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The Transporter!

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5/4/2012 6:01:51   

Honour, Hope, Love

The Transporter!
City of Deren

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Delivery to Deren!

«Scene: Battleon. Zooms in on the Mage Shop and then shows the interior.»

Warlic: «You», remember when I gave you the smelly Sock of Doom and you said you owed me one?
«You»: Well, I don't remember it exactly that way--
Warlic: I've got another one around here-- would you like to smell it again?
«You»: If you're going to put it like that, I guess I do remember it your way. What do you need?
Warlic: I need a package taken to Deren for the new Temple that's being constructed.
«You»: ?!?
Warlic: Normally, I'd take it myself, but I've been called away on important wizardly business. The package contains an extremely valuable and rather powerful gemstone.
Warlic: I can't just hand it over to any old courier. And due to the nature of its power, it can't be transported by... er... normal methods.
Warlic: I need someone to actually travel with it across Lore by foot, and who will guard it with their life-- and death!
«You»: Gee, I can't wait.
Warlic: Now, where did I leave that other sock?
«You»: I mean, sure, Warlic. I'd be glad to.
Warlic: Here it is.

«Warlic tosses you a package.»

Warlic: Remember, it must be kept safe and delivered to King Tralin at the palace in Deren, no matter how many times your life is threatened...
Warlic: ... no matte rhow many deadly battles you face, no matter how thin a thread your life hangs by, no matter--
«You»: Okay, okay, I get the picture!
  • Transport!

    «Scene: The forest.»

    «You»: I don't know what Warlic was so worried about. There hasn't been a speck of trouble so far-- or should I say-- a fleck?
    «You»: Uh oh! Looks like I spoke too soon!

    Trap Difficulty
    Level	0-37	38-62	63-87	88-112	113-127	128-132	133+
    Tdiff	40	51	62	72	73	73	73

      Avoid other monsters!
      Are you stealthy enough to avoid being detected by 2 more forest monsters??
      Difficulty: [See above]
      Stat Used: Dexterity
    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

      «If you have less than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Avoid other monsters!
        You lack the «» SP to defy the fickle will of the dice.
        Difficulty: [See above]
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Next

      «If you have more than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Avoid other monsters!
        By an effort of will you can spend «» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
        Difficulty: [See above]
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Yes
      • No
    «If you failed or failed in Defying your roll:»

    Continues below.

    «If you succeeded or succeeded in Defying your roll:»

    «You»: Whew! Glad that's over. And I think I see Krovesport there through the trees!

    «Scene: Krovesport. «You» have met an Assassin.»

    «You»: Hey, you know of any ships departing for Deren soon?
    Assassin: Sure...
    «You»: Well, will you tell me which ones?
    Assassin: Oh, I don't think you're going to care one way or another in a few minutes.
    «You»: Why's that?
    Assassin: Because you'll be dead!

    «The Assassin kneels in submission.»

    «You»: Tell me why you attacked me!
    Assassin: Never!
    «You»: Tell me or I'll--
    Assassin: Oh, alright...
    «You»: Wow, that was quick. I didn't even have to threaten you with anything.
    Assassin: I used to just be cannon fodder. I've been promoted, but old habits die hard.
    «You»: Got it. Okay, now tell me why you attacked me.
    Assassin: A mysterious stranger in a dark cloak and hood told me to.
    «You»: (Groan) I should have known.
    Assassin: Yup, he just told me to make sure I grabbed the package you were carrying, and I'd get a nice sackful of gold for my trouble.
    «You»: Well, that's interesting. Someone knows about the package, and sent two assassins to try and get it from me, eh?
    «You»: Go back and tell your boss that he'll have to try harder than a bumbling assassin to get this package away from me!
    Assassin: Hey!! I represent that remark!
    «You»: Sorry. Just sayin'. Anyway, you said there was a ship departing for Deren today?
    Assassin: I try to kill you and you're going to trust me to recommend a ship to you?
    «You»: We both already know what I can do to you if you try to trick me.
    Assassin: Good point. Take the Founderer. She's leaving in about... five minutes. Better run!

    «Scene zooms in on the Assassin's hood as he stands.»

    Assassin: Of course, that threat only works if you survive the voyage... hehe!

    «Scene shows «You» traveling on the Founderer over the Sea. A Ratliver pirate drops down from the mast.»

    Ratliver: Give us that packet you're carrying, Hero, r me and my gang will cut your liver out and feed it to the kraken!
  • Fight!

    «You»: Well, I guess I showed those guys who's king of the seas!

    «As the Founderer continues to sail, a Braken climbs out of the water and onto the ship.»

    «As the Braken continues to assault the ship, it sinks. «You» are now underwater.»

    «You»: Oh no! Good thing I took those swimming lessons after I failed the Talk Like a Pirate Day Quiz!

    «Aquella swims in.»

    Aquella: Who is creating a disturbance down here under the sea?
    «You»: Hey, Aquella, it's just me. A kraken attacked the ship I was in, and I got dumped in the sea. Then I got attacked by two water monsters. Sorry about the disturbance.
    Aquella: Oh, it's just you, «You». Or, should I say, Your Highness?
    «You»: Ah. You heard about that "King-of-the-Sea" crack, huh? It was just a joke.
    Aquella: And not much of one, at that.
    «You»: Look, I need to get to Deren. Can you help me out?
    Aquella: I might have a giant turtle or two around here that isn't booked...

    «Scene: A beach at sunset.»

    «You»: Well! That was an interesting ride! But the sun's going down now, and it's still a ways inland to the palace. I think I'll call it a night right here.

    «Scene fades. Scene returns at night as you stand by a campfire.»

    «You»: I hate to admit it, but after all this trouble to bring this stupid housewarming gift to Deren, I'm curious to see what it is I've been fighting for. I bet Warlic wouldn't mind if I take one little peek...

    «Scene zooms in on your hands as they unwrap the package to reveal a round stone.»

    «You»: Well, it sure doesn't LOOK very impressive!
    ??? (1): Give me that package!
    ??? (2): No!! Give it to ME!!
    «You»: How about this: I'm not giving it to EITHER of you!!
  • Fight!

    «You»: Wow, isn't there anybody that doesn't want this stupid package?
    ???: Don't think so!
  • Fight!

    «Scene: It is now daytime, and the fire has gone out.»

    «You»: It's already daylight, and I never even got to sleep! Guess I'd better head n out to the palace and get this over with.

    «Scene: Forest on the edge of Deren.»

    «You»: Wow, the city gets bigger all the time!

    «Scene shows «You» traveling to the palace. Once outside the door:»

    «You»: Nice welcome!!

    «Scene shows your hand knocking on the door. «You» then enter the palace. A Drakel Guard stops you.»

    Guard: Can I help you?
    «You»: Who are you?
    Guard: I'm Daltry. I serve the King.
    «You»: Do you attack all of the guests to the palace like that??
    Daltry: Sorry, my friends there were just a little too excited.
    «You»: I'm here on official business. I have a package to deliver from Warlic to King Tralin.
    Daltry: Deliveries go around to the back.
    «You»: Hey, this is a very valuable and important gift from Warlic the Archmage to King Tralin. It goes straight from my hands to the King's.
    Daltry: Oh yeah? Let me see it...

    «Scene zooms in on your hand showing the item to Daltry.»

    Daltry: Yeah, right... Like I said... deliveries in the back.

    «Scene: The Throne Room.»

    King Tralin: Ah, «You», how good to see you again!
    «You»: Thank you, King Tralin. I have a package for you from Warlic. He said it's for the Temple that's being built.
    King Tralin: Most kind of him-- and of you, to take so much trouble to deliver it safely into my hands!

    «Scene zooms in on your and Tralin's hands as «You» attempt to hand the object off. It comes loose of the wrappings, however, and rolls down a flight of stairs.»

    «You»: Oops! Sorry about that-- The packaging was kind of messed up. The object rolled out into the corridor and down some stairs! Where do they go?
    King Tralin: They go all the way down into the darkling dungeon-- we don't use it anymore, but it's still a scary place.
    King Tralin: And some say there are still monsters down there, hiding in the dark corners, waiting for an unsuspecting person to come by and, well, CHOMP!
    «You»: ... CHOMP?
    King Tralin: Yes... CHOMP.
    «You»: Well, don't worry! I'll get it!
  • Go!

  • Get treasure!

    «You»: The object!! It rolled behind the treasure chest.
  • Take it!

    «Scene: Back in the Throne Room.»

    «You»: King Tralin, do you mind if I ask you something?
    King Tralin: Certainly! You deserve an answer or two after delivering such a precious object to me safely, in spite of the many obstacles put in your path!
    «You»: What is that thing? I mean, Warlic said it was very powerful, and very important, but it sure doesn't look like much.
    King Tralin: Ah! And you think that to be valuable, or important, an object must look impressive, do you, young Hero?
    «You»: Well, I guess if you put it that way-- no?

    «Scene zooms in on Tralin as the object cracks and breaks in his hand.»

    «You»: Oh no! Warlic's gonna turn me into... into... I can't even imagine what he's going to turn me into for this! I just know it's going to be really, REALLY BAD!
    King Tralin: Be at peace, «You». Not everything that breaks was meant to be whole!
    «You»: Huh?

    «Scene zooms in on Tralin as a small rainbow-furred Zard emerges.»

    «You»: It's alive? That thing was an egg?
    King Tralin: Indeed. And inside is the most precious gift Warlic could give us, to place inside the Temple and watch over its completion.
    «You»: What's that?
    King Tralin: It's a Peace Zard. They are rare and precious beyond measure. It will be housed in the Temple and cared for there.
    King Tralin: When it reaches its full size, it will have a nullifying influence on any weapon or spell that is brandished in its presence--
    King Tralin: -- thereby allowing one and all who come to our Temple to communicate with the Gods to be in peace while under its influence. The Temple will truly be a place for worship and contemplation--
    King Tralin: -- and be free from the politics and machinations of those who come seeking wealth or power or chaos rather than enlightenment and unity and fulfillment.
    «You»: Is that why it had to be hand-carried across Lore on foot? Because it was close to hatching?
    King Tralin: Yes, indeed! You're smarter than you look!
    «You»: People make that mistake a lot.
    King Tralin: Any other mode of transport could have disrupted the delicate processes going on inside the egg, and rendered this baby Peace Zard unable to function as it was meant to-- or worse.
    King Tralin: It might have chosen not to hatch at all! All of the dark forces that pursued you in your travels were attempting to keep the Peace Zard from being delivered to the Temple--
    King Tralin: -- thereby ensuring that chaos would be able to enter instead.
    King Tralin: You have done well, «You».
    King Tralin: Now go, rest and refresh yourself, for the festivities will begin soon, and you will have a seat of honor at my table! Daltry! Come see our friend is taken care of!
    Daltry: Yes, Your Majesty!

    «Scene zooms out.»

    «You»: So, you're going to show me to a nice suite, where I can get a hot bath, sleep in a real bed, get room service--
    Daltry: There's a pond out back, and I hear they just brought some fresh straw in for the barns...
    «You»: Hey!
    Daltry: Kidding! Just kidding!

    Shop Pets:
  • Chillin' Peace Zard
  • Far Out Peace Zard
  • Tubular Peace Zard
  • Gnarly Peace Zard
  • Mellow Peace Zard
  • Funky Peace Zard
  • Groovy Peace Zard
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • To Deren!
  • To Battleon!

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