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hulgana -> Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 13:56:33)

Okay,i think i have seen a topic like this quite a while ago, but as the topic says, is Mechquest dying? All recent SCMMs have been mere copy of past mechas, and most releases of this year(except for yokai)were slightly changed last year's releases. Basically, are the staff concentrating on different game like AQ, DF?We havent seen warlic recently either.At first, SCMMs were nice,because they all had unique models like Viking, BC, Reaper etc. But if u look at recent SCMMs, they are all copies of old mechas with slight change in some parts. Is this new SCMM a copy of Shadowschyte hover?It does look like it to me.

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Griffin the awesome -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 14:03:23)

No, mechquest isn't dying, it's just seriously understaffed.

Hellsoarer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 14:31:11)

I agree with Griffin
I don't think Korin works on games other than MQ
But where is Warlic? Did he quit or sumtin?

runer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 14:36:58)

Release's wise .... ? Add more staff and it is solved .

Plot wise ... Hell ya ....

Hellsoarer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 14:41:17)

What if they told 1 lucky person the location of the secret underground lab [:D]

stealthwings -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 14:41:39)

It is understaffed. All they have to do is add more staff, and it is solved.

And I think warlic left, he hasn't been posted any DNs since june, and I can't remember him being mentioned in them recently.

SparkNorkx -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 15:03:59)

Warlic left and abandoned MQ a long time ago. Artix Entertainment needs to seriously balance out their games' staff teams. They are mostly working on Adventure Quest Worlds (at least, that's what I notice). Epic Duels is entirely separate because they already have a bunch of staff members way before they got bought.

Sneevil Slayer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 15:22:25)

Warlic moved on to another of the games. I think it was WarpForce or something. He left either Korin or Maegwyn in charge.

DragonYugi -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 15:27:10)

Games don't die silly!

Oh, not that way of dying.

But Griffin is right. MechQuest needs more artists and more coders!

Korin, Maegwyn, Jemini, Warlic, Artix and the rest who work on MechQuest can't do all the work.

SparkNorkx -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 15:33:46)

DragonYugi : Warlic isn't working on MQ at all... O_O

Legoking777 : Korin is entirely in charge for MQ. Maegwyn is pretty much just his assistant but she's currently on "vacation"...

Calogero -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 15:50:56)

There is still ViVi and Azami
Blues is here aswell but I haven't seen him for a while

But indeed I'd appreciate it if the MQ team was a little bigger

Also Artix doesn't work on MQ, he does on AQW

DragonYugi -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 15:55:24)

Warlic does sound for all games.

And Artix codes for all games when he can.

Vivi is just a tester, yet he makes sure we don't get a bugged release.

I say drag Tomix from DF for a month and tie him to a chair convincinging him to help a little with the art.

Then drag Dage the Evil from AQW and tie him in an iluminated chamber with teletubies and ask make him do some mechas.

The last two lines were jokes for the people who didn't get it...

forumlogin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 16:02:49)

You'll have to reread the design notes. ;)
He's still here, but he's not going to have as big a role now.
He's doing smaller things on MQ.

kuaknut -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 16:33:45)

I've been around since the very beginning and I can honestly say that it's been the same, farming filled, stagnant lunch break RPG it was 3 year ago.
It hasn't changed, you did.

priya -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 19:24:40)

On life-support. There's hardly even any DNs. Compare the content and number of DNs of AQWorlds. I wouldn't be surprised if MQ went to bi-weekly or less frequent releases.

monkeyman4241995 -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 19:43:15)

I agree with the majority of people here. Considering the size of the MQ Team... it's actually doing quite well! As far as I know, the MQ Team consists of:

Yergen von Shmergenbergen
Person-who-used-to-be-called Personator (can't remember the new name)It's Khelios :P ~Clyde*

Add more to the MQ Staff, and the game will start shooting out content (probably)!

*These two, to my knowledge, are primarily DF Team, but do work on MQ every now and again.

Condor -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/6/2010 22:20:13)

get mre staff members

blues -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 2:01:31)

No, MQ is not dying at all. [;)]

Glais -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 2:04:08)

I don't know Blues, I kinda disagree.
Besides the fact that you guys are way understaffed, this week the release was one SC mech.
Not to be ungrateful but compared to MQ's beginnings and whatnot, there was much more and releases generally weren't done so quickly.

Hellsoarer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 3:04:24)

I am a rare collector so I don't really know that much about releases but IMO (in my opinion) they seem to be fine...

david000000 -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 5:47:42)

i agree with blues its not dying its just we had dragon con that is all they go there to advertise their games and at times recruite people i think

runer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 8:33:16)


No, MQ is not dying at all.

The unfortunate news here bluesy ; we can see it happening .... for example when you guys release a mech as the only release (Not talking about stevey ... i know you had D*C ... well the rest of the them atleast) and DF for example release's 3 quests ....

You guys do a great job with the release's .... but we are saying you need help to expand the quantity of the release ... alongside the quality which is already here [;)]!

Dault -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 9:36:30)

I thought that Warlic went to go work on Bladehaven?
While I do agree that the team is a bit understaffed, they seem to be doing fine.
Nope, MQ wont die for a while.

runer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 9:42:12)


I thought that Warlic went to go work on Bladehaven

Yup , but he does music work here and there , mostly AQW's music events (He is the guy who record the voice acting) and other voice/sound related problems .

the clan master -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/7/2010 12:24:35)

actually DF released 2 quest and one cutscene.

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