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Kill the Beast Part One

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9/4/2011 0:21:49   
 formerly In Media Res


Kill the Beast!

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 3: Kill the Beast! » Part 1

Rumors are circulating that there is something beyond Battleon that cannot be stopped. Do you think you have what it takes to stop it?
  • YES!

    «Scene: Battleon from afar, where Aria and Yulgar stand. Scene zooms in on the two.»

    Yulgar: So far, no one has been able to catch sight of what it is.
    Aria: But if it's that strong, shouldn't we call in one of the adventurers to deal with it? As it is, I can't get anyone to go hunting for creatures to fill my store.
    Yulgar: We'll figure something out. Meanwhile, let's see if anyone is available to go looking.

    «A mob runs by. Scene zooms in further on the two after the mob passes»

    Aria: A mob! Was that one guy holding a MIRROR??
    Yulgar: Hmm... Yes, yes he was.

    «Scene zooms out as «You» enter.»

    «You»: Wow... how long has it been since a mob gathered in Battleon and what is up with the mirror? Whatever happened to torches and pitchforks?

    «Aria turns to face you.»

    Yulgar: Oh they went out of style a while back when villagers finally realized they were ruining their tools every time they formed a mob.
    Yulgar: Perhaps they intend on flashing the poor creature to death. Reflects poorly on them if you ask me!
    Aria: A mirror that size will never flash a creature like this to death, much less anything else.
    «You»: Shouldn't we, I don't know, follow them?
    Aria: Nah, they'll come back.
    «You»: How do you know that?
    Yulgar: Mobs alwaysdo. In 5... 4... 3... 2...

    «Yulgar turns around, and both Aria and Yulgar step back as the mob enters.»

    Gastoff: A vicious beast is on the loose and yet you merely stand?
    Yulgar: Because... I'm not one to go running headlong towards my death with a mirror in my hand?
    Gastoff: ............
    Gastoff: Look into this mirror! The beast will take apart your life!
    Mob: (in three separate speech bubbles) "Not the children!" "What do we do?" "Maybe he will eat my wife!"
    Gastoff: We need to kill the beast, I say.
    Aria: Here we go... How poorly planned and cliche.
    Mob: We need to feel safe from this foe!!
    Yulgar: Well "He" could be a "She" you know!
    Mob: Our families aren't safe until he is dead!
    «You»: I don't think they've heard a word you've said...
    Gastoff: <censored>
    Mob: He will come take our children to sate his appetite!
    Gastoff: The Beast will destroy us with his might! Just take a look and see...

    «Gastoff turns the mirror to face «You», Aria, and Yulgar.»

    Yulgar: The only furry thing in there, you moron, is me...
    Gastoff: What?!

    «Gastoff brings the mirror back toward him.»

    Gastoff: Why hello there, Gastoff, you handsome devil... Oh, I mean... That shouldn't be...
    Gastoff: Alright, who took my magic mirror? Hand it over, as you have wasted valuable time in hunting down our foe.

    «Gastoff throws the mirror over his shoulder and pulls another mirror out, which the Scene zooms in on. The Beasts' head appears in the mirror.»

    Gastoff: Here is our enemy!
    Mob: *gasps*

    «Gastoff turns the mirror to face Yulgar.»

    Yulgar: Now, THAT is something to behold.

    «Scene zooms out.»

    Aria: It looks so sad... perhaps a mob is not an answer.
    Aria: Why don't we ask «You» to seek out this creature and learn more about it?
    Gastoff: But... my mob... my manifesto... my mirror!
    Yulgar: I know Eukara Vox's class has been doing research on the local forest creatures. Perhaps she or her students can be of help?
    «You»: You want me to ask a bunch of kids for help?
    Yulgar: You remember being in her classroom, right? When the Truphma first came around? Surely you remember how they sat there.
    Aria: Or better yet, you remember the paintball war...
    «You»: They sat there like statues as we fought in front of them. Not a flinch! And then... they had their own guns... like little terrors... What does she teach them?
    Yulgar: She's one of those teachers...
  • Go!

    «Scene: In Greenguard, with Eukara Vox and five students.»

    Eukara Vox: This was the last place the beast was sighted.
    Lara: What strange tracks! What kind of animal leaves a trail like that?!
    «You»: Do you hear that--? Some rustling in the bushes--

    «A Deery enters.»

    Timmy: A Deery! Cool, we haven't seen one of them yet!
    «You»: What kind of children ARE these?!
  • Battle with Eukara's help!
  • Battle alone!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES: Deery
      Full Heal

    Eukara Vox: Even though that wasn't the creature we are looking for, my students got a wonderful opportunity to observe a deery and its mate in the wild.
    «You»: Are you-- for real??
    Eukara Vox: Of course I am.
    «You»: Let's keep walking, maybe we will find what we are looking for.

    «Scene: Another part of the Forest. A bush rustles as «You» and company enter.»

    Cassie: What do you think that is, Ms. Vox? Maybe it's an *jumps up and down* Am-Bush! Or a... a... a CHIMERA!
  • Battle with Eukara's help!
  • Battle alone!

    Regardless of choice:

    «The students jump up and down.»

    Students: Am-Bush! Am-Bush! YAY!!
    «You»: Oooookay. ... I am going to go somewhere else and investigate.

    «Vephoma enters.»

    Vephoma: What's the big idea? No wonder the animals hate adventurers... Always beating around the Am-Bush!
    Eukara Vox: Vephoma! It has been a long time. How are you?
    Vephoma: Eukara Fox! Er... I mean, Vox... hehe.
    Eukara Vox: *blushes*
    Vephoma: I would be better if I weren't being poked at... And yes, it has been a while. I am well, though I'm trying to find a creature that's been terrifying everyone. Tracking him has been a challenge.
    «You»: I bet you are searching for the same creature we are.
    ???: RRRROOAAARRRR!!!!!
    Vephoma: Looks like the beast has found us.
  • Battle with Vephoma's help!
  • Battle with Eukara's help!
  • Battle alone!

    Regardless of choice:
    (You are meant to lose this battle. Your HP will be reduced to 1, and then the battle will end.)

    «You»: That beast was HUGE!
    Vephoma: I have never seen anything like that. It's a monstrosity.
    Eukara Vox: I... where do you think it came from?
    ???: RRRROOAAARRRR!!!!!
    «You»: Not again!
  • Battle with Vephoma's help!
  • Battle with Eukara's help!
  • Battle alone!

    Regardless of choice:
    (You are meant to lose this battle. Your HP will be reduced to 1, and then the battle will end.)

    Vephoma: This isn't good. We cannot beat it!
    «You»: If we can't beat it, then what are we going to do when it starts attacking villages and towns?
    Eukara Vox: Surely, there must be a way to defeat this creature.
    Vephoma: After the beast! We have to keep trying!
  • Go!

    «Scene shows «You» and company walking. «You» then stumble upon a tied up Ramleoness.»

    «You»: !!!
    Ramleoness: RAAWWRRRR!!!
    Vephoma: Seems someone was able to take the beast down.
    «You»: But who would be strong enough to do that?

    «A Herdmaster enters.»

    Herdmaster: As if you needed to ask such a question.
    Vephoma: A Herdmaster!
    Eukara Vox: What do you want with this creature?
    Herdmaster: What do you think? This is one of the most powerful creatures in Lore. I am calling it... a Ramleon!
    Herdmaster: I mean, you guys couldn't defeat it... twice. This would be the perfect creature to train. Then all will be at our mercy!
    «You»: I am afraid I can't let you do that.
    Herdmaster: And what? You are going to take your little weapon and teach me a lesson?
    Ramleoness: .....rar... *sniffles*
    Cassie: Something is wrong! We need to free the beast!
    «You»: FREE the beast--?
    Vephoma: Apparently...
  • Battle with Vephoma's help!
  • Battle with Eukara's help!
  • Battle alone!

    «Eukara is knelt by the Ramleoness, trying to free it.»

    «You»: Are you sure that's a good idea?
    Eukara Vox: Yes... She is upset.
    Vephoma: She? Should have known the beast was a she with all that roaring and fuss...
    Eukara Vox: .............
    «You»: *ahem* Eukara Vox, what should we do?
    Eukara Vox: Let her go, of course. She won't harm us... she has more important things to worry about.
    ???: *mew*
    «You»: Wait... she was just on a motherly rampage?
    Eukara Vox: Yes, «You», the Herdmaster was holding her little darlings...
    Vephoma: Of course.
    Eukara Vox: Here they come. I'm going to release her now.

    «The Ramleoness is released. Eukara steps back as three Ramleon cubs enter.»

    Ramleoness: *rrrarrrrr*
    Eukara Vox: You are welcome.
    Students: Awwww...

    «The Ramleons leave.»

    «You»: Gods of Lore, WHAT kind of teacher IS she??
  • Continued!
    Ramleon One

    Shop Shields:
  • Ramleoness Cub Z
  • Ramleoness Cub
  • Ramleoness Cub G
  • Ramleoness Cub
  • Ramleoness Cub Z
  • Ramleoness Cub
  • Ramleoness Cub G

    Shop Misc:
  • Hand Mirror
  • Magic Mirror [L. 2, 42, 82, 122 | 22 Z, 102 Z | 62 G]
  • Hand Mirror
  • Hand Mirror
  • Hand Mirror
  • Hand Mirror
  • Hand Mirror
  • Hand Mirror
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Monster encounters thanks to In Media Res.

    Encounter List


    Level 0-21: Deery (2)
    Level 22-41: Deery (22)
    Level 42-61: Deery (42)
    Level 62-81: Deery (62)
    Level 82-101: Deery (82)
    Level 102-121: Deery Elder (102)
    Level 122+: Deery (122)


    Level 0-21: Chimera (1)
    Level 22-41: Chimera (21)
    Level 42-61: Chimera (45)
    Level 62-81: Chimera (60)
    Level 82-101: Chimera (75)
    Level 102-121: Chimera (105)
    Level 122+: Chimera (120)


    Level 0-21: Am-Bush (3)
    Level 22-41: Am-Bush (20)
    Level 42-61: Am-Bush (40)
    Level 62-81: Am-Bush (60)
    Level 82-101: Am-Bush (80)
    Level 102-121: Am-Bush (100)
    Level 122+: Am-Bush (120)


    Level 0-21: Herdmaster (2)
    Level 22-41: Herdmaster (22)
    Level 42-61: Herdmaster (42)
    Level 62-81: Herdmaster (62)
    Level 82-101: Herdmaster (82)
    Level 102-121: Herdmaster (102)
    Level 122+: Herdmaster (122)

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