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Mogloween 2010

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11/6/2010 7:50:10   
Times Silent Keeper

Mogloween 2010!

Today's Event » Mogloween 2010!

«Scene: Somewhere in Darkovia»

Zorbak: ............. This is not good.
Zorbak: Zirkon, have you had any luck yet?

«A sparkling Vampire Lord enters the scene.»

Zirkon: No, I have not, my master. The little ones are nowhere to be found.
Zorbak: This is unacceptable! I dedicated MONTHS of my life to creating the perfect monsters and now they just up and run away!!
Zirkon: I will not give up.
Zorbak: Good. You keep on looking, Zirkon. Meanwhile, I'm going to go find some independent help to make sure we cover the most ground.
Zirkon: You do not trust me to do a good job for you, master?
Zorbak: Oh, I do.... Whether you find them first or not, you can feel free to feed on the additional help...
  • Mogloween!

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    11/6/2010 7:50:36   
    Times Silent Keeper


    «If you have candy on hand when you enter this quest from Battleon or another quest, you will lose some candy and get the message "Some of your candy has spoiled!". Your current candy will be multiplied by sqrt(1/2).»

    Trick or Treat!
    Happy Mogloween! All of the adventurers are out trick or treating for candy! Earn candy then trade them in for cool masks and Pumpkin armor!
  • Trick or Treat!
  • Candy Trade!
  • Eat Some Candy - 100 candy is consumed and you heal 100 HP and MP
  • Back to Town...
  • Collect Zorbak's Monstermaniacs! - Beat this quest to meet some new friends!
  • Go to Lockjaw's House! - Beat this quest to unlock the permanent Frankenglaive, Corpse Cannon, and Beast King Jammies!

    «Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their health potions if they have less than 5 potions on hand.»

    Werewolf King: Once a year comes the holiday we call MOGLOWEEN! Everything seems to become as scary as Darkovia, where I am from!
    Werewolf King: Trick or Treat and visit houses to collect candy and trade it for special weapons, costume armors, masks and other items!
    Werewolf King: Beware of the Moglins! Those cute little fellas can become a handful during the Festival. It is the one time of year that transforms them into giant Moglinsters!
    Werewolf King: I hope you brought your best gear and lots of room for Candy! I am going to try to wear each mask at least once before the festival ends! Now-- let's go get some CANDDAAYYYY!
  • Solve the mystery of the falling star! - Beat this quest to unlock the permanent Gween pet!
  • Not right now-- Maybe later!

    Toil: The masks and prizes you trade your candy for are temporary. Your normal gear will return when you log out.
    Trouble: Happy Mogloween! Oh, and we've heard reports of "falling stars" around town -- see if you can find one!
  • Thanks!
    Toil: One more thing-- Our little sisters Bubble and Bubble are missing! Can you find them for us??
  • Search for Toil and Trouble's sisters!
  • Not right now-- Maybe later.

    Zorbak: Mehehehe... *ahem* This costume is great, don't you think? Everyone is mistaking me for Zorbak. I'm really just a 7 year old girl... yeah, that's right.
    Zorbak: Anyway, would you like to go on a quest for me?
  • Collect Zorbak's MonsterManiacs! - Beat this quest to unlock WolfGirl and FishBoy summon guests!
  • Zorbak's Ebil Pets!
  • Ghost Princess (The very first AdventureQuest quest ever released!)
  • Fight your clone!
  • No thanks
    Trick or Treat!

    «If you don't have a mask»

    Moglins: Oh no oh no oh no... you are not wearing a mask!!! (Why are we suddenlies so hungwy!)
    *Begins to transform*
  • Uh oh....«If you have a mask»

    Moglins: Hiyas! Okays, lets play the Mogloween game! Choose a hand... if you choose correctly, you get a treat! Choose wrong and its tricky tricky time!
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand

    «Randomly, you receive either a TREAT!!! or a TRICK!!!»

      1 BATTLE
      Refer to Halloween Monster List on Post #4
    «The door opens, and a Hallow jumps out of the shadows»

    Hallow: *buuuuuurrrrrrrp*
    «You»: Oh NO... That thing must have eaten ALL of the candy in this house!! Why you little--
  • Fight!
    Candy Trade!

  • Happy Face - 150
  • Paper Bag - 224
  • Tragedy - 590
  • Comedy - 450
  • Zorbak Mask - 911
  • Kabroz Mask - 616
  • Ghost Mask - 300
  • Princess Mask - 560
  • Tribal Beast - 320
  • Cthulhu - 1200
  • Mothman - 366
  • Doomanoid - 410
  • Gween Mask - 200

    Classic Masks!
  • Pumpkin Mask - 200
  • Bee Mask - 314
  • Jason Mask - 1000
  • King Mask - 899
  • Frank Mask - 830
  • Mummy Mask - 360
  • Pirate Mask - 600
  • Skull Mask - 570
  • Slime Mask - 300
  • WereWolf Mask - 412
  • Witch Mask - 560
  • ZardHunter - 777
  • Zombie Mask - 256
  • Zoro Mask - 760

  • Pumpkin Armor- 1500
  • Beast King Jammies - 3000
  • Diretooth Costume - 3000
    *****Level 0-34: Diretooth Form
    *****Level 35-54: Angry Diretooth Form
    *****Level 55-74: Furious Diretooth Form
    *****Level 75+: Vicious Diretooth Form
  • Pumpkin Carver !! (Takes up your top weapon space) - 2500
  • Mummy Leg !! (Takes up your top weapon space) - 2000
    *****Level 0-26: Dead Leg
    *****Level 27-42: Wrapped Leg
    *****Level 43-60: Preserved Leg
    *****Level 61-93: Undead Leg
    *****Level 94+: Mummy Leg
  • Pumpkin Shield - 500
  • Frankenshield - 500
    *****Level 0-29: Scrap Frankenshield
    *****Level 30-54: Mishmash Frankenshield
    *****Level 55-74: Patchwork Frankenshield
    *****Level 75+: Amalgamated Frankenshield

    Special Items!
  • Frankenglaive (Takes up your top weapon space)- 3000
  • Corpse Cannon (Takes up your top weapon space)- 3000
  • Licorice Whip !! (Takes up your top weapon space)- 2000
  • Sugar Rush Armor - 3000
  • Clown Costume - 2000
  • Gorgonzilla Costume - 2000
  • Pumpkin Staff (Takes up your top weapon space)- 3000
  • Harvest Reaper (Takes up your top weapon space)- 4000

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    11/6/2010 7:51:32   
    Times Silent Keeper


    Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

    Zorbak: «You»! Mehehehe... Thank you for helping me on such short notice.
    «You»: I'm always excited to hear what you're been up to, Zorbak. I never know what kind of craziness you've gotten yourself into!
    Zorbak: Meh. You're right, as always-- I HAVE gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. But I'm not really concerned for myself. See, I-- I found out that Dr. Frankenspine has been up to no good.
    «You»: Frankenspine again, eh? I would have guessed he'd take a little break after being defeated last Mogloween.
    Zorbak: Well, he tried, but you know how evil geniuses are! Never able to just give up on their hobbies.
    «You»: So what did Frankenspine do this time?
    Zorbak: Well I-- ahem-- Frankenspine decided that since simply making himself more powerful didn't work, that he'd build himself a whole army of monsters.
    Zorbak: And what monsters would be better than ones that made you UNDERESTIMATE them? So he created the cutest, cuddliest monsters he could imagine!
    «You»: Oh. That's ingenious. What happened to this army?
    Zorbak: There IS no army -- The original batch of MonsterManiacs escaped from m-- from Frankenspine's lab and is now roaming the countryside.
    Zorbak: So that's what I need your help with-- Chasing them all down and collecting them before Frankenspine gets them back and can use them to make his army!
    «You»: Well, you have my help! I don't need to fight an entire army of cuddly-wuddly little monsters!
    Zorbak: Thank you so much, «You»! You'll want to first head toward the southern Dwarfhold Mountains--
    Zorbak: -- That is the last known location of the MonsterManiacs.
    «You»: Once I have found them all, I'll bring them back here to you.
  • Go!«You»: Hey, what were you thinking by just attacking me like that??
    Lil' Dracula: ..... mmmm.... uhhh... I vant to suck your blooood!!!
    «You»: Okay, you can give up the scary voice now.
    Lil' Dracula: Sorry. I was just trying to help.
    «You»: Help? Who?
    Lil' Dracula: My friend.... Frankie.
    «You»: Frankie? What were you trying to help him with?
    Lil' Dracula: Well, when we escaped from the Big Blue Bunny, the four of us hardly knew anything about where we came from.
    Lil' Dracula: But then Frankie saw a picture of someone who looked just like him, and we all knew that Frankie must have come from HIM!
    «You»: Big Blue Bunny?? Wait-- ZORBAK?! Zorbak is the one who made you!!
    «You»: So Frankie... Who is this person you all think he comes from?
    Lil' Dracula: We found out everyone calls him Frankenspine. So we decided that we'd help Frankie go meet him. But we knew the Big Blue Bunny would come after us!
    Lil' Dracula: So me, Werepup, and Fishboy decided that we would all wait behind to slow him down so that Frankie would be able to make it all the way!
    «You»: Zorbak ... the Big Blue Bunny... told me that FRANKENSPINE made all of you. He tried to trick me. Okay, so here's the plan:
    «You»: Go to the town of Battleon and wait for me. I'll get all of your friends and then I'll find all of you real homes, away from the Big Blue Bunny. Okay?
    Lil' Dracula: Okay!! Thank you so much!
    «You»: Don't worry-- Everything will be fine.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Wolf Den»

    «You»: Hmmm.... Could this be what I think it is?«You»: Yep, I was right. It was a wolf den.
    Werepup: I-- I like it in here.
    «You»: I'm sure you do. Don't be afraid of me, okay? I already met your friend Lil' Dracula. He told me all about how you are all helping your friend Frankie.
    Werepup: He did? D-did the Big Blue Bunny send you?
    «You»: Well, he DID, but he was trying to trick me into thinking he was trying to help you. I have a different plan...

    «Scene: Jungle»
      1 BATTLE
      Random Water elemental RA mob

      Full Heal
    «You»: Ugh.. It smells worse here than it did in the wolf den.«You»: Fishboy, is it?
    Fishboy: *gulp* Y-yes. Did I hurt you? I reawwy reawwy only wanted to scare you, that's all, reawwy!
    «You»: You DID! You're very good at scaring!
    Fishboy: I am?? I AM. Yay!
    Fishboy: Uhh... Where's Drac and Werepup?
    «You»: They're fine. They're waiting in Battleon for you. I'm going to make sure Frankie's okay and then I'll meet the three of you back in Battleon.
      1 BATTLE
      Random Wind elemental RA mob

      Full Heal
    «Scene: Lair»«You»: So you're Frankie. Glad to see you're okay!
    Frankenspine Jr.: What's it TO ya, huh? And the name's Frankenspine Junior!
    «You»: A little bully, eh? Well, I'll have you remember that I just beat you. And I'll call you TINY if I want to.
    Frankenspine Jr.: Hmff!! I oughta--
    ???: Now, now, Junior--

    «Frankenspine runs into the scene!»

    Frankenspine: -- Remember what I told you. You need to always THINK before you do or say anything so that you do not cause undue harm to anyone.
    Frankenspine Jr.: ........ Sorry, Daddy.
    «You»: Frankenspine! Wow.. You seem to have changed since last year.
    Frankenspine: I changed quite a bit, «You». After my defeat, I realized the error of my ways and reprogrammed myself.
    «You»: Good. Look, I know the truth. Zorbak made the little monsters and tried to make it seem like YOUR fault. Frankenspine Junior's friends still need new homes.
    Frankenspine: My boy will stay here with me. We're a family now. Right, son?
    Frankenspine Jr.: Right, Daddy!
    Frankenspine: Good luck dealing with Zorbak!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Somewhere in Darkovia»

    Zorbak: Ah, «You»! Mehehehe... Took you long enough! So where are... Frankenspine's little monsters?
    «You»: Well, I shouldn't tell you, but I think since your plan has been figured out and the kids are safe now, I can tell you...
    Zorbak: What!?! I would NEVER try to pull the wool over YOUR eyes!
    «You»: Lil' Dracula has a new mommy...

    «An image of Lil' Dracula with Safiria fades in and out.»

    «You»: Werepup is now part of a pack...

    «An image of Werepup with the Wereking fades in and out.»

    «You»: Fishboy swims with the elves...

    «An image of Fishboy and Aquella fades in and out.»

    «You»: And Frankenspine Jr. is with rightful father. So what do you have to say for yourself, Zorbak?? This is pretty low for you to stoop... using kids to do your dirty work!
    Zorbak: Meh! So you found me out! You have to admit though, cute monsters is a good plan... or an EBIL one, at least. ZIRKON! Cover my exit!

    «Zorbak leaves and Zirkon replaces him.»

    «You»: A sparkling vampire. How... original.
  • Fight!«The group of 4 cuddly monsters enter the scene.»

    Lil' Dracula: «You»! We're happy we found you here! We're ready to go trick-or-treating!
    Werepup: And we all wanted to see you one more time--
    Fishboy: -- so we could thank you for everything you did for us!
    «You»: You're all some of the best friends anyone could have! Not to mention, also the bravest, cutest monsters I've ever seen. Happy Mogloween to you all!

    Monster Lists credits to In Media Res!

  • Fishboy Z [L. 1 Z]
  • Fishboy [L. 10, 40, 100]
  • Guardian Frankenspine Jr. [L. 20 G, 140 G]
  • Guardian Werepup [L. 25 G, 145 G]
  • Li'l Drac [L. 30, 60, 90]
  • Li'l Drac Z [L. 40 Z]
  • Werepup [L. 45, 65, 85, 125]
  • Frankenspine Jr. [L. 50, 80, 110]
  • Guardian Fishboy [L. 70 G, 130 G, 145 G]
  • Frakenspine Jr. Z [L. 100 Z]
  • Werepup Z [L. 105 Z]
  • L'il Guardian Drac [L. 120 G, 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Back to Mogloween!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to In Media Res for the monster lists!

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    11/6/2010 7:54:06   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Halloween Monster List
    Level 0-24
    Candy Golem (5)
    Candy Golem (15)
    Darkzard (3)
    Diretooth (7)
    Ghost? (5)
    Giant Spider (1)
    Globulus (9)
    Gorgonzilla (5)
    hellhound (15)
    Jack 'O Skullington (25)
    Lesser Zombie (9)
    Pumpkin Golem (60)
    Undead Knight (1)
    Undead Soldier (5)
    Undead Troll (5)
    Undead Wounded (13)
    Vampire Bat (10)
    Wicked Witch (20)
    Wrap Artist (7)

    Level 25-39
    Angry Diretooth (25)
    Baby Moglin Ghost (18)
    Candy Golem (5)
    Candy Golem (15)
    Candy Golem (45)
    Dastardly Gloop (17)
    Demon Cat (16)
    Gargoyle (17)
    Ghost? (5)
    Ghost? (20)
    Globulus (9)
    Gorgonzilla (5)
    Gorgonzilla (20)
    hellhound (15)
    Jack 'O Skullington (25)
    King Butt (25)
    King Cobra (30)
    Kresh (30)
    NightZard (15)
    Patchwork Moglin (15)
    Pumpkin Golem (60)
    Pumpkin Golem (80)
    Skull Swarm (30)
    Sprat (50)
    Thrachee (34)
    Undead Berserker (56)
    Undead Giant (35)
    undead knight (35)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Weapon Golem (53)
    Wicked Witch (50)
    Zombie (40)
    Zombie Dragon (38)

    Level 40-59
    Band-Aid Bob (43)
    Big Zombie (55)
    Candy Golem (45)
    Demon Panther (48)
    Demon Steed (36)
    Furious Diretooth (43)
    Ghost? (42)
    Ghoul (54)
    Gorgonzilla (42)
    Jack 'O Skullington (25)
    King Butt (25)
    Mogloween Bully (30)
    Necrofiend (50)
    Pumpkin Golem (80)
    Skull Swarm (30)
    Sprat (50)
    Thrachee (34)
    Undead Berserker (56)
    Undead Giant (35)
    undead knight (35)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Weapon Golem (53)
    Wicked Witch (50)
    Zombie (40)
    Zombie Dragon (38)

    Level 60-79
    Acid Spitter (72)
    Band-Aid Bob (43)
    Banshee (63)
    Blessed Globulus (69)
    Candy Golem (45)
    Cthulion (67)
    Death Knight (66)
    Fatalis (Undead) (76)
    Four Eyed Menace (63)
    Ghost? (65)
    Gorgonzilla (65)
    Jack 'O Skullington (25)
    Linen Larry (61)
    Mogloween Bully (60)
    Night Terror (72)
    Pumpkin Golem (80)
    Pumpkin Golem (100)
    Pygmy Zombie (65)
    Undead Berserker (56)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Vicious Diretooth (61)
    Wicked Witch (50)
    Zombie Dragon (70)
    Zombie Giant (77)

    Level 80+
    Acid Spitter (72)
    Candy Golem (90)
    Cthulion (67)
    Dark Djinni (87)
    Dire Diretooth (79)
    Duddy (79)
    Fatalis (Undead) (76)
    Ghost? (85)
    Gorgonzilla (85)
    Jack 'O Skullington (25)
    Linen Larry (61)
    Moglin UberFreak (90)
    Mogloween Bully (95)
    Mr. Worm (99)
    Night Terror (72)
    Pumpkin Golem (100)
    Pumpkin Golem (120)
    Saint Globulus (84)
    Supreme Darkshifter (94)
    Terrestria (70)
    The Reaper (90)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Wicked Witch (80)
    Zombie Commander (98)
    Zombie Dragon (70)
    Zombie Giant (77)
    Zombie Hydra (88)

    At certain houses, you encounter the following instead of a random monster:

    Safiria's «House»: Reneee the Vamp
    Captain Rhubarb's «House»: Giant Chicken Trobble
    Artix's «House»: Evil Artix
    Galanoth's «House»: Drago HumanSlayer
    Zorbak's «House»: Zorbak (100) (Weaker)
    Wun-Eye's «House»: Wun-Dead
    Frogzard Hunter's «House»: Frogzard Hunter
    Michaelon Entan's «House»: Michaelon Entan

    Monster List *cough* shamelessly copied off Mogloween 2009 entry.

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