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RE: =HeroMart= Suggestion - Clothing

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8/20/2012 5:20:06   

I'd like to see them sell other types of clothing since they just sell T-Shirt at the time being. Some normal things they should start selling:

Caps, hats, and such things that people wear on their heads.
Shades, masks and such people wear on their faces.
Jackets, tracksuits and such.
Pants, socks and shoes maybe.
Wristbands, watches and such things people wear on arms and other places.

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MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 26
8/24/2012 12:50:20   

A t-shirt saying 'HOLY CHICKENCOW!' across it with a chickencow underneath.Or did they already release that?

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AQW  Post #: 27
8/25/2012 20:50:57   
Red Komet

Maybe Dark and Light T-Shirts for Oversoul and that the T-Shirts came with codes The Dark T-Shirt will have a Dark Class and Dark Items The Light T-Shirt will have a Light Class and Light Items
Post #: 28
9/23/2012 2:37:06   

Thought of some new shirts. A doomknight overlord and paladin highlord shirt that comes with codes for AQ, DF, MQ. For AQW it already have the code for paladin highlord class and doomknight overlord class.For ED and HS i don't think it is possible for those two games to have codes because doomknight and paladin never exist in their timeline. It would be nice to have doomknight overlord class and paladin highlord class for AQ and DF while a doomknight overlord mech and paladin highlord mech for MQ.
Post #: 29
9/23/2012 14:26:22   

AE Baller's or Any AE game's with Baller's :D
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
9/25/2012 2:15:20   
Red Komet

Maybe an Artix T-Shirt that comes with code to unlock Paladin Highlord for AQ3D
Post #: 31
9/25/2012 11:02:06   

Left Socks?
Maybe some helmets? Does that count as clothing?
I'd love to have a galanoth helmet.....
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 32
9/28/2012 1:34:30   

Shirts like Nulgath,Dage,Artix,and Sepulchure which come with a new character in Oversoul?
AQW  Post #: 33
9/28/2012 8:55:27   

I prefer doomknight overlord shirt and paladin highlord shirt which both will have a code to unlock doomknight overlord and paladin highlord class for AQ and DF while doomknight overlord mech and paladin highlord mech for MQ.

In oversoul, we can posses nulgath when he will be release in OS so there is no need for a code for nulgath shirt but it will still be great to have nulgath shirt.
Post #: 34
10/3/2012 23:24:35   
Red Komet

Maybe a a Shadowscythe Eye T-Shirt(The Alien Eye) and it come with a Code to unlock

Shadow Vampire for MechQuest The Uniform will have a similar use to the vampire form(Like The Vampire Form you will be able to use Vampire stuff like the vampire form) The Uniform will have a Red British Coat, Black and Red Vest, White Gloves, White Pants, Black Boots and a Silver Helmet similar to J6

New Sepulchure based Helmet for AQ Worlds that covers the whole face and will look similar to Sepulchure's Helm while the face of the helmet looks similar to below concepts of his helmet and the color will be the same as Sepulchure's Helm

Sig removed. [Niki]

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Post #: 35
11/7/2012 22:55:14   

AE paladin addict T-shirt: click here ( click on the preivous/next arrow to cycle through back and front of the shirt)(arrow appears on mouse-over)

Dage T-shirt: clickhere ( click on previous/next arrow to cycle through back and front of T-shirt)(arrow appears on mouse-over)

Secpulchure T-shirt: click here(click on previous/next arrow to cycle through back and front of T-shirt) ( arrow appears on mouse-over) (in case you cant tell the small text it says "Secpulchure doesn't do derp)

AE addict T-shirt

Front outline: click here
back: click here
Front example: click here
(note: if it is too much to have completely custom T-shirt , Just leave Player name and or class blank. Let Players use Markers or something to sign it onto the given space themselves)

Hero smash Snapback: clickhere](click on previous and next arrow to veiw back and side of hat)arrow appears on mouse-over)( additional note: i dont know what happened but for some reason the Battleon games text didnt get placed like it should have. it is suppose to be in an arc over the back ove the hat surounding the hole)

Golden yellow glow in the dark Paladin Power wristband: click here (click previous/next arrow to cycle through back and front of band)arrow appears on mouse-over)

Brownish glow in the dark LONG UNLIVE THE SHADOWSCYTHE wristband: clickhere ( click previous/next arrow to cycle through back and front of band)arrow appears on mouse-over)

Blue glow in the dark Long live King Alteon the Good wristband: click here (click previous/next arrow to cycle through back and front of band)arrow appears on mouse-over)

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MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 36
11/20/2012 15:13:39   
AQW Game Moderator

This is an idea I have been toying with for a while and was trying to think of a way to present it, so here it is in it's MS Paint made glory.

With these CLASSic t-shirts you will be finally able to proudly walk down the street showing your love of your favorite starting class.

With lots of room still on the back of the shirt and spaces on the front for AE branding, these shirts are easy to make as well.

I look forward to wearing my Healer shirt soon!


I fixed your link. [Niki]

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
11/22/2012 4:23:31   
Red Komet

Maybe a Chaos T-Shirt that comes with a code to unlock some chaos items for AQ Worlds

Chaos Trident

Chaos Mermaid Armor

Chaos Shark Pet

Chaos Crown
Post #: 38
12/9/2012 19:29:40   
Postmaster General

So... I took it upon myself to stray away from what I SHOULD be doing and do something completely random. (Yet again. :P) But here's a pony t-shirt. Since I'm sure we all want one!

Originally tried it in pink, but I think black looks better.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 39
12/19/2012 0:20:26   

How about symbol buckle belts like shadowscythe, dragon, tog, sneevil,moglin, ebilcorps. With in game belts for DF

Also how about a Korin face bag t-shirt with either some of his coined saying with his normal paper bag face or his other faces to match the saying/quote. With a paper bag energy sword for MQ with it of a paper bag sound of getting crumbled

A twig fwish and ice cweam t-shirt with a dancing version decoration or a set of furniture for DF

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 40
12/23/2012 13:54:55   
Red Komet

Maybe Some Chaos Swimsuits and they comes with a code to unlock something for AQ Worlds and here is what it unlocks

Chaos Swimwear (A Purple Chaotic Swimsuit)

Chaorrupted Swimwear(Looks like the above but unlike the above it will make your face look like This also you will have some chaotic outlines on your body and your skin is black)
Post #: 41
1/3/2013 15:51:22   

i hope it is ok to post a question here, i am wondering exactly which epic duel shirt comes with the " Are you a Bounty Hunter" achievement badge for AQW?
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 42
1/3/2013 15:53:37   

That's not from a ED T-shirt.

That badge comes alongside the J6 T-shirt from Heromart.
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 43
1/9/2013 23:58:02   

A Paladin vs Necromancer t-shirt.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 44
1/25/2013 19:54:05   

Been following @Faith's twitter and it seems like the Shadowscythe T-shirt is going on resell! but what I think needs fixing with this. Is simple. Add a Doomknight Armor Shop in the ballyhoo section for AQclassic. The SS Mech in MQ is alright. Nothing wrong with the Shadow armor in DF. But this time around. For past and future buyers of this wonderful t-shirt. I think we need to add AQW items. what sort? I have no idea.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 45
2/5/2013 20:50:21   

I know it won't happen, but I'd like to see the Shadowscythe T-Shirt give you something for Oversoul more than AQW.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 46
2/26/2013 23:45:42   

What I think would make a great shirt is one that has all the different versions of Warlic
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
4/16/2013 10:55:50   
Melvin the redeemer

maybe a tomix and riadne t-shirt
-maybe on a dark purple shirt with tomix on it
-maybe on a light purple shirt riadne on it
-and maybe on a black Shirt; both riadne and tomix on it

also i suggest moglin t-shirts
-like Twilly vs. Zorbak t-shirt
-like Blizzy t-shirts
-like mogkee t-shirt

and probably other t-shirts like:
-artix vs. the undead t-shirt
-drakath t-shirts
-oversoul t-shirts

these would be nice
AQW  Post #: 48
4/17/2013 22:17:53   

I personally would love to see some AQW Necro U swag. All the other colleges I attended in my life left much to be desired and in no way invoked school spirit in me. But Necro U totally has me hooked. *waves pom poms which is completely unlike her typicaly anti-girly-girl self*
AQW  Post #: 49
7/9/2013 5:11:46   


I would proudly wear this. Maybe it could come with some Zard related items... Hm. Hm hm hm.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 50
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