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Index of Mecha Bases (Alphabetical)

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12/7/2011 21:04:46   

To skip to a specific section, press Ctrl + F and type in the alphabet you are looking for.

NG - Nova Gem purchase required.
SC - Star Captain only.
NGSC - Star Captain only & Nova Gem purchase required.
SOffer - Special Offer, only obtainable via purchases outside of the game.
Temp - Temporary for use only, removed if you logout.
(Rare) - this mecha has been removed from the game or soon to be removed.
(Scaled) - this mecha levels up with you to a certain level. See the entry for level range.
(Founder) - this mecha is available for Founders only.
(Verified) - this mecha is only for players who verified their account.

Last Updated: October 20th, 2015

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DF AQW  Post #: 1
12/14/2011 5:53:54   


107dB TerriFi (Rare)
111dB Nova TerriFi NG (Rare) (Scaled)
112dB TerriFi (Rare)
117dB TerriFi (Rare)
121dB Nova TerriFi NG (Rare) (Scaled)
122dB TerriFi (Rare)
127dB TerriFi (Rare)
131dB Nova TerriFi NG (Rare) (Scaled)
132dB TerriFi (Rare)
137dB TerriFi (Rare)
141dB Nova TerriFi NG (Rare) (Scaled)
142dB TerriFi (Rare)
145dB TerriFi (Rare)
1LT Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
1SG Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
1st Lt Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
2d Lt Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
2LT Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
4pri1 Jumper 50 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
4pri1 Tumbler 37 (Rare) (Scaled)
4pri1-NG NG (Rare)
4pri1-SC SC (Rare)


A1C Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
AB Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
AC-490 V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
AC-490 V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C2 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C11 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C16 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C19 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C24 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C28 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C33 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C38 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C43 SC (Scaled)
Adamantine Ultra-Tron C48 SC (Scaled)
Adamantium Aegis SC (Rare)
Adamantium Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Adamantium Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
ADM Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Advanced Hawk
Advanced Hawk V2
Advanced Hawk V3
Advanced Hawk V4
Advanced Hawk V5
Advanced Hawk V6
Advanced Nova Hawk NG
Advanced Nova Hawk V2 NG
Advanced Nova Hawk V3 NG
Advanced Nova Hawk V4 NG
Advanced Nova Hawk V5 NG
Advanced Nova Raven NG
Advanced Nova Raven V2 NG
Advanced Nova Raven V3 NG
Advanced Nova Raven V4 NG
Advanced Nova Raven V5 NG
Advanced Nova Wolf NG
Advanced Nova Wolf V2 NG
Advanced Nova Wolf V3 NG
Advanced Nova Wolf V4 NG
Advanced Nova Wolf V5 NG
Advanced Raven
Advanced Raven V2
Advanced Raven V3
Advanced Raven V4
Advanced Raven V5
Advanced Wolf
Advanced Wolf V2
Advanced Wolf V3
Advanced Wolf V4
Advanced Wolf V5
Aegis MK-10-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-16-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-2-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-20-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-24-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-28-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-33-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-38-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-42-P SC (Scaled)
Aegis MK-48-P SC (Scaled)
Amazing Boltron NG
Amazing Geekatron Biped SC
Amazing Geekatron Quadruped SC
Amn Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
Angry Bulk T-15 (Scaled)
Angry Bulk T-25 (Scaled)
Angry Bulk T-35 (Scaled)
Angry Bulk T-45 (Scaled)
Angry Bull SC
Angry Bunzilla SC (Rare)
Angry Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Angry Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Anni-Volt Ferre NG (Rare)
Anni-Volt Lance NG (Rare)
Anni-Volt Longche NG (Rare)
Anni-Volt Spear NG (Rare)
Arctic Mecha 09 SC (Rare)
Argent Eagle (Rare)
Argent Eagle Nv NG (Rare)
Assault Anchorman SC
Assault Raider (Rare)
Assault Raider CLX (Rare)
Assault Raider CNX NG (Rare)
Assault Raider CV (Rare)
Assault Raider DLX (Rare)
Assault Raider DNX NG (Rare)
Assault Raider LE (Rare)
Assault Raider NCV NG (Rare)
Assault Raider NLE NG (Rare)
Assault Raider NSE NG (Rare)
Assault Raider NV NG (Rare)
Assault Raider NXL NG (Rare)
Assault Raider SE (Rare)
Assault Raider XL (Rare)
Assault Ram NGSC (Rare)
Astonishing Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Astounding Lightshow (Rare)
Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Avalanche Harvester NG43 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Avalanche Harvester SC43 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Awesome Geekatron Quadruped NG


Battle Hammer v1.0 SC
Battle Hammer v2.0 NG
Battle Hammer v3.0 NG
Battle Ram NGSC (Rare)
Batty Clown NG (Rare)
BC-AOD- X33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-AOD- X38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-APOC- X2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-ED1- X10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-ED1- X16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-ED2- X20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-ED2- X24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
BC-ED2- X28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Beautiful Lightshow NG (Rare) (Scaled)
BG Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-B10 (Rare)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-B20 (Rare)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-B30 (Rare)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-B40 (Rare)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-B50 (Rare)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-BN1 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-BN11 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-BN21 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-BN31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Birthday Newbatron V1337-BN41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Black Rider NG (Rare)
Blade Maniac
Bladestorm V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bladestorm V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Blazing Steampunk Model A-N3 NG (Scaled)
Bloodlust Wolf NG
Bolt Cracker Mecha SC (Rare)
Bolt-Cracker 09 SC (Rare)
Bolt-Cracker XL SC (Rare)
Boltron NG
Bopper (Rare)
Breathtaking Lightshow NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Brig Gen Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Brilliant Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bronze Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Bronze Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
Brutal Alpha Wolf NG
Brutal Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Brynhildr SC
Buccaneer Navigator NG
Burning SteamPunk Model A-2
Burning Steampunk Model A-N2 NG (Scaled)
Burning Steampunk Model A-S2 SC


Candy Elf 09 NG (Rare)
Candy Elf XL NG (Rare)
Candy Elf Mecha NG (Rare)
Capt Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
CAPT Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
CCMSgt Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
CDR Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Chaos Crusher (NSC-10)
Chaos Crusher (NSC-2)
Chaos Crusher (NSC-20)
Chaos Crusher (NSC-30)
Chaos Crusher (NSC-40)
Chaos Crusher (NSC-50)
Charged Thunder Hammer 10 NG (Scaled)
Charged Thunder Hammer 20 NG (Scaled)
Charged Thunder Hammer 30 NG (Scaled)
Charged Thunder Hammer 40 NG (Scaled)
Charged Thunder Hammer 50 NG (Scaled)
Chill Mecha 09 (Rare)
Choleric Bunzilla (Rare)
Chrono Corruptor SOffer (Rare) (Scaled)
Chronomech SOffer (Rare) (Scaled)
Classic Bunzilla DLX NG (Rare)
CMCPO Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
CMSgt Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
Col Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
COL Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Comedic F001 13 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 18 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 23 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 43 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 50 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Comedic F001 8 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Corrupted Drakel Armor L17
Corrupted Drakel Armor L23
Corrupted Drakel Armor L29
Corrupted Drakel Armor L34
Corrupted Drakel Armor L37
Corrupted Drakel Armor L40
Corsair Navigator NG
Cosmic Talon V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Cosmic Talon V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Count Mechula XLV
Count Mechula XXV
Count Mechula XXXII
Count Mechula XXXIX
CPO Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
CPT Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Crackling Striker (Rare)
Crazed Clown (Rare)
Crowned Clown 50 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Cruel Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
CW2 Aerial Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW2 Tactical Land Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW3 Aerial Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW3 Tactical Land Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW4 Aerial Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW4 Tactical Land Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW5 Aerial Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CW5 Tactical Land Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CWO2 Naval Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CWO3 Naval Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CWO4 Naval Assault Mech NG (Rare)
CWO5 Naval Assault Mech NG (Rare)


Daft Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)
Dangerous Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dark HoverScythe Chassis (Rare)
Dark Hunter NG40 NG (Rare)
Dark Hunter SC32 SC (Rare)
Dark Hunter SC36 SC (Rare)
Dark Hunter SC39 SC (Rare)
Dark Lord Mechula NG (Scaled)
Dark Rider NG (Rare)
Dark Rider X50 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Dark Stalker NG10 NG (Rare)
Dark Stalker NG35 NG (Rare)
Dark Stalker NG38 NG (Rare)
Dark Trapper NSC31 (Rare)
Dark Trapper NSC34 (Rare)
Dark Trapper NSC37 (Rare)
Dazzling Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dazzling Striker (Rare)
Deadly Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Decimator NG
Deflagrator NG19 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Deflagrator NG26 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Deflagrator NG33 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Deflagrator NG40 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Deflagrator NG45 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Deflagrator NG5 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Deflagrator NSC16 (Rare)
Deflagrator NSC24 (Rare)
Deflagrator NSC32 (Rare)
Deflagrator NSC40 (Rare)
Deflagrator NSC45 (Rare)
Deflagrator NSC8 (Rare)
Deflagrator SC14 SC (Rare)
Deflagrator SC21 SC (Rare)
Deflagrator SC27 SC (Rare)
Deflagrator SC35 SC (Rare)
Deflagrator SC40 SC (Rare)
Deflagrator SC45 SC (Rare)
Deflagrator SC7 SC (Rare)
Delta Leader (Rare)
Delta Nova Point NG (Rare)
Delta Star Leader SC (Rare)
Deluxe Mecha-Roni
Deranged Clown (Rare)
Destructive Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devastating Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle I SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle II SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle III SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle IV SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle IX SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle V SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle VI SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle VII SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Devoted Eagle VIII SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Battler SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Commander SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Dominator SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Fighter SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Leader SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Ruler SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Striker SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp Warrior SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Dharmahp-P SC (Scaled)
Dharmahp-P Commander SC (Scaled)
Dharmahp-P Dominator SC (Scaled)
Dharmahp-P Fighter SC (Scaled)
Dharmahp-P Ruler SC (Scaled)
Dharmahp-P Striker SC (Scaled)
Disturbed Clown (Rare)
Doom Rider X10 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X15 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X20 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X25 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X30 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X35 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X40 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X45 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Doom Rider X5 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Dopey Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)
Dorky Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)
Draconic Blazeblade IX SC (Scaled)
Draconic Defender IX SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Draconic Guard V (Rare) (Scaled)
Dragon Spirit Form C21 SC
Dragon Spirit Form C27 SC
Dragon Spirit Form C33 SC
Dragon Spirit Form C39 SC
Dragon Spirit Form C43 SC
Dragon Spirit Form G20 NG
Dragon Spirit Form G25 NG
Dragon Spirit Form G32 NG
Dragon Spirit Form G37 NG
Dragon Spirit Form G41 NG
Dragon Spirit Form N20
Dragon Spirit Form N26
Dragon Spirit Form N32
Dragon Spirit Form N38
Dragon Spirit Form N42
Dragonguard NG SOffer (Scaled)
Drakel Power Armor V1 SC
Drakel Power Armor V2 SC
Drakel Power Armor V4
Drakel Power Armor V5
Drakel Power Armor V6 SC
Drakel War Armor V1 SC (Rare)
Drakel War Armor V2 SC (Rare)
Drakel War Armor V3 NG (Rare)
Drakel War Armor V4 (Rare)
Drakel War Armor V5 (Rare)
Drakel War Armor V6 SC (Rare)
Drakel War Armor V7 NG (Rare)
Dramatic Lightshow (Rare)
Droxtal Mecha SC (Rare)
Dumb Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)

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DF AQW  Post #: 2
12/18/2011 3:27:23   


Egg-Cited NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Egg-Static NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Egg-Tastic NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Egg-Zuberant NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Elite Forensics Defender SC
Elite Squad Defender SC
Elite SWAT Defender SC
Endgame Starship Mech Temp (Scaled)
Enraged Bunzilla (Rare)
ENS Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Equinox Mustang (Rare)
Equinox Nova Colt NG
Equinox Nova Stallion NG
Equinox Stallion (Rare)
Equinox Star Mustang SC (Rare)
Equinox Star Stallion SC (Rare)
Equinox Star Steed SC
Equinox War Steed NG (Rare)
Extra Sauce Mecha-Roni
Eye-Opening Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)


f001 (Rare)
f001-NG NG (Rare)
f001-SC SC (Rare)
Fabulous Geekatron Quadruped NG
Faithful Eagle I (Rare) (Scaled)
Faithful Eagle II (Rare) (Scaled)
Faithful Eagle III (Rare) (Scaled)
Faithful Eagle IV (Rare) (Scaled)
Faithful Eagle V (Rare) (Scaled)
Fantastic Geekatron Quadruped SC
Fatal Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Feral Werewolf
Fierce Alpha Wolf NG
Fierce Nova Tyrant NG
Fierce Star Tyrant SC
Fierce Tyrano
Fiery Steampunk Model A-1
Fiery Steampunk Model A-N1 NG (Scaled)
Fiery Steampunk Model A-S1 SC
Fiery Tank (Rare)
Fire Gem
Fire Stone
Fire Tanker SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Flavescent Chrono NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Flavescent Corruptor NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Floe Harvester NG20 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Floe Harvester SC20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Forensics Defender
Fortified Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC10 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC15 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC20 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC25 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC30 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC35 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC40 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC45 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frankenmecha OC5 (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Frazil Mecha NG (Rare)
Frenzied Leprescythe LNG-50 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Fresh Frankenmecha SC (Rare)
Frost Harvester NG10 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Frost Harvester SC10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Frost Mecha 09 SC (Rare)
Frozen Mecha 09 (Rare)
Fulgent Eagle (Rare)
Fulgent Eagle Nv NG (Rare)
Furious Bulk S-10 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-15 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-20 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-25 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-30 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-35 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-40 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-45 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bulk S-50 SC (Scaled)
Furious Bunzilla SC (Rare)
Furious Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Furious Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)


Geekatron Biped SC
Geekatron Quadruped SC
Geist Hunter
Gen Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
GEN Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Ghastly Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Ghost Hunter
Giga Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Gilded Newbatron V3008 (Rare)
Gilded Star Newbatron v.3008 SC (Rare)
Gingerbread 09 (Rare)
Gingerbread XL (Rare)
GingerBread Mecha (Rare)
GLaDERP Security A-15
GLaDERP Security A-27
GLaDERP Security A-33
GLaDERP Security A-37
GLaDERP Security A-45
GLaDERP Security B-10 NG
GLaDERP Security B-23 NG
GLaDERP Security B-29 NG
GLaDERP Security B-35 NG
GLaDERP Security B-41 NG
GLaDERP Security B-45 NG
Gluttonous Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Gold Aegis SC (Rare)
Gold Nubertron SC (Rare)
Gold Nubertron SE SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-12 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-16 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-19 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-24 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-27 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-32 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-39 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-42 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-45 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-6 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana C-9 SC (Rare)
Golden Katana G-12 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-16 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-19 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-24 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-27 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-32 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-39 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-42 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-45 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-6 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana G-9 NG (Rare)
Golden Katana N-12 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-16 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-19 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-24 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-27 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-32 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-39 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-42 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-45 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-6 (Rare)
Golden Katana N-9 (Rare)
Golden Newbatron V3008 (Rare)
Golden Nova Newbatron V3008 NG (Rare)
Golden Star Newbatron V3008 SC (Rare)
Golden Wrapped Nubertron SC-50 SC (Rare)
Goofy Derpmachine (Rare)
Gorgeous Lightshow NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Grabber (Rare)
Grade 4-A Egg SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Grade-A Egg SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Grade-AA Egg SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Grade-AAA Egg SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Graupel Mecha (Rare)
Greedy Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Grim Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Guardian V16 (Verified) (Scaled)
Guardian V30 (Verified)
Guardian V40 (Verified)
Guardian V50 (Verified)
Guardian V9 (Verified) (Scaled)


Ha'nt Hunter
Hailstorm Harvester NG33 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Hailstorm Harvester SC33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
HammerHead (Rare)
Hammerhead Deluxe SC
Hammerhead Super NG
Haystacker (Rare)
Heavy Anchorman SC
Hlokk SC
Hot Tanker (Rare)
HoverScythe Chassis (Rare)
Hrund SC
Huffy Bunzilla NG (Rare)
Humorous F001 17 (Rare) (Scaled)
Hungry Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Hunter Eidolon SC
Hunter Phantom SC
Hunter Wraith SC
HunterApparition SC
Hyper Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Hyperion Geekatron Biped
Hyperion Geekatron Quadruped SC


Ice Harvester NG16 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ice Harvester SC16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Ice Mecha 09 NG (Rare)
Ice Princess 09 SC (Rare)
Ice Princess XL SC (Rare)
Ice Princess Mecha SC (Rare)
Ice Shelf Harvester NG28 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ice Shelf Harvester SC28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Ice Storm Harvester NG38 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ice Storm Harvester SC38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Iceberg Harvester NG24 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Iceberg Harvester SC24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Icicle Harvester NG2 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Icicle Harvester SC2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Idiotic Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)
Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Impressive Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Incensed Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Incensed Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Incredible Boltron NG
Incredible Geekatron Biped
Indignant Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Indignant Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Infuriated Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Infuriated Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Insane Clown NG (Rare)
Insatiable Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Irate Bunzilla NG (Rare)
Irate Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Irate Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Iron Aegis SC (Rare)
Iron Cook I (Rare) (Scaled)
Iron Cook II (Rare) (Scaled)
Iron Cook III (Rare) (Scaled)
Iron Cook IV (Rare) (Scaled)
Iron Cook V (Rare) (Scaled)
Iron Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Iron Falcon-P SC (Scaled)


Jabber (Rare)
Jameson Avenger II SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Avenger IV SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Avenger VII SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Avenger X SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Avenger XI SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson I NG (Rare)
Jameson II NG (Rare)
Jameson III SC (Rare)
Jameson IV (Rare)
Jameson Revenge I (Rare)
Jameson Revenge IX (Rare)
Jameson Revenge V (Rare)
Jameson Revenge VIII (Rare)
Jameson V (Rare)
Jameson Vengeance III NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Vengeance IX NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Vengeance VI NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson Vengeance XII NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Jameson VI SC (Rare)
Jameson VII NG (Rare)


Katana v1.0
Kelvin Mecha 09 NG (Rare)
Khael Adder
Khael Asp NG
Khael Cobra NG
Khael Copperhead NG
Khael Diamondback SC
Khael Krait NG
Khael Mamba NG
Khael Rattler NG
Khael Serpent
Khael Sidewinder
Khael Taipan SC
Khael Test Drive NG (Rare)
Khael Viper SC
Knightron AU SC
Knightron SE SC
Kordana NG SOffer (Scaled)
Kurosawa NG
Kurosawa Kikuchiyo NG
Kurosawa Kyuzo NG
Kurosawa Okamoto NG
Kurosawa Shimada NG


Lambent Eagle (Rare)
Lambent Eagle Nv NG (Rare)
Large Egg (Rare) (Scaled)
LCDR Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Lethal Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Liberty NG12 NG (Rare)
Liberty NG19 NG (Rare)
Liberty NG26 NG (Rare)
Liberty NG33 NG (Rare)
Liberty NG40 NG (Rare)
Liberty NG5 NG (Rare)
Liberty NSC16 (Rare)
Liberty NSC24 (Rare)
Liberty NSC32 (Rare)
Liberty NSC40 (Rare)
Liberty NSC8 (Rare)
Liberty SC14 SC (Rare)
Liberty SC21 SC (Rare)
Liberty SC27 SC (Rare)
Liberty SC35 SC (Rare)
Liberty SC40 SC (Rare)
Liberty SC7 SC (Rare)
Light Anchorman SC
Little Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Livid Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Livid Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Loki 10 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 15 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 20 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 25 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 30 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 35 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 40 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki 45 (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki N11 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki N21 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki N31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Loki N41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Loony Clown NG (Rare)
Loopy Clown NG (Rare)
Lord Mechula II SC (Scaled)
Lord Mechula III SC (Scaled)
Lt Col Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Lt Gen Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
LT Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
LTC Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
LTG Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
LTJG Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Lucky Advanced Hawk SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Advanced Raven SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Advanced Wolf SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Blademaster V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Carrotron C-50 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Elite Runehawk (Rare)
Lucky Elite Wolfblade (Rare)
Lucky Nova Hawk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nova Raven NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nova Wolf NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 14GV (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 14NGV NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 14SCG SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 23GV (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 23NGV NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 23SCG SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 5GV (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 5NGV NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Lucky Nubertron 5SCG SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Luminous Eagle (Rare)
Luminous Eagle Nv NG (Rare)

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9/4/2015 4:41:05   


Mad Bull SC
Mad Bunzilla (Rare)
Mad Clown (Rare)
Maddened Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Maddened Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Magnificent Geekatron Biped
Magnificent Haliaeetus SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Magnificent Lightshow (Rare)
Maj Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Maj Gen Aerial Assault Mech SC (Rare)
MAJ Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Marksman SC
Marvelous Geekatron Quadruped SC
Master Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Master Blaster V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Master Blaster V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Maximum Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Maximum Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
MCPO Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
Mecha Bunzilla (Rare)
Mecha-Bunzilla LE NG (Rare)
Mecha-Bunzilla SC SC (Rare)
Mecha-Roni (Rare)
Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Medium Anchorman SC
Medium Egg (Rare) (Scaled)
Mega Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mega Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Mega Geekatron Biped
Mega Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Mega Wrangler NG
Merciless Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Metal Aegis SC (Rare)
MG Tactical Land Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Midnight Rider NG (Rare)
Mighty Geekatron Biped
Milziiga Sniegapika -11NG Complete NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Milziiga Sniegapika -12NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -14C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -17C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -18NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -21C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -21NG Complete NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Milziiga Sniegapika -23NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -26C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -31NG Complete NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Milziiga Sniegapika -32NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -34C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -36NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -39C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -41NG Complete NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Milziiga Sniegapika -42NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -45C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -45NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -6NG Chassis NG (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika -8C Chassis SC (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika NK24 Chassis (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika NK16 Chassis (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika NK32 Chassis (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika NK39 Chassis (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika NK45 Chassis (Rare)
Milziiga Sniegapika NK8 Chassis (Rare)
Mind-Boggling Lightshow (Rare)
Mithril Aegis SC (Rare)
Mithril Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mithril Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCX35 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-10 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-16 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-2 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-20 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-24 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-28 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-33 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-38 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-42 SC (Scaled)
Mohawk SCXP-48 SC (Scaled)
Moldy Frankenmecha SC (Rare)
Morehawk SCP-10 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-16 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-2 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-20 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-24 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-28 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-33 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-38 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-42 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk SCP-48 SC (Scaled)
Morehawk V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Morehawk V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
MSG Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
MSgt Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
Mystraven (12)
Mystraven (6)
Mystraven Elite
Mystraven GEARS Edition v1 (Rare) (Scaled)
Mystraven GEARS Edition v11 (Rare) (Scaled)
Mystraven GEARS Edition v21 (Rare) (Scaled)
Mystraven GEARS Edition v31 (Rare) (Scaled)
Mystraven GEARS Edition v41 (Rare) (Scaled)
Mystraven Star Commander SC
Mystraven Star Commander v2.0 SC
Mystraven Star Commander v3.0 SC
Mystraven Star Commander v3.5 SC
Mystraven Star Commander v3.6 SC
Mystraven Star Commander V3.8 SC
Mystraven Star Commander v3.9 SC
Mystraven v2.0
Mystraven v3.0
Mystraven v3.8


Nemesis V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nemesis V43 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Nether Hover
Nether HoverScythe Chassis NG (Rare)
Neurotic Clown NG (Rare)
New Spectre Hunter NSC38
New Spectre Hunter NSC45
New Spectre Hunter SC26 SC
New Spectre Hunter SC38 SC
New Spectre Hunter SC45 SC
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-1 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-13 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-19 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-25 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-31 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-37 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-43 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 C-7 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-1 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-13 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-19 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-25 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-37 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-43 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 G-7 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-1 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-13 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-19 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-25 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-31 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-37 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-43 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron AnniV3010 N-7 (Rare) (Scaled)
Newbatron V1
Newbatron V1337
Nitroflash NG
Nova Bopper NG (Rare)
Nova Grabber NG (Rare)
Nova Guardian V14 NG (Verified) (Scaled)
Nova Guardian V24 NG (Verified) (Scaled)
Nova Guardian V34 NG (Verified) (Scaled)
Nova Guardian V44 NG (Verified) (Scaled)
Nova Guardian V7 NG (Verified) (Scaled)
Nova Hawk NG
Nova Hawk v2.0 NG
Nova Hawk v3.0 NG
Nova Hawk v3.5 NG
Nova Hawk v3.6 NG
Nova Hawk v3.8 NG
Nova Hawk v3.9 NG
Nova Haystacker NG (Rare)
Nova Jabber NG (Rare)
Nova Popper NG (Rare)
Nova Raven NG
Nova Raven v2.0 NG
Nova Raven v3.0 NG
Nova Raven v3.5 NG
Nova Raven v3.6 NG
Nova Raven v3.8 NG
Nova Raven v3.9 NG
Nova Smacker NG (Rare)
Nova Socker NG (Rare)
Nova Thwacker NG (Rare)
Nova Tyrant NG
Nova Wolf NG
Nova Wolf v2.0 NG
Nova Wolf v3.0 NG
Nova Wolf v3.5 NG
Nova Wolf v3.6 NG
Nova Wolf v3.8 NG
Nova Wolf v3.9 NG
Nutty Clown (Rare)


Obsidian Rider NG (Rare)
Odious Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Ominous Reaper SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Optimal Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Optimal Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N15 (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N23 (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N31 (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N37 (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N42 (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N47 (Scaled)
Osmium Ultra-Tron N9 (Scaled)
Outraged Nova Skelapunk NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Outraged Skelapunk (Rare) (SC Scaled)
Outstanding Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)


PFC Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
Picaroon Navigator NG
Pirate Admiral SC (Rare)
Pirate Captain SC (Rare)
Pirate Leader SC (Rare)
Pirate Navigator NG
Platinum Chef I NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Chef II NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Chef III NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Chef IV NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Chef V NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
Platinum Nubertron NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Platinum Nubertron SE NG (Rare) (Scaled)
PO1 Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
PO2 Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
PO3 Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
Police Mecha
Popper (Rare)
Power Boltron NG
Power Geekatron Biped
Powermerged Drakel Armor V2 SC
Powermerged Drakel Armor V3 NG
Powermerged Drakel Armor V4
Powermerged Drakel Armor V5
Powermerged Drakel Armor V6 SC
Powermerged Drakel Armor V7 NG
Powermerged War Armor V2 SC (Rare)
Powermerged War Armor V3 NG (Rare)
Powermerged War Armor V4 (Rare)
Powermerged War Armor V5 (Rare)
Powermerged War Armor V6 SC (Rare)
Powermerged War Armor V7 NG (Rare)
Primal Void Wolf (30) SC (Scaled)
Primal Void Wolf (40) SC (Scaled)
Primal Void Wolf (50) SC (Scaled)
Primal Werewolf
Prime Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Prime Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Primo Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Privateer Navigator NG
Prototype Accelerator Containment Vessel NG SOffer (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP10-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP16-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP2-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP20-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP24-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP28-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP33-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP38-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP42-P SC (Scaled)
Psychic Wing ESP48-P SC (Scaled)
Psycho Clown NG (Rare)
PV2 Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
PVT Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
Pyro Tank-Nics SC (Rare)


QWN- 1138 NG

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Rabid Werewolf
Radiant Eagle (Rare)
Radiant Eagle Nv NG (Rare)
RADM Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Raging Alpha Wolf NG
Raging Bull SC
Raging Bunzilla NG (Rare)
Ravenous Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
RDML Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Reaper SCP-10 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-16 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-2 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-20 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-24 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-28 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-33 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-38 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-42 SC (Scaled)
Reaper SCP-48 SC (Scaled)
Reinforced Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Rejuvenated Bunzilla NG NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Rejuvenated Bunzilla NG41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Relucent Eagle (Rare)
Relucent Eagle Nv NG (Rare)
Renewified Bunzilla NSC (Rare) (Scaled)
Renewified Bunzilla NSC41 (Rare) (Scaled)
Resolute Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Resplendent Eagle (Rare)
Resplendent Eagle Nv NG (Rare)
Revivified Bunzilla SC SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Revivified Bunzilla SC41 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Riderpulous Derpmachine NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ridiculous Derpmachine NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ridonkulous Derpmachine NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ridorkulous Derpmachine NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Rifle Guard SC
Riled Bunzilla SC (Rare)
Ripe Frankenmecha (Rare)
Riptide Allegis (Verified)
Riptide Devotis (Verified)
Riptide Fidelis (Verified)
Riptide Integris (Verified)
Riptide Loyalis (Verified)
Roamin Candle Striker NG (Rare)
Roaring Bull SC
Rocket Tank NG (Rare)
Rockin' Werewolf 15 (Rare)
Rockin' Werewolf NG 15 NG (Rare)
Rockin' Werewolf NG 25 NG (Rare)
Rockin' Werewolf NG 35 NG (Rare)
Rockin' Werewolf NG 45 NG (Rare)
Rockiní Werewolf 25 (Rare)
Rockiní Werewolf 35 (Rare)
Rockiní Werewolf 45 (Rare)
Rotted Frankenmecha (Rare)
Runehawk (12)
Runehawk (6)
Runehawk Elite
Runehawk GEARS Edition v1 (Rare) (Scaled)
Runehawk GEARS Edition v11 (Rare) (Scaled)
Runehawk GEARS Edition v21 (Rare) (Scaled)
Runehawk GEARS Edition v31 (Rare) (Scaled)
Runehawk GEARS Edition v41 (Rare) (Scaled)
Runehawk Star Commander SC
Runehawk Star Commander v2.0 SC
Runehawk Star Commander v3.0 SC
Runehawk Star Commander v3.5 SC
Runehawk Star Commander v3.6 SC
Runehawk Star Commander v3.8 SC
Runehawk Star Commander v3.9 SC
Runehawk v2.0
Runehawk v3.0
Runehawk v3.8


S.S. Paladin Temp (Scaled)
SA Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
Savage Mechatron SC (Rare) (Scaled)
SCPO Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
SDF Commander SC (Rare)
SDF Elite Captain (Rare)
SDF Elite Colonel (Rare)
SDF Elite Commander (Rare)
SDF Elite General (Rare)
SDF Elite Leader (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova Captain NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova Colonel NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova Commander NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova General NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova Leader NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova Officer NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Nova Specialist NG (Rare)
SDF Elite Officer (Rare)
SDF Elite Specialist (Rare)
SDF Elite Star Captain SC (Rare)
SDF Elite Star Colonel SC (Rare)
SDF Elite Star Commander SC (Rare)
SDF Elite Star General SC (Rare)
SDF Elite Star Leader SC (Rare)
SDF Elite Star Specialist SC (Rare)
SDF Elite StarOfficer SC (Rare)
SDF Field Captain SC (Rare)
SDF Foot Soldier (Rare)
SDF General NG (Rare)
SDF Nova Leader NG (Rare)
SDF Officer (Rare)
Secret Sauce Mecha-Roni
Sepulchure 1000 NG SOffer
Sepulchure 10K NG SOffer
Sepulchure 15K NG SOffer
Sepulchure 20K NG SOffer
Sepulchure 25K NG SOffer
Sepulchure 28K NG SOffer
Sepulchure 30K NG SOffer
Sepulchure of Doom NG (Scaled)
Sepulchure Ultimate NG (Scaled) SOffer
Sensational Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
SFC Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
SGM Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
SGT Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
Shade HoverScythe Chassis NG (Rare)
Shadow HoverScythe Chassis (Rare)
Shadow Rider NG (Rare)
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NG16 NG
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NG22 NG
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NG26 NG
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NG31 NG
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NG36 NG
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NG40 NG
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NSC21
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NSC26
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NSC31
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NSC36
Shadowed Arthurian Lion NSC40
Shadowed Arthurian Lion SC16 SC
Shadowed Arthurian Lion SC22 SC
Shadowed Arthurian Lion SC26 SC
Shadowed Arthurian Lion SC31 SC
Shadowed Arthurian Lion SC36 SC
Shadowed Arthurian Lion SC40 SC
Shadowhawk DX1 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowhawk DX11 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowhawk DX21 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowhawk DX31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowhawk DX41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowraven DX1 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowraven DX11 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowraven DX21 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowraven DX31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowraven DX41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowscythe Floater NG
Shadowscythe Trog NST1
Shadowscythe Trog NST2
Shadowscythe Trog NST3
Shadowscythe Trog NT1 NG
Shadowscythe Trog NT2 NG
Shadowscythe Trog NT3 NG
Shadowscythe Trog SCT1 SC
Shadowscythe Trog SCT2 SC
Shadowscythe Trog SCT3 SC
Shadowtech E Series 1 NG
Shadowtech E Series 1.2 NG
Shadowtech E Series 2
Shadowtech E Series 2.2 SC
Shadowtech E Series 3 NG
Shadowwolf DX1 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowwolf DX11 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowwolf DX21 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowwolf DX31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Shadowwolf DX41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Sharpshooter SC
Shelley's Regret SC-50 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
ShS Behemoth NG15 NG (Scaled)
ShS Behemoth NG22 NG (Scaled)
ShS Behemoth NG28 NG (Scaled)
ShS Behemoth NG33 NG (Scaled)
ShS Behemoth NG38 NG (Scaled)
ShS Behemoth NG5 NG (Scaled)
ShS Trog NT3SCL NGSC (Scaled)
Siamex Duo NG SOffer (Scaled)
Sick Clown (Rare)
Silly Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)
Silver Aegis SC (Rare)
Silver Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Silver Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
Silver Nubertron (Rare)
Silver Nubertron SE (Rare)
Sizzling Striker (Rare)
Skullcrusher 1000 NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 10K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 15K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 20K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 25K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 28K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 30K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher 33K NG SOffer
Skullcrusher Ultimate NG SOffer
Skyocket Striker NG (Rare)
Skyrocket Tank NG (Rare)
SkyStrobe Striker NG (Rare)
Smacker (Rare)
Small Egg (Rare) (Scaled)
SMSgt Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
SN Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
Sniper SC
Snow Mecha SC (Rare)
Soaring Haliaeetus (Rare) (Scaled)
Socker (Rare)
Sparkle Tank NG
SPC Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
Spectacular Lightshow NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Spectre Hunter
Speedyflash NG
Splendid Lightshow (Rare)
SR Naval Assault Mech (Rare)
SrA Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
SSG Tactical Land Assault Mech (Rare)
SSgt Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
Star Bopper SC (Rare)
Star Gladius v1.0 SC
Star Grabber SC (Rare)
Star Guardian V16 SC (Verified) (Scaled)
Star Guardian V25 SC (Verified)
Star Guardian V35 SC (Verified)
Star Guardian V45 SC (Verified)
Star Guardian V9 SC (Verified) (Scaled)
Star Haystacker SC (Rare)
Star Jabber SC (Rare)
Star Popper SC (Rare)
Star Sheriff SC
Star Smacker SC (Rare)
Star Socker SC (Rare)
Star Thwacker SC (Rare)
Star Tyrant SC
Star Valkyrie SC (Rare)
Starblaze Striker SC (Rare)
Stardust Striker SC (Rare)
Starfire Striker SC (Rare)
Starving Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Staunch Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steadfast Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steampunk Model A-1
Steampunk Model A-2
Steampunk Model A-3
Steampunk Model A-S1 SC
Steampunk Model A-S2 SC
Steampunk Model A-S3 SC
Steel Aegis SC (Rare)
Steel Chef I SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef II SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef III SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef IV SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef IX SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef V SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef VI SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef VII SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Chef VIII SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steel Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V10 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V16 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V2 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V20 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V24 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V28 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V33 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Steve Skysplitter V38 SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Stolen Wolf Temp (Scaled)
Strider SC (Rare)
Strider DLX SC (Rare)
Strider DLX-P SC (Scaled)
Strider Extreme-P SC (Scaled)
Strider First Class-P SC (Scaled)
Strider LE SC (Rare)
Strider LE-P SC (Scaled)
Strider Mini SC (Rare)
Strider Mini-P SC (Scaled)
Strider Pro SC (Rare)
Strider Pro-P SC (Scaled)
Strider SE SC (Rare)
Strider SE-P SC (Scaled)
Strider Supreme-P SC (Scaled)
Strider XL SC (Rare)
Strider XL-P SC (Scaled)
Strider-P SC (Scaled)
Striking Lightshow NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Stupid Derpmachine (Rare) (Scaled)
Sturdy Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Sub Zero Mecha 09 (Rare)
Super Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Super Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Super Boltron NG
Super Geekatron Biped SC
Super Geekatron Quadruped SC
Super Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Super Mecha-Bunzilla SC (Rare)
Super Wrangler SC
Supernova Geekatron Quadruped NG
Supernova Mecha-Bunzilla NG (Rare)
Superstar Geekatron Quadruped SC
Supreme Master Form C22 SC
Supreme Master Form C28 SC
Supreme Master Form C34 SC
Supreme Master Form C40 SC
Supreme Master Form C44 SC
Supreme Master Form G22 NG
Supreme Master Form G28 NG
Supreme Master Form G34 NG
Supreme Master Form G40 NG
Supreme Master Form G45 NG
Supreme Master Form N22
Supreme Master Form N28
Supreme Master Form N34
Supreme Master Form N40
Supreme Master Form N43
SWAT Defender
Swiftflash NG


Tenacious Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Terrific Geekatron Quadruped SC
The Chosen One Temp (Scaled)
Thirsty Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Thrilling Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Thwacker (Rare)
Titanium Falcon SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Titanium Falcon-P SC (Scaled)
Tough Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
True Eagle I NG (Rare) (Scaled)
True Eagle II NG (Rare) (Scaled)
True Eagle III NG (Rare) (Scaled)
True Eagle IV NG (Rare) (Scaled)
True Eagle V NG (Rare) (Scaled)
TSgt Aerial Assault Mech (Rare)
Turbo Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)

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Uber Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ubertron NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ultra Automorph SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Ultra Automorph-P SC (Scaled)
Ultra Geekatron Biped NG
Ultra Geekatron Quadruped NG
Ultra Ghost Hunter SC
Ultra Jameson NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Ultra Spirit Hunter SC
Ultra Wrangler NG
Unhinged Clown NG (Rare)


V-Hunter SC25 SC
V-Hunter SC32 SC
V-Hunter SC36 SC
V-Hunter SC39 SC
V-Hunter SC42 SC
V-Hunter SC45 SC
V-Stalker NG10 NG
V-Stalker NG20 NG
V-Stalker NG27 NG
V-Stalker NG35 NG
V-Stalker NG38 NG
V-Stalker NG40 NG
V-Stalker NG43 NG
V-Trapper NSC23
V-Trapper NSC31
V-Trapper NSC34
V-Trapper NSC37
V-Trapper NSC41
V-Trapper NSC44
VADM Naval Assault Mech SC (Rare)
Valkyrie Prime C-19 SC
Valkyrie Prime C-31 SC
Valkyrie Prime C-37 SC
Valkyrie Prime C-44 SC
Valkyrie Prime G-19 NG
Valkyrie Prime G-32 NG
Valkyrie Prime G-38 NG
Valkyrie Prime G-44 NG
Valkyrie Prime N-19
Valkyrie Prime N-29
Valkyrie Prime N-36
Valkyrie Prime N-44
Valoth's Epic Image G50 NG (Scaled)
Valoth's Epic Image N9
Vanguard SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Veloci-Mecha NG
Vexed Bunzilla NG (Rare)
Vibranium Ultra-Tron Z10 NG (Scaled)
Vibranium Ultra-Tron Z20 NG (Scaled)
Vibranium Ultra-Tron Z30 NG (Scaled)
Vibranium Ultra-Tron Z40 NG (Scaled)
Vibranium Ultra-Tron Z50 NG (Scaled)
Vicious Alpha Wolf NG
Vicious Nova Tyrant NG
Vicious Star Tyrant SC
Vicious Tyrano
Viking SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Vintage Newbatron AnniVY3010-13 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Vintage Newbatron AnniVY3010-43 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Vintage Nova Newbatron Y-3008 NG (Rare)
Vladic Black Knight NG (Scaled)
Vladic Dark Knight NG (Scaled)
Vladic Knight NG (Scaled)
Vladic Shadow Knight NG (Scaled)
Void Hover SC
Void Raptor (30) (Scaled)
Void Raptor (40) (Scaled)
Void Raptor (50) (Scaled)
Volt Blade SC (Rare)
Volt Lance SC (Rare)
Volt Spear SC (Rare)
Volt Spike SC (Rare)
Volt Thorn v1.0 SC
Voracious Imbiber SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Vorpal Bunzilla NG (Rare)


Wacky Clown (Rare)
War Cub SC (Rare)
War Ram NGSC (Rare)
Warbear SC (Rare)
Warbear DLX SC (Rare)
Warbear LE SC (Rare)
Warbear Pro SC (Rare)
Warbear SE SC (Rare)
Warbear XL SC (Rare)
Werewolf (Rare)
WO1 Aerial Assault Mech NG (Rare)
WO1 Naval Assault Mech NG (Rare)
WO1 Tactical Land Assault Mech NG (Rare)
Wolfblade (12)
Wolfblade (6)
Wolfblade Elite
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v1 (Rare) (Scaled)
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v11 (Rare) (Scaled)
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v21 (Rare) (Scaled)
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v31 (Rare) (Scaled)
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v41 (Rare) (Scaled)
Wolfblade Star Commander SC
Wolfblade Star Commander v2.0 SC
Wolfblade Star Commander v3.0 SC
Wolfblade Star Commander v3.5 SC
Wolfblade Star Commander v3.6 SC
Wolfblade Star Commander v3.8 SC
Wolfblade Star Commander v3.9 SC
Wolfblade v2.0
Wolfblade v3.0
Wolfblade v3.8
Wondrous Lightshow SC (Rare) (Scaled)
Wrapped Nubertron NG-1 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Wrapped Nubertron NG-11 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Wrapped Nubertron NG-21 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Wrapped Nubertron NG-31 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Wrapped Nubertron NG-41 NG (Rare) (Scaled)
Wrapped Nubertron NSC-15 (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron NSC-25 (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron NSC-35 (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron NSC-45 (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron NSC-5 (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-10 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-15 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-20 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-25 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-30 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-35 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-40 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-45 SC (Rare)
Wrapped Nubertron SC-5 SC (Rare)
Wrathful Bunzilla SC (Rare)


Xingshi (Rare) SOffer (Scaled)
Xtra-Large Egg (Rare) (Scaled)
Xtra-Secret Sauce Mecha-Roni NG


Yeti Grunt (Rare)
Yeti Guard (Rare)
Yeti Leader NG (Rare)
Yeti Officer (Rare)
Yeti Soldier (Rare)
Yeti Trooper (Rare)


Zeerover Navigator NG

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