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RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers

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3/12/2011 10:16:44   
RaptorRawr x

Are you supposed to get the Adventure Coins instantly or do you have to wait a while?
Post #: 501
3/17/2011 13:23:21   

Adventure quest worlds
Urban Rivals
wednesday march 16 2011 6:03pm
I registered and got to level 10 but i didnt get my 175 adventure coins
Post #: 502
3/18/2011 23:44:42   

why i cant use the your opinion count it say im not the one they looking for?
Post #: 503
3/21/2011 2:56:58   

i click the surveyhead content 77 AC reward.. and success in applying.. but nothing comes in my account in AQW pls help me
Post #: 504
3/21/2011 15:49:25   

Game: AQW
Offer: "get free games toolbar now and recieve adventure coins"
problem: didnt get any ac's i downloaded it and waited but still nothing im supposed to get 66 ac's within 15 minutes and i did it yesterday.

Offer: "download whitesmoke translator for free"
Problem: again i did not get any ac's same thing a before i downloaded and waited but still nothing i was supposed to get 64 ac's

Offer: "Join zedwars today! fight zombies before they eat you."
Problem: once again i got no ac's i sighned up for an acc with my email and got to level 10 once again no ac's

this is a decent amount of ac's i need and nothing.

Also: where can i post problems with matomy offers? cause im missing 134 ac's from the ipad one and another 180 from a survey one i got the complete message for both
i hope this can be fixed cause i rlly need ac's soon for one of the quibble weps

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Post #: 505
3/29/2011 8:10:30   

take online surveys and make real money
i did twice yester day upon creating an account and doing a survey i even finished 2 but today i didnt have my acs :((
Post #: 506
4/16/2011 6:34:08   

Game: BattleOn Points(?)
Offer: SuperRewards, Download VLC Media Player
Date+Time: 16th April, 11:25am GMT

I downloaded it, installed it, even opened it up and my offer hasn't been completed yet.
Post #: 507
4/20/2011 15:55:35   

Artix Points
Netflix free trail 4500 points
i did not get my points even though i signed up for netflix it says the offer is not complete
super sad, only reason i signed up was for the points, can i please have my points
Post #: 508
4/21/2011 16:20:05   

about the NETFLIX offer...it always shows an error
Post #: 509
4/22/2011 17:38:27   

might as well post ID 18634642

1. game Dragonfable
2. Babylon 8 new! translation dictionary i downloaded it installed it and tryed it (its kinda cool)
3.Friday April 22, 2011 at aboutt 12:37ish
4. it says 15 minute delay and it has been about a day
5. i havn't contacted them

i think this is the right forum to post on (it is right?) its for DC's

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AQ DF  Post #: 510
4/23/2011 22:48:08   

why are you not responding/replying on our post?
Post #: 511
4/29/2011 4:57:09   

Df character id:2739060
1. DF
2. Send a Virtual Rose to a Friend from the Gift App, Take online surveys and make real money and a ipad survey(I forgot the name. because it is gone, but I think I accidentally deleted after I did the survey.)
3. 2011/4/28, about 7pm.
4. I finish all of it, but it only gave me 49 dragon coins.....
5. I don't know how to contact SuperRewards
AQ  Post #: 512
4/30/2011 1:41:10   

Want to get a free laptop?
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 80 Points
Offer ID: 10373384 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:30:42 Amazon Kindle DX for Christmas!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 156 Points
Offer ID: 10373381 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:30:37
Free Toys R Us Gift Card
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 156 Points
Offer ID: 10373306 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:28:23 Victoria's Secret gift card
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 156 Points
Offer ID: 10373302 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:28:17 Black Friday is Almost Here
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 156 Points
Offer ID: 10373299 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:28:15 What is your New Year's Resolution?
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 156 Points
Offer ID: 10373159 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:23:39 What is your New Year's Resolution?
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 156 Points
Offer ID: 10373130 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:22:30 Points.com - time to go shopping
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 64 Points
Offer ID: 10373126 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:22:25 Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 104 Points
Offer ID: 10373074 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:20:39 Spring Break!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 128 Points
Offer ID: 10373018 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:19:14

I have completed all of these offers, twice, and these are through Matomy but did not see a thread. I am tired of my offers not crediting; I have about 5,000 points majorly from SuperRewards. Matomy needs to improve reporting. Thanks for looking in.
AQ  Post #: 513
4/30/2011 1:44:14   

ANOTHER Page of Non-Credited offers and one I did twice. Please also look into this.

Enter to win $500 gift certificate!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 88 Points
Offer ID: 10372999 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:18:47 Inquire about this offer
Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 104 Points
Offer ID: 10372603 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:06:15 Inquire about this offer
$500 JCPenney Gift Card!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 223 Points
Offer ID: 10372601 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:06:12 Inquire about this offer
Get a chance to win a brand new PS3!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 160 Points
Offer ID: 10372520 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:03:42 Inquire about this offer
$500 Sunglass Hut Gift Card
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 104 Points
Offer ID: 10372518 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:03:39 Inquire about this offer
Enter to win $500 gift certificate!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 88 Points
Offer ID: 10372506 Viewed: Apr 30, 2011 00:03:10 Choose 1 of 3 Apple products!
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 207 Points
Offer ID: 10371632 Viewed: Apr 29, 2011 23:37:45
Win A Free Ipad at My Big JackPot
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 456 Points
Offer ID: 10371495 Viewed: Apr 29, 2011 23:33:08 Win A Free Ipad at My Big JackPot
Status: VIEWED
Amount: 456 Points
AQ  Post #: 514
5/5/2011 20:22:53   

Descubra o Segredo de Beleza das Famosas! Offer
I signed the club and did not get the 128 coins
Number of protocol enrollment, 0031132379507293 Help me
I'm from Brazil
AQW  Post #: 515
5/6/2011 2:07:01   

I dont get the rewards all pending i send them a message regarding on my situation still no reply.
Post #: 516
5/14/2011 2:21:04   

Play RestroPhraser, Free
Play MegaMorpher, free
Completed both offers and didnt received points
AQ DF  Post #: 517
5/18/2011 5:18:18   

I already finnish the offer in Superrewards on Mypoint offer... it promises a 128 ACs, but why don't i get them?
i have verified my email, what to do now?

- can you please fix it
Post #: 518
5/20/2011 1:22:17   
How We Roll Winner

Download Unlimited Full-Version Games for Free
Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied members who became tired of traditional computer games, and now play the hottest new games and classics on our site. Start your 5-day Free trial and instantly play over 1600 full-version games. Sign up and download unlimited games 100% free.

Points awarded when you sign up to a 5-day free trial. No purchase required to receive your Points. Offer reports on a 15-minute delay.

Other Info:
Time Initiated: 1 hour ago
Points: 1,360
Click ID: 669264058

Why is this a bad offer?

Not only did it fail to give points, but the information fails to inform consumers that there will be a 1.00 charge on the card for a hold of the account plus the 5 free days turns into a 35.00 subscription unless it's cancelled within the 5 days, then it goes back to zero.

Not only that, but there's also a 1.00 service charge for express cancellation if you choose to do one while their closed.

The offer is extremely unfair, and the offer requirement fails to tell people about what the real costs are.

AQW Epic  Post #: 519
5/20/2011 19:23:12   

1. The name of the offer you tried, such as "FastWeb - Find Free Scholarships for School", "REMEDYLife", or "NFO - MySurveys"
2. The date and time you tried the offer, such as Friday December 19, 2008 at 2:36 p.m.
3. The problem you encountered, such as 'offer loops and you didn't get the coins,' 'offer is pending and never updates,' etc
4. If you contacted PayByPartner, and what response you received from PayByPartner.

1. Which Victoria Type do you like?
2. Offer ID: 6693231
Viewed: 05/20/11 3:42pmAdventureCoins: 108Status: VIEWED
3. it force me to do additional offer which I did but it didn't update on it site
4. I sent these image to them as prove, they just reply to me that


"The image you have provided has been flagged as fraud. That page can be obtained without successfully completing the offer. Please note that attempting to use fraudulent images as evidence can result in your account being permanently suspended."

they didn't bother to read it properly, I didn't finish the ORIGINAL offer. In order to finish it, I have to do ANOTHER offer, which I choose quickflix. After I DONE quickflix offer, the original page didn't update that I finish the offer nor give me a link to continue. and they want to ban me because I provide my own prove and they didn't tell me what to sent and said what I sent them was fake!
I got this http://www.elabs7.com/functions/message_view.html?mid=1255713&mlid=79027&siteid=512690&uid=7793639e00 (copy paste link, click on it doesn't work for some reason) in my email. Just adding more madness to this stupidity, the original offer said verify email and receive ACs. No ACs, no mail to verify, flagged for fraud and get spam with this http://www.elabs7.com/functions/message_view.html?mid=1255713&mlid=79027&siteid=512690&uid=7793639e00.

screeny prove
http://i.imgur.com/clYuW.png I did the first offer, the quickflix thing, but this page never update or give me any links to continue
http://i.imgur.com/TFb88.png prove that I finish quickflix, I clicked that link to verify my account. the offer from the original offer said just sign up, no renting or buying any movie

solve: I redo the offer and print screen every progress up to the point that I get stuck and mail them the images

1.Win $500 in Grocery Vouchers! http://aussieprizes.com/landing.html?p=ff80808124febfce0125035021dc2580&pubId=XCD5340&subPubId=fbe1b8518003123x5649fbm7c6bc3f
2. Offer ID: 5655035Completions Allowed: 1 --
Viewed: 05/23/11 2:22pmAdventureCoins: 75Status: VIEWED
3. did not get any ACs
4. waiting on reply

proves http://i.imgur.com/3Oaa9.png

1.Join Brands Exclusive for the Best S... http://www.brandsexclusive.com.au/landing/2010displayinvite/
2. Offer ID: 5656985Completions Allowed: 1 --
Viewed: 05/20/11 7:35pmAdventureCoins: 51Status: VIEWED
3. did not get any ACs
4. waiting on reply

proves http://i.imgur.com/qKdq4.png I know this is not proper prove, but I click it the first time and the link expired now. But I can provide prove that I did it via 3 spam emails

< Message edited by kurato -- 5/26/2011 2:45:24 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 520
5/24/2011 1:23:46   
the asome me

I have a Problem with Super rewards...Some of i COMPLETE THESE OFFERS but no AC's!!!

5/20/2011- 2:30 pm Offer ID: 4383612 Status: VIEWED

Attention Teens: Your Opinion Counts
Take this survey and influence the products and services of tomorrow.
No purchase required to receive 1000 AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded when you successfully complete the survey. Completes are updated on a 15 minute delay. Minimum requirements include being 12-19 years of age . Please note, not everyone will qualify for this survey.

5/21/2011- 12:54 nn Offer ID: 7329519 Status: VIEWED

Win an iPad or shopping vouchers!
Become AIP online survey`s member with a chance to win an iPad or shopping vouchers worth $50.
No purchase required to receive 600 AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded for Completing the registration page with real, accurate information and checking your email for a verification link. Clicking the verification link and Completing the survey you will receive within 24 hours.

5/19/2011- 5:32 pm Offer ID: 8249672 Status: VIEWED

Social Bucks - Install Our App & Earn Great Rewards!
Social Bucks is a social rewards application where you earn Social Bucks in exchange for playing games, watching videos, taking polls and other offers.
No purchase required to receive 1,461 AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins are awarded when you install application and complete the Social Bucks offer of the week. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.

5/23/2011- 3:12 pm Offer ID: 6819324 Status: VIEWED

Take online surveys and make real money.
With SurveyHead it is fast, fun & easy to complete surveys! Sign up and start sharing your opinion and you will be rewarded in no time!
No purchase required to receive 850 AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins are awarded when you sign up with valid personal information and complete a survey. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.

I waited but I Never got My AC's please fix this problem and give me MY AC's PLEASE I WASTED TIME AND EFFORT!!!

< Message edited by the asome me -- 5/24/2011 1:37:59 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 521
6/15/2011 15:01:37   

Offer Type: Survey
Game name: AQW
Ad name: What Anime do you belong in( and any other quiz jungle ad)
Ad Type: free
Country you are in: United States
Reward: Varies
How long the reward took to be applied: I got a neverendng chain of offers that cost money to get. Also, when I retook, the offers changed to a list which you replied Yes or No, then were rediected to any you replied Yes to. It said you had to complete an offer to get your reward.
I did not contact SuperRewards.
The date was yesterday, but I can't remember the exact time.
AQW  Post #: 522
6/21/2011 5:53:56   
simon guevarra

I EVEN PAID THEM $50. I finished the matomy offer but still they dont give me the points i deserve so aqworlds please tell them i tried emailing them and i even paid but they dont reply to me please help.this is the link:http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/801/rebetelproof.png/

< Message edited by simon guevarra -- 6/21/2011 5:55:14 >
Post #: 523
6/24/2011 20:41:35   

1. AQW
2. Join to take surveys and earn free points
3. Friday June 24, 2011 at 3:36 p.m.
4. The problem is that the description said I have to just register with valid info and verify to get my ACs, so I did that, but it still says it's only viewed.
5. I contacted SuperRewards, but I haven't heard from them yet.

I really want my 510 ACs so I can get the EBIL SurfBoard
MQ AQW  Post #: 524
6/25/2011 18:20:05   

I signed up for netflix for 2400 AC but the thing is not loading the points on my account

does this take a while or is it suppose to be instant?
Post #: 525
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