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7/1/2009 16:08:52   
Sasuke Uchiha

An ArchKnight Walkthrough

"Archknight: One Boy, One Dream, One Journey, One million laughs at his expense." -UltimaKomoto

By Sasuke Uchiha

Original by jacost.


Thanks To
AE for finally getting around to doing this, and not disappointing in the slightest!
The Legendary Hero for letting me take over this guide.
dukibeng for a typo correction.
Cguy for suggestions to improve the guide and for links.
ricardo1991 for reminding me about Monkey armors.
Ryuu for telling me how to save items with the Orb of Saving and for stat training area
Demonic Shadow for SnuggleBear tip!
Bluekatz for corrections!
whimsical magic for a correction!
Baron Dante for some info and corrections!
Veya for the double Princess tip!
Ultimo UltimaKomoto for the slogan.
Special thanks to The Braken Bard for the epic banners and void info!
Nightly for a bunch of typo corrections!
Demonmaster lolz for the Ash special info!
Prius for a typo!
SlyCooperFan1 for a build and a ton of typos!
Karika for a couple of typos.


Ah, ArchKnight. I remember playing this for the first time. It was rather low-res, but very fun to play and it had a plot of hilarity that I haven't seen AE ever replicate (possibly because it was a solo project by Artix himself?) I couldn't wait for AE to release the next section of Ash's quest. This was four years ago, before DragonFable was even announced. When DF was announced for the first time, they promised to remake and complete AK inside it. Next thing I knew, DF was reality and AE was so caught up with creating new stuff for it that they seemed to forget about AK. Then I heard that it had been dropped. That was a sad day for me.

Then they announced that they were working on it again, and two weeks later I was going through a considerably revamped forest as every one's favorite Knight-to-be (well actually, the fact that Ash was the subject of much dislike due to his uselessness became something of an in-joke during the hiatus, but I won't go into that). If you want to compare, and happen to be a Guardian in AdventureQuest, you can still play the original game here (no DA access I'm afraid). I'm glad AE finally got around to doing this. Whether you are an established fan or a newcomer, welcome to Archknight! And try not to trip on your sword.

How to Begin

First, only DragonLords and Verified Guardians are allowed to play ArchKnight. If you are a Guardian and have yet to verify this for DragonFable, you can do so here. If you meet the requirements, go to Falconreach as any character and talk to Ash. Click on the ArchKnight button, then add Ash after he talks for a bit. Go back to the Character Select Screen when prompted, and you will see Ash at the bottom in the NPC character slot. Choose to play as him to begin playing!

Your Character

In Archknight, you play as Ash on his quest to save a princess and become a knight. This section shows the seven classes available to Ash. The current level cap is 15.
Ash can use all types of weapons equally effectively.

Boy Wonder: The class you start off with. It is the third best class in the game.

ChickenCow Lord: The worst class at this moment. However, it does provide you with free heals in a quest. It costs 45 DCs or it can be farmed for in Save the Mill.

Evolved ChickenCow Lord: The best class in ArchKnight. However, like the other classes, it lacks a multi attack. It costs 500 DCs.

Young Hero: Ash gains this armor after he steals some armor from a dead knight. It is the same as Boy Wonder except he can use two special moves on a normal attack. They happen often when Ash is at low HP. However, it isn't as good as ECCLA.

Snugglebear: If the Hero has this on, when you click it, it will transform Ash instead! It is only good because it has a multi-hit. Please note that this is not recommended because it is bug-abusing.

Knight Lite: Get the joke? Night Light? Lolololol! This is, unfortunately, a temporary class which Ash will get to use in THE END.

Here is a suggested Build for Ash at level 15: (Help needed)

Strength: 25
Intelligence: 25
END: 15
WIS: 10

Luck and Charisma are not encouraged as Ash will need a lot of luck to get its full effect and doesn't have a Dragon. Wisdom is important as Ash's skills are mana-drainers. Endurance gives the much-needed HP every low-level needs.


Well right now, it seems that too much stats are put into Intelligence. I mean, for the build in the guide. That build is good if you're all around and going to use swords/axes/maces and staffs/wands, and the magic skills in Young Hero/Boy Wonder. Though the majority of the items, especially the good ones, are swords. Personally, I'm putting equal stats in END and STR, with the remainder into INT for the rare times I might use those magic skills and WIS for the rare times I might use any skill. Mostly I just hit the Attack button. xD

So, at Level 15, my Ash would be:

Strength: 25
Intelligence: 10
Endurance: 25
Wisdom: 15

I call this......um.....Sly's Build. LOL.

The Crypt of Darkovia

I'll only walk you through the important bit. I don't want to spoil the quest for you, and it isn't difficult to figure it out yourself.

Right at the start, pick up the bag, just like at the start of the main character's quest, to receive 10 Gold. Go to the next screen and fight the Deadwood. Walk to the glowing rock and try to move it. If at first you fail, try, try again. After the scene, fight all the skellies. After this you will be level 2. Take the Skull Sword from The Stone and equip it straight away. It isn't a huge difference, but it will add up.

The rest is a basic Dragonfable-style quest with a little more humor than usual. AK fans of old will enjoy the nostalgia (although a few things are different, such as the exclusion of "You need a key to open this door... ah forget it, you kicked it down!" and the exploding chest.)
Oh yeah. May seem a little obvious, but when you see a little treasure chest overflowing with treasure, pick it up for 50 bonus gold.

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7/1/2009 16:27:16   
Sasuke Uchiha

Preparing for the Next Stage

After you finish the quest, you will find yourself in ArchKnight Falconreach. Almost everything is blocked because *cough*youneedtobeaknight*cough*.

Anyway, I'll list the quests available to you. They're the same quests your main character can take from Ash and Lim. All of these are available from Artix, who is in Ash's old spot, and Yulgar's Forge. If you have a DA you can skip these steps and do them later.

There is every chance that you might have some trouble with this. After all, you can only start with the Skull Sword, which is a terrible weapon. I found that Rescue and Tree Fort were the only quests I could complete, so I wasn't able to get any rewards. If you find yourself in this situation, do what you can to gather some gold (either do the quests you can or do a quest you can't until you get stuck and leave the quest to save) and buy a stronger weapon from the Inn or from Yulgar. After my purchase of the Elven Army Blade I was able to do the Marsh and begin farming for DragonLord's Loss, with which I was able to move backwards to the Cave.

Another possibility is to visit a house with an Artix statue. By clicking on the statue you can get Artix to join you as a guest, which really adds to your power. You can visit houses by talking to Cysero's Orb in Falconreach. One with a statue is 29218388 (which, ironically is my Ash's house!).

Whilst you're on these quests, take Twilly with you by talking to him in Falconreach. He doesn't help all that much, but like the extra damage from the Skull Sword, his help will add up.
If you find a weapon better than your Skull Sword, equip it.

You should be level 3 when you first get to Falconreach. That means the only quest you can do at the moment is The Treefort and Yulgar's quests (well technically you can do Rescue, but there aren't any drops from there and the exp gain is inferior. Also, don't do Yulgar's quests until you finished Artix's quests.). You will need to do this quest at least 3 times before you reach level 5 and The Cave opens up. Whilst you're doing The Treefort, look out for a few drops:

Static: You are very unlikely to be level 7 at this stage, but this will be a very good weapon when you do get this far, so save it for later.

Shiny Ring: This is the best ring available to you at this point. It will be replaced by a better one very very soon, so don't farm excessively for it, but if you happen to come across it don't forget to slip it on.

Nature's Call: Not a good weapon but it can be merged with Ahzite Ores to form powerful weapons.

When you do reach level 5, start going through The Cave! This place has a few good drops, I'll list the noteworthy ones.

Heavy Ring: This is better than the Shiny Ring, but there is an even better one in a few levels.

Scale Belt: The best belt in ArchKnight. Get. It. Now. (or later.)

Angel's Wrath: In addition to being a light weapon, which should come in handy against all those undead Ash is gonna be fighting, it is a lot more powerful than your current Skull Sword, and it's just the right level to use! Pick it up today! (Note: Don't bother farming for this if your Ash has a DA. More next quest)

Oishii's Crystalfish Staff: This one is a level 8 water weapon. Don't bother farming for it as no enemies have weaknesses to it and there is a better one in another quest.

This quest is HARD. It isn't scaled, all the enemies are stuck at level 8. There is no guaranteed heal in this quest and the triple earth elemental fights are murder. You can skip this quest by buying the Heavy Ring at Yulgar's for 320 Gold, farming for Oishii's Crystalfish Staff at Doomwood, and farming for Scale Belt at Save the Mill!. The Angel's Wrath helps at Doomwood, but there are better light weapons for both DA and Non-DA Ashes.

The next quest, The Marsh, unlocks at level 6. There are only two things worth mentioning here:

Dragonlord's Loss: If your Ash has a Dragon Amulet, be sure to pick this up. It is light element! (If you have a non-DA Ash, don't bother with this since he won't be able to use it)

Horn of Power: This will replace your static when you reach level 9. Why bother with Static then? Well, lightning weapons are good against water elementals, which are plentiful in two of your quests, so it helps to keep a lightning weapon at all times.

The Elemental Attack quest contains nothing particularly noteworthy, so I will move straight on to Doomwood, at level 8. There is one item worth looking at here:

Pretty Pretty Princess Ring: The best ring in Archknight. Get. It. Now.

The Grove is the hardest quest of all but drops the most powerful weapons.

  • Valkyrie's Ride is the strongest ice weapon for non-DAs.
  • Princess Point is the strongest poison weapon so far.
  • Astute Carver is the strongest wind weapon which will help a LOT in a future quest.
  • Nature's Call: If you don't have it yet you can pick it up in the Grove. Don't bother farming for this here though.

Both of these quests can be accessed from Yulgar's Shop. For Save the Mill, talk to Yulgar, Late Shipment, Certainly. For Bungle in the Jungle, talk to Yulgar, Quest, Quest for Ore.

The second quest is absolutely essential to get the most powerful weapons you will need. Once you are level 10, run through the jungle quest until you have 10 Ahzite Ores. After that you will need a weapon called Nature's Call to upgrade into your final weapon. This can be found at Save the Mill, the Grove, or The Treefort. Simply go back to Yulgar afterwards to make your weapon (Yulgar, Quest, Make Weapons). It doesn't really matter which one you choose, I would choose the sword but it's up to you.

Whilst hunting for the Natures Call (or CCA {see below}), if you do this at Save the Mill, look out for the following weapons:

The Subtle Knife: Technically, this is the strongest light weapon in ArchKnight. DragonLord's Loss however, has better stats amd is lower-leveled. My opinion is use Loss until Ash gets his hands on this.

Hale Ripper: A strong metal weapon.

Heavysaber: This is slightly stronger than the Horn of Power, so try to get it.

Rod of Nature's Command: This is another stone weapon, and it's a little stronger than the Staff of the Dragonlords. The Dragonlord staff does have better bonuses though, so it's your choice (unless you're a Non-DAsh)

Swashbuckler's Dagger : The best DA water weapon in ArchKnight right now.

Hush : The best darkness weapon in the game so far. Though, in a later quest there will be a more powerful one.

DragonCoins and Housing

There have been so many suggestions and opinions on what to do with Ash's DragonCoins that I have decided to dedicate a section to this, though, I personally recommend not using DC's for now.
I shall list items that Ash could get for his DC's. (NOTE: I shall not be doing weapons or accessories.)

ChickenCow Lord Armor: This class is LAME. If you happen to come across it in Save the Mill, keep it. DA's don't need it, but non-DA's should try to get it. It gives you free heals in a quest.

Braydenball or Two Headed Puppy: Only the DC pets (and Twilly) are available to Ash right now, and these are the best ones. It costs 25 or 45 DC's. Though, I find the Puppy weaker than the Braydenball. If you want to, you can, but...

Vault: It opens up Ash's own bank account! at first you start off with 5 storage spaces, but you can buy more, up to 30! For 100 DC's, this is a great deal!

Clyde the Stats Moglin: 250 DC's. He can train Ash's stats! Awesome!

Artix Statue: Loads the Artix Guest as Friend A. He is useful when "Preparing for the Next Stage." However, you don't need to buy him to use it. Just visit ID #29218388!

Orb of Saving: Very expensive at 20,000 Gold. And 7,123 per save. You may be wondering, "What is the point of this?" Well the point is that this is the only way for Ash to save his items without DC's.

Armor Closet A closet for 1,000 DC's! WHY?!?!?! ...Because it also saves Ash's items. If Ash has a Guardianship Verification, Guardian armor will be the closet. Unfortunately, it won't have any skills. Also, Ash will have a black face and armor.

Basic/ End/ Gold Table with Ship:

Quest Items:

Hydra Memorial Poster
Miniature Minotaur (This is good for exp farming)
Somean Lion Figurine

To summarize in order of power (so far):

1. Swashbuckler's Dagger [DA] [Water] (from Save the Mill!) (24-48)
2. Nature's Wrath [Nature] (from Yulgar's Forge) (25-35)
3. Astute Carver [Wind] (from the Grove) (28-32)
4. Princess Point [Poison] (from the Grove) (20-40)
5. Hale Ripper [DA] [Metal] (from Save The Mill) (19-39)
6. Hush [DA] [Darkness] (from Save the Mill!) (18-40)
7. Valkyrie's Ride [Ice] (from the Grove) (25-31)
8. Heavysaber [Energy] (from Save The Mill) (26-28)
9. The Subtle Knife [Light] (from Save The Mill) (24-30)
10. Dragonlord's Loss [DA] [Light] (from The Marsh) (21-31)
11. Rod of Nature's Command [Stone] (from Save The Mill) (18-34)
12. Oishii's Crystalfish Staff [Water] (from The Cave/Doomwood) (16-36)

Scale Belt (From the Cave! or Save the Mill!)

Pretty Pretty Princess Ring (from Doomwood)

Lion's Fang Torc [House Item Quest]

Imitation ChickenCow Wings [House Item Quest] or Lion's Pelt Cape [House Item Quest]

Braydenball [DC] (from Cysero's Store) or Twilly (in Falconreach's stump)

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7/2/2009 14:41:41   
Sasuke Uchiha

To Unfreeze A Princess

The dungeons in the second story phase are scaled so you can do them any time you want, whether immediately after A New Beginning or when you raised your Ash to level 10 and equipped him with the best stuff ArchKnight has to offer so far. I would recommend not starting until you get a light weapon of some kind, it really helps against all the undead. It isn't needed though; it can still be completed without it.

From where you start, go down one screen and left one screen. Talk to Warlic and choose your necromancer!

Necromancer Nicto:

This is a pretty standard quest. Fans of the original Archknight will notice that Bram can now be harmed by elements other than light alone.

Necromancer Verata:

A quest with a random end. Not really many undead to fight, but plenty of Eyeballs and Deadwoods, so bring your Fireball or Hot Wings skill. No new skill after this quest, unfortunately. Has a lot of junk lying around that gives you bonus gold.

Necromancer Klaatu:

A normal quest, although IMO the funniest in the game thus far. There's also a bag of 10 gold coins up for grabs.

After finishing these three quests, talk to Warlic and watch The Unfreezing. Oh no's!

(Trying to)Save the Princess(es)!

Talk to Warlic first to start the next section of AK. We're in unknown territory from here! Go right a few screens to meet someone very familiar... It's your DF Hero!
He/She will supply you with the next quest chain, and will join you as a guest. Be aware that the monsters will scale to the highest level in the part up to level 15.

Note 0: If you teleport home in one of the quests, the hero stays with you a Friend A!
Note 1: The hero will only have skills to use if their base class, Dragon Base Class, Ninja/Pirate Monkey, or DoomKnight is saved. Saved inventory armors, Gnomish Personal SteamTank and (Evolved) ChickenCow Lord will work as well, but that is bug abusing of the Orb of Saving and is not recommended.
Note 3: If your character has the SnuggleBear Helm saved, when you click on it, Ash will gain the SnuggleBear armor! The only redeeming feature of this is that it gives Ash a multi-hit.

These are unneeded if your character has a DA. Don't have Ash use too much mana except on Stabbity.

Warrior: Use stun first, of course, While you're waiting for the stun to wear off, use Wound. When Stun runs out, use Strength Strike.
Rogue: First use Daze. Use Poison while you're waiting for it to wear out. When stuns runs out, use Blind.*
Mage: Sleep is first of course. Use Acid while you're waiting for it to wear off. Then use Blind.*

*Fusing Blind with Ash's Stabbity with result in the mythical -100 Bonus!! Also, when you don't do anything, just do your basic offensive strategy.

Basilisk Cave


ORIGINAL: The Braken Bard

You need to get Ash up to a suitable level first. And get him a good Wind element Weapon.
If you want to do it the easy way, farm for CCA in the Mill Quest. It will take a LOONG time though.
If you want to do it my way, bring Twilly along as well and the best equipment (and Wind Weapon) with you.
There's Talon Magic in Serenity's Inn which I used, but I don't recommend it. It's damage is random and got me into more trouble than it should have.

The Enemies can STUN! Be aware of that. Check the strategies above too.

The Yaga Sisters

A not-so-basic quest. You can skip all the monsters except the Yagas. A Light weapon is VERY useful. Water weapons are also good for slaying Yagas. It also has a potion-making minigame, "Mix it Up!"


Click on the ingredients in the right order...
...and make the cauldron boil!
Be careful! If you click the wrong ingredient, it will RESET the puzzle.
Be fast! You have to find the right combination before the sand fills the hourglass... or else!

Ash vs. the Volcano:

The Wyverns are weakest against Stone, the Swamp Shamblers and OogaBoogas are weakest against Fire, and the Jungle Furies are weakest against Ice and water.

The end is random, so it could take a little while to finish this quest. It also drops the Ooga Booga Helm, the best non-DC helm in ArchKnight. Unfortunately, it is DA-only.

Slushroom Princess:

Yet another basic quest with lots of Mario spoofs. The Mushrooms have high defense so using accurate attacks are useful. Afterward you get the Young Hero Armor.

Ice Princess:

This is the best quest so far in the AK Saga and the best for exp and gold farming!
It loads the Princess as Guest B in addition to your hero!
There is also music so turn on the "Music" in Options.
To finish this quest quickly, go right and up into the cave.
All enemies except the Ice Wisps are weakest against fire. The Wisps are resistant against fire; use light instead.

It has three drops (all DA-only I'm afraid):

  • Ice Princess Tear: The only non-rare trinket in AK. Increases enemy weakness to fire. It has a low drop rate though.
  • Busted Genji Helm: A decent helmet, but it isn't as good as the Ooga Booga Helm.
  • Genji Blade: The most powerful non-DC weapon in AK for now.

ORIGINAL: Baron Dante

If you do the Ice Princess, it let's you keep the Princess as guest B (Hero is Guest A) and then do Memories, you'll have 2 Princesses as your guests. If I recall, it was Veya who found this.

The next chain of quests is on the board of FalconReach, where the Travel button usually is.

Don't You Remember?
Another basic quest with no drops. You will find yourself in a VERY familiar wood. And the skeletons are wielding..., well, I won't spoil the *GASP!'s* so I won't tell you. And the boss is unbeatable, so if you have CCA or ECCA just flee to finish it quickly. And this quest has some creepy music.


ORIGINAL: Baron Dante

And for those "Impossible" fight fans, might want to know how to beat the boss. If you are DA, and Ash has 2200 DC (Might be enough to have that 200 DCs though.), you can get the double Princesses, Braydenball and then Hamster series weapon. The Hamsterweapons have the special on-Attack button to drop the enemy's weakness to ???. Then Braydenball should do, with a bit of luck around 100 damage per turn, and your Hamsterweapon will do that much too.

This requires lvl 15 though.


Yet another basic quest with no drops. Very familiar area, so just do what you did before. This quest also has some music.

Into The Void...


After a de ja vu-esque cutscene, you are in an unfamiliar place for Ash. Here you have to fight some basic enemies. Most enemies can be avoided; the most notable ones to try and avoid however, are the Shadowhounds. They can take a bit out of your MP. After you reach the boss, there's more dialogue and guess what? You must beat the boss in a game? The game's been rigged; you literally can't lose. So when you're done, then complete the quest.

This quest also a weapon drop: Carved Soul. It is nearly, but not as, good as the Genji Blade.

The End?

The ArchKnight Finale! It gives you the Knight Lite Class Armor (lol) and a TEMPORARY Blade of Destiny. This is obviously the most epic quest in the ArchKnight Saga. Make sure you check out Ash's ArchKnight Final Attack! It is the most AWESOME ATTACK EVA'!!!!! Make sure you don't just do your basic attack strategy, since you will need to do a few defensive moves to complete this quest.

PS: Make sure you check out Ghost's music in the background!
PPS: Check out the "egg" chest in the scene where Ash is very red, for reasons you will found out. A chest will appear in the top-right corner of the screen when you drag your mouse over it. It is so, FEAKIN- FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the end, my friend, the end of the ArchKnight Saga... And to end it, we get the Blade of Destiny for our main character!!! In normal FalconReach, talk to Ash, click ArchKnight, and Rewards! The level 50 Blade of Destiny is yours, for all players, DragonLords and Guardians!!

Aria's Opinion


Doesn't understand boys!

It's all about Ash

Ash, Ash, Ash! BOYS!
You know what I don't get? Boys!

You have a perfectly nice, normal, NOT FIRE BREATHING, OR FROGGY, OR ICY girl and do you even look at her a second time? No! Instead you focus on a girl whose name you don't even know, completely ignoring the girl you've known for YEARS, who has always liked you.

But do you ever talk to her? No! Instead, you ask Dragonlords and Guardians to help you rescue all these Princesses! Princesses that didn't even care about you, who prefer a smelly furball of a moglin!

And now this is the end of the story? And I never got to kiss- I mean, never got to be properly recognized by Ash? I mean, by boys? I mean, oh, I don't know WHAT I mean. Animals are SO much easier! /huff

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5/10/2020 4:32:21   

Sadly 29218388 doesn't seem to work anymore

Edit: "Don't you remember?" doesn't have a creepy music smh it's the one from Lymcrest, also the boss isn't unbeatable if you have a DA tho, I just brought along with me 'myself' by going down and two rights then quitting a quest, teleporting back to Falconreach.
idk tho, this post might've been really outdated, has this not been touched since 2009?

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5/20/2020 1:18:32   

^ Character ID 45002042 seems to work for me

Yeah it's pretty outdated, but so is Archknight in general so for now this suffices pretty well imo
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
4/23/2023 8:27:59   

Is it correct that Dragonlord's Loss weapon can be found in The Marsh quest? I've been spending few days by few hours ,where 1min around takes me to clear that so around 800 times i did the Marsh and I didnt get that weapon still ? Its mistake on wiki or its just a missluck
Post #: 6
4/24/2023 6:20:21   


ORIGINAL: Hades007

Is it correct that Dragonlord's Loss weapon can be found in The Marsh quest? I've been spending few days by few hours ,where 1min around takes me to clear that so around 800 times i did the Marsh and I didnt get that weapon still ? Its mistake on wiki or its just a missluck

Typically necro-bumping threads is not allowed, but seeing as this pertains to improving the accuracy of the guide (and by extension, the DF Encyclopedia), I'll allow it.

It is possible that this item is not obtainable from the quest, especially if you have not received it within ~800 attempts. Ring Worm is one of the most notorious low drop rate items from this quest; if you have received this item and not Dragonlord's Loss, it may be safe to say it is not in the drop pool for this version of the quest. To my knowledge, the version of Marsh Madness accessible to Ash technically differs from the main version accessible by player characters, which could explain how it could appear in the main pool and not Ash's pool. A similar concept can be seen with the Alexander character slot featuring exclusive lower level variants of weapons unobtainable to players in the main version of various Swordhaven random quests. If it ever was obtainable from the Ash version of the quest, yet is not now, I'd have no idea why... continuity reasons, perhaps (as Ash's quest is to become a Knight, not a Dragonlord)?

Taking this into account, I would instead recommend farming for The Subtle Knife if you are after a Light element weapon; it has a slightly higher DPT anyway.
DF  Post #: 7
4/25/2023 8:50:12   

Thanks for information Jay !
Well about Ring Worm i got it like 6-8 times. Thats so bad that there's no information blocked item on Ash storyline on wiki or guide.

For Future Farmers as to not waste time :

I spent much more than 1000 atemps in The Mash quest and I didnt weapon Dragonlord's loss
4 days by 4 hours with around 2min run per , in Save the mill quest didn't get me a Nature Call weapon and The Subtle Knife
In my opinion they're not anymore available !
For example , two of confirmed very low chance item like Wings of The Thousand Flames
I can easly get in up to 5h and REALLY Special Dragon Chow
in less than 3h
So yeah , the guide is outdated for 99.9%

Save Your time, read comments ! :)

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