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forumlogin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/8/2010 23:50:49)

Comparable to "Everyone should be rich otherwise they're not always going to be able to have a good life." ;)
Or, in other words, I don't know what you're trying to say by suggesting something like that because not only is it incredibly obvious, it's also really not possible.

Got my thoughts straightened out.

UltimaKomoto -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/8/2010 23:55:48)

darktwi: I'm sorry, but that comment is's the word?
Provoking...yes...provoking... >_<
Some people are just not capable of becoming SC, and some probably don't want to become one for the challenge of it.
And everyone loses at some point...some days, the RNG just hates you with a vengeance.
One last thing: "Let's Switch Things Up" does not count as an actual hit, since it damages after the fact. Same thing with insta-kill, those are not actual hits.

Necryptos, I did not mind it...well, yes, I used a Vampire Hunter. It was still a right pain at times even with the Hunter. And there were some nice permenate rewards from it, which is a bonus.

Vampire Fexy -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 2:05:49)

For me MQ been dead since over 6 months, most of the SCMM were pretty much clones/copies from old versions, most of the new quests were the same, kill monsters then kill the boss (kill students then kill master in Yokai Story), and the lvl cap havent been raised for almost a year so all players that are lvl 40 have nothing to do, and credits are no problem for me since i get enough until i die probably, they should try to release something that is very expensive, all other games have something very expensive expect MQ (take a look at the old 100K thread), and then theres the problem with slots, most people having problem with these and since rare hunters (like me) almost have no slots for any new mechas/equipment.

As for updates , there is almost no updates to the game, DN or anything else, i mean seriously 4th Of July shop is still showing up and its been 2 months since it should been rare, DN rarely get updates now (even tho Korin make some very nice DNs), probably the only thing i liked this year was Necryptos, it was so much fun and challenging, had unique boss fights and the monsters were all hard to fight (without V-Hunter) and there was not a bad story there, would like to see the new planet be as hard as it is and have unique quests instead of kill monsters until you reach the boss.

Also the forums been totally dead, most admins dont post in it now as used to be, all unique members dont post in forums anymore or even left the game, which is the is the reason i havent been active in both games and forums lately.

Valnos -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 2:19:24)

I'm afraid MQ may be on the proverbial deathbed, imo. Updates have become negligent at best, and at worst...

I still maintain that it's a staffing issue: although, I guess it could also be the other way around. Either there aren't enough people for the amount of work, or the workload is too much for the number of people. For a long time MQ was the testing ground for all new game features, in addition to the regular work. Additionally, it can't be easy drawing so many mechs, what with all the minuscule details that cover a standard mech.

Honestly, I think MQ is doomed the way things are going. [>:]

I apologize in advance to anyone who doesn't like the following message: it's in spoiler tags, so if you don't want to see it, please continue on with what you were doing.

... Normally I wouldn't mention it, but as things are, I'd like to mention it and be done with it: Korin's DN post, in which he borderline begged for praise on threat of "crying over it if we didn't" was... unacceptable. I honestly love the man's work and effort, but even in jest that was not appropriate. We've all been to that point, when the party bails just before the final pile of whatever it is you do. But I, like many others I'm sure, come here every Friday after work to forget about the mess for a while; I come here to laugh it off, and not cry about it. I don't want to be the only one laughing though; I want to know the creators of this joy are content as well. If it's a legitimate concern - like a pet dieing or an important school test flunked - I'll be here in your peanut gallery doing whatever I can for you. I'm only here, week after week, to forget about work for a day or two. So please, don't cry. [:)]

... That may be the longest paragraph I've ever left on these forums. BattleOn. [:D]
(no further comment)

tyrant king -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 4:38:38)

Well im glad some people have noticed the scmm aswell me (though im not star captain) i used to enjoy how this game always had good updates but now even the dns are frequently being forgotten i think it may be an understaff problem it started a few months ago around the necryptos saga hope they can do something great on mq on mogloween itd be a real bummer if it wasnt [>:]

buknoybobo -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 4:39:37)

its not really dying,it just need more releases.i've been playing mechquest since its first day of release, and all i have to say is they're not putting enough effort into it.if they dont make mq better then most sc like me might quit.

Terosin -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 4:45:25)

MQ surly isn't dead but... there are some problems.
Well - I already talked about it, but I'll just mention it again:

Many people say, that MQ's releases are small, but I really don't think that's the problem. In my opinion, the problem is the they are... lets say a lil bit fanciless.
Comparin to DFs quests: While many quests begin with a small cutscene, continuin with much walkin many fights gainst the same opponents and endin with a small cutscene, MQ's quests are rather..... repetitive and lil bit boring.
A typical MQ quests starts with a picture of a character and a text, then we maybe walk slowly few screens or just directly fight against an opponent and the quest finishes with another "You win!" box.
And instead of a nice story and cutscene, just to make the quest take a lil bit longer, we have to do the same thing over and over again.

To conclude: The quests have to be fancy instead of repetitive

I know - MQ doesn't want to be like DF in space but... well... that's it ..hihi..

runer -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 4:58:12)


MechQuest is very definitely not dying! Our staff does tend to be a bit more "fluid" than some of the other teams - more of us (like me, blues, Vivi, Azami - just for example) are telecommuters, where in a lot of our other games, everyone is at the Secret Underground Lab - and more of our gang work for MQ in addition to other teams. I might test something in AQW or AQ in a pinch, but I'm MQ-specific - and also Korin is MQ-specific. But yeah, some of us share our time with other AE games, which is a good thing! We actually have an amazing team! People who listed MQ team members may have forgotten Thyton, Jemini, Char, the person who I don't know the right game name for but her name begins with N and she does awesome vectoring/coloring work, Minar - who is on an intern-style basis, and Arklen who animates - and I've probably forgotten a ton of people - and are you crediting blues, Azami, Vivi, Koi (who has helped write descriptions and helped test) and Lyris? I'm so sure I've forgotten someone - I hate doing these "list" things for that reason :P

I do understand why this thread would pop up at this time - it was ages between Design Notes, which you should totally blame on me, for one thing... Jemini & I both went on vacation at the same time, for another, and with DragonCon coming up there was a whole lot to do in not a lot of time, and some things went wrong at a bad time (like the SCMM file being corrupt) so basically Korin did a ton of stuff by himself. And did a great job


ORIGINAL: Someone in a post in this thread
Warlic moved on to another of the games. I think it was WarpForce or something. He left either Korin or Maegwyn in charge.

Korin stepped up to become the Lead for MechQuest. Warlic has been working on Bladehaven, on music projects including the Critical Hits CDs (I'm listening to #1 right now actually!) - on tons of stuff that I don't even have time to keep track of - and on MechQuest when needed. Warlic isn't totally gone, and I'm just Korin's assistant. Korin is very definitely in charge. (He did not pay me to say this. Although actually I need a quarter... )

Mae , i am not complaining here , you guys do a very good job every week ... the devotion from the team is awesome .... Even the little Hamster that has a micro-chip planted in his neck by Korin to not get tired while running in a wheel to generate Electricity for the whole USL .

Nevertheless , after nearly a year since warlic left i started seeing the release's shrinking by the week . One of the start offs was the end of the the Wednesday Mini-release , followed by many other things .

MQ is NOT dieing ... it is Shrinking ! Mainly because we want more Permanent than rare events ..... i mean when you guys are not working on the main plot of the game currently you are making a holiday event or something ... that is bad especially we see maaany many events that comes and goes ... and we only pass 2-3 Planets a YEAR with nothing else alongside them .

poomba -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 6:16:47)

Imo mq is slowly dying, I remember when Mq releases were my favourites of all AE games, now they are the worst. The game itself is great, i really like it, but after you complete everything and all you can do is play new releases it becomes boring as hell. I think it began with the end of Westion storyline. Necrytpos as a whole planet was fine too, but releases were just to small. If every new area had been released as a whole instead of being divded into 2 small releases ( like desert battles first and then inside of the temple )i would've said Necryptos was awesome. Also wednesday mini releases are gone now, we were supposed to get bigger friday releases instead. But the way I see it todays friday releases are often as small as the wednesday mini releases used to be. As the time goes the releases are getting smaller and smaller and if this is not the definition of "dying" i dont know what is.

EinhanderX01 -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 12:01:32)

In defense of the Staff, I hope many of you realize that we're dealing with Planets, NOT just sections of land. And planets require a lot of work, esp. in detailing so that whether in mech or on-foot, the scenery will look nice (and sometimes partially to scale).

Furthermore, there's the planning of a certain theme to go along with each planet; and each section of that planet, like what was done with Necryptos. From the enemies to the design of the local area, there's a lot more work and coding to put into. Esp. when you realize how much more detailed and movement intensive the enemies are compared to DF or AQ. And this is before planning out the equipment that will eventually available to players, and the NPCs to verbally interact with the players.

For those insisting on lots of new planets, how about instead asking for more cities to visit? Expand the local traveling; via vehicles or teleporters. We have planet Lore, Zargon, Lagos, Necryptos, and Yokai, all with about 1 town/city to their name (Westion had 3 locales; 2 towns and 1 space station; but canonically, they're toast). For about 5 civilized planets, that's not much, but at least the planets are already set with a general theme, and all the Staff have to do is design the next city/town to a variation of that theme (sort of like what was done with Westion).

LairosTall -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 12:01:58)

This thread...again?[8|] No its not dead.
Most of the people that work on MQ have their attention split between this and some other stuff.

I agree with the above; with the usual size of the MQ staff, they have done very well considering just what goes into most releases.

anailater -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 12:32:08)

Short answer yes long answer of course it is

Calogero -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 12:48:32)



would like to see the new planet be as hard as it is and have unique quests instead of kill monsters until you reach the boss.

Every game is kill monsters untill you reach the boss

But I'd like to see more cutscenes... More Talking
unlike Yokai ( We have reached the next master... -_- )

I like to see more story in the cutscenes, Qua Cutscenes, MQ is Bald

hulgana -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 13:34:55)


This thread...again? No its not dead.
Most of the people that work on MQ have their attention split between this and some other stuff.

I agree with the above; with the usual size of the MQ staff, they have done very well considering just what goes into most releases.

Well,unfortunately MQ is dying. It is not dead yet, but dying. The smaller the releases get, the more players MQ will lose. For SCs like myself who have reached lvl 40,the game is extremely boring since there isn't much to do. And i agree with Einhander about more towns in the planets. IMO, Westion, Lagos, and Zargon are just fine. But Gark, Planet 51, and Necryptos could use some more additions. Necryptos would really become nice if one other town is added, or at least more walking areas for the town. As for the releases, instead of continuously releasing rares, it is better to release some permanent items and planets. I mean if they keep releasing rares, the game isn't gonna change for quite a while which is exactly whats happening now.

Soul weaver12345 -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 13:44:15)

MechQuest aren't dieing, more like smaller releases SOME times.
I think MQ staf is doing a really good work with their releases, and if/when MQ will "die" it will probaly be 2014 :)

The last weeks release was only small because of DragonCon xD

DragonYugi -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 13:51:27)


MechQuest aren't dieing, more like smaller releases SOME times.

You mean MOST times, right?

MechQuest needs a Level Cap Raise. We haven't had one for A YEAR.

But no a small one in 2-3 levels. We need AT LEAST an average 5 levels of level cap advancing, because clearly, most level 40s have done everything in this game.

And since the last level cap raise was a year ago, I'm sure many people are level 40 now. Heck, my alts are Level 35 and Level 30. Making them level 40 and completing everything in-game with them too will basically mean me dropping MechQuest because there will be absolutely nothing else to do...

megakyle777 -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 13:55:58)

I'm not sure on this. I mean, the releases, if you ask me, are getting smaller and less crafted, in short a lack of Quantity and Qality. That's not to say I don't like the game, but the releases are lessening and I'm losing interest in them. The MQ team are awesome, but they are fighting an uphill satruggle.


hulgana -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 14:10:36)

The lvl cap needs to be raised as said, but also, during this entire year,instead of releasing rare items,MQ should have been releasing permanent items and mechas for lvl 35-40. I mean there arent many permanent mechas and items for lvl 35-40. And even if the lvl cap gets raised,there will still be nothing but plain lvl cap increase.We need permanent mechas,quests and planets that fit for high lvls.I liked Necryptes since it was quite challenging and had lots of permanent items.We need planets like that.I think we need some new mechas and items for low lvls as well. Like from lvl 18 to lvl 25, there really arent many good mechas to buy which makes the game extremely boring during that time.

Myra -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 14:59:33)

I agree that a level cap raise would be a good idea, even though I haven't reached level 40 yet (yes, I'm slow [&o]). Any game can get boring if you are stuck at the level cap for too long. A cap raise would probably bring back many players who got bored.

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 15:41:08)

I'm inclined to agree with Myra on this (Don't feel bad Myra, I'm at lvl 29 so I'm slow too)

There probably should be a level cap raise.

DragonYugi -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 15:49:52)

And not only that. Artix Entertainment should send an artist to work a little on MechQuest too.

Or at least to hire one - I know that hiring involves both finding talents and people willing to work for them and paying them - but MechQuest needs a level cap raise and an increase in staff.

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 16:02:49)

Now hold the phone Yugi.

Artwork and cap raise are two different issues and they already have Korin as one of the lead artists. and I think there's like one or two more?

I will agree that mq might be somewhat understaffed, but don't forget we have many talented people working on mq.

DragonYugi -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 16:07:03)

I never said they are not talented - but they are just a few.

More artists would mean sharing the duties. For example: ArtistA works on the mechas for this release; ArtistB works on the NPCs; ArtistC works on the backgrounds; ArtistD, E and F helps ArtistA, B and C.

This not only increases the quantity of content released but also the quality. Two heads artists are better than one!

Calogero -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 16:11:43)

@ dragon

If more staff was pointed toward MQ, then the Staff that are allready working on MQ can loosen up a bit...
what would be easier iyo, ( example ) 5 people working on 1 release or 10 people working on 1 release

If more staff was appointed then perhaps the team wouldn't need to stress their bums to hard to release it on time
and maybe release a bit more content

also about the lvl cap, THAT would be nice but that wouldn't change squad imo about MQ...
IMO, MQ is a bit dull qua Cutscenes. Remember the Zargon cutscene ( Universo )
Me neather because it happened Ages ago...

We could use ( temporarely till they find one of their own ) someone of DF to make a few cutscenes and ACTUAL intercourses
You got to admit, out character doesn't talk a lot... oO

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: Is mechquest dying? (9/9/2010 16:14:44)

There's an old saying Yugi, Sometimes the few outdistance the many.

I'm not saying I don't agree that they are understaffed. In fact my previous post clearly states that I agree they may be a little bit understaffed.

However the way you have it set up here is that A. works on mechs, on npcs and C works on backgrounds, with a D, e and f.

The problem I see with this is that artists, regardless of who they are, all work together as a team.

It isn't just a focus on just these few elements, Artists also assist in the creation of the flash-presentation. The motions and functions each mech makes. The explosions, the environment around, above and below our student.

So we're talking more than just An abc method here. we're talking multi-tasking on a number of different ideas, presentations and over all effects.

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