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Blackwyn Tomb

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7/29/2011 21:45:16   

Blackwyn Tomb

Location: Moonridge -> click on "Blackwyn Tomb" button, Deep Root Path, Hunter's Paradise -> Left -> Up -> Right -> Left -> Left
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 29, 2011

Objective: Deep in the forest of Doomwood, a tomb has been uncovered. A mysterious magic symbol glows in the inky black of the forest. Something is sealed inside....
Objective completed: N/A

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Angry Spirit
(2) Skelecaster
(4) Spirit
(5) Undead Alchemist
(4) Undead Berserker
(1) Blackwyn Lich - Boss



Gain access to Weapon Cache, Asandar's Gift

Asandar: I must thank you, friend.
<Character>: Wh-Who are you?
Asandar: I am Asandar. Long ago, I was tasked by the Order of the Paladins to destroy the evil that lurks here..
Asandar: I took with me the mightiest of us, and we ventured here into this filthy hovel.
Asandar: We fought bravely, but the lich was too powerful. My friends.. they..
Asandar: In my final moments, I sacrificed my life to cast a spell that would seal the enemy.. forever entombing them here.
Asandar: The lich became furious. Over the centuries, it reanimated me to suffer its rage again and again..
Asandar: But you have defeated it! I can finally rest. Please accept my deepest gratitude, adventurer.
Asandar: As a gift, please take my blade. It has served me well. I have no further need of it.
  • Receive gift - Opens Asandar's Gift
  • Finished - Continue dialog below

    Asandar: Forgive me, for I must also ask a favor of you...
    Asandar: Please.. Take this pendant to the Fountain of Aeon. She has waited far too long.
    Asandar: May your travels find you safety, friend.

    Asandar dissapears into the shadows

    <Character>: Rest in peace, Asandar.

    To unlock the doors:

    Door to the left: Wiggle -> Nick -> Jab -> Jab -> Wiggle -> Tap

    Door to the left (Inside): Tap -> Tap -> Tap -> Wiggle

    Book Location: Entrance -> Up -> 2 Left -> 3 Up (Unlock using the "Door to the left" direction above) -> Right -> Enter the 1st door (Unlock using "Door to the left - Inside" above) -> Go to the Key and click "Crawl through", then you'll find the Book in the Room

    Directions to the Asandar/Unlock the Rusty Door: Entrance -> Up -> 2 Left -> 1 Up -> 5 Right -> 2 Up -> Defeat the Boss -> Up -> Take the key from the 1st cabinet -> 3 Down -> 3 Left -> Up -> Left -> Up -> Click on the left candle, enter the room and talk to Asandar.

    Book transcript:

    Wrath of the Two Rulers

    During the third year of the reign of King Lusau IX, a terrible storm like no other battered the land. The Stronghold of Yeagonn was cut off by the raging blizzard, and was quickly running out of food. Yeagonn sent his strongest men to brave the cold and bring word of their plight to the village of Glasswolf, in hope of receiving aid.

    After many gruelling days through the snow and ice, three of the seven travellers reached their destination. Stumbling into the village, the people of Glasswolf fed and warmed them. When they were able, they were granted an audience with Rauga, the village’s ruler. They explained their quest and pleaded for aid, else their people should perish.

    Rauga, however, had other plans…

    In their youth, Yeagonn and Rauga were soldiers in King Lusau VIII’s army. Though Yeagonn was mighty, he was forever outshone by Rauga’s wit. One day, Rauga was tasked to lead the King’s army into battle. Yeagonn, desperately seeking the King’s approval, tied Rauga to a tree and led the King’s army to victory. Upon his return he was hailed as a hero and given many riches. Rauga eventually escaped from his bindings, but when he heard what had happened he feared losing his life for deserting the King’s army and decided never to return.

    Yeagonn did not know Rauga had fled to Glasswolf, and so Rauga waited patiently. For years he had held a grudge against Yeagonn. For years he had hoped for a chance to repay him for his injustice. And so Rauga with bitter heart denied aid to Yeagonn, and he had his messengers killed.

    At this time, a bard named Wailynn was passing through Glasswolf and heard of Rauga’s decision. Not knowing of their twisted past, he decided to help Yeagonn in his own way. He sold his lute and purchased a large pack, furs to keep warm, and many loaves of Ajarian bread of plenty; a traveller’s food with which only a few morsels can sustain the body for long periods of time. Wailynn travelled through the storm and reached the Stronghold of Yeagonn with the bread. Yeagonn, with tears in his eyes, thanked Wailynn for saving his people.

    Soon the storm had moved past them. Seeing that Rauga was yet alive and fearing that his secret would be revealed, Yeagonn sent forty of his mightiest men to Glasswolf to capture Rauga. Bound by chains of hatred as well as steel, Rauga spat in Yeagonn’s face and in anger Yeagonn abandoned him to the frozen darkness of Icengale Prison.

    As Wailynn prepared to leave, Yeagonn gratefully bestowed upon him an enchanted rod of a great mage to repay his bravery, and filled his pack with supplies. Wailynn bowed graciously and continued on his journey, deciding to stop in Coldash to sell the rod and purchase another lute. As he passed through Northlea Forest, he discovered the path had become erased by the storm. Gone was the foot-worn passage, and in its place was a maze of snow and trees. Soon, he became very lost and was at risk of freezing to death.

    Suddenly the rod Yeagonn had given him began to slowly tug him deeper into the forest. Wailynn, cold and exhausted, did not have the strength to resist the pull of the enchanted rod, and soon found himself being led like a child to what he could only assume was his frozen demise. As he trudged on, limbs slowly losing feeling, he could barely keep his eyes open to see the trees sliding past his field of vision.

    As abruptly as it had begun, at once the rod released its grasp on Wailynn, and his forward momentum almost threw him into a snow bank. When he regained his balance, he looked up and saw grass. ‘’What!?’’, exclaiming to himself in wonderment. Amazed at the sight of green in a forest of white, his eyes grew wide and befell a large stone in the center of it all… It looked like every other stone he’d even seen, except that it had a red hue to it.

    As he got closer, he realized it was actually giving off heat! Ecstatic, he warmed himself and found a place bear it to rest his head for the night. The next day, he got his bearings and found the path once more. But before he left, he named the place ‘’Two Rulers’ Wrath’’ because it reminded him of the anger that burned between Yeagonn and Rauga in the frozen lands of Ameronia.

  • Complete this quest to obtain the Asander's Freedom badge.

    Thanks to
    -- Highlord Sendai for link correction.
    -- SalvationXI for updated location.
    -- Craze for hint image.
    -- Elryn for book transcript.

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