style.
Post #: 144
3/19/2010 1:39:14   


A better idea? Energy blade fights-Grand Chase style.

Making the energy blade fights like Braddock Steele's minigame is cool.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 145
3/26/2010 20:59:54   

I will criticise it, because its what I do best!

There isnt anything to do after you finish all the quests,except farm and replay.
I would suggest making a battle where you tweak the enemy, like what specials it has,then play against it. It would give a whole new aspect to the challenge of the game.

2.Mechquest is hard on casual players.
Too much farming for mechs needed, and too much power inflation.
I would suggest for this,that you choose at the beginning when you create your character, an easy mode,normal mode,and hardcore farmer mode.
Normal mode is how it is now.Casuals will choose easy, and hardcore farmers will choose...well,hardcore farmer mode.

Now for the good thing which incorporates most good things:
The staff listen to their players complaining about problems and they fix those problems.

Examples of this are the staff posting on the forum,and GBI.

ANother good thing,is the awesome art and animations,especially with recent weapons.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 146
4/1/2010 9:23:29   

Giant robots i don't think there needs to be another reason
however on the downside all the cool looking starter weapons have faded out because of low levels
DF MQ  Post #: 147
4/1/2010 11:36:47   

Why do you think MQ is good?

Because it has a nice combat system and awesome, very detailed mechs with VERY realistic designs that actually make sense, awesome pew-pew-boom-boom action and amazing enemies! Also the story is simple and easy to follow.

Why do you think it's bad?

It's bad because of the dreaded EXP quota for each level and the rewards from fights being too low. It literally takes ages to level up! I'm all up for slow leveling because it makes the player use content at his level every time he levels up meaning that most equipment available wont go wasted or ignored. But it shouldn't be THIS slow! O_O' Also, there are a few things that need to be revamped *cough*Energy Blade Combat*cough*. And I do have some pretty awesome suggestions for many things in MQ but Im not sure if they will be noticed so I sort of just back off. (Even though they're fairly thought out and not game breaking. >_<)

What makes you play MQ over other games?

I love Mechas in general (I'm a MAJOR fan of Gurren Lagann, GaoGaiGar and heck even Megas XLR! And yes, I took it THAT far!) Plus, the Mecha designs and animation in MQ are (like I've already stated) awesome, detailed and actually make sense (mechanically).

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

The excruciatingly painful and slow leveling, definitely. That's about it.

@Korin: Hey, even if you think that your flame really isn't as big as those made before you it still shines brightly and it's in your hands to make it bigger and more intense! ...just don't go around trying to use oil, gas or nitroglycerin to make it larger! O___o
Post #: 148
4/25/2010 18:20:26   
Griffin the awesome

It's awesome because it takes the fantasy, humor, and fighting style of all the other AE games, and then adds technology! Plus, there way more explosions in mechquest than any other game I know of. I like things that go "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!"


MQ  Post #: 149
5/12/2010 1:35:35   

Why do you think MQ is good?
Overall much bether then Warp Force (At last at the point I testet WF)
Turnbased without time limit (extrem importand for me)
SF Mecha Theme
Weekly Release

Why do you think it's bad?
Old Rares inc. Token items became unusable in newer Releaeses thanks to powercreep
To many Rares
The whole thing about the destroying of Westion
Some of the Mini Games probably wasnt testet for the Highest Screen Resolution
Sometimes Mini games or Timelimit require that on cant pause trough playing
The SC Feature Starship only get very rarly any updates (i.e 2 new Planets but non on the map)
Edit: The Monthly Rare I would prefer to have the time spent for this put into other SC Features. (If it was a Monthly Token Rare for all I would understand it as a addetional income source what is some kind of ok to me)

What makes you play MQ over other games?
I invested RL Money
Weekly Release
Higher Screenresulution compared to AQ (thats one of the reasons I dont play Warp Force)

What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
If the Powercreep hits again to strong or when the next planet will be busted I surley will stop playing
AQ is more importand to me thanks to my estate there
MQ is just a breakfiller (if at all) after one have played through the weekly release.

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