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RE: Is mechquest dying?

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9/9/2010 16:23:19   

And there is an old Romanian saying: The few, the better; the more the best!

What I'm trying to say is that MechQuest needs new ideas - and new ideas come from new staff members.

Because Player Suggestions are neglected because they don't "fit MQ's style". That's the POINT! The point of SUGGESTING stuff is to be original, to go out of the ordinary.

So only staff members could decide wether having a small/big style-change is necesary.

And by style I don't mean art.

Either way, your point about team-work is a good point. My mistake for the A, B, C examples - just tried to explain what I had in mind a little better.

Yet, this doesn't change the fact that understaffing is clearly visible and blues denies MechQuest's loos in popularity and fun (or "dying" as some of you may call it).
Post #: 76
9/9/2010 17:12:50   

MQ isn't dying. Its just not played by a lot of people. Trust me, when character imports go live ppl will flock to MQ just to get SC to get awesome mech armors
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 77
9/9/2010 17:43:25   
Spyder Warrior

of course not mq is my fav internet game
Post #: 78
9/9/2010 19:37:37   

Releasing a level cap that is more than 4 levels past 40 right now would be wasted, esp. since that will add more workload to the Staff's plate.

If there are a sufficient number of players who have reached the level cap; or have reached at least level 35, then a sizable cap boost; about 10 levels or more, should be released. However, it should not be release without proper planning; everything from the next generation of House Mechs to at least a few new quests that have reward weapons for levels 40~50. Just enough content to entice farming for 50; but not so much that hitting 50 is a must-have.

But honestly, despite the calls for a level increase, I must disagree for the most part (unless it's just 4 levels for the lvl 40 players; since some equipment scales up to 44). The SOON List really needs to be reduced, even by just 1 or 2 every few months, and it's not likely until February of next year will we see a sizable increase in permanent content aside from that on the SOON List (K&S, House Missions, SCX Challenges, ); due to Mogloween, Frostvale/New Years, and the GEARS Games (possibly). Valentines and St. Patrick's Day usually aren't large affairs compared to those three.
Post #: 79
9/9/2010 20:59:57   

I think, that they should simply make the cap 42, but make 2,000,000 XP required for each level, and then not release anything for level 42, besides the stuff which scale up to 42, of which there are a lot already. That would simply give us something to do, while not really affecting the game. (lots of mecha scale up to 42, even the ones that don't, they are only 2 levels below you, so it doesn't really matter)
DF MQ  Post #: 80
9/9/2010 21:07:35   

The only weapon that scales to lvl 42 is mai Dragonfist
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 81
9/9/2010 21:10:36   

Weapons are slightly different, but with mecha, there are most SCMM, count mechula, and other things.

With weapons, you're right, not many, but still, it doesn't really matter that much, 2 levels isn't much.

I'm just out of cash, and need a reason to farm.

Or, give us a long war.
DF MQ  Post #: 82
9/9/2010 22:20:45   

eh they need to add upgraded to old mounthly mech,s to up there scaleage ect an expensive 100k item that add,s 10 more lvl,s of scaleing on all scaleing mech,s
DF  Post #: 83
9/9/2010 23:54:34   
Vampire Fexy



Every game is kill monsters untill you reach the boss

But I'd like to see more cutscenes... More Talking
unlike Yokai ( We have reached the next master... -_- )

I like to see more story in the cutscenes, Qua Cutscenes, MQ is Bald

What i meant is do something in the quest instead of just killing, like the Necryptos quests, each quest had to do something like have a map and do stuffs, open the gate, clear template, destroy the enemy forces then open the gate then fight the last vampire.

Unlike "FEXY THERE IS NO TIME TO SPARE WE NEED TO GET TO THE SHRINE" while we have all the time we have since there isnt anything else we need to do in the same time... which seems pretty stupid and all we did in Yokai was killing master after master without anything else, they didnt even try to stop us they sit there waiting for us... not even "ITS A TRAP" in one of the missions which means the masters were so dumb...
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 84
9/9/2010 23:58:48   

I'd have to disagree with the cap raise.
If only because, like the last time the cap was raised, the gaps STILL haven't been filled in. >_>
DF MQ  Post #: 85
9/10/2010 0:01:36   
Vampire Fexy

Too late, they already said they would raise it soon, makes me a little happy to have something to do.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 86
9/10/2010 0:03:17   

Where? O_o
I don't read the DN threads; every once in a while I might pop in, so I wouldn't know.
DF MQ  Post #: 87
9/10/2010 0:05:47   

forumlogin: Check your newsletter...or better yet, check Here

To be honest, I'm indifferent to a Level raise...sooner or later, I'll be Level 4X...But hey, most of my mecha will scale past 40 now... >_<

< Message edited by UltimaKomoto -- 9/10/2010 0:09:17 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 88
9/10/2010 0:53:47   

i know no one will agree with me.But i think it would be better if staff did stop the monthly mechs for away and work on storyline,new weapons,the new energy blades battle system.

matter of fact what if they could monthly mech for awhile with monthly weapon.Like instead of mech you get a star captain neat BA
Post #: 89
9/10/2010 0:55:54   

I disagree with you but maybe other people would because I only disagreed because I am a rare collector.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 90
9/10/2010 0:59:41   

SKullmanic: How about a weapon slot based off player demend, so it's not just Back Arms...because then we'd have an influx of Back Arms, and suddenly, where's your Back Shoulder weapon?

I'd rather they made Monthly Mecha bi-monthly...The last few special-wise have been very unoriginal...even in terms of unoriginality
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 91
9/10/2010 20:29:52   

Yes, others would disagree with you. ;)
Like me.

Who still thinks that gap from 15-18 is problematic and really needs to be fixed before it becomes even more ridiculous than it is now. >_》
DF MQ  Post #: 92
9/10/2010 20:37:07   


But I'd like to see more cutscenes... More Talking

MQ does suffer from a severe lack of cutscenes, the story is still so vague.

And yes, 15-18 is...bad...
DF MQ  Post #: 93
9/10/2010 21:02:17   

I actually don't mind about the level cap raise. The game is already some what unbalanced and stuff can get so outdated easily compare to other AE games because MQ has like the smallest staff team out of all AE games.

It doesn't really make a difference if level cap is added. Pretty much, it'll give more freedom and stuff a bit to do.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 94
9/10/2010 21:04:02   

They need to do it before the SCMM, so they should raise the level cap this month
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 95
9/10/2010 21:04:23   

I really look forward to the cap raise.

I agree, will not make any difference to stuff, and will give us something to do.
DF MQ  Post #: 96
9/10/2010 23:15:37   
icemaster 77

Have anyone noticed that the number of players online in Mechquest gone down from 3000 to 2000?

And the MQ team should recruit 6 more member to their team.That will be great.

Also MQ is shrinking on releases,they should make some low level equipments in pervious planets.And not all the players are lv 40,so I think the MQ team should double the exp drops from emenies.And complete about 25% of the S.O.O.N list this year.

< Message edited by icemaster 77 -- 9/10/2010 23:52:16 >


Go to this link if you want to hear Irish music:

MQ AQW  Post #: 97
9/10/2010 23:40:50   

Have the quests recently become more battle after battle after battle based? Yes. Will a raise in level cap help make this a little easier to deal with? Somewhat. Are uber-complex mind-boggling quests entertaining? Of course. Will players like it? Many will, many won't. But I have found that the best MQ quests do not focus on level cap raises or mentally-challenging quests. I believe that the best MQ quests are the relatively small, but exceptionally ingenious ones. For example, Bruce Lee v. Chuck Norris. Or the recent Friday the 13th video that made us start thinking about what the curse could possibly be, at least until we got it. By most means, these quests are not exceptional gameplay-wise, graphics-wise, etc. Instead, they simply have a hint of awesome that makes the release very enjoyable. MQ has begun releasing more and more of these types of quests. In other words, MQ is definitely not dying. It is doing quite the opposite - growing like it has never grown before.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 98
9/12/2010 2:52:28   

There's one thing i have been missing...Jobs. Pizza, Police, Hospital and such are done.
I wish we could get more of them in the future.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 99
9/12/2010 10:51:16   

Bounty hunter? School Teacher? Business man? lol
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 100
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