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RE: Is MQ Dying II+How Can We Improve It?

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10/21/2010 16:26:43   
Soldato J

To stealthwings:

What I meant was not that gameplay trumps graphics; an awesome looking game is no good if it can't be played. What I was trying to say was that the gameplay, to me, is fine. On your other points, I firmly agree. If players were to simply make their own mechas and components from scratch, it would take a lot of effort to find that line between OP and UP. The way it is now, with predetermined pieces able to be arranged as necessary, is sufficient.

To Einhander:

I concur on the scaling issue for NG merchandise. Maybe not an "issue," per se, but the shelf-life of these items should be extended more to reflect their increased cost. And perhaps some NGMMs tossed in as well. I do like the Nemesis, scalable to Lv. 48, but I go with the "inferior" Uber Jameson, scalable to Lv. 44. I use the Beard-Fist as my head weapon, but it's been "obsolete" for five levels now. I think scaling should be an intrinsic benefit for NG items. Or is it because they are stronger that they are not allowed to scale? We'd have to have an admin speak to that.
MQ  Post #: 326
10/21/2010 16:42:45   

I would still prefer staff to making the gameplay even better, but I understand what you mean. Before, I thought you were saying that they should just turn it into something which looked shiny and was boring.

And NGMMs would be a very bad idea. SCMMs already cause a few SC vs. NSC debates (nothing too serious, but sometimes NSCs whine, and SCs get obnoxious, it usually ends in a few posts though). NGMMs would probably cause 3 way flame wars.
Also, SCMM already take up a lot of staff time, and quite a few people (many of whom are SCs) want them to be canceled.

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DF MQ  Post #: 327
10/21/2010 17:39:40   

i said nscmms not ngmms.
MQ  Post #: 328
10/21/2010 17:41:26   

Soldato said NGMMs.

And I think that both are bad ideas.

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DF MQ  Post #: 329
10/21/2010 20:44:32   

I thought I already went over that idea.
Which is no.
Do I need to say why AGAIN?
DF MQ  Post #: 330
10/22/2010 0:37:57   
Black Star

Less rares.... the rare:everthing else ratio is insane you go to the encyclopedia and 3/4ths of everthing is rare so the only way to customize for newer players is to wait till the next rare comes out or use the store bought items that arent as good. Maybe its just me that thinks that though.

Also I have no problem with ssmm its just one mech for a captain each month(I do have a problem with it being the only thing released in a week though) but other than that I have no problems with it I think the only time I remember most of the wars was during the Warbear month and every NSC wanted a OP Mech also and that it wasent fair SC were getting so much stuff. Now the mechs are pretty balanced though imho.

Also I agree with Soldato mechs do not have a long lasting life span usually one mech gets released then not to long after another gets released so something is always becoming obsolete.
DF  Post #: 331
10/22/2010 1:19:00   
black knight 1234567

Black Star@ Being able too 2HKO with the MoHwak shoulder Is blanced, hmm? not compalining or anything, I LOVE mY MoHawk, lol
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 332
10/22/2010 1:27:22   


ORIGINAL: Black Star

Also I agree with Soldato mechs do not have a long lasting life span usually one mech gets released then not to long after another gets released so something is always becoming obsolete.

I'd argue that means we need far fewer mecha releases. Fewer mechs and having the releases more spread out allows each mecha to have more overall worth. Plus, filling in gaps in content means more things you can use the mechs for.


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DF MQ  Post #: 333
10/22/2010 1:32:37   


Less rares.... the rare:everthing else ratio is insane you go to the encyclopedia and 3/4ths of everthing is rare so the only way to customize for newer players is to wait till the next rare comes out or use the store bought items that arent as good. Maybe its just me that thinks that though.

According to about 80% posts on this forum, you're not alone in that thinking.

Zamuel: Most definitely, more types/levels of equipment are needed. Especially if said equipment is non-rare.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 334
10/22/2010 2:53:39   
Black Star


Black Star@ Being able too 2HKO with the MoHwak shoulder Is blanced, hmm? not compalining or anything, I LOVE mY MoHawk, lol

The newer models are not as OP as the Mohawk,Warbear,and aegis. I like using my psychic wing personally I dont know why i just really like that mech.

I dont know how to deal with the rare problem I mean for games like AQ you go on a quest thats difficult and you can buy new stuff thats strong and DF you rely on drops but mechquest they do rares and they also have shops but most of them you have to complete a entire quest chain or do some random quest 300 times (RNG hates me) to open it up and most of the time the items are not as good as the rares actually most of the time they are not.(Longest sentence ever)
DF  Post #: 335
10/22/2010 10:19:25   

I've suggested this time and again; to help deal with the Rare problem is to release equipment with weaker specials than those rares as permanent content, just make them a bit pricier than normal (along with certain other limitations) and unlocked after completing optional but literally Hard quests (Quests with the only Difficulty at Hard, for both NSC and SC players).

For the upcoming example, I will use a weaker variation of the venerable New Years Goggles/Head/Warhead series. Still pretty powerful, despite their age. The Non-Rare versions only boost +15 (NSC), +20 (SC), and +30 (NG), and are of a GEARS theme. For the sake of this example, I'm calling the heads the "General Equipment Augmented Reaction Head" or "G.E.A.R. Head" for short.

An optional quest with the default difficulty set to "Hard" (and can't be changed) is given by a House Leader or a GEARS Teacher that requires the player to go out and assist one of their distant GEARS Research Outposts in fighting off the ShS wanting to take technology for themselves.

After what will be described appropriately as a tough run (several ShS enemies plus 2 bosses; all on Hard mode with limited partial repairing between them (and only one full heal before each boss battle)), the player will unlock the G.E.A.R. Head equipment. While the specials are weaker than the original New Year Heads, they have limited scaling, and still are pretty powerful in a balanced way (Since the Buff cap is +60, +15 is already 1/4 of that, +20 is 1/3, and +30 is 1/2, and when combined with the fact that the double specials are still on the weapon, such as the Buff Player Attack and Nerf Enemy Attack, is still a big deal).

Sequel missions will unlock equipment that are also based on powerful Rares.

The 2nd mission could unlock BA-Only IDoT weaponry, though they will have a duration limit of 8 (how long the IDoT stays on the target) and a higher EP Cost. Using the weapon again while the IDoT is active simply ignores adding more turns to the IDoT, but also doesn't reset the IDoT, so as to make it fair enough to fully reach the large damage by turn 8 (if any battle gets there besides using an ARH mech).

The 3rd could unlock FA-Only -25/-35/-45 to Enemy Boost plus a standard 1x EP DoT (A weaker variation of the Freeze Ray if you will, for NSCs and SCs (and NG Users)).

The 4th could unlock a Heal-Only BS (deals zero damage but does add a weak +20/+25/+30 to Defense and a weak heal, weaker than Zorbo's or the Chibi Dragon's Healing, for 3 turns).

The 5th could unlock an FS-Only Pure Damage weapon (a stronger version of the 1-time use Rocket-Propelled Chainsaws but a weaker version of the Mohawk's FS or the Warbear's FS, CD is set at 5 or 6 to balance it somewhat). The NSC Version just has a chance to deal All Double Damage while the SC version has a chance to deal All Critical Damage, and the NG version has a chance to deal Double Critical Damage.

The 6th could unlock a Mech chassis (in the same vein as the Gark/Lagos BAM) that has a Body weapon capable of Reflecting the Enemy's Damage by -30/-40/-50 for 4 (or 5) turns, but has a CD of 8 (or 10) and a high EP cost. It's balanced not only by the high EP use and CD, but also by the fact that due to it being a BAM w/o other defaults, all weaponry can be shot off by any mech with Part Destruction capabilities instead of Disabled.

The 7th could unlock a weaker BS-Only version of the Solar Panel, adding an extra 5/10/15 to EP Regen and with a 3-turn 1.5x EP DoT instead of an EN Regen Freeze.

And so forth.

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Post #: 336
10/22/2010 12:19:03   

Done right that would be a good idea. The biggest issue is the sheer capacity of lacking material. I think it's doubly apparent when you look at just what is rare.

To this day, I think one of the absolute worse decisions was making the SDF Series and the Delta Leader Series go rare. Yes, I feel it was worse than the Alamonia Giant Bug Invasion. The reason I feel this way is that two entire sets of mecha that had decent strength for their time, major story significance, and filled a level gap were lost to the game. To add insult to injury, the permanent mechs were the ShadowScythe E Series which lacked any form of tactical value. If any mecha were to be made non-rare, SDF and Rebel Leader should be first in line.

Still, I wonder how much retro fitting could be done to mecha and equipment that we currently have access to. QWN-1138 has a unique ability (Healing Arm) but the rest of the mecha is severely underpowered. Considering it didn't get any of the abilities from the Valkyrie series when they got updated, perhaps toned down version of abilities of currently rare mecha could be applied to it. One of the biggest problems with the rares from the past year or so isn't just a loss of content. We wind up losing entire strategy styles. Hopefully we'll get to a situation where "We are paid by those who learn by our mistakes". Despite a rough patch, I think MQ can pull it off.
DF MQ  Post #: 337
10/22/2010 12:50:20   

Regarding the SDF and Delta Star series, I do believe that they should be brought back as well, but in addition, adding some middle-level and high-level versions (of course, the SC and NG versions scaling) as time permits. They do fit with the storyline, and like the House Mechs, should be one of the few series with a continuous update.

The originals, which I'll refer to as Generation 1 (or Originals), should be made available early on. The SDF series being released on the Moon upon full completion of the Moon Missions, and the Delta series being released at the White Castle. The NSC versions are available instantly (after full completion of the Moon Missions and the overthrow of Slugwrath), while SCs and NG Users can unlock the SC and NG versions after completion of the Doom Harvester Boss. Releasing them will also add a few more mechs to the "Dead Zone" of decent mechs in the level 10 to 20 area.

The Generation 2 series, which is the term I'll be using for the revived and updated versions of the SDF/Delta series for the Middle-levels, should be made available as an alternative purchase at the Asteroid War. They would cover levels 20 to 45 (maybe even 50), since the Generation 1 series cover below level 20. Naming adjustments will class them as SDF Veterans and Delta Veterans. No visual changes needed, though adding in a Body and Head weapon and updating the specials a bit will be required.

Generation 3, the series intended for high levels (for now, Levels 50 to maybe 60 or preferably, 75), should be released in a future ShS War that directly involves Soluna and the SDF forces. They could also use a partial redesign here (and a full weapons overhaul); SDF units being a bit sleeker and deadlier looking, while the tall Delta series gains a bit more armoring (so it looks less wiry), stands upright (the original had a slight hunch), and looks more Knight-like overall. All units of this class have the series names being SDF Elite and Elite Delta.

Should there be a Generation 4, they will be released to cover 75 to 100, and aside from some adjustments to HP/EP/EP Regen and tweaking of the specials, but will look visually the same as the revived Generation 3. Series names would be SDF Royal Guard and Royal Delta [Point, Star, or Nova Star] Guard.
Post #: 338
10/22/2010 13:00:53   
Shadow Serpent

We should realy encrease the XP drop rate. I'm an adicr of any AE game but i allmost quit becouse it was too hard to lvl up. Allso There are very few updates. Once in a while we get a story planet but thats it. Both DF and AQW get updated weekly with new areas and quests, but MQ only adds weapons and mechas. There rly isn't much to do here.
Post #: 339
10/22/2010 15:30:49   

They are working on the S.O.O.N list, they are going to start releasing quests and storyline again soon.

So SC is more powerful than NSC? All double still has a chance to crit, all critical does not. Also, they are the exact same thing besides that. It should be NSC crit, SC double, NG critical double.
The 50% damage reflection BAM. I missed the eagle, and really regret it, so yes. If I didn't, I would say it was OP. But I did. So release it.

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DF MQ  Post #: 340
10/22/2010 15:31:36   

Cooler mech designs. (Pure bladebase and pure gunbase type of mech) (They don't necessarily need to move to attack or "battle poses", do they?) (More anime reference, especially from the new one, star driver)

Mech could hover on land instead of walking with a leg cramp.

Cooler attack animation.
-For example (a simple one), the mech could dual wield swords, both arms and swords are angled at a 27 degrees, pointed to the ground. When it attacks, it could lift and point one sword towards the enemy. It disappears and a single blue line cuts across the screen and the enemy is damaged.
-Another example, it's shoulder function could be to summon a black portal in front of the mech and swords many swords come out of it (at the same time, not one by one). Some of the swords could fly past the mech so it would look more realistic.

Nicer character designs. (Some characters look silly).

I also hope that something can be done about the farming system. I find the farming in AdventureQuest and DragonFable much, much, much, MUCH, M, U, C, H more fun than in MechQuest. For some reason I feel like I'm actually doing work just to gain a single level rather than having fun.

These are just my ideas and opinions. I'm not expecting anything to come from suggesting these. I'm only pointing them out. While I have tons of suggestions for attack animations, I am aware that they MAY be difficult to code. I don't need people giving me "Are you aware of how many months of coding that will take?" while they themselves know peanuts about coding or "The farming is supposed to be that way so that not all people can reach the level cap".

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 341
10/22/2010 16:09:51   


So SC is more powerful than NSC? All double still has a chance to crit, all critical does not. Also, they are the exact same thing besides that. It should be NSC crit, SC double, NG critical double.

I need my coffee.

But yes, now that I'm getting Caffeinated, I see that you're likely correct. So some tweaking in there would work.


The 50% damage reflection BAM. I missed the eagle, and really regret it, so yes. If I didn't, I would say it was OP. But I did. So release it.

I personally don't think it's OP... much... Since my suggestion would mean a high EP cost along with a high CD cost. Let's say the EP Use is almost as bad as the SC-only Kelvin 0 or Kelvin 25 heads (EP use in the 80 to 100 range), and when combined with the fact that in any battle short of Extreme (maybe even SCX Challenges), pretty much is a 1-time use weapon due to the high CD.

Of course, if it was made Rare... Then the EP Use and CD would be cheaper. But because it's meant to be Permanent, the CD and EP Use has to go up, which is a better alternative to having to weaken the special unnecessarily.
Post #: 342
10/22/2010 16:29:51   

I think my perception on things is slightly skewed, since I treat all mecha like BAMs, so it being a BAM does not affect me. I would love for it to be released.

With enough rares, it would be more OP than the eagle.
DF MQ  Post #: 343
10/22/2010 17:39:44   

we really need to check forumspring again... dont we?
MQ  Post #: 344
10/27/2010 16:55:16   
Breaking Things

I haven't read through the whole thread yet but I figure it's worth mentioning a few things off the bat.

Making things more overpowered won't happen.

More mechas in releases won't happen. We're actually slowing down the SCMMs right now.

We've been slowing quest-releases so I can work on bigger projects. November we're working on a small planet that revolves around several minigame-type objectives that still revolve around mecha combat.

I'll restate that making new mechs in MQ is greatly more difficult than making a new armor in AQ or DF and weapons are also much more difficult than the other games as well. Classes in AQ and DF follow the same size format so they just have to redraw the symbols and save as a new file and they have a new class. We have to take different looking mechs and re-animate every little thing. Our team is indeed small for these tasks. I have Arklen animating and sometimes vectorizing. Minar is helping with making his own weapons during down time and vectorizing and animating a few weapons here and there (he did one for Mogloween this week). We have Nicole who currently vectorizes and colors the mechs while Thyton and Jemini help on another project (while still helping us). I have Rolith for any big engine changes though he is primarily DF. I'm really the only quest-maker and currently the only main program although Vivi and Maegwyn are starting to pick things out and they've been compiling their own list of items for release and are also conquering certain items on the S.O.O.N. list. So we're starting to become more efficient. The biggest issue for MQ is the lack of people starting the game. So that's why we're focusing on the SOON list and trying to do some lower-level stuff.

As for rares, I'm not a fan of them and certainly want to make less of them. Hopefully after this holiday season and GEARS games we can start pumping out some really good content.


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MQ  Post #: 345
11/3/2010 5:29:47   

Dude... mecha... Team... Battles. Nuf sead.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 346
11/3/2010 6:55:23   

i think its dying. i mean, i dont play it any more. sorry but leveling up is sooooooooooooooooooo hard.
DF AQW  Post #: 347
11/3/2010 10:05:30   

MechQuest is a quality game. The only issue is player retention.

Focusing on lower level content will grab those new players and KEEP them in the game. That's the real issue.

Also SCMM don't have to be EVERY month. Just slowly phase them out.

Also also, decreasing the amount of rare items is the best idea ever.

MQ  Post #: 348
11/3/2010 10:57:36   

To deal with Rares outside of Holidays (like the Traveling Salesman), similar to my idea of releasing similar but weaker versions of them at a specific shop, it wouldn't hurt re-release them with a 10% to 15% reduction on strength of the specials or reducing their activation rates to 50% instead of 100%, and make them purchasable at Tek's (NSC and NG) or at the Star Captain's Club (SC and NG (doubling up on the areas to purchase the NG ones)). Aside from a slight name change and weakening of the specials or their activation rates, the weapons would all look exactly the same as their Rare counterparts.

Holiday Rares aren't the real issue, given that they're always re-released for the specific Holiday event they belong to, and are usually just updated with 3 to 5 new weapons for the upper levels. The one-time Rares are the ones that should be focused on.

I've already covered the SCMMs, so for the one-time Rare mechs like April Fools or the 4th of July mechs, it wouldn't hurt to re-release them with a slight visual change and some alteration of specials; such as the 3009's April Fool's mech looking more Mafia-like and with an ever lower chance of activating the 1HKO (and lowering the other weapons' activations rates by 15%), or the 4th of July Tank being re-released w/o the Stars and Stripes theme, made color custom, and the weapon animations changed from fireworks to standard explosion effects (same would apply to the 4oJ Walker). The Tank could also probably remove the rocket pod Shoulders and just have large cannons on them to parody the Guntank of classic Gundam.
Post #: 349
11/3/2010 22:58:13   

If the April Fools were to be rereleased, I'd say cut off the OHKO completely. :P
It's certainly an interesting concept. XD
But I'm wondering: if this were to be released, which release should this take the place of?
I don't think the team has the manpower to release this (or even just parts of it) along with the normal content.
DF MQ  Post #: 350
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