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RE: Is MQ Dying II+How Can We Improve It?

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10/3/2010 12:55:53   

If MQ had more variety all around, then it would be more interesting. MQ also needs more EXP to offer us even if it means earning less credits.
Post #: 251
10/3/2010 19:05:15   
icemaster 77

Mq needs:

A exp increase from 25%-50% and credit increase to balance it out.

A stack of weapons in Tek Shop and Lagos

More lv 15-18 weapons and mechs

Dodge and Hit(not bonus) speicals

More non-rares

More Shadowscythe involve with the storyline.

MQ AQW  Post #: 252
10/3/2010 19:07:21   

Really needs to get back to quests. Mechs are nice and all but an entire month of just those for a releases really pushes the bill a bit.
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 253
10/3/2010 19:08:17   

...every list I've seen so far I don't like......But no one likes mine...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 254
10/3/2010 19:12:31   
icemaster 77

Yup,the whole entire release of September are a bunch of rares.Which is a problem since it takes up space for releases for the S.O.O.N list.

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MQ AQW  Post #: 255
10/3/2010 19:13:26   

W00t September!
That improved MQ
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 256
10/3/2010 19:15:42   

Hellsoarer: You only dislike everyone else's lists because they all say in some way or another to diminish rares to the extreme.
Likewise, no one likes your "list" (what list? It's only one thing) because all you really say is add more and more rares when there's no good reason to, and you haven't even attempted to give one.
At this rate, the only thing you'll be getting is an unwinnable battle.

Like what you said just now. September actually does not "improve" Mechquest, but rather, makes a growing problem worse.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 257
10/3/2010 19:29:41   


That is a horrible way to start a fight.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 258
10/3/2010 19:35:52   

Hellsoarer: I'm not starting a fight. I'm attempting to see both sides, although you have not presented much beyond "Rares make me happy, there be more rares".
Rares are not a problem by nature. Too many rares, however, is a serious one. Especially since there isn't enough good non-rare content to make up for it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 259
10/3/2010 19:38:10   

Really? Do we REALLY need rares? Holiday rares yes, but does every item need to be a rare?
MQ AQW  Post #: 260
10/3/2010 19:40:53   

This is my list...
SCMM's to SCBM's(Bi monthly).
Mainly just that.
More quests and diving into the story which has been a little neglected.
Less rares(ESPECIALLY mechs, too many rare mechs).
More equipment that serves a variety of builds(but not released too often, so as to focus on quests).

Expansion of planets in order to make them more complete.
Examples:Adding jobs to them similar to Soluna's.

This is basically all I want/think could improve MQ.


DF MQ  Post #: 261
10/3/2010 23:26:52   

I just answered a question for level 20 mecha with all rare mecha.
That, clearly is a problem. D:
And they really need to fix up the Westion War. I don't care if they leave the mechs and weps or not (though preferably they should be left), but it's really needed this cleanup for a while.
Likewise, the non-rare Steampunk replacement has been on the lists awhile now. :/
DF MQ  Post #: 262
10/4/2010 0:25:13   

Jobs on other planets would be nice + a way to solve the low non rare mechs problem
Gark: Jobs with a lvl 20 - 25 mech(s)
Zargon: Jobs with a lvl 26 - 30 mech(s)
Lagos: Jobs with a lvl 31 - 35 mech(s)
Necryptos: Jobs with a lvl 36 - 40 mechs(s)
Yokai: Jobs with a lvl 41 - 45 mech(s)

The lower lvls first seeing it's mostly the new players that MQ staff needs to attract.

also a sort of Togicide ( Kill 50 enemies in the right order ) would perhaps give us a chalenge + a good farming spot.
Let's say with a extra 15% exp comparing to Soluna enemies and an Auto heal every battle to actualy give that place a ' Farm-Friendly ' feeling


Having a Signature is too mainstream
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 263
10/4/2010 0:27:55   

I'm thinking necryptos and Yokai should be switched(Necryptos is the toughest planet) but yeah I agree.
DF MQ  Post #: 264
10/4/2010 0:40:54   

I think it should be lowered a little, IMO. :P
For example, Zargon can be done at much lower levels, and indeed has no storyline restrictions besides flight clearance.
So that could go in levels 14-20, hopefully.
Westion's dead now, so I guess nothing can be added to that. :(
Shame, it could've helped the mid-level gaps.

Then the rest goes like:
Gark-Jobs for 17-25.
Lagos-Jobs for 23-30.
Yokai-Jobs for 27-34.
And Necryptos, for 30-38 (since it's basically just a side planet used to help higher levels. XD)

Of course, that leaves 7 levels uncovered.
The levels overlap to allow for more equipment in those level spreads, but it leaves the higher levels with nothing. :/
Maybe let the Moon cover some levels?
DF MQ  Post #: 265
10/4/2010 0:44:05   

The Moon would work perfectly.
DF MQ  Post #: 266
10/4/2010 0:44:10   

@ Forum :P

I actualy used Gark for the Westion based jobs
the list you gave also seems nice and about the higher lvls not being covered...
well, there's a new planet coming anyway :P

and for the moon :P let's make that our victim for lvl 14 - 17 mechs :p
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 267
10/4/2010 0:48:50   

For Gark your job would be piloting a Janitor mech and blowing up mecha-sized dustbunnies
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 268
10/4/2010 0:48:53   

Alright, so replace "Gark" with "Moon" and then shift everything upwards, with Necryptos covering 41-45 and the new planet coming out filling the spot between Necryptos and Yokai (because Necryptos is

basically just a side planet used to help higher levels. XD

< Message edited by forumlogin -- 10/4/2010 0:50:02 >
DF MQ  Post #: 269
10/4/2010 1:33:19   

Let US (Non-SC) experience the previous SCMM.. :P


AQ MQ  Post #: 270
10/4/2010 2:41:05   
Vampire Fexy

So i tho about seeing how much rares we got out of all mechas and there is 499 rare mecha out of 728 mecha, thats without adding the last 4 months mechas since i didnt update the Index of Mechas since 4 months for some reasons, which is pretty much high amount of rares thats 2/3 ratio and increasing more and more every few weeks.


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 271
10/4/2010 10:07:36   

And as has been said, it's even worse since most of the Non-Rare equipment really isn't that good.
DF MQ  Post #: 272
10/4/2010 16:51:49   

I would have to agree with forumlogin and ultimakomoto (and pretty much everyone else to some degree) but disagree with hellsoarer. I posted about how we don’t need the salesman on the new release thread but it probably belonged here instead (if I offended Vivi that was unintended). As an nsc I did purchase the shoulder, but all of the salesman items could have been released at the end of miniquests instead.

We have had a month of shop-only releases and they didn’t even open Tek’s basement for the anniversary. I also refuse to buy a Newbatron ever again, with or without new bells and whistles. A game is not an online store, but Ballyhoo and shops have been the only reasons to sign on to Mechquest lately. The Halloween release is still almost a full month away. Is there a playable release planned for this week? There are still four unopened doors on Yokai that could be opened in the meantime. Even if Yokai fails in the plot department it is better than staring at week after week of no playable releases and a permanently incomplete world.

If the staff wants us to know that Mechquest is very much alive they are stealing their own thunder. The only recent release that I really cheered was the extra 10 mech slots. This helped the game immensely but is not a substitute for playable content. Perhaps that will change after the new planet release whenever that will be, but that remains to be seen.

Too many rare mechs and items create many problems. Half or more of the staff’s hard work disappears from the game. Rares in and of themselves focus the game on items rather than the game itself. What happened to the Dragonoid Saga or any kind of plot at all? Balancing is not much of an issue any more since we all have some (or all) rares and have disdain for the older “outdated” non-rares. I still maintain a house mech for each character for identity and builds, but otherwise seek the best (and most rare) mechs and equipment like everyone else. I would support making SCMMs immediately bi-monthly (with possible further changes to follow) and only releasing other rares for real holidays. Everything else should be permanent and preferably integrated into the game quests.

PS. On a side note I disagree with anyone who would remove or depower the steampunk. It is the only non-rare nsc mech that I really like. Levels 15-20 were agony for my first character, but the game became fun again when I got my first steampunk. We do have the Dragonform now but it is completely unequipable and therefore not a replacement. It is also only available after beating the entire game so far (with the exception of Necryptos which can be done before or after Yokai).

Westion itself can never be removed because it would create a massive hole in the plot, mid level game content and equipment availability. Plans to make some or all of it “go rare” are a mistake that would just compound the problems with Mechquest. For plot continuity, since everyone on Westion was teleported to Gark before it was destroyed the shops could be moved there once a player has completed all of Westion, made possible by the new story progression feature. I’m not sure if this is worth the time to code though.
DF MQ  Post #: 273
10/4/2010 17:29:06   

Well - It seems that most discussion are about the amount of rare items.
Overall - I really don't think only the rare weapons are the problem. Weapons overall are the problem.

A storyline or a new planet start most of the time with a shop. And in between we have some shops.... and at the end, another shop.
We have too many items overall.
Like Mechbuster1 just said, a game isn't a online store.

But... we don't get much to play... we get much to play with, but there's nothin to do with it except replayin the old stuff again.
It's fine, if ya just started to play. Ya have a whole game and get nice new weapons now and then, but for most of us, it's just boring.
Sure - I enjoy weapons and fancy animations, but - I got to be honest - I currently don't enjoy the game at all.
Most of the time, I login, check the new artworks and logout.

I think MQ needs less weapons and more storyline and more, fancy quests. Not just get a message, fight the same enemy 7 times and get another message..
I'll be honest: I really don't need SCMM anymore..

To say: We have 4-5 releases each month. I would like to see the followin plan.
In months with 4 releases - 3 storyline/quest releases, 1 shop release.
And with 5 releases - 3 storyline/quest, 1 shop release and 1 mecha release.
Holidays and events are a different kind of story - but ya know what I mean ..hihi..
Post #: 274
10/4/2010 19:05:42   

After looking through the different arguments for where new jobs might be useful, I decided I'd throw in this little bit of information:

If someone plays through the entire storyline, all releases, and minimal farming, that puts him right around level 21-22. With the Steampunk and some luck, this is more than enough to beat Yokai, but not enough to beat Necryptos.

This means that anywhere there are new jobs, you have to consider what it would mean for overall leveling. More jobs in lower-leveled planets => more experience => maybe level 23 by the time done with Yokai. Overall, more jobs anywhere is a good idea, since they will still give you more experience. However, if you put them on Necryptos, they'll be useless. I don't think I've seen anyone suggest that yet, but it's simply a word of caution.

That being said, more jobs in Soluna are almost necessary. Westion has mechas that are at level 20, so people obviously need to be around there in order to beat it. The current "Story" as accessed through the "Story" button doesn't support that. Either Zargon needs to be moved before Westion, or we need more jobs on Soluna. In a perfect world, both would happen, and a bunch of jobs would show up on Zargon, Planet 51, Gark/Lagos, etc, as well. But alas, the world is not perfect. More jobs on those planets means delaying the story, which nobody likes, so it's a delicate balance.


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 275
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