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RE: The Official Riddle Thread

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7/21/2009 23:29:09   
My life for Aiur

Heres a few more enjoyable ones :D

What room has no walls or ceiling?

A Mushroom.

What word is usually pronounced incorrectly?

The word that is usually pronounced incorrectly, is incorrectly!

Also, possible the most annoying riddle thing on the net I have ever come across. I'm stuck on 3, the riddle dosen't make sense at all.
Post #: 101
7/21/2009 23:36:06   
DragonLord Lloyd

sean.2, the link to the riddle is alot like this other site that does a similar thing.I prefer the other one.
Post #: 102
7/21/2009 23:42:11   
My life for Aiur

^ yeah, theres quite a few out there, and their all as annoying as the last.

O, and @Reaper0001

Climb out. Theres no roof, and walls are generally vertical. Plus you said imagine, so I'm assuming you could just imagine a door or imagine yourself out...or just stop thinking about the whole problem, its only your imagination after all :D
Post #: 103
7/22/2009 15:13:40   
Reaper Sigma

That game is hard. I could figure out the SECOND riddle.
Post #: 104
7/22/2009 17:04:24   

I'm assuming you're talking about MyWorld or GodHand? However, notpr0n is the ORIGINAL game. Most of the other riddles borrow from notpr0ns tricks, so it's pretty silly IMO.

And notpr0n is just plain hard. Got up to the upper 30s last time I believe, I'll do a quick run through and see how far I get.

EDIT: Just got to level 16 and here's a quick tip for all of you: Record ALL the usernames and passwords you've used in the game, or else level 16 will bite you in the behind.

EDIT 2: Stuck on 22 T_T I did get the Banana Phone goodie though :P

< Message edited by 1wingangel -- 7/22/2009 17:56:31 >
AQ  Post #: 105
7/22/2009 20:08:30   

@1wing,did i get it right on the russian Roulette?
last post on page 4 ;3

Those riddles are complicated,but some when you think theres some really complicated answers,but it turns out as a streetsmart question :3
I like the Impossible Quiz on addicting games :3
DF  Post #: 106
7/22/2009 20:21:59   

Nope. There's a statistical solution to it.

It has nothing to do with the shooter or the shootee. It only deals with the statistics of it all.
AQ  Post #: 107
7/22/2009 22:23:13   

A rich man comes across a bridge with 3 Gold Bars. He wants all 3 Gold Bars across the bridge, but the bridge can only support him and 2 gold bars. You can't throw any gold bars across the bridge or any other stuff like that. How can he get across the other side with all 3 gold bars?


He juggles the bars

< Message edited by royce924 -- 7/23/2009 20:25:36 >
Post #: 108
7/22/2009 22:40:52   
Reaper Sigma



He walks across with two bars, leaves them there, gets the other bar, and goes back.
Post #: 109
7/22/2009 22:43:19   
My life for Aiur


Wordings not to good in that one, makes it sound like the bridge has the three gold bars, but nit picking aside, he can just leave one bar behind, cross with the first two, come back and get the last one, re-cross and bingo, hes got all three bars across.
Post #: 110
7/22/2009 22:58:08   

Whoops! Got the wording wrong guys, he can only cross the bridge once. Sorry
Post #: 111
7/23/2009 3:10:23   

theres no people around him right?
DF  Post #: 112
7/23/2009 5:12:40   

@royce: You should edit the answer in, otherwise that post will be deleted.

My answer is:

He pushes the first bar across the bridge, then crosses with the other two.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 113
7/23/2009 5:32:00   

can he go under the bridge with all three gold bars?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 114
7/23/2009 8:00:27   


Russian Roulette


However, if you were to spin again, you'll reset the whole problem and have a 2/6 chance, or a 33% chance at having the next shot being deadly.

This math COMPLETELY works with the problem, but misses one vital important fact detailed in the problem that changes one of the probabilities. Think about what key piece of information is missing, and think about how that one piece of information can change the answer above.


Let's say there are 6 holes: A B C D E F
Of course, the first shot was fired holes A-D... E and F cannot be (for they have bullets)
If it was fired at A-C: there is a 75% chance that firing right away is safe
Now, there is a 25% chance that it was fired at D. (which = x_x)

Spinning the barrel would give a 67% chance of survival... but as said, there is a 75% chance if we dont spin

< Message edited by Crimzon5 -- 7/23/2009 8:56:34 >
AQ DF  Post #: 115
7/23/2009 17:53:12   

Ok, guys, I'll share my answer with you. He juggles the bars, maintaining one in the air at all times.
Post #: 116
7/23/2009 19:05:56   

Here's a very interesting problem I just read on from xkcd.

Black and White Balls

Inside a bag, there exists an equal amount of black and white balls. You and a friend approach the bag, and your friend grabs two balls out of the bag, one in each hand, completely concealed so that you don't know which balls he picked. Your friend looks at the two balls and says "One of the balls is white."

Question 1:What is the probability that the other ball is white?

Now, your friend repeats the same process as above, grabbing a ball in each hand. However, while pulling the ball out, he accidentally drops one of the balls on the floor for you to see. You can see that it is a white ball.

Question 2::What is the probability that the other ball is white?


Q1: 33.3% or 1/3
Q2: 50% or 1/2

< Message edited by 1wingangel -- 7/23/2009 19:08:19 >
AQ  Post #: 117
7/23/2009 20:19:23   

I think other people will have heard this before but i'll say it any way, it's a very short riddle

what has 4 legs at sunrise, 2 legs at the afternoon and 3 legs at the evening


it's humans, the time of day is refering to our life, we have 4 legs when we crawl as a baby, 2 legs when we stand as an adult and the persons third leg at twilight is a walking stick


insert clever signature here
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 118
7/23/2009 20:49:35   
My life for Aiur

^ thats an ancient riddle.


Isn't that the one were its a toddler at sunrise, a healthy guy in the arvo, and an old fella with a walking stick in the evening. Its got something to do with the stages of life for a man...right?
Post #: 119
7/23/2009 21:03:46   
Sir Dorigo III

That riddle's wrong.

The original goes:

"What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 3 at night, and the more legs it has the weaker it is?"
DF  Post #: 120
7/24/2009 13:55:26   
Reaper Sigma

I posted that already. Be original people.
Post #: 121
7/24/2009 14:26:21   

Joke riddle:
What has four legs, three arms, and only lived ten minutes?

Edward Elric's mom

Real Riddle:
Peter celebrated his birthday on one day, and two days later his older twin brother, Paul, celebrated his birthday. How could this be?

When the mother of the twins went into labor, she was travelling by boat. The older twin, Paul, was born first, barely on March 1st. The boat then crossed a time zone, and the younger twin was born on February the 28th. In a leap year the younger twin celebrates his birthday two days before his older brother.
AQ DF  Post #: 122
7/24/2009 18:28:09   

^ I was almost right, I thought she was on an airplane that flew over the date line.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 123
7/24/2009 20:33:14   
Reaper Sigma


They were born on new years. Peter was born before paul, who was born after new years.
Post #: 124
7/24/2009 21:24:47   

AQ DF  Post #: 125
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