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RE: Your Thoughts About Bunker Buster

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3/9/2011 14:44:40   

@Avove Its the same thing.BB is a merc skill right?One that is commonly used.Nerfing that would weaken one of our skills.Meaning weakening us.Like if your weak bloodlust or reuorte that would weaken BH and Mages.
AQW Epic  Post #: 26
3/9/2011 14:55:42   

Excuse me, I am a mercenary. All I want is for the critical chance to be removed and that's all.
Post #: 27
3/9/2011 17:58:34   

the only skill which is unmissable that never gets "useless".
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
3/9/2011 18:02:20   

I believe if the critical chance is taken off it will no longer be considered "OP", but considered "Just right".


Legion > Exile
Post #: 29
3/9/2011 18:22:32   

no... the reason is that it can get nerfed by malf
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
3/9/2011 18:37:42   
Wandering Guardian


Thanks to the Warbot P Armor I can now make a pretty deadly build involving bunker. With that Armor enhanced +8 tech, Charfade's Club enhanced +8 tech, Plasma ACP and Cupid's Sorrow, I have a +55 tech bonus, which is pretty insane. My 5 focus build means that with 100 tech my bot is doing 61-65 and bunker does a minimum listed damage of 59 plus the 5 from focus. I have actually crit 70 with it on a level 25 before. I go with P Armor as most 2v2 are artillery mercs, and with my current build i therefore have a minimum of 45 defence, so even if I get smoked 30 dex, it's still 35 xP. My resistance has no additional bonuses, but at 37-45 +1 is still quite high.

In regards to the bunker discussion, personally i think like most skills it's like marmite. As a merc I love critting with it, but I've also been crit with it with 45 defence for 40 damage, which makes me also kinda hate it. Bounties hate it because it ignores shadow arts. But similarly they themselves have a love/hate relationship with that skill in regards to blocking another player or being blocked by an enemy bh.

AQW Epic  Post #: 31
3/9/2011 19:56:00   

Xendran has a post on this.

Bunker Buster is, point for point, the most powerful skill in the game BY FAR. Stronger then all of the Super Skills.

Just so you know.
AQW Epic  Post #: 32
3/9/2011 20:15:23   

Hmmm... interesting feedback. Personally, I find that Malfunction doesn't weaken Bunker Buster by much, especially when it Crits... also, as Wandering mentioned, Mercs can have insane Tech Builds, to the point where Malfunction becomes almost useless... in my opinion, of course.

While we're on the subject of a Tech Mage Skill, what are your opinions on Plasma Bolt? At lower Levels, it's (roughly) comparable to Bunker Buster. But what about higher Levels? And where does Venom Strike fit in with all of this?

Your thoughts, please?


Le Chevalier Mal Fet (AQ)
Lectrix (HS)

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. ~Rowena Raven
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
3/9/2011 21:59:49   

So your telling me that Merc's having a 1/4 base chance to hit a 50-60 is fair? Not to mention the 20% defence ignore that comes with it.
AQW Epic  Post #: 34
3/9/2011 22:48:14   

To admit, so much luck, I've been critted too many times, it's like when someone recently healed me, they shoot like 40-50 and then I die. So much hax.
Post #: 35
3/9/2011 23:48:39   

@To people who say it's weak for high level:

really... it's freaky strong at high level, the simple reason that it ignore more defense = more damage at higher level
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 36
3/10/2011 9:18:42   

@Voidance Yes its only will be fair if Mages get a skill similiar to it BH got Cheap Shot Mercs got Bunker once Mages get a move in comparison with that it will be fair until then it isnt.But it isnt that super strong a Mages Malf can weaken it.So can their DM and BH reflex boost.

@Aere No its not Surgical Strike is it steals 30% of your enemies life(and gives it to you) and reduces rage by 50% and has more dmg range then Bunker buster.Surgical Strike is first,second is Bunker buster,then masscre amd so on.
AQW Epic  Post #: 37
3/10/2011 9:41:08   

That's true, however it also costs much more energy, which balances out. It also has a long warmup and cooldown
Epic  Post #: 38
3/10/2011 9:47:59   

since when did cheap shot hit for 50-75 as an opener ?
Bunker buster is ridiculous. unless you sacrifice agility [res and def] then your likely to lose 50%+ of ur hp right from the start.
Plasma bolt only does that on low resistance players which are pretty rare and cheap shot never does that [and can be blocked]

people say you can malf them, or EMP them. but come on. having to use a low dmg or no dmg skill just to avoid being hit a 2nd
time for 50-75 seems a bit much. while they carry on the offensive and rage kill you. the way i see it is, if most mercs are not
even interested in the Maul/berzerker combo which can kill many players before they even get a turn, then something is clealy
unbalanced about bunker buster. but you guys can already see that. please devs, at least TEST a nerf on it and see how it goes.
Post #: 39
3/10/2011 10:37:39   

@Above I seen Cheap Shot hit in the 50s before because the enemy had high dex and was smoked and the lvl 10 cheap shot did 10 dmg then two 20s right after that on crit that is 50 dmg.Even if its blockcable smoking your enemy weakens their block chance and increases yours.No I want no more nerfs I am sick of somebody always weakening this and that.If they nerf any more skills I might quit.I guess everyone wants ED to be a non fun game and wants us all to be little weaklings so we can all be weak like them.So then they wont complain.How about we buff up the others so they have skills that are strong to.So then we all can be strong and OPed and then we can all have fun and all be strong and have advantages and disadvantges.

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  • AQW Epic  Post #: 40
    3/10/2011 10:55:54   

    @Isaiah: please read the very first line of the post your commenting on

    i dont agree on buffing other classes instead of nerfing bunker buster at all. the game seems pretty balanced except for a few things and BB is one of them.
    Post #: 41
    3/10/2011 10:57:45   

    mercs are OP with artillery strike buffed by sup and bunker which has massive crit
    BH are OP with shadow arts and blood lust
    TM are UP nothign in particular that stands out maybe reroute
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 42
    3/10/2011 11:31:06   
    Light Stridr

    Here's what I think.

    Mercs are built for taking out other MERCS, which is why they have so many def ignore moves. Mercs tank naturally with Hybrid Armour, and the defence ignore and crit % is made to get around that.
    But against the other classes? They usually have nowhere near as much tanking ability as a merc, therefore BB is OPed.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 43
    3/10/2011 15:03:15   

    I too believe it crits just a lil too often, especially when paired with high support. Seems like mercs get many of the benefits of a debuff without actually having to apply a debuff. Yet again, another perfect thread for the Devs to pop in on and give us thier 2 cents.
    Post #: 44
    3/10/2011 22:21:08   

    Yes, it would be great if we could get some feedback from the Devs, but I'm sure they're hard at work on this week's Release...

    Anyways, regarding Bunker Buster. If you ask me, there's no other Skill that can be compared to it. While Cheap Shot and Plasma Bolt are similar to it in certain ways, Cheap Shot can be Blocked, and Plasma Bolt has no special effects whatsoever. In fact, Tech Mages have almost no Skills with special effects like extra Crit chance, Defense/Resistance ignored, etc. except for Supercharge. Then again, all Classes have a "Final Attack" with special effects, so Supercharge doesn't really count (besides, it has a 3 Round Warm-Up, while Bunker Buster can be used during a Merc's first turn)...

    Let me just put it this way: we have Mercs who think their own Skill needs to be Nerfed. That's BAD.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 45
    3/11/2011 14:31:30   

    Bunker buster is the single MOST overpowered thing on the skill trees of all 3 classes . Once i played 2v2 , I got hit for 110 BEFORE i had my turn . 2 BUNKER CRITS . 25% is unbelievable for a critting percentage . It should be lowered to 10% MOST .
    AQW Epic  Post #: 46
    3/11/2011 20:12:36   
    Giras Wolfe

    Ahem. Could someone post the "overpowered" bunker buster BUILD? Noobs using it can be annoying, but that's the extent of it. The current pro mercs are gonna stick to artillery and heal combo. Bunker isn't worth the energy to them.
    I say skills aren't overpowered, builds are. If there was an overpowered build BASED on bunker busters crit % then we could look into getting it nerfed. Artillery Strike was nerfed because mercs could make powerful BUILDS with it, also able to take advantage of intimidate, heal, bazooka, and critical/deflection/first strike paradise. Bunker buster may be a powerful skill, but it has no backup advantage. The only other things tech does are surgical strike, robot damage (blockable), and resistance, which can be balanced at fairly low quantities using a +8 armor.

    I have been double bunker critted before, but everyone has poor luck sometimes. I'm sure you've gotten mad enough to complain on the forums about the occasional triple block. I just don't think this skill is overpowered because no overpowered build has emerged from it....yet.

    Ahh! The approaching horror of high dex/insane tech 5 focus merc builds!
    AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
    3/12/2011 7:25:30   

    They should giv either the Crit Boost or Ignore to Plasma Bolt. It'll be fairer.

    BH Cheapshot = Ignore, Crit Boosted

    Merc Bunker = Unblockable, Ignore OR Crit Boosted

    TM Plasma Bolt = Unblockable, Ignore OR Crit Boosted

    DF MQ Epic  Post #: 48
    3/12/2011 16:28:53   

    Bunker Buster... I hate it, yet I'm a mercenary. Considering lots of people use it, people always take my energy away to figure out I'm a stunner.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
    3/12/2011 17:12:01   

    Bunker Buster is like the only skill I nearly Never se.
    Good thing suport merc dont use to have it
    Post #: 50
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