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RE: Is mechquest dying?

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9/13/2010 22:26:26   
How We Roll Winner

Now hold the phone there.

I'm seeing a lot of posts against the Star Captain monthly mechs.

I have to say that what Mechquest staff have presented thus far, is not only extremely well done.

But it is without a doubt very enjoyable.

There are tons of replay places to poke around, Heck I've been through a lot of planets and I still have places where I need to defeat quests.

So y'know cut em some slack. They really do some really marvelous work.
AQW Epic  Post #: 126
9/13/2010 22:28:34   
Guardian Mode

I feel that Mechquest is going downhill. The staff works hard and i appreciate what they do with what they have but AE needs to give the MQ team more people. Taking staff away from MQ because it makes less money than other gomaes will only insure that the game gets worse and loses players.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 127
9/13/2010 22:58:23   

I think everybody that says SCMMs should be stopped should post what they think here.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 128
9/13/2010 23:53:34   


The staff works hard and i appreciate what they do with what they have but AE needs to give the MQ team more people.

Exactly. Unlike other games that people claim are "declining," the MQ staff works very hard, with only ~7 staff.

:, and yet, all they released is a quibble shop and some Dage quests, both AC exclusive xD

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 129
9/14/2010 0:18:01   

AQW has like ten times the amount of staff MQ has...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 130
9/14/2010 0:20:02   

Exactly, could you imagine if MQ had that many people?
The small staff is the weakness here, they can make awesome content, but it's either little or exerts them ALOT...
DF MQ  Post #: 131
9/14/2010 0:34:15   

At least other people help them make mechas and other things...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 132
9/14/2010 1:06:41   
Vampire Fexy

I think the staff should focus on the S.O.O.N list, they have been saying they would be doing them for so long time, but they didnt do any of them, im pretty sure that we would enjoy stuffs we were promised to get instead of few new equipments and a small quest, i mean how much people here been waiting for the SC chellange that blues said would be released soon ? its been months since he said he would, also the Guardian and Dragon Lord mechas, its been 2 years since i been waiting for them, and the last house mission its been ages, and a lot of other stuffs.

In my opinion doing these would improve the game a liittle :
Work on the S.O.O.N list, and finish all of it before working on any other stuff, so they dont have any delay stuffs, the more things that get delays the worse it gets.

Dropping the SCMM FOREVER, and adding a permanent shop for SCs in the SC club, and they add mechas/equipments every 3-4 months, that way they can give SCs still get bonus for upgrading and they wouldnt be rare, this should balance the rares a little.

Improve the story quests, For me Yokai was horrible, the story itself was stupid, we kept repeating the same quest 5 times, defeat students then kill the master, it was just so bad, adding new features to quests would be fun, but not keep doing the same thing over and over thats so boring.

Looking into the suggested ideas in the suggestion forum, people post there for 2 years and staffs didnt do anything from the posted stuffs, while both AQW and DF got a shop for the players ideas.

Most of these are reasons that made me quit, also the lack of releases, almost nothing to do in the release.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 133
9/14/2010 1:24:37   


Dropping the SCMM FOREVER

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 134
9/14/2010 1:38:16   


Dropping the SCMM FOREVER

I sort of agree, Korin even posted how difficult it is to make one...though they are fun...

Anyhow, don't even start with me on suggestions(remembers StoneFang...*shudders*)....
DF MQ  Post #: 135
9/14/2010 1:42:22   

ok first of all i love MQ but in the last few months there vanet benn any important changes i agree with Vampire Yokai was awful! we had to do the same thing over and over again, the ending was good but we had to wait like 6 weeks to see it, i would mind if for two weeks they dont have any release but by god sake i want more important releases its been a while since we hace any improvement on the story

another thing i want to see is my starship but i dont want the inside i want to use my starship to destroy!! i would be awesome to fight big monsters with it mostly like the dragon on DF, and please change the animation when a SC goes to a new planet i mean i has been like 2 years and my character isnt used to the clutch


DF MQ  Post #: 136
9/14/2010 1:47:02   


Dropping the SCMM FOREVER

Fine, but not until I get the healing mech...

I do agree though. Reducing the list of SOON, even only a little, could drastically help the case here...


Anyhow, don't even start with me on suggestions(remembers StoneFang...*shudders*)

StoneFang...that strikes a vague memory chord...*very* vague...
But yes, with the suggestion forum, at least they won't run out of ideas...

Below: I'm for the bimonthly thing myself, but everyone is "heck"bent on axing them altogether...
And given how they keep going to back to damage mecha, by the time I get the healing SCMM, it'll be another year come and gone. Aren't I clever?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 137
9/14/2010 1:57:30   

Yes, vague *cough* anyhow, I'm not quite sure I'm in favor of dropping SCMM's, but maybe making them bimonthly would be better.
DF MQ  Post #: 138
9/14/2010 3:36:08   


Dropping the SCMM FOREVER

I couldn't agree more...
Post #: 139
9/14/2010 4:13:08   

The SCMMs were good at first back when they were original and there were enough staff to make them in less than a month.

Right now, I'd rather SOON content than SCMMs. They aren't Monthlies now anyway. Take 2-3 months and make the Verified Mechs for instance. I don't think that many SCs would object.

< Message edited by priya -- 9/14/2010 4:22:06 >
MQ  Post #: 140
9/14/2010 10:17:07   

Yet again, I'm still for keeping the SCMMs; even if they have to be bi-monthly for a temporary amount of time. And again, while it's understandable that the mechs are supposed to be eternally rare, I am not against having them re-released as weaker, but permanent mechs to fill the SC-Club's lacking Mecha shop. They're SC Mechs anyway, and weaker versions in the SC-Club shop will make that place much more profitable. In the case of the Viking, it could be a permanent Holiday Rare for SCs when they visit Thoh, along with other future December SCMs, so slightly rebalancing the Viking series for Holiday Rare status instead of Eternal Rare status wouldn't hurt.

As I've said before; just impose turn limits on the mechs with Infinite DoTs or Buffs/Nerfs, reduce the strength of the specials by 10% to 15% and/or reduce the activation rate of the specials by 15% to 20%, and in the case of the Warbear, rebalance it's HP/EP/Regen to a more conventional level, and just make the damage specials a chance activation instead of guaranteed (50% activation sounds fair enough; keeping to the original's theme, but not guaranteed). And just for the sake of clarification, add MP (Mass-Produced) to the series names and descriptions. In general, the strength level of the SCMP mechs would be between an SC mech and an NG mech, instead of NG level to NG Rare level strength.

This way, Veteran SCs with the originals would still have a small but valid reason to be proud of what they've been able to obtain as a long-time Star Captain, and won't be upset that the original series were re-released as-is, while new SCs would begin to reap the benefit of upgrading, and NSCs would have a stronger reason to upgrade, even if the Star Captain Mass-Production (SCMP) models are weaker than the original SCMMs. Oh, and the weaker SCMP mechs would keep the complaints about their balance to a minimum, due to the weakening of the mechs.
Post #: 141
9/14/2010 10:26:26   

Well - I have to disagree. With weaker versions of the SCMM, I would probably sell all of them.
I bought the because of the rare design, not the power. Rereleasin it, would ruin the whole SCMM idea for me, but that's my opinion ..hihi..

I already said that, but I would like to see more themed SC-only mechas. No need for the to be rare, just once a month a current-releases themed sc mecha.
A yokai mecha, a Necryptos mecha, a Duck-mecha (I really hope we'll get a duck week), a Evil Jim mecha - ya get the point


Post #: 142
9/14/2010 11:15:09   

Everything about SCMMs being stopped should go here.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 143
9/14/2010 12:16:38   

@ Hellsoarer, watch it :P you are close to minimoding... posting this makes me close to minimoding aswell xD

Anyway, Stopping the SCMM is a bit drastic...
but I'd say release Every few months one...
like Every 6 months or something?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 144
9/14/2010 15:37:18   


The good thing about them being released every month, is that if there is a steve, or an automorph, or another not SCMM level SCMM, then that is OK, there is always next month. Also, there are a lot focused solely one hit your enemy till they die, that is also OK, since again, there is always next month.

If it was every 6 months, then if one was bad, we would have to wait another half-year for the next one.

The longer the gap between them the higher their power should be.

Every month, there are allowed to be bad ones like the steve and the automorph, not all have to have a focus, there don't have to be that many aegis/warbears

Every 2 months, no steves, no automorphs, also less of them should be focused on power/focusless, most should have a focus. Some aegis/warbears

Every 3 months, all must have a focus, no focusless ones, few focused only on power, some aegis/warbears

Every 4 months, all must have a focus, lots of aegis/warbears
Rarer than every 4 months, All aegis/warbears
DF MQ  Post #: 145
9/14/2010 15:50:39   
Breaking Things

I've read bits and pieces so far. What's this about a gap between levels 15 and 18? Is this mechs or items? Or both?
MQ  Post #: 146
9/14/2010 15:52:23   

Yes but

it would give the staff more time to think up ORIGINAl mechs... last few have been rather repetitive...
It would also give the staff more time to focus on other things, WHILE slowing down the rate of how fast
our Mech space is filling up with Monthly's

Perhaps not Every 6 months but at Least 3 months ( 4 SCMM a year is still nice )

@ Korin, Haven been a lvl 18 for a long time

But I'd have to say both... To much rares cover those spots and the equipment that IS avaiable is outdated ( speculating but probably right :P )

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Having a Signature is too mainstream
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 147
9/14/2010 17:07:47   

I know that when I was 18, it was everything. I think it is weapons, according to the big list of equipment, there are not many 15-18s. Also, most of the level 15-18 mecha require you to complete a job, westion reputation, or something else that requires a lot of hopeless rolling. This probably causes some people to just give up partway through them, causing them to not realize that there are mecha at 15-18. And then there is the fact that there used to be absolutely no mecha at those levels, causes the problem with mecha to sound worse than it is. There is a definite shortage of weapons (at least according to the list of mech *insert part here* in the pedia) though.

But the staff don't want to give us OP mecha. Sometimes it happens by accident, and they just decide to be nice to the players and not fix them. Any original mecha with a definite focus will be either OP or UP. Either it will be good, and since it is focused, it will be OP, or they will try to avoid making it OP, and it will just be UP. The only way to get a good original mecha with a definite focus, is to release a lot, and some will be good.

< Message edited by stealthwings -- 9/14/2010 17:08:50 >
DF MQ  Post #: 148
9/14/2010 17:13:51   

but doesn't more time = more time to think about the specials etc...?
and more time = More chance of a Good and Descent mech to be released instead of rushing and thereby releasing
an overpowered/Underpowered/unoriginal mech?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 149
9/14/2010 17:29:06   
Breaking Things

The SCMMs do take a lot of time. We started the next mech already but it's not even done being put into Flash yet. Once it is, it needs animating, coloring, programming, and balancing. The SCMM do take an awful lot of time unfortunately though they are still fun.
MQ  Post #: 150
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