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RE: The Official Riddle Thread

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7/25/2009 16:21:38   

oh reaper you'd already posted that? I did'nt know about it
oh and I had'nt heard of that "more legs weaker person" part before
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 126
7/27/2009 3:24:46   

A bowman grabbed a longbow and aimed at a target some 10 meters away, he then shot 2 arrows; the first one was custom to weight 1 pound and he shot it pulling the bowstring all the way back; the arrow landed a perfect shot in the center of the target. The second arrow weighed half as arrow 1 and the bowman placed the arrow on the bowstring and pulled the bowstring back at full. The arrow barely hit the target. Now the bowman grabbed a third arrow that weighed approximately 3 pounds in weight and he pulled the bowstring back at full force and let it go. Where is the arrow?


In the bowman's hand he grabbed the arrow but he didn't shoot it
AQW Epic  Post #: 127
7/27/2009 11:23:24   

Who does the following refer to.

Hail pride amongst the virgins...Glorious and noble one.
Hail fame amongst the legends...Powerful and evil one.
Hail glory amongst the gods...Insane and chosen one.
Hail fire amongst the skies...Golden and deadly one.
Sweeping down from the skies, a terrible power is coming.
Demonic anger burning inside, destruction of everything.
Summon fury of black, magics of the ancient ones.
Honor those who have bled, now the time has come.
Birth of a God, all hope has been lost.
Mortal man defy the odds, battles won for naught.
Slaughtering the ones who love, screaming pain into the sky.
Demise strikes down from above, laughing as they die.
Puppets for the game, tears flow from the mother.
Existence will end in decay, impulse to kill each other.
Knowledge of the river of life, into the darkness he's fed.
Days end in unbound strife, bereavement under the sword's edge.
Lord of the skies.
Father of lies.
Destruction of all.
Eternal death sentence.
World's time to repent.
The hour has begun...Now our time has come.

Who am i?

Note: The above is not mine. I just fixed the typos and other mistakes (Most of them at least...there was a lot of them)
Anyway, all things considered it should be pretty easy to guess who it's reffering to.
It's not really a traditional riddle but the idea of guessing what's going on is still there.


It's a certain very well known video game villain who has a habit of refusing to stay dead, i'm sure you know who.
If not then i just say the following.


Giant rock falls, everyone in the world dies.
AQ DF  Post #: 128
7/27/2009 12:53:58   
Reaper Sigma

Ok, to Cyber beast's riddle:


on the ground
Post #: 129
7/27/2009 13:17:31   
omega zeron


I know the answer but I dont know how to do spoiler tags...

He grabs the arrow but doesnt shoot it right?

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 130
7/27/2009 16:17:48   

xehan: It sounds like the anti-Christ to me.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 131
7/27/2009 19:54:15   

You are in a room with no doors, thick walls, and no windows. The place is on fire. You have a table and a mirror. How do you get out?

You look in the mirror, you see what you saw, you saw what you see, you take the saw cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole, you jump out the hole.

How do the FireFighters get in? All they have is a laptop.

Press enter to enter and escape to escape.
Post #: 132
7/27/2009 20:20:09   
Sir Dorigo III

OR... You keep the same basic premise, but outside, in order to escape, you scream till youre hoarse and ride the horse away.
DF  Post #: 133
7/29/2009 23:58:06   


You are in a room with no doors, thick walls, and no windows

That wouldn't feel too good.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 134
7/30/2009 4:20:41   

I live amongst winter;
I fall from the sky;
Whatever humans do to me, its the same;
I give joy to all;

What am I?


A snowflake
AQ  Post #: 135
7/30/2009 5:30:13   

Well, I made this riddle, and posted it on another site. It got solved after a couple of days, and I was wondering who else would know the answer.

A log, drifting down the marsh
I grow, I age, and I do not die.
Feathers, not fur, but Fur I know.
I can make Them grow,
but living They are not.
And they think I grow from Them,
But really, I come from a witch's laugh.
From beak,
And break away:
Fall or rise.
No young, one generation.
And you will never find my
Resting ground.


Brent Geese. You can check Barnacle Geese on Wikipedia to find out more.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 136
7/30/2009 5:32:59   


A tree.

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AQ  Post #: 137
7/30/2009 7:17:01   

Nope. Try again. I'm going to edit my message with the answer, if anyone wants to know.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 138
7/30/2009 12:34:07   
Reaper Sigma



A worm
Post #: 139
8/1/2009 0:36:15   
__ __

Ok, i have a kind of a riddle ;) i find this thing really cool. Sorry if it isn't considered a "riddle"

You have a cat, you put it in a box, with a thin tube of poison, if it breaks...it dies......if it doesn't it lives...

You keep it in there...for 3 days, on the third day you bring it out..... is it dead or alive?


There is no answer...., in theory..., there are two universes.....parallels to each other... in one.. the cat dies, as the tube breaks, in the other the tube doesn't..the cat lives, and.....until you open it no one knows! This experiment WAS conducted ;) I believe it is called "Schroedinger's cat" Here is the link if you wish to read on. [link=http://www.lassp.cornell.edu/ardlouis/dissipative/Schrcat.html[go here after reading the answer if you want to know more.....[/link]

< Message edited by __ __ -- 8/1/2009 0:37:35 >
Post #: 140
8/1/2009 0:46:28   

The experiment was never really conducted. It's known as a thought experiment, because you can't conduct this kind of experiment. So it only really exists in people's minds and they try figuring it out. Plus, you misconstrued some of the details of the experiment.

3 days is too long. As time increases, the chances of breaking the tube of poison rises. The actual Schroedinger's cat experiment is that at precisely xx time, the cat has exactly a 50% chance of dying due to chemical reactions and half life.

Also, the cat never really is dead and alive or dead nor alive at the same time. It's one of the other. The whole idea behind Schroedinger's cat is to portray the fact that Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics are just down-right strange and only work in the Quantum level. If you bring Quantum Mechanics into conventional Newtonian Mechanics or in the real world in general, NOTHING makes sense and sounds like utter crap. The cat is dead or alive, but taken in a Quantum Problem, the cat is mathematically shown to be dead and alive at the same time due to the lack of an observer.

So the cat is either dead or alive, not one or the other. Quantumly, he's either or neither, but realistically he's one or the other.
AQ  Post #: 141
8/1/2009 0:56:05   

A riddle from the Sophocles play Oedipus Rex:

What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the day, and 3 at night?

Oops, already posted. Gotta think of more...

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

< Message edited by Klagermeister -- 8/1/2009 1:03:59 >


AQ AQW  Post #: 142
8/1/2009 0:59:23   
__ __

this is my favorite experiment, and it COULD be done....now..not back then but it is possible,

in 1935, erwin schroedinger congratulated Albert Einstein on what is now known as the EPR paper, a famous problem in the interpretation of quantum mechanics. After, he wrote what was to become one of the most celebrated paradoxes in the quantum theory:

Schroedinger's Cat:

A cat is placed in a box, together with a radioactive atom. If the atom decays, and the geiger-counter detects an alpha particle, the hammer hits a tube of prusic acid , killing the cat. The paradox lies in the clever theorum of quantum and classical domains. Before the person opens the box, the cat's fate is tied to the wav function of the atom, which is itself in a superposition of decayed and undecayed states. So.... Schroedinger said, the cat must itself be in a superposition of dead and alive states before the person opens the box, And 'observes' the cat, and 'collapses' it's wave function. And the cat is either 1) Dead as the tube broke. OR 2) Alive as it didn't. But before breaking its wave function it is both, unknown to the person observing the cat until the box is opened.....

@krag: the answer is human.

< Message edited by __ __ -- 8/1/2009 1:00:46 >
Post #: 143
8/1/2009 1:11:10   

No, the Schroedinger's Cat experiment was completely possible with their technology. Even if we performed it now, it would make absolutely no sense to because we'll just be staring at a box, doing nothing experimental other than the fact that "We put a cat in a box. Poison is in it. What do we now?" The fact is that you can't really test the superposition of states in the quantum level without breaking the wave particle. It works in the quantum level, but it doesn't it the real-world applicable level. It makes more sense when you speak about the Double Slit Paradox, which makes the whole problem make more sense and is a more precise problem. Schroedinger's Cat Thought Experiment was just an example to show how everything goes strange in the Quantum Level.

For instance, if a person went missing and no one knows about his whereabouts other than the person himself but was knocked unconscious, is he also in the superposition of both alive and dead states? No, because he is either alive or dead. He doesn't become some transcendent being that is both alive and dead.

It's the same experiment as the Schroedinger's Cat. There is no observer of the body nor is anyone aware that he is either alive or dead. But, the fact is that he is either alive or dead.

The Double Slit Paradox is a much more concrete example of what Schroedinger's Cat attempted to portray. It wasn't meant to be taken as a literal experiment.
AQ  Post #: 144
8/1/2009 1:18:39   
__ __

i know all of what you posted ^^^^ XD im agreeing with you... XD and yes....quantum physics is confusing sometimes..... for example.. O.o in quantum physics, you in theory are in a room, and walk into a wall, right..? ok, so in one instance you hit the wall and simply stop walking......, in another, you keep going....thru the wall as if there was no obstical there.... obviously impossible.....and...well...it WOULD be cool though XD but as we are both pointing out....can't be done....thus rendering quantum physics.....well..useless xD although very neat to learn about..

~__ __
Post #: 145
8/1/2009 11:09:09   



A river.

Who can shave twenty-five times a day, yet still have a beard?


A barber.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 146
8/7/2009 4:02:30   
The Trobble One

Humm, i friend of mine told me this the other day and i thought i might be fun to post it online.

I am greater than god.
I am worst than hell.
Rich people need me.
Poor people have me.
If you eat me you will die


It's the opposite of money.


Nothing is greater than god.
Nothing is worst than hell.
Rich people doesn't need anything. (Nearly)
Poor people doesn't have anything. (Nearly)
And if you eat nothing you will dies.

Get it?

< Message edited by The Trobble One -- 8/7/2009 23:33:33 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 147
8/7/2009 4:21:58   


I am greater than god.
I am [bold]worst[/bold] than hell.
Rich people need me.
Poor people have me.
If you eat me you will die

Is the answer Bad grammer?
AQ DF  Post #: 148
8/7/2009 23:34:54   
The Trobble One

O_o someone doesn't know how to make words bold.

Hows about lack of skills.

< Message edited by The Trobble One -- 8/7/2009 23:35:27 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 149
8/14/2009 17:59:59   

What common, one sentence expression does not refer to firearms in any way, but mentions 3 parts of a kind of gun?


It refers to shopkeeping.


Lock, stock and barrel on a flintlock gun.


I sometimes answer
Random questions in haiku.
Folks never notice.
AQ  Post #: 150
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