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RE: =AE= Buying Battleon Games Points using Phone and Mobile Phone SMS

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4/7/2012 7:42:28   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

Is there anyway to get AlloPass payment back and running in Vietnam? Boku is too annoying. Not only it put a 10 SMS per hour, it also lags a few time, making me sending free transactions. Just today, I accidentaly sent 2 free message transaction again because the transaction page load slowly....D:


A calculated tragedy, miracles are foolish
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 51
5/5/2012 11:25:51   

Hey im minhf1 And i live in Vietnam i just goto portal.battleon today and i was going to buy mem by SMS but unfortunately the SMS in my country is no Available .It's not availa like the last timei bought must be some bug guy ?Can you fix it ?Pm me when you reply and thanks :)
Post #: 52
6/14/2012 19:23:05   

I have 3 ten dollar subway cards, can I add them up?
Is there tax on subway cards once entered on the AE site?

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AQW  Post #: 53
7/2/2012 10:32:20   

Hello,I am new here.
And yes...I got a very serious problem.
Well,you see,I live In VietNam,a AQW super fan.I often buy ACs thru Boku:pay via SMS.But suddenly...BAM ! It shutted down.My country location is unable to do any offers at all.I tried some of them,ended up wasting hours finishing surveys/download without receiving any Artix Point.My Dad does not use a CreditCard.My mom uses a HSBC credit card,which is not able to do international transactions.My country does not have a store which sale Ultimate Game Card.So you see...getting ACs now in my country is like putting toothpaste back to it's tube...Captain Rhubarb,please help me. I missed Quibble,missed the SummerShop,and also WILL miss the Nulgath versus Dage war rares if nobody is going to help me.
Any help would be appreciated , thank you.
-my fingers ache-

Hello Ithens, Please click here and contact the help desk team~Dnw
Where should I go DNW?

Here you go.specifically, to this link Ithens, if the link doesn't help, there's a form at the bottom where you can contact the help desk. ~Dnw

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AQW  Post #: 54
7/4/2012 7:50:34   

Can you return the Smart phone payment for the Phillipines? I can surely pay with Smart in that way.
Post #: 55
7/25/2012 20:28:28   

Hello I have a rather tricky question, I'm hoping someone can answer me. I need to know when is the reset time for Boku. It's cause of the daily money limit you can spend, I need to know their timezone or when it resets or something, hope you understand :S

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AQW Epic  Post #: 56
7/30/2012 17:56:58   

ughh... , why there isnt the allopass option in venezuela , and boku dont have the "digitel" company ..... just how i will buy more membership since i can only pay with phone and there isnt my phone company option.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
9/7/2012 16:19:04   
How We Roll Winner

Captain Rhubarb had posted this in the AE GD board.

Bad news:
The Allopass SMS Mobile payment option is no longer available for several countries.
This affects the payment system on our Artix Points "Portal" web site.

Good news:
We are working on exclusive deals with BOKU SMS payments.
The new deals will help increase the amount of Artix Points you get when purchasing using Boku.

If you have been using Allopass, please try using Boku now.

If you have problems with Boku, please let us know, and what exact problems you have.

If Allopass was the ONLY way you could pay for Artix Points, please let us know of other Pay Systems that do work for you.
What good pay systems are we missing?

I'll also be including a copy of this quote on page 1 where a lot of Capt's posts are located in case anyone misses the announcement here.

AQW Epic  Post #: 58
9/11/2012 6:30:21   

I live in Malaysia and Allopass is the only method that we can trust when buying Artix points. It's easy to use Allopass. Why is the Allopass payment method missing? I already spent money to buy the codes. Please return the Allopass payment method otherwise my money would be wasted just like that.......
Post #: 59
9/11/2012 11:20:16   

I live in Chile and the only way to pay with my cellphone (entel) was using allopass, boku uses another company in order to pay (claro) and doesnt accept any other companies
Post #: 60
9/12/2012 15:38:52   

Hello,I live in Estonia
My problem is now that Allopass is gone,boku is the only source i can use to buy AP(artix points)but the thing is when I try to send an sms with pay exactly what it wanted me to send but it keeps saying that the sms could not be sent,i have the number correct and the message,ive used boku before and never had problems with it in the past,It has something to do with me changing my phone provider apparently they asked.So i think me changing to allopass is like betraying boku.
Epic  Post #: 61
9/20/2012 2:59:37   
orc orc orc

It's pretty annoying that the Allopass payment is gone in Singapore. Boku won't work since the only phone I'm allowed
to use for payment is a prepaid phone...
Post #: 62
9/29/2012 20:17:24   
reign power

I live in Chile, I tried using Boku Payment like 4 hours ago, and i don't get my Battleon Points yet -.-

Edit: Still Nothing, i sent a request to BOKU And no reply yet.

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AQW  Post #: 63
9/30/2012 20:58:11   

i really miss allopass payment option, it was the only way i can pay, and now how do i renew my aqw upgrade?...well anyone know rhubarb e-mail or something to contact him?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
11/2/2012 19:54:24   
orc orc orc

^ Same here, Allopass's the only way I can upgrade. Hmm... thinking of Capn. Rhubarb, you can pm a message to his profile inbox. Hope this helps.
Post #: 65
11/8/2012 16:21:40   

Actually, you can use prepaid phones for boku, I just did today, and it worked fine. All it does is subtract the boku amount from the number of minutes you have on your prepaid mobile phone.
Post #: 66
11/13/2012 2:13:05   

I live in New Zealand and I have a problem with Boku, it is not loading to where I input my Mobile Phone Number. Even if it does load it just shows with some code, here is a screenshot:

My Artix Account is: ultimateguy45
Please help! I really need this to work. I need to buy something before it's too late!
Post #: 67
11/17/2012 12:07:29   

You should put DaoPay, it gives more points than Boku and Allopass and you still use cell phone.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 68
11/17/2012 14:46:47   

I agree with 5rr5 you should try putting DaoPay
AQW  Post #: 69
11/17/2012 21:36:53   
Unholy Remnants


Good idea or not?
Post #: 70
11/24/2012 7:48:20   


You should put DaoPay, it gives more points than Boku and Allopass and you still use cell phone.

Indeed, there should be DaoPay. It's awesome!
Post #: 71
11/25/2012 6:45:36   

I live in jordan, I pay 4 USD(including taxes ) for 300 BP is there a way to make it cheaper ?
AQW  Post #: 72
11/25/2012 13:57:08   

. . .really rhubard, why did you erase that phone company payment in venezuela?, thats my only way to buy AP
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 73
12/10/2012 15:39:10   


. . .really rhubard, why did you erase that phone company payment in venezuela?, thats my only way to buy AP

Read Dragonnightwolf's post first, Rhubarb himself said Allopass disabled it for several countries(including Venezuela ) so the only thing we can do now is to wait for a better payment option, as suggested, many would benefit with DaoPay being implemented.

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AQW  Post #: 74
12/10/2012 15:59:50   

If possible could there be a disscount for Venezuela? Boku is just way too expensive for my phone company, 33,60 Bs.F (VEB) = 7,83 $ (USD) for just 240 artix points!? that's an outrageous amount of money for such a little amount of points...with Allopass i would just spend 5 Bs.F = 1,17 $ for 220 artix pts each sms....

< Message edited by Leonix060 -- 12/10/2012 16:00:10 >
AQW  Post #: 75
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