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Meeting Vaal

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2/10/2011 0:04:06   

Meeting Vaal

Location: Ravenloss War -> 50% Cutscene! -> 50% Cutscene: Meeting Vaal
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Making Plans
Release Date: February 9th, 2011

Objective: Finally, Vaal is revealed in all his megalomaniacal glory!
Objective completed: Greed is more important than a deluded has-been!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




<Character>: I... THINK we've reached the middle of Pellow Village, Tomi-
<Character>: Hssst! Isn't that... Isn't that the man we saw a statue of in the Market District?
<Character>: The one the little child-weaver was praying to?
Tomix: And the name on the statue was in the prison... And the signature on the schematics in the museum...
<Character>: It's-
<Character>: Vaal!
Tomix: Vaal!
Vaal: Who calls?
Vaal: Who DARES disrupt my contemplation?
<Character>: *whisper* Let me talk to him. I know how to handle megalomaniacs. I've had a LOT of practice.
<Character>: Am I addressing Vaal? The Hero of Ravenloss?
Vaal: Aaah! A supplicant!
Vaal: Have you come to beg for knowledge, or refuge from that harridans "noble" sacrifice?
Vaal: But wait- you aren't Chaosweavers!
Vaal: How have you come here?
<Character>: We are seeking information, oh Wise One!
<Character>: Evidence of your greatness still exists throughout Ravenloss. Would you- could you answer some questions for us?
<Character>: We would be so grateful!
Vaal: Finally, someone who knows the proper address for one as great as I.
Vaal: Only I could have conceived the Judgement Wheel!
Vaal: Only I could have directed the Priests who wove the Soulthreads to form it!
Vaal: And only I deserved to have the first wish!
<Character>: That answers a lot of our questions right there.
Vaal: Ah, you see. I fulfil lofty expectations of myself effortlessly!
Vaal: I surpass what people want of me! And all without trying!
<Character>: Please continue! I didn't mean to interrupt, Your Magnificence!
Vaal: Yes, yes, thank you. Where was I?
Tomix: The first wish?
Vaal: Of course. I wanted power, I DESERVED power! I was destined to have more of it than I could ever wish for.
Vaal: My mother would tell me stories when I was young of how great I would be.
Vaal: It is my RIGHT!
Vaal: So I made the Judgement Wheel. It was SUPPOSED to simply grant wishes.
Vaal: But then one of those meddling priests added a safety measure without my permission or knowledge!
Vaal: How can I be omniscient when people do not tell me what they are doing?!
<Character>: They have NO consideration for your might!

*Vaal nodds his head*

Vaal: Exactly.
Vaal: YOU understand!
Vaal: So the Judgement Wheel would grant wishes, but would also JUDGE them!
Vaal: And it judged my wish to be... hmmph.
Vaal: AND it will only grant ONE wish per person. GRAAAAH!
Vaal: So in return for my wish, the BEST wish, the ONLY wish I could have and should have made...
Vaal: The Wheel unleashed a disease, visited it upon ALL the Chaosweavers in punishment for my *laugh* ambition.
Tomix: So THAT's how Chaosweavers came to be spiders!
Vaal: Yes, and our Queen imprisoned both the Priests and ME in the Dark Tower for our actions.
Vaal: But oh, I escaped, yes I did! A paltry little cell like that could not contain my majesty!
Vaal: I escaped back to my home, here in Pellow Village. And then that she-demon, our Queen...
Vaal: She and her puny courtier magicians, with what I assume was their last ounce of humanity, RIPPED my beloved village from Ravenloss!
<Character>: What do you mean? Pellow Village is IN Ravenloss!
Vaal: *scoff* Simple Human! No, the GATE to Pellow Village is in Ravenloss!
Vaal: The village itself is on another plane, floating somewhere in the Void.
Tomix: !!!
<Character>: !!!
<Character>: But... well... hunh. One question at a time.
<Character>: Your queen, the one who imprisoned you... the ChaosWeaver Queen does not seem to be very charitable or gracious now.
<Character>: She tried to eat me and didn't even have the decency to use ketchup.

*Tomix glare*

Vaal: Bah! She has succumbed to the ChaosWeaver disease. Kkharinna was always so GOOD and KIND as a ruler.
Vaal: She imprisoned ME, so it is only JUST that this atrocious PUNISHMENT she called down on me turned her into a abomination.
Tomix: But... wasn't it the Judgement Wheel that-
Vaal: JUSTICE! It was justice!
<Character>: It was only right and proper JUSTICE, Tomix. *glare*
<Character>: Besides, she got spider spit on my armor. Cleaning that will take forever!
Vaal: I see you understand her true nature, hero. Kkharinna always did think of herself before others.
Vaal: I like you. You would make a MOST excellent flunky.
<Character>: *whisper* I will flunk HIM! Think I'm a good toady, do you? I'll shove toads where the sun don't shi-
Tomix: *Whisper* <Character>! Concentrate! Your rapport with him is working for us. USE it!
<Character>: *cough* Ahem. Sorry, your Gloriousness! We are almost done, oh Sun of Most Illustrious Resplendence!
Tomix: *whisper* Oooooh, NICE one!
<Character>: We have... one other question for you, Your Effulgency, before we go to contemplate all you have imparted to us.
Tomix: These monsters we have seen in Ravenloss, might you know of them? I call them... Embodiments.
Tomix: They feel like... like FEELINGS! Spirits, perhaps. It is hard to describe.
Vaal: Ah, yes, the Embodiments of the ChaosWeaver spirit!
Vaal: All of the OTHER Chaosweavers trapped here went insane. Their insanity has forced their emotions to... separate from them.
Vaal: Those emotions leaked through the Gate and the the Void and into Ravenloss.
Vaal: *sigh*
Vaal: Go. Hmmph. You have wearied me with your questions.
Vaal: I am the last sane one here, and I have much to plan if I am going to use the Wheel once more to restore what has been taken from me. My Freedom!
Vaal: My Freedom!
<Character>: *whisper* Tomix? Part of me feels compelled to battle him but... I think he's crazy enough to just leave alone.
<Character>: *whisper* As long as he's content to sit here and peacefully plot something that will never happen, I think we should just leave him.

*Tomix nods*

Tomix: *whisper* The only way he COULD do any harm is with the Judgement Wheel. And he can no longer use that.
Tomix: *whisper* So let's go deal with the one who is about to find it!
<Character>: Thank you once more, oh Omnipotent Ruler of Time and Space! We will not trouble you any longer.
Vaal: Hmmph. Yes. Go. You may leave tribute on your way out.
<Character>: We'll be sure to do that.

Aspar: I think... I will pay a visit to that SoulWeaver. The one who runs the School. There is... much... I should "discuss" with him.
Aspar: My prize possession will be kept busy with his hunt. Yes... very busy. So hard to find things when they are not where they should be. *grin*

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: The End?

    Thanks to Dwelling Dragonlord, Arthur Dragonlord and Baron Dante for corrections.

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