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The Hall of Memories - Division by Zero

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10/15/2010 8:46:51   
Times Silent Keeper

Hall of Memories: Division by Zero Error

Today's Events > War in Darkovia! (The Hall of Memories: Division by Zero Error) OR Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > DracoPyre Saga > Hall of Memories > 10: Division by Zero (War!)

Falerin was apparently killed by the Mysterious Stranger, a shadowy figure with an unknown motive and past whose manipulations have tormented Lore for ages. How he killed a god, and what he intends, remain unanswered. With the aid of Eldron, Falerin's friend and fellow Caelestian, you have gathered to try to reawaken Falerin. Though Eldron's method, a play of recent Lorian history, seems a bit unorthodox, and the Director he has hired, an overbearing gentleman named Lanfiré Dupre, is not helping at all...

«Scene: Gray.»

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

«You»: They say that undefined behavior can do almost anything. I am not sure who "they" are or why they say that, but that is what they say.
«You»: This is the story of the division by zero. I am not sure what that has to do with it either, but apparently division by zero is undefined behavior.
«You»: This is how it started... I remember it like it was yesterday.
«You»: It was a dark and stormy night... at least, I assume it was night, considering how dark and stormy it was.
Offstage Voice: CUT! Lights!

«Scene: The Library of the Isle D'Oriens»

Offstage Voice: I need passion! I need depth! How is anyone in their right minds to believe you in the part of «You» if you cannot sell the role?
«You»: Uhm... maybe because I AM «You», Lanfiré.
Lanfiré: Nonsense! Actually BEING a person is hardly proof that you ARE that person. Now once again, from the top. WITH FEELING this time.
«You»: I should have known that this play was a silly idea. Remind me how it was supposed to help again, Eldron. And where did you find this director, anyway?

«Eldron rises from within the Domicile»

Eldron: Ah good. It was right on the desk. Now I must remember to take it when we leave and that matter will be settled. What were you asking again?
«You»: How is the play supposed to help, and where did you find Lanfiré?
Eldron: Lanfiré is a close associate of Falerin's; that, however, is not important. The play's the thing...
«You»: "The play's the thing" for WHAT, though? And what sort of associate?
Eldron: That's not important, either. What IS important is that Falerin is, at all times, an insufferable perfectionist. Though naturally, only when such suits him.
«You»: I could buy that.
Eldron: So, by presenting the play in half truths and distortions we hope to jolt his inner redactor back into action.
«You»: Redactor... that's an editor that actually changes stuff, right? I thought you were less formal than Falerin was.
Eldron: Usually. However, none would argue that Falerin is a simple editor that does not change things. Thus, I say redactor. We hope to spur Falerin to redact.
Lanfiré: We should have no problem doing that, then... «You»'s own MOTHER would not believe that paltry performance.
Eldron: Really, Lanfiré, must you be so abrasive? You are not at all your usual self.
Lanfiré: I think something of Falerin's manner is bleeding through all of us, not having its usual outlet. We need to fix this...
Eldron: Abode and Arden remain stable?
Lanfiré: Yes, as do the others, but still he does not respond... Now can we get on with the production?
«You»: You're sure he isn't dead? He sure looked dead, and I'm something of an expert on what dead things look like.
Eldron: Of course he is dead. What difference does that make? He'll get better...
«You»: Huh? How?
Eldron: Your Death on this plane lets nearly everything go.
«You»: True, but it's been a few months. Perhaps he made an exception.
Lanfiré: Please don't remind me of how long it has been...
Eldron: It is a longer journey for Falerin to take than for most, and he tends to be scattered in many different places at once.
Eldron: He will return. Death has no authority over Falerin to begin with, as Falerin is both a deity and an outsider.
«You»: Then why is it important that we wake up Falerin before he wakes up on his own?
Eldron: He took a pretty severe blow. Why he did not resist or retaliate, I do not know... but he took that blow full on. He will need help to get back to himself.
Eldron: If he is awakened without intervention, there is no telling what part of him might remain, what he might remember, or what he might do...
Lanfiré: Besides, in the absence of his instruction, his avatars act without guidance. Some are used to that state, others require his regular instruction...
Eldron: Given how involved Falerin is in many things, quite unpleasant results might occur.
Eldron: At least the fact that his avatars survive at all means that he is still... Oh, what's this then?
Lanfiré: Eh... Why hello there... Miss. Can I help you?
Female Voice: I'm looking for «You». It's urgent.
Lanfiré: Yes... well. Right through there, then. It's the one dressed up as «You». ...I'd say the one acting like them, but quite frankly, they're NOT.

«Gracefang enters.»

«You»: Hold that thought, Eldron. Cenara, what is it?
Gracefang: Something is happening in Darkovia. A strange glowing clock has appeared, and Dhows has been sighted in several parts of the forest.

«Gracefang transforms back into her human form.»

«You»: A clock?
Cenara: It appears to be counting downward toward some deadline.
«You»: That sounds vaguely ominous.
Eldron: Only vaguely? A strange clock ticking toward some unknown fate...
«You»: The last time we saw that was the clock at Talados... counting down to Carnax.
Cenara: There are also large numbers of undead gathering. I need your help...
Eldron: Another?
Lanfiré: Whomever is responsible is not here.

«Donovan enters.»

«You»: Donovan, what are YOU doing there?
Donovan: I have come to advise you to mind your own business.
«You»: Of course. I always follow your advice. No problem.
Donovan: Stay away from that which is not your concern.
«You»: And you get to decide what concerns me and what doesn't?
Donovan: You cannot stop the passage from opening.
«You»: Passage? What passage?
Donovan: Heh... some other time. Now I must run along, Birdie.
«You»: Did he just call me "Birdie"?
Eldron: It seemed so...
Simultaneously: Cenara: But that... «You»: So the dream was real.
Cenara: Dream?
«You»: Your half-brother is working for Dhows.
«You»: I'm sorry, Eldron, but the Loremaster and the gods will have to muddle through without my help.
«You»: Whatever is going down in Darkovia needs to be stopped. NOW.
Eldron: But... if Falerin awakes on his own, he might...
«You»: Come along Cenara.
Eldron: Well. This could be messy...
Lanfiré: A bit headstrong, that one.
Eldron: Yes, I imagine that is what Falerin sees in «You».

«Scene fades and returns to a gray background.»

??? (1): Is it prepared?
??? (2): It is, Lord.
??? (1): "Lord" is a somewhat odd choice of title for you to apply to me.
??? (2): Perhaps, but changes abound and respect and courtesy are given where earned.
??? (1): As you wish. Perhaps when this has been finished... well let us not get ahead of ourselves.
??? (1): He will resist, of course. He cannot be made to capitulate willingly.
??? (2): I think he underestimates much.
??? (1): Set it in motion. I will deal with our... with MY... other problem.
??? (2): And if it fails?
??? (1): If it fails, then... then... it does not bear thinking of. Prepare now. The war is at hand.
Cenara: «You»! «You»! Are you alright? You just suddenly started staring. «You», do you hear me?
«You»: ... ... ... Huh? But who and what...

Version 1: Division by Zero Error
Strange undead have been gathering in Darkovia; they all seem to be closing in on Nightreign's castle. Cenara has sought your aid to try to fight off these invaders. What is their origin and purpose, what have they to do with the Mysterious Stranger, and what is this passage they speak of opening? Even stranger, there seems to be far more undead milling about than are actually fighting here. And what is it with that clock? Surely it has more time on it than we could possibly need...
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Version 2: Division by Zero Error
    Hey, that's cheating! At what seemed like the cusp of victory, the Mysterious Stranger has unleashed a growing horde of ever more peculiar undead upon you. The strange undead keep gathering - and that clock keeps ticking.

    (Along with version 2 comes the "Buy found treasures!" button to access the rewards.)

    Version 3: Division by Zero Error
    Clearly your adversary does NOT play fair. The Mysterious Stranger has ordered the servants of the dracopyre Nightreign against you. And all the while, that strange clock keeps ticking... ticking... But towards what?

    Version 4: Division by Zero Error
    As the strange clock nears its climax, Donovan and his forces have dropped out of the war... but now even stranger undead take their place. Bathed in light, these undead move freely through light and dark... and the shadow in between.

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 potions on hand. Guardians can also click on the Treasure Chest to obtain the Dracolich Rider armor.

    Twilly: Uh-oh's! Undeads are everywhere!! You'd better be ready to bury some baddies!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    In the midst of the camp is a glowing clock counting down to 12:00 AM on Tuesday, October 5.
    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Cenara
  • Eldron
  • Artix
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    After 99% of the monsters were defeated for the first time, the meter was reset to 33% and the Division by Zero: Found (1) shop is opened. Other monsters (including Transmorphers and Undead Guardians) are added to the encounter list. In addition, the War Camp message is changed to its second form. The following cutscene also plays when going "To Battle!":

    «Scene: A bizarre, starry area with the Mysterious Stranger and two Mysterious Necromancers to Its left within.»

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    «You»: What? What is this place... Why are we floating? What's going on? You! How are you... What have you done to me, Dhows?!
    Mysterious Stranger: What a silly question the birdie asks. We have done nothing to you, birdie. You do this to yourself.
    Mysterious Necromancer in the center: Silly er...
    Mysterious Necromancer on the left: Birdie.
    Mysterious Necromancer in the center: Yes, right. Birdie.
    Mysterious Necromancer on the left: We told you not to get involved.
    Mysterious Necromancer in the center: We did try to warn you.
    Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but I could have told you... This birdie is somewhat hard of hearing...
    «You»: I'm not hard of hearing, Dhows. Just stubborn. Stopping anything you have in mind is a personal favorite of mine.
    Mysterious Stranger: See, listen to the squawks that come out of this birdie's beak. So hard of hearing. We need to turn up the volume, clearly.
    Mysterious Stranger: So the birdie can hear us.
    Mysterious Stranger: Maybe... you can understand my singing... birdie...
    Mysterious Stranger: Begin the attack...

    «The Scene fades and you fight as above.»
    After 83% of the monsters were defeated for the second time, the meter was reset to 66% and the Division by Zero: Found (2) shop is opened. Other monsters are added to the encounter list. In addition, the War Camp message is changed to its third form. The following cutscene also plays when going "To Battle":

    «Scene: At the foot of Nightreign's Castle.»

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    «Scene: Nightreign is fighting Gracefang.»

    Several hours later...

    Donovan: Give it up. Clearly the Chosen has you bested.
    Mysterious Stranger: Send in your reinforcements, Dracopyre. The birdie's surprise party is just beginning.
    Donovan: You are wasting my time...
    Mysterious Stranger: Right now... your time is mine to waste, farmer boy. Now... send in your troops.
    Donovan: Eventually, Dhows... you will go too far. And make no mistake, I will be there to END you when you do.
    Mysterious Stranger: Such venom. How curious, this birdie is...
    Mysterious Stranger: We have no time to chat about the impossibility of your delusions, birdie. Send in the troops.

    «The Scene fades and you fight as above.»
    After 93% of the monsters were defeated for the third time, the meter was reset to 70% and the Division by Zero: Found (3) shop is opened. Other monsters are added to the encounter list while the Dracopyric monsters were removed. In addition, the War Camp message is changed to its fourth form. The following cutscene also plays when going "To Battle":

    «Scene: At the foot of Nightreign's Castle.»

    Mysterious Stranger: What was that? Holding out on me... You did not even send in a tenth of your forces?!
    Donovan: I will meet my obligations, but not at the cost of my own security or control in this region.
    Mysterious Stranger: Hmm... What a shrewd birdie you are... Still, a birdie... But I might have more use for you after all. Very well, birdie. Withdraw your forces. I will tend to the final stages myself.

    «The Scene fades and you fight as above.»

    After all of the monsters were defeated for the final time:

    «Scene: Above Nightreign's Castle, the Mysterious Stranger is apparently standing on the moon.»

    Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but the Chosen is a test indeed... Though for me to pass or fail matters not. To be challenged alone suffices.
    Mysterious Stranger: That birdie may indeed be a tough old drake, but... we end it now. It is time to finish the dressing, duckie...

    «The Stranger floats to the ground, where there are Donovan, a Brilhado Lich, and a spirit with your face.»

    Brilhado Lich: The passage shall be opened, and none shall be able to stop it.
    Mysterious Stranger: Silly, foolish birdie... Oooooh, for once that is a literal thing! You ARE a rotting little birdie, aren't you...
    Brilhado Lich: ...
    Mysterious Stranger: Unfortunately for you...
    Mysterious Stranger: I have arranged it all. The heroes of Lore have fought my battles for me. It is amazing how a mysterious ticking clock can motivate fools.
    Donovan: ... Stop wasting time. Such delays and posturing only invite defeat. Finish waking the Loremaster. It is time to end this.
    Mysterious Stranger: It matters not. It is already done.

    «The spirit leaves and you and Cenara enter.»

    «You»: I wouldn't count on that. Whatever you're selling, we're not buying it.
    Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but I think we have already disproven that.... You have no idea how helpful you have been.
    «You»: This war was all your doing. The Krie-Guardians and the Transmorphers were meant to convince me that YOU were the one trying to open this passage...
    «You»: All the while, however, it was the opposite.
    Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but you are a clever one. Truly... you have earned a cracker. Now how did you deduce that...
    «You»: Your timer gave us a bit more motivation than you intended.
    «You»: I had enough support from other Guardians and Adventurers that I was able to make several observations about what was going on... and had some time to consult an old friend.
    «You»: I've learned to question strange undead, and the masses of undead that were just milling about - not attacking - are nothing if not strange.
    «You»: And I remembered I had a friend very close to the Light Lord and familiar with this region, who was able to help fill in the gaps and detect her herald's signs...
    «You»: I presume that would be you, my Lady?
    Brilhado Lich: Indeed. I am the Harbringer of the coming of the Lord's Avatar.
    «You»: Welcome to Lore, Lady. I wish it were on better terms. I apologize for the struggles it took.
    «You»: Now as to you, "Father"... Lore and her protectors will always resist you and your evil, Dhows.
    Mysterious Stranger: Evil? Evil? Oh, what a fowl-tempered sort you are. Is a volcano evil? Is entropy evil? What is this word you utter? What meaning does it have? I know it not and I reject it utterly.
    Mysterious Stranger: Unfortunately for you, there will always be other battles, and there will always be other Lores. Win... lose... it matters not. It's that we play the game.
    Brilhado Lich: He is neither good nor evil, as that requires both will and morality. I doubt he has, or can even comprehend, either.
    Brilhado Lich: He is pitiful, really. A force unstoppable, with a pretense of life of some sort... yet only a shadow and never able to really get it right.
    Brilhado Lich: Some consider undead to be pitiful, but what a terrible thing it must be to be him... Doomed always to fail and thus trying desperately to spread his failure to others.
    Brilhado Lich: You truly are a sad, lost little boy, one who plays cruel games because he can understand nothing else.
    Mysterious Stranger: ...
    «You»: The Shadowscythe, struck speechless! Oh, magnificent! This day shall go down in history.
    «You»: It ends, Dhows. You failed.
    Mysterious Stranger: Failure is irrelevant, duckie. I already told you. But even so... I think you considerable overestimate your success...
    Donovan: You could not have done this on your own. You mentioned someone. Who is it that aided you?
    «You»: Oh, wouldn't you like to know...
    «You»: Of course, it's fairly obvious. I think, in fact, that the "Father" already knows... don't you.


    «Scene: Falerin's Bier, with Falerin lying atop it. The Scene zooms in.»

    Ardendor: Oh... what's this then?
    Ardendor: Hmm...
    Ardendor: Hmmm... but what am I... hmmm...

    «Scene zooms out, Falerin gets up with a lit staff. He then teleports away.»

    «Scene: Back at Darkovia. Cagliari Lux begins to fade in in the background.»

    Donovan: That is not an answer. Tell us who assisted you!

    «Cagliari Lux continues to fade in.»

    «You»: You know, normally I'd happily tell you... but making that vein pulse in your forehead is so much more fun.
    Donovan: ... No matter. If you are unwilling to tell us, I will extract the information forcibly.
    Mysterious Stranger: Don't be daft, dracopyre. It was Lux. Lux...

    «Cagliari Lux appears fully.»

    Cagliari: The very same. It had your handiwork woven throughout.
    Cagliari: Turning undead against each other, and heroes against the undead? You really do need to learn some new tricks, "Father."
    «You»: You were clever, and your plan nearly worked, but sometimes a manipulator works too well. I knew from the beginning that you had your hands all over this...
    «You»: I just couldn't work out what your angle was.
    Donovan: Crispus, come! Silence them...
    Mysterious Stranger: Oh no... I want to hear the song these birdies sing. You will be the silent one, dracopyre.
    Brilhado Lich: You know of the avatar's coming, and of his importance?
    «You»: Not completely, but with Cagliari's help it was easy to get the big picture.
    Cenara: At first we hadn't pieced it together because we thought Giliara Celegra was the Light Lord's avatar...
    «You»: ... But then I remembered that Cagliari said Paladin had been one, too, and that he himself had served as High Communicant for a time.
    «You»: The Celegras told me that Giliara has other duties, and Cagliari is already here. So who else might it be...
    Cenara: The Light Lord could have any number of avatars, of course...
    «You»: ... But only one other that was such a thorn in your side, Dhows, you would want to thwart his coming... And go to this much trouble to do so.
    «You»: Commander Paladin.
    Mysterious Stranger: Cagliari Lux, you meddling friar... I shall destroy you utterly.
    Cagliari: Perhaps you shall. You have already cost me much... My family, my love, my original life. You'll stop at nothing to exact your revenge, and you may even succeed.
    Cagliari: But not today, Dhows. Today, I helped thwart you.
    «You»: And like I said, any other chance we get, we will continue to thwart you.
    Mysterious Stranger: Alas for you, you will not have that opportunity. I will now awaken Falerin and he will seal the passage.
    «You»: Really... you think I'll let you do that?
    Mysterious Stranger: You think you can stop me... heheh... the silly birdie in his "victory" soars too close too near the eclipse. Donovan... eliminate him...


    Donovan: No. I am done with your game. I have met my obligations to you, old man... or whatever you are.
    Mysterious Stranger: Oh, I think no... Dracopyre ON!

    «Donovan turns into his DracoPyric form.»

    Mysterious Stranger: Finish them!

    Mysterious Stranger: You are far stronger than that, dracopyre. That was hardly an effort...
    «You»: ... THAT is what you call "hardly an effort"?
    Donovan: I have a stronger will than you credit me for, Seth Cay Dhows. I will unify the world and stop the Devourer's return, and if you get in my way I will stop you, too.
    Mysterious Stranger: Will you indeed? Oh what a cuckoo this birdie is... A stubborn imitator. One who is a bit touched in the head.
    Mysterious Stranger: Verily and in truth, a cuckoo, but you are definitely worth further study... Yes indeedie, hehehehe...
    Donovan: Hmph...

    «Donovan leaves. Eldron enters.»

    Eldron: «You»! There you are! We have a serious problem. Falerin has vanished from the Isle; someone appears to have taken him...
    Mysterious Stranger: And here... heheheh... is why you will fail... The one that has taken him is one once called Dhows, and oh, the whispers Dhows whispered...

    «Dhows becomes a shadow and flies away. He returns a short while later.»

    Mysterious Stranger: Gone... GONE! While you distracted me the Loremaster flew his cage!
    «You»: Gasp! Really?!
    «You»: You mean to say that you failed to manipulate either of us, despite your warnings when you killed him? How disappointing!
    «You»: You would almost think I turned the tables on you, Dhows. What is it you would say in my position? Hmm...
    «You»: Ah, that'll work. "Seems this blackbird's song has been quieted..."
    Mysterious Stranger: ...
    «You»: Sorry, that was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I don't sit around all day thinking about "birdie" puns and references.
    Mysterious Stranger: ... You and your Terns may laugh while you may, chickadees. For you will suffer, birdie... suffer greatly... But today...
    Mysterious Stranger: Today I know I am bested. This effort has ended. I bow out and concede defeat. Take of it what you will.

    «Dhows becomes a shadow and flies away.»

    «You»: So the passage opens. Why has the Paladin not yet returned? And why...

    «Cenara disappears.»

    «You»: Cenara?! CENARA!
    Eldron: That was not the necromantic shade.
    Cagliari: Indeed not.
    Herald: Though the door is open, it will take some time for the one you know as the Commander to make the journey. For now, our Lord can repay your aid by providing, in part, what you seek...
    Eldron: How so?
    Herald: She has sent me with items I can reproduce for sale that may aid in future efforts. They are in a box at our camp... but first, she seeks to reward you with what you seek more directly.

    «Scene turns white and the new Hall of Memories scene fades in.»

    Cenara: Am I glad to see you here. How did we get here?
    Cenara: Abode?
    Abode: Your arrival was not my doing, Cenara... though my systems have suddenly begun restoring.
    «You»: Before everything went white, the Herald said something about the Light Lord wanting to repay us with something we sought... This is a different section than we usually arrive in.
    Abode: That is true, but you are not far from your normal arrival point. You remain in the Darkovia wing of the Hall of Memories.
    Cenara: Curious.
    «You»: Cenara, that door over there is very strange; it is glowing... and it has the same sigil as Cagliari's.
    Cenara: But it's labeled differently...
    Cenara: "The Lady's Door." Do you think that this could be...
    Cenara: ... No, there's no way it could... could it?
    «You»: Only one way to find out. Abode, we're going in.
    Abode: Good luck to you both, but be careful. Initiating transport...
  • Geronimo!

    «Scene turns white and the Realm of Lightfades in, Cenara "upside-down."»

    Cenara: This is somewhat disorienting...
    «You»: Whoa. This place is weird. ... Why are you on the ceiling?
    Cenara: What are you talking about? You're the one on the ceiling.
    «You»: I am not the...

    Female Voice: Up and Creation, Left and Down, Front and Uncreation, Back and Dark, Fire and North...

    «The source of the Female Voice rotates counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise) as it speaks its lines.»

    Female Voice: The strangeness of how these are combined is jarring, too, no doubt. Here, however, things are not as you understand them to be.
    Female Voice: And all are aspects of one.
    Cenara: One?
    Female Voice: One. Gravity is an accident of matter. Thus, what is the matter with you now. You are matter outside matter.
    «You»: Do you mean this place has no substance? It feels solid to me.
    Female Voice: This place has substance, but it is not matter. It is composed of tightly packed photons. You are, as they say in Terra, tripping the light fantastic...
    «You»: forgive me for seeming rude, my Lady, but are you... wherever it is you are right now... are you the Light Lord?
    Female Voice: I am one of them. I am your own Lore's, and several other Lores' that fall under creation, and several not-Lores' as well. Does this answer suffice? Perhaps not...
    Female Voice: I am she who the Brilhado call mother, and who Commander Paladin and the Celegras call Lord or Lady.
    Female Voice: And I am in your debt, demicreated: a champion, chosen of creation and uncreation. The new orphanage grows by the moment...
    Female Voice: No, the metaphor fails, for while you are as those of the orphanage were to them, you are at once your own being. The same but different.
    Female Voice: However your nature may be... now I grant what it is in my power to grant.
    Female Voice: The shadow would deny you passage through my servant Paladin's door, but he cannot deny those who were there.
    Female Voice: And I was present for these events, so this I do. A fragment of that which you seek. Of truth, of joy, of Light...

    «Scene turns white and fades in Luminovia as Erimus and Cara are getting married.»

    Cmdr. Paladin: ... therefore, by the authority vested in me as Her servant and in the name of the Lady of Light, I hereby join ye in in the bond of matrimony.

    «Scene turns white and fades in Luminovia two and one-half years later.»

    Cmdr. Paladin: I'm sorry to call you away from your family with your son so recently born, Erimus, but this is of the utmost importance. I hope they are well.
    Erimus: Cara and Balius are both well, Commander. And you've nothing to apologize for. Given the situation in Luminovia, all have to be alert.
    Erimus: Thank you for performing the ceremony. It was important to Cara and I to do things properly, even... no, especially... in light of the shadows that are now falling over the land.
    Cmdr. Paladin: It seems just moments ago I married you. It's hard to believe that two and a half years have passed already.
    Erimus: Time flies, Paladin. ... Have you managed to learn anything more about your suspicions?
    Cmdr. Paladin: I have just met with Lux. Do you know young Cagliari?
    Erimus: Yes. He seems a very good sort.
    Cmdr. Paladin: He absolutely is a credit to our Lady. Lux works very closely with the Father, and he is certain that Dhows plans to go through with his war against Safiria.
    Erimus: Disturbing. With all of the whispers of wolfmen in the forests hunting the night, do we need further conflict with the vampire queen?
    Cmdr. Paladin: That is what I wished to speak with you about, actually...
    Erimus: The werewolves... why?
    Cmdr. Paladin: The wolves have a leader - an alpha - who calls himself their King. He has been seen in human form on a few occasions by my scouts...
    Erimus: An alpha? It makes sense that they would style themselves after a pack, I suppose. But... what has that to do with me?
    Cmdr. Paladin: One of the scouts recognized him. You know him, I believe Lt. Chapwell Malnachrichten?
    Erimus: yes, Chapwell went to primary with Cara, Drageth, and Constantin and I. Why?
    Cmdr. Paladin: Chapwell is... quite certain of the Werewolf King's identity. He is also very certain that Drageth Slugwrath cannot be trusted any longer...
    Erimus: Paladin, my friend, you are making me very nervous. Why do you hesitate on your point, only to cast doubts on one of my oldest friends? Who does Chapwell say he saw?
    Cmdr. Paladin: *sigh* The werewolf king... is Constantin Petyrovich.
    Erimus: What? That's... that's impossible... he... Drageth's men reported his body found near Safiria's castle... two years ago...
    Cmdr. Paladin: Chapwell was certain, Erimus, and I am certain of him.
    Cmdr. Paladin: Given this fact, you can see the problem with Drageth then, I am sure. There is another thing...
    Cmdr. Paladin: Drageth is awfully close to Father Dhows. He is in the temple more frequently than the Acolytes, I think.
    Cmdr. Paladin: The Father was very set on bringing this war to Safiria. Drageth's men implicated her in Constantin's death... and that was the spark Dhows needed.
    Cmdr. Paladin: The man commands the Light like no other I have ever known... but I grow more and more suspicious of him, Erimus....
    Cmdr. Paladin: If I investigate further with my scouts, we risk Dhows stopping it or finding out by implication. If the two of them are colluding then it is a risk I cannot have my men take.
    Cmdr. Paladin: I am very reluctant to ask you this, given you are now a young father, but given your closeness to Constantin...
    Erimus: Say no more. I will go... I owe it to my friend.
    Cmdr. Paladin: Be very careful, Erimus, and do not go alone... There are things that hunt these woods in the dark of the night.
    Erimus: I will ask my old friend Dewlok if he will accompany me. He and I have not had the chance to go hunting as he wanted, and his healing may be useful, if... if...


    Erimus: No, I cannot bear to think that. If it is truly Constantin, then he will know his old friend.
    Erimus: Commander, I have a request of my own.
    Cmdr. Paladin: Of course. You have only to ask.
    Erimus: Say nothing to Cara about your suspicions about Drageth. She and he are close, and it would upset her greatly... which will be good for neither her nor my son.

    «Scene fades and returns to the Realm of Light.»

    Light Lord: This is how the end began for Luminovia. It is only a piece of what you seek, but what you have learned may aid you in learning more.
    Light Lord: But for now... there is another with whom you need to speak.

    «Scene whitens and fades in the Library at the Isle d'Oriens.»

    «You»: ... Falerin! There you are!
    Falerin: No, I am afraid I am not...
    «You»: What?
    Falerin: I am... a bit broken up due to Dhows's actions. I was in many places at once when he... did what he did, and my colocation collapsed.

    «Falerin fades a bit.»

    Falerin: Being here now with you like this took a great effort of will to accomplish, especially as other fragments of my mind currently control my body.
    «You»: I'm... not sure I understand that, but is there anything I can do to help?
    Falerin: You can try to mitigate the damage Dhows has done, but be careful.
    «You»: What will you do?
    Falerin: I need to sort things out, and it is harder than even normal. Dhows has been whispering in my ear, and I may never be quite the same after this.
    Falerin: Not that this is entirely a bad thing. Variety is the spice of life. Of course, that does not mean there is anything wrong with paprika. Teehee...

    «Falerin fades a bit more.»

    «You»: Uh... beg pardon?
    Falerin: Just a stray idea. This kinda sucks, man... I cannot control that nearly as I used to. I blurt things out like... forget it. Never mind that, dude. Just... be careful.
    «You»: ... Great. So... do you know what Dhows was trying to accomplish with you?
    Falerin: He needed a deity to unravel the divine magic of the Light Lord. He was prepared to use me, even if that sparked a god war.
    Falerin: He was not fully aware of some facts that mean no such war would happen anyway, but he may well have gotten me to close the portal if you had not won...

    «Falerin fades a bit more.»

    «You»: What facts? ... Are you okay? You seem to be fading more quickly...
    Falerin: Do you know why my avatars did not die when I did? It is the same reason that Galrick did not die when he should have... Only in reverse.
    «You»: Wait... the powers of Lore kept your agents alive? Did... they take them as their own avatars?
    Falerin: No, they merely provided them with the power to remain alive in my absence... and they did it for all of them, not just the ones here.
    Falerin: I am like a power supply for my avatars, here and everywhere.
    Falerin: At the point of my death, all of those connections should have severed. Any avatars who were not taken recently enough to be still alive under their own force would die.
    Falerin: That would have royally sucked... for them, for me, and for all of the many balls I had up in the air at the time I was killed.
    Falerin: So they performed a... "hot swap," I think the Terran computer scientists would call it.
    Falerin: All of the cabling they left intact, but the battery was switched from me to them collectively. They did this as my friends, to return my favor... and potentially as my supe...
    Falerin: No, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
    Falerin: And I am fading more quickly, you are right. That sucks. Do... you want to see what might have happened if you'd failed? Abode is regaining his function.
  • Show me
      Falerin: I... hope that the information you find is useful. Now I need to get myself together. Abode, follow the current cusp in Darkovia...
      «You»: Darkovia seems to have several cusps.
      Falerin: Aye, more than its fair share in fact... you chalk that up to his interference.
      Abode: Ready... Rewinding...

      «Scene blurs and changes to Falerin's Bier.»

      Ardendor: Whoa! I feel funny. Mommy... I think I had a nightmare...
      Ardendor: Something... Something is coming...
      Ardendor: Oh, what is coming...?

      «Ardendor gets up and lights his staff as the Mysterious Stranger enters.»

      Ardendor: Oh... Hello, mister... I dreamed about you... I think I know you somehow... Do you know what is coming, dude?
      Mysterious Stranger: Oh my... it is even worse than I feared. Falerin, dear friend, can you not recall? The passage is almost opened; if we do not stop it, then...
      Ardendor: Er... stop it?
      Mysterious Stranger: They approach... be careful, Falerin... they are dangerous...

      «The Brilhado Lich and a Light Lich enter.»

      Brilhado Lich: The passage has been opened. The return has begun. Entire armies surround this place, Shade. No power on Lore or that you command can stop what the powers enact.
      Mysterious Stranger: Heheh... then it is a good thing I have allies from beyond. Quickly, Falerin... you must act now...
      Ardendor: But I... I am not sure...

      «The Light Lich gets closer and the scene zooms in on the Brilhado and Dhows.»

      Brilhado Lich: Subdue the other. The shade is mine...
      Mysterious Stranger: I would not injure him if I were you.
      Mysterious Stranger: You mightn't live to forget it...

      «The Light Lich attacks Falerin.»

      Mysterious Stranger: ... Oops. It seems the birdie has made a mess in his cage... Now, Falerin... you MUST close the passage...
      Ardendor: Owie! That hurts! You and your undead are not very nice, Lady!
      Ardendor: That was not very nice at all! I'm going to go home now, but first you need to learn some manners...

      «The Scene turns red around Falerin and the Scene changes to Darkovia.»

      Brilhado Lich: He is gone... both of them... the passage... it...
      «You»: Ah yes, the passage. Forget it, Brilhado. Your efforts are at an end.

      «You»: Return to your master and let him know I will stop him at every turn.
      Brilhado Lich: I... I do not understand. I was lead to believe you would be my ally. She told me that you were a hero of Lore!
      «You»: ... She?
      Brilhado Lich: My master. My Lady. The Lord of Light. I am her herald, sent to prepare the way for her avatar's coming.
      «You»: HAH, nice try! We all know that Giliara Celegra is her avatar!
      Brilhado Lich: Giliara is one of many. An important one, but the one she sends has greater claims. The enemy comes...

      «Dhows flies in as a shadow.»

      Mysterious Stranger: I was wrong about you, birdie.
      «You»: Wrong? Wait... you said "enemy"...
      Mysterious Stranger: She did indeed, heheh... And I told Ardendor you were nothing like homing pigeons... But the truth, is you simply needed to be trained.
      «You»: Trained?
      Mysterious Stranger: You have been a great help in my endeavor, birdie. I can return the favor. Allow me to offer you something... a token of my gratitude, hehehehe...
      «You»: Whatever you're selling, Dhows, we're not buying it.
      Mysterious Stranger: Hehehe... I think we just proved that is not true, didn't we... But suit yourself. Now, to finish this. He is coming.
      «You»: Coming? What is coming?

      «Eldron enters.»

      Eldron: Falerin has vanished, someone has taken him.
      Mysterious Stranger: Oh indeed, but you just missed him... how sad. Of course, were you to find him... I think you would find him not himself just now...
      «You»: What?
      Eldron: Falerin has vanished, and I have every reason to believe he has no idea who he even is.
      «You»: How?
      Mysterious Stranger: Oh, foolish birdies, the lot of you... I do so like a good contingency plan. No matter what you did, my bases were covered...
      «You»: What do you mean?
      Mysterious Stranger: If the birdie was unable to close the door, I made sure Ardendor would.
      Mysterious Stranger: I could not have my old friend the Commander and any of his messy undead mess with my work here.
      «You»: But... What...
      Mysterious Stranger: Most unfortunately for you all, Falerin was an is very likely to get into conflict upon his awakening...
      «You»: ... What have you done?!
      Mysterious Stranger: In time, you will see. In time...
      «You»: Time! Yes, that's another thing. What was that strange clock? Where did it come from?
      Mysterious Stranger: Oh, silly birdie... It came from me... Of course.
      «You»: ...
      Mysterious Stranger: I do find that you mortals tend to do your best work under the crushing weight of an impending deadline.
      Mysterious Stranger: Of course there is the added benefit that you get a bit sloppy, too... hehehe...
      «You»: So... every aspect of this was part of your scheme... Both the clock and Donovan's visit, the strange undead...
      Mysterious Stranger: All scripted to encourage your involvement. I knew I could depend on you, birdie.
      Mysterious Stranger: You do so love a mystery, and poking your nose where it is implied it is not wanted.
      «You»: It was all one big manipulation.
      Mysterious Stranger: Now the birdie is coming to his sense. Clever birdie... Do you want a cracker?
      «You»: Want to crack your skull is more like it.
      Mysterious Stranger: Oh, such venom. you are a birdie, not a snake, remember. As for your remaining niggling questions, the answers shall become apparent... if you survive. All in good time... But not today.

      «Scene fades and returns to the Library.»

      «You»: What is he after? What sort of being can manipulate possibilities like that?
      Falerin: I am uncertain he has a goal at all. As to the second question, a very dangerous one. Be careful, «You»...

      Dialogue continues as below.

  • I've had enough
      Falerin: As... As you wish. This must be a lot to take in. Please be careful, «You»...

      Dialogue continues as below.

    «Falerin fades a bit more.»

    «You»: What do you mean, "be careful"? With everything on our side, what could go wrong?
    Falerin: I mean it. You are... very important. It would not do for something to happen to you.
    «You»: It's... strange to hear that from you. You didn't even suggest I be careful when Omega attacked. I mean, that worked out, but...
    Falerin: I was... younger, and more foolish. Besides, The'Galin wished you no ill. We cannot remotely be sure the same is true of the shade.
    Falerin: In fact... his malice is quite certain. And as I have had... plenty of time to consider him and his actions... I believe I was mistaken in the label I gave him.
    Falerin: He is no more what he appears to be now that he was when he coopted the Light Lord's church. In fact, the idea alone that he rose to power there, wielding Light magics, should have been a hint.
    Falerin: He is not what he appears... he is wearing the mantle just like the others... well, perhaps not like them. I think he was first.
    Falerin: I do believe he created that order for his own purposes, and that his order emulates his own emulation...

    «Falerin fades a bit more.»

    Falerin: Please... Just be careful...
    «You»: I'll do my best...
    Falerin: Thanks, «You»... I knew I could count on...

    «Falerin disappears.»

    «You»: ... Dhows has a lot to answer for.
    «You»: Get better, Loremaster. We'll be waiting for you...
    Division by Zero: Victory

    Shop Weapons:
  • Doom Divisor Z
  • Fairche Solais Z
  • Guardian Fairche Solais
  • Cryptic Doom Divisor
  • Lustrous Fairche Solais
  • Guardian Doom Divisor
  • Lambent Fairche Solais
  • Enigmatic Doom Divisor
  • Guardian Lustrous Fairche Solais

    Shop Spells:
  • Guardian Dark Wings I
  • Dark Wings II
  • Dark Wings III
  • Dark Wings IV
  • Dark Wings V

    Shop House Items:
  • Brilhado Lich (10)
  • Brilhado Lich (30)
  • Brilhado Lich (50)
  • Brilhado Lich (70)
  • Brilhado Lich (90)
  • Brilhado Lich (110)
  • Play Again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Division by Zero: Found (1)

    Shop House Items:
  • Falerin's Bier
  • Banshee
  • Insubstantial Banshee
  • Tenuous Banshee
  • Immaterial Banshee
  • Wispy Banshee
  • Incorporeal Banshee
  • Banshee Messenger
  • Ethereal Banshee
  • Back to the Fight!
    Division by Zero: Found (2)

    Shop House Items:
  • Tenuous Banshee
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Doom Sheep
  • Falerin's Bier
  • Banshee
  • Doom Sheep
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Insubstantial Banshee
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Doom Sheep
  • Immaterial Banshee
  • Doom Sheep
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Wispy Banshee
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Doom Sheep
  • Incorporeal Banshee
  • Doom Sheep
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Banshee Messenger
  • Ethereal Banshee
  • Back to the Fight!
    Division by Zero: Found (3) aka Buy found treasures!

    Shop House Items:
  • Tenuous Banshee
  • Nightraider
  • Nightraider
  • WereDragon
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Doom Sheep
  • Falerin's Bier
  • Banshee
  • Doom Sheep
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • WereDragon
  • Nightraider
  • Insubstantial Banshee
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Doom Sheep
  • Immaterial Banshee
  • Doom Sheep
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Nightraider
  • WereDragon
  • Wispy Banshee
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Doom Sheep
  • WereDragon
  • Nightraider
  • Incorporeal Banshee
  • Doom Sheep
  • Krie-Guardian Mage
  • Banshee Messenger
  • Ethereal Banshee
  • Back to the Fight!

    War Monster List

    For the first part of the war, all monsters are from the "Random Darkovian Monsters" list.

    For the second part of the war, you have a 50% chance of fighting a random Darkovian monster, and a 50% chance of fighting one of Dhows's monsters

    For the third part, you have a:
  • 50% chance of fighting a random Darkovian monster
  • 3/8 chance of fighting one of Donovan's minions
  • 1/8 chance of fighting one of Dhows's monsters

    For the fourth part, you have a:
  • 50% chance of fighting a random Darkovian monster
  • 3/8 chance of fighting a Light monster
  • 1/8 chance of fighting one of Dhows's monsters

    Random Darkovian monsters

    This uses the formula for Random Adventures for determining what monsters you can fight.
    Dhows's Monsters
    Donovan's Minions
    Light Monsters
    Monster list from Aelthai.

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