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Planet Yokai - A Complete Walkthrough

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6/21/2010 15:47:18   

Planet Yokai - A Complete Walkthrough

Note: This guide starts when you get to Planet Yokai in the Mechquest Saga. For information before that, click here: The Dragonoid Saga- Walkthrough

Table of Contents

-Intro -- [INT]
-Battle To The Dojo -- [BTTD]
-Protect The Dojo -- [PTD]
-Snake Assault! -- [SA]
-Snake Master! -- [SM]
-Progress Log -- [PRLO]



To get to Planet Yokai, you must have:
  • Beaten the Kingadent
  • Ranked up to Grand Champion on Planet 51
  • Completed all Gark and Lagos quests
  • Soon Completed Planet Westion
  • Done The Soluna Outpost
  • Done The Mer'a Rescue Attempt
  • Completed the Lagos Vacation.
    Here are some guides to help you get to Planet Yokai:

    When you've done all of the requirements, go visit Dean Warlic's office and visit Char. Speak to Mont from there. After you are done, click "Back" then "Missions" then "Wormholes". Select Planet Yokai from there. The wormhole will teleport you to there. Once you get to Yokai, a cutscene will appear. You watch as a wormhole appears and Jemini pops out of it. She rolls across the dirt until she regains focus. As soon as she stands up, she is threatened a native gang.

    Jemini: Well, I guess in exchange for my life, I could do without this...
    She holds up the stolen Dragon Heart Shard.
    Jemini: Catch!
    She tosses the Dragon Heart Shard into the air. While the gang is distracted by it, Jemini escapes in another wormhole. Then you watch as an man picks it up and observes it closely. Ten Years Later... You spin out of a wormhole (The wormhole wasn't that accurate, but at least it got you to Planet Yokai) and squish a cricket. Or was it a Mantis? Who cares? It's not like it's going to matter in the Yokai storyline. Or is it? I'll just keep my mouth shut. Okay, back to the guide. You meet up with Char and Sys-Zero.

    Char: Jemini has to be around here somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled.
    ???: Hey! What are you doing here?
    A ninja walks up to you.
    Sys-Zero: I guess the natives aren't peaceful...
    <characternamehere>: I'll take care of this.

    Before you know it, you will be engaged on a foot on foot fight. The theme around here must be ninja because no men wear a ninja costume for fun! Anyways, the ninja shouldn't be that tough, considering you have a good weapon equipped, as he can deal normal damage on about 4-12 per regular attack. If you flee or get defeated:

    Char: Aw, come on <characternamehere>. Don't let him win!

    There are two options:
    • Retry
    • Give Up

    Clicking "Give Up" (This is currently a bug) will send you to a black screen with nothing on it. The only ways to get out of it is to refresh the mechquest page or click option and home town. Clicking "Retry will send you back to the fight. Once you defeat him, you meet a woman named Miko, and she criticizes us for beating up the soldier (It was our self-defense!).

    Miko: Who are you people!? And why are you beating up on my soldier?!
    Miko: He can hardly fight. It's no surprise you beat him but you didn't have to be so tough on him!
    Miko: Where are you from and what are you doing here? If you belong with the gang, we'll have no choice but to destroy you.
    Miko: Jemini? That purple-haired woman? If you're on her side, then I'm going to destroy you personally!
    Miko: It's said the the witch traveled here to give the gangs the power which caused them to take over the city!
    Miko: ... Oh... So you're after her too, then. And she stole the Metal Element from you?
    Miko: Then it seems we're on the same side. However we are unfortunately unable to be much help to you.
    Miko: The gang that inhabits the city outnumbers us by a long shot. Your technology, though...
    Miko: ...well... It's much more advanced than ours. Maybe we can still help, though... We can train you to fight against them....
    Miko: Either way, you seem like a good person and I will make sure everyone here knows you're with us.
    Miko: I would be careful going into the town if you do choose to go. They're not very welcoming...
    Miko: It sounds like we can work together, then. I won't hold you here any longer.
    Miko: Welcome to our camp! I'll let everyone here know that you are an honorary member of the Resistance.

    Congratulations! You've successfully made it to the planet!

    Next you will find yourself at a camp in the forest. The camp is the base of the resistance. As you should know from Miko, is that the gang holds the Dragon Heart Shard. So you better get to it. Go right from the screen that you're in. You will see another ninja. If you walk up to him, he will say:

    Ninja: Many of our families live in hiding. The rest of us run the camp to throw of any of the Gangmembers.
    Ninja: Hopefully we won't have to live like this any longer.

    If you go right another screen, you will see Sys-Zero, Char, and the Resistance leader, Miko. Walking up to Char will say:

    Char: It's seems we would be helping these people by completing our mission. That's fortunate.
    • Talk
    Char:It's weird. According to Miko, Jemini appeared 10 years ago.
    Char: It must have been a glitch in my scanner. I'll make sure I fix it so it won't happen in future warps.
    Char: In any case, we should definitely work with Miko to help us get inside the town.
    Char: Right now, that place is pretty brutal...
    • Exit
    Char: Are you sure you want to exit back to GEARs University?


    Right now I've just realized something. This is a guide, not a dialog. I''ll stop making dialogs from now on.

    Battle To The Dojo


    So next in the storyline, visit Miko. Be sure to equip the ninja set she has for you, including the Yokai Blade. On average, it does 12-20 damage. This weapon is very good for beginners because it's hard to find a good blade when you get off the dropship. So equip the set and then click Missions then Dojo. Each time you will see your mech walking towards the Dojo at the other side of the town (You want to get to the Dojo to act as your new base). You will have to battle a Evil Sam Rye or a Yokai Monk. The Evil Sam Rye is very tricky, so watch out! I suggest that you eject out of you mecha if you meet one, unless if you have a weapon that lowers your enemy's damage by 50 percent. Most of his attack special include lowering attack bonus and -50 to hit, hit makes it really hard to destroy one. Another suggestion to defeat one is to get your started Newbatron and equip other level 1s weapons.

    Project The Dojo


    Okay, now that you're in the Dojo, you need to secure it. What?! The gang members still want to kill you. Anyways, the point is that they are attacking the Dojo directly and it's your job to defend it. In the dojo, click missions. You will either be directed to the starting one to get to the dojo, or fight a random Yokai enemy (Yokai Monk or Evil Sam Rye). Once you did the mission once, in the bottom-left corner, ther should be a 5%. You have secured the dojo by 5%. Continue doing the missions until it reaches to 100, then proceed to the next mission.

    Snake Assault!


    To access this mission, go back to the missions and you'll see a new mission called "Snake Shrine". From there you will see four options:
    • Assault!
    • Snake Master!
    • NG Reward!
    • Reward!

    Right now, the only one available is the "Assault!" mission. In the mission, you will once again, fight another Yokai enemy (There sure are a lot of Yokai enemies to defeat!). You will have to play the Assault! mission 10 times to advance to the next mission.

    Snake Master!


    Still gathering information. If there are any grammer mistakes, please post them here.

    Progress Log


    6/21/10- Started Making Guide

    < Message edited by furryfeet7 -- 6/22/2010 18:30:20 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
6/21/2010 15:55:54   

Avantir's got it covered.
DF MQ  Post #: 2
6/21/2010 16:29:08   

I just thought that it would be useful if Planet Yokai had it's own walkthrough. His guide covers The Dragonoid Saga.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
6/21/2010 17:12:44   

There's a Planet Yokai section in it. :P
DF MQ  Post #: 4
6/21/2010 17:30:07   

But this is a more specific section.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
6/21/2010 17:50:52   

Well, then, let's see how it goes. :P
DF MQ  Post #: 6
6/21/2010 17:52:34   

Wait, if I click "Ok" in the guide, does it get sent to the staff to check?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
6/21/2010 17:53:46   

The Staff (well, Dudu Master) will check once you submit it to the approval thread.
DF MQ  Post #: 8
6/21/2010 20:50:29   

I feel offended. Someone making another version of all my hard work?

Anyways, you're missing the Mer'a Rescue Attempt mission, required to access Planet Yokai. And you need to defeat the Kingadent. And soon you will need to do Westion.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 9
6/21/2010 21:36:51   

Sorry Avantir, but Westion is no longer a requirement. Thanks for the extra information. I won't forgot to credit you at the end.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
6/21/2010 21:42:49   

It's going to be a requirement once C-Mail kicks in.
For now, there AREN'T any requirements.
DF MQ  Post #: 11
6/22/2010 0:09:44   

@furryfeet7-Don't apologize. It won't help.

@forumlogin-There are requirements if you access it via Char I think.

And I officially can't spell.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 12
6/22/2010 19:02:07   

Hi, furryfeet7! I am sorry, but, as forumlogin said, Avantir has already got it covered in The Dragonoid Saga - Walkthrough guide. I understand you wish to make a more specific walkthrough, but I don't think that is needed, since Avantir's guide contains as many details as possible. That said, I will have to lock this guide.

But do not give up - you are an amazing guidewriter, and I know you can write other great guides!

Next time you wish to takeover a guide, please request such thing in the MechQuest Guides Update Requests thread.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
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