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All you need to know about Togslayer Class

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3/11/2012 13:43:38   
Troy Darksword

Togslayer Class

Introduction to Togslayer Class

TogSlayer Class is a new class released in Frostval 2011, thanks to Captain Rolith. Overall, togslayer class is an offensive class, and the class combine severall copy of other class skill with only Togmas Strike and Firetog Punch as signature skill, making this class suitable for player with offensive nature.

However, Togslayer is still a little overpowerred. Since it's still a new class ( Just only approximately 3 month after first release. ).

The armor currently in Rare Status but it will be back in future frostval

[ Class Stats ]

Class Name : Togslayer
Trainer : Storm

Default Weapon : Tog

Defenses : Melee: 5, Pierce: 5, Magic: 5, Parry: 0, Dodge: 0, Block: 0
Offenses : Crit: 5, Bonus: 0, Boost: 0%
Resistances : None

[ Pros and Cons ]

Pros :
1. Fire Tog punch total of 600 % Damage
2. Default weapon give a very good stats ( + 10 Critical and + 10 boost with 12 -20 damage ) Suitable for low level
3. Very Good Defensive skill
4. This Class has only one DA Only skill
5. Good for Farming

Cons :

1. No Base element resistance
2. Only can be trained in Frostvall only
3. Firetog punch has fixed element ( Fire Only )
4. Not suitable to be used in some saga and Quest especially Xan Saga, Fire Orb Saga, and 100 room of fiery doom ( Quest with majority of Fire Element Enemy and boss )
5. Very Bad against pack monster

Skill Overview and Analysis

Togmas Strike

Mana Cost : 25
Cooldown : 9
Skill Type : Offensive Attack and Support Buff Placer
Skill Effect : Strike the enemy twice for 120 % Damage each. Give +30 boost for 10 Turns

Note :
- Attack Type and Element based on weapon
- Buff Placer only placed if attack succesfull, If attack failed, buff placer won't be placed
- High Mana Cost
- High Cooldown

Explanation :
Togslayer class signature skill which combine support and Offensive skill. Has quite a high cooldown. Please use this only on Hard boss and high level enemy since you need the extra damage, if you want to finish a weak enemy in one turn, consider using Final Blow or Double attack ( Final blow is much more recommended ) because of their lower mana cost


Mana Cost : 10
Cooldown : 9
Skill Type : Support Skill
Skill Effect : Deal random hits of 60 % to 80% damage each, -60 Bonus to the enemy for 2 turns

- Attack Type and Element based on Weapon
- This skill will attack randomly for 5 to 6 damage

Explanation :
Well, this skill is for reducing enemy accuracy. Consider using it on hard enemy like for Example some boss in the Lucky Week Storybook ( Have lots of combo attack )

Final Blow

Mana Cost: 8
Cooldown: 14
Skill Type : Offensive Skill
Skill Effect : Strike at the enemy back and forth; deal 2 hits of 120% damage with a guaranteed crit.

Note :
- Attack Type and Element based on weapon
- Low Mana Cost
- High Cooldown

Explanation :
This is an improved version of the Final Blow from your base class ( Warrior, Mage, and Rogue ). It deals more damage with guaranteed critical. This is the most recommended skill if you want to finish an enemy in a turn because this is the skill that have the lowest mana cost although weaker than Double Attack


Mana Cost : 17
Cooldown : 14
Skill Type : Disable Skill
Skill Effect : deals 1 hit of 100% damage and stun for 3 turns

Note :
- Attack Type and Element Based on Weapon
- Stun Buff won't be placed if attack missed

Explanation :
Ordinary Disable skill that copied from several class ( Warrior, Rogue etc. ) No extra explanation needed.

Aimed Strike

Mana Cost: 7
Cooldown: 4
Skill Type : Offensive Skill Plus Support Buff Placer
Skill Effect : Strike the enemy for 100 % damage and give + 20 Boost

Note :
- Attack Type and Element Based on Weapon
- Low Mana Cost
- Low Cooldown

Explanation :
A copy to warrior ability Aimed Strike which give additional boost. Use it ALWAYS after Togmaster Strike to receive a total of + 50 % Boost

Defensive Stance

Mana Cost : 11
Cooldown : 4
Skill Type : Defensive Skill
Skill Effect : +140 Block, Dodge and Parry for 2 turns

Note :
- Medium Mana Cost
- Low Cooldown

Explanation :
Improved Defensive Skill, + 140 Parry and Dodge make you almost invulnerable, the cooldown is perfect for spamming so Togslayer can be use as Tanker without Endurance

Double Attack

Mana Cost: 14
Cooldown: 2
Skill Type : Offensive Skill
Skill Effect : Strike the Enemy, deal 2 hits of 150% damage each.

Note :
- Attack Type and Element based on Weapon
- Medium Mana Cost
- Low Cooldown

Explanation :
Again this is a copy to Warrior Ability but without the requirement of chain attack from attack button and with better attack. The low cooldown is great for spamming but not as finishing move use final blow instead


Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown : 9
Skill Type : Offensive Skill
Skill Effect : Summons a hovering Fire Tog while flying through the enemy, then you run up to the enemy and hitting it 2 times. Total of 600% Fire damage

Note :
- Attack Type Based on Weapon
- Element Fire
- Medium-High Mana Cost
- High Cooldown

Explanation :
The second signature skill from TogSlayer and your main damage sources but the main purposes of this skill is Battle Opening Skill. Always use it in the beginning of battle. Unfortunately for the Fixed Element, don't ever use it on Fire Element Enemy.

Training Guide

As stated above in the introduction, this class only can be trainned during Frostval and the current Leap Day ( Which is the 29th February 2012 ). You need to collect Coal in this order. But if you've spare coal from the Current Frostvall, you can train it with Captain Rolith in Oaklore

1. 3 Pieces of Coal for unlocking the Togslayer Armor
2. 4 Pieces Coal to unlock all skills

Currently there are two quest that drop the coal :

1. Breaking In ( Frostval Only )
2. Quantum Tog ( Special Event of Leap Day. Event has been closed)

Since Quantum Tog already closed, the quest that drop coal is only Breaking In. Here is the Walkhtrough

Training Quest : Breaking In

If you've finished Lymcrest Labyrinth, you will be familiar with this quest. This quest is a maze quest although the maze is quiet short, All of the Tog moved in a very good Movement Speed and since the Maze is small, you have better chances to be caught by Rolith's Pets

To Prevent this, you have to dodge the Tog, Lucky for you, although they move in High Movement speed, they're quiet predictable. so if you skilled in clicking, this will be an easy quest. And if you try to pass a tog, try to be as close to the maze wall. If you're lucky, you can dodge them without triggering the battle phase

There are some class that are really versatile in this quest ( If you wanted the Tog EXP ). here is the list

  • Paladin Class ( They have a very good offensive skill and not an MP Eater )
  • Katthool Adept Class and EnTropy Class ( Of course than, both of them is very good and powerfull but unfortunately DC)
  • SoulWeaver Class ( Really powerfull as you won't encounter multiple enemy here )

    And of course here are some class that need to be carefull when used in this quest

  • DeathKnight ( MP Eater and no healing pad in this quest )
  • Guardian ( You don't have much benefit from this class but it's quiet powerfull thanks to Guardian Rage and Guardian Dragon)

    And the following is the Rejected Classes

  • DoomKnight ( NO, NO, NO, the enemies is a lot but not difficult so you're only wasting this class full potential to defeat only the Tog and this one cost money)
  • Angler ( You don't want to fish the Tog right )
  • DragonSlayer ( Please know the diffrent beetween Tog and Dragon )

    Against the Tog just spam your offensice skill and don't bring Guess. They only scalled the Tog Level without giving you much benefit. And after you finished it, Repeat it ten more times


    You have Finished your Trainning

    Class Stats Build and Strategy

    Since Togslayer Class is a new Class in Dragonfable, it has only a few Stats Build. Currently the most suited Stats Build fo Togslayer is the Full Offensive Build ( Standard ) . Before we know about this build, let's see the Stats Priority for Togslayer Class.

    Primary Stats : Strength / Dexterity / Intelligence and Wisdom
    Secondary Stats : Luck,
    Tertiary Stats : Endurance, Charisma

    As usual Primary Stats consist of main stats and Wisdom. Wisdom and Luck is needed to boos your FireTog Punch. Charisma ? Well, you don't have any synergy ability to become a beastmaster and for Endurance, you have a skill that help you tank, what is that ? Defensive Stance ( + 140 Block and Doge and 4 Turn Cooldown.)

    As the class being updated, the Skill build will be expanded too. Current Level Cap is 80 ( Which Mean 395 Skill Point )

    I. Full Offensive Build

    [ Stats Build ]

    1. Warrior Build ( Melee Weapon Specialist )

    STR : 200
    DEX : 0
    INT : 0
    CHA : 0
    WIS : 100
    LCK : 95

    2. Rogue Build ( Piercing Weapon Specialist )

    STR : 0
    DEX : 200
    INT : 0
    CHA : 0
    WIS : 100
    LCK : 95

    3. Mage Build ( Magic Weapon Specialist )

    STR : 0
    DEX : 0
    INT : 200
    CHA : 0
    WIS : 100
    LCK : 95

    [ Explanation ]

    This is the basic build as well as the only one build that give the most benefit for Togslayer Class. Since Togslayer only have a fully offensive Skill ( Giving Boost and Skill with 600 % total Damage ), with only one defensive skill, this build is to maximize all of the skill available

    Wisdom is really needed since you're and MP Eater and a little Luck for your TogSlayer Punch, while Endurance ? You have the best defensive skill which is Spamable ( 2 Turn Duration and 4 Turn Cooldown )

    And last thing, feel free to adjust beetween Wisdom and Luck so it can suite tyou

    [ Skill Priority ]

    First of All let me explain the Skill Priority Section. I will divide each skill into three group of priority, the Primary Priority refer to skill that you will use the most, while the secondary priority refer to skill that you will sometimes use one enemy while the Tertiary skill is group of useless skill or skill that you will rarely use with this build

    Primary Skill : FireTog Punch, Double Attack, Aimed Strike, Punt, Final Blow, Togmaster Strike
    Secondary Skill : Stampede, Defensive Stance
    Tertiary Skill : -

    Togslayer is one of the class that doesn't have any tertiary skill since it has only one build at most. The Primary Skill consist of the offensive skill, while the Secondary Skill is your only defensive skill. Defensive Stance

    [ Gameplay and Strategy ]

    Here I will listed the Gameplay and Strategy of this class since this is unlike Hybrid Class and Defensive class, which you can expand by yourself, this strategy is added for Full offensive Class. There are plenty of tips you will need during this class

  • Always use FireTog Punch in The Beginning of Battle, it will reduce lots of enemy HP and because of it's high Cooldown
  • Always use Aimed Strike and then Togmaster Strike. This will give you a total of + 50 Boost
  • It's better to finish enemy with Final Blow instead of Double Attack when enemy hp is Below 250 HP ( Lower Mana Cost )
  • Be carefull of Multiple Enemy since you don't have any skill against them but you get advantage of their lower HP so use this strategy :

    Aimed Strike ( A Enemy ) -- > Togmaster Strike ( B Enemy ) -- > Double Attack ( Enemy A ) -- > Final Blow ( Enemy B ) -- > FireTog punch if there are Enemy C

    For other kind of enemy, remember the Above Tips. That's all you need with this build

    Class Arsenal

    So what did Togslayer Class Need, High DOT ? High Critical ? or High Base Damage ? well the modal to be A Togslayer is High Base Damage and High Critical / Bonus. Well since that, there are plenty of weapon set that give the most benefit for Togslayer

    Weapon will be splitted into two 'Combat Arsenal' and 'Look and Appearances Arsenal'. Combat Arsenal is for Combat Purpose while the other the arsenal which give the best appearances

    Combat Arsenal

    A. Guardian Blade ( Guardian Only )

    At Level 60, Guardian Blade will deal 1 - 125, which with 600 % more damage using FireTog Punch, you will deal up to 6 - 750 Damage. Possibly one of the best weapon for TogSlayer, but the downside is it has very high damage range which mean if you're unlucky, you will deal less than 100 Damage and you need the Guardian Verification in Adventure Quest Original. Combine it with strongest Critical Booster Arsenal, you will deal more than 1000 Damage

    [ Arsenal Link ]

    Guardian Blade ( Level 5 - Level 60 )

    B. Poelala ( DC )

    Non beastmaster pet that can increase your critical. Unfortunately, it is DC and occure randomly ( Since Poelala boost another stats to ).

    This is how Poelala pets work

      Poelala Staff will shine in different color. Each color boost different stats :
    • Silver - Melee Defense Increase
    • Blue - Magic Defense Increase
    • Green - Pierce Defense Increase
    • Red - Critical Hit Chance Increase
    • Yellow - Dodge Increase

    [ Arsenal Link ]


    C. Necrotic Sword of Doom

    Considered of the Strongest Weapon in Game , this is very good to for Togslayer Class. However, Not very recommended, since it cost money and It is Overpowered

    [ Arsenal Link ]

    Necrotic Sword of Doom

    D. Pirate's Booty

    Passive Trinket with High Critical, very good for you Firetog Punch

    [ Arsenal Link ]

    Pirate's Booty

    E. Summon Gem - Roktoru

    Total of about 300 Damage, good for you which wanted to sum of More than 500 Damage in two turn ( Fire Tog Punch + Summon Roktoru ). But unfortunately, both of them has fixed element

    [ Arsenal Link ]

    Summon Gem - Roktoru

    F. Doom Weapon and Destiny Weapon Set

    Same with Necrotic Blade of Doom, and special for Destiny Weapon, they're the strongest light weapon in Dragonfable. For more Information, See this Guide : A Guide to Doom and Destiny Weapon. All weapon link included there

    Look and Appearances Arsenal

    A. Tog Set

    Any tog themed arsenal is your best friend here. Most of them can be find in Rolith's Codemonkey Challenge or the Lymcrest Labyrinth Tog Challenge. You can click on the link provided here so you can follow where to find the Quest

    Need Tips for how to get this set ? Look on This Guide : A Beginner's Guide to Tog ( For the Tog Challenge ) and this DF Encyclopedia Entry : The Lymcrest Labyrinth ( For the Maze ). You can see the list of all weapon there.


    Although still a little OverPowered, you might want to use this class. Why ? This class is heavy damage dealer like SoulWeaver which very good for Farming and Hard Boss ( Such As Doctor When ). So try this class with those hard boss

    If there are any Correction or Update, feel free to :

    1. PM / Private Message me. I'm available everyday
    2. Post in Update / Correction Thread. I will PM you if I have received your update request

    Have fun using that class and Battleon
    Troy Darksword

    Update Log :
    15 March 2012 : Base Appearances has been finished, still adding coding and link
    16 March 2012 : Coding Finished. Link under Construction
    17 March 2012 : Whew, finally Link has been finished. Ready for Approvall
    20 March 2012 : Approved by Sir Therril Oreb ( Thank You Very Much ). Starting Link Update
    24 March 2012 : Link has been finihed

    Thanks To
    -- Artix Entertaiment for Making this Awesome Game
    -- Captain Rolith the author of this class

    -- Megakyle777 for requesting it in DF Pending Guide Thread : Guide Request Thread

    -- Shaiyall for giving correction for Frostval pronounciation and giving suggestion for reducing oppinion in the guide
    -- Selutu for Giving correction for Stats Cap of 200 SP
    -- Leon Shadowheart for answering my question about maximum Stats class point
    -- Ninjaty for Extra information about stats cap
    -- Lv. 1000 for reminding me that the class can be trained in Oaklore
    -- creepy gy for correction

    -- Hydra 695 for DF Encyclopedia Entry : A-Z Armor that I use as reference
    -- Peachii for DF Encyclopedia Entry : Togslayer Armor that I use as reference
    -- And for all DragonPedia master that hasn't been listed here

    -- Cursed Hero for DF Guide: A Guide to Doom and Destiny Weapon
    -- MegaPoster 404 for A Beginner's Guide to Tog

    -- Therrill Oreb for Approving my guide
    -- Faerdin for Approving My guide
    -- and the rest of the MOD and AK for DF Guide ( Ash and Paperclip of Doom )

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    2/10/2018 13:48:38   
    creepy gy

    I dont think that this will be noticed as last update was on 2012, but you need 4 coal to unlock all skills not 8.

    Amended, thanks! ~Peachii

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