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RE: =MQ= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread III

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10/26/2014 13:52:25   
Nick Pyro

Acc: I find myself returning to MQ after not playing for a week.
Acc: Got the Cursed Tape.
Acc: Got the OmnKnight energy blade.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 101
10/29/2014 19:20:37   
Dual Thrusters

ACC: I'm feeling lucky, punk
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 102
11/7/2014 2:37:06   

ACC: Got 2 SC characters up to level 34, in one case unlocking the use of the Reaper's Timeglass.
ACC: Got 1 NSC NG user character up to level 30, unlocking the use of the Doom Reaper (finally...Seppy is awesome but there's only so many levels of that guy I can take)
ACC: Got 1 NSC char up to level 25, unlocking the use of Shelley's Angst
ACC: Got 1 SC Founder char up to level 35, unlocking the use of the Anni-Volt Longche
ACC: Cleared Romero with said char
ACC: Got 1 SC char up to level 10 in about 2-3 days, unlocking the permanent BC-AOD
ACC: Cleared Mecharoni and got a start on the Police and Ghostbusting areas with said char

DIS: Rediscovering new old bugs all the time. I'll have to revisit that nostalgia thread.
DIS: Reminded just how deceptively barren Soluna actually is.

ACC/DIS: Nothing like a good ol' Mechquest binge with only a month left for finals and 12 hours left before I start picking classes for next semester.
DF MQ  Post #: 103
12/11/2014 8:32:56   

ACC: Bought 25k Artix Points
ACC: Sepulchure of Doom! Finally!
Post #: 104
12/11/2014 8:59:09   


@forumlogin: please report all the bugs you found. Please? It would really be a huge help. Thanks!
Post #: 105
1/1/2015 22:57:40   

ACC: Beat Extreme Castle, perfect HP
ACC: Beat Extreme Pytor, also perfect HP, Added bonus, with no head
ACC: Ran through Necroyptos Extreme A and B, both won. I'll upload a video and *maybe* a commentary of me doing things on it.

Just for fun to look at what i have. I really do have some overly OP things...

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AQ MQ  Post #: 106
1/7/2015 19:27:50   
Dual Thrusters

DIS: lol
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 107
1/10/2015 18:36:16   

ACC: Beat the Extreme Void Doom Lord without losing any HP.
AQ MQ  Post #: 108
2/5/2015 19:19:58   

ACC: After an extremely long time away, and help from the support team, I'm back!
DIS: Came back broke.
ACC: Free gold mechs are powerful and free. Helped out greatly.
ACC: Level 30!
ACC: In less than a day, I grinded nearly 500k credits in case of a really good level 30 nsc mech.
ACC: Birthday Mech was OP, so I can keep grinding credits for tons of options

DIS: As epic of a day I had, still not SC.
DIS: I gotta go through a good chunk of remaining story quests.
DIS: That temp. level 10 character I made is gonna prob gather dust now.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 109
4/27/2015 3:48:55   

ACC/DIS: Just realized that 2 months and 20 days ago my account turned 7 years old. I have been following this game for a very, very long time....
AQ MQ  Post #: 110
4/27/2015 16:59:17   

ACC: Returned after a very long spell. Level 35!!
DIS: I have finished the story quests.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 111
5/2/2015 5:40:15   

DIS: Stopped by Planet 51 and discover a new Challenge. Got whooped so many different ways by TeraVolt!! Badly whooped .. Wonder if Ultratron mech would help.
DIS: How do people beat mechs with over 2k HP?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 112
5/2/2015 14:55:07   

ACC: Bought 20k nova gems
ACC: Maxed out my mecha/inventory slots
DIS: Burned out 11k nova gems in one day to do the above. a least i won't be selling anything for a while, unless it's to swap out things for new things.
DIS: This will probably be the last time I ever buy nova gems (or anything artix related for that matter). Unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees for me anymore. And I believe I've spent far too much in the past. I might once I find a stable source of income, just to get some of those heromart OP items.
AQ MQ  Post #: 113
5/10/2015 5:43:28   
Daimyo Daimyo

ACC: I finally beat that OP Void Doom Lord after I realized it was equippable and tore off its head and front arm. It was still a battle of luck because that thing is strong even unbuffed since it has passive 25 Boost and 15 Crit. Plus I'm basically screwed if it uses its Body to buff its Defense to nigh-unhittable and lightning strike stun me. The Void Raptor/Werewolf mechs really should be stronger considering you had to go through freaking Teravolt and Doom Lord to unlock the 3rd challenge in the first place.
MQ  Post #: 114
5/10/2015 6:29:27   

ACC: Beating both planet 51 new challanges.
DIS: Ultra-Tron still wins.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 115
5/18/2015 7:25:46   
Ebil Empress

Took a while, but I FINALLY hit level 50 tonight. Heh.
MQ  Post #: 116
5/23/2015 15:29:46   

ACC : Recently rediscovered Mechquest
DIS: Decided to switch from my main character to a completely new one. Although my main had some rares, there was a lot of stuff i missed or I had no memory of doing. I decided to restart from the beginning for the complete experience.

On that note does anybody have tips for a leveling NSC character?
Post #: 117
5/26/2015 18:35:57   

ACC: Earned 12 million credits
ACC: lvl 50
DIS: I have nothing to spend my credits on
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 118
6/24/2015 0:03:06   

ACC i beat both j6 and Rolith no hacks i used my mech i name the epic stunner valth epic image with the shredders the head and the shoulders this was on my main
Dis i was really stupid somehow managed to betray all 3 houses

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Post #: 119
8/8/2015 17:18:00   

ACC: Dem Buffs
Post #: 120
8/17/2015 11:32:19   

ACC: Beating Drakylos
Reward for beating Drakylos

I know you "get rid" of them by losing, but i wasn't satisfied with that, so I legitimately beat him!
Post #: 121
9/5/2015 18:55:42   

ACC: Got the MQ art book
DIS: It was a used copy, so no code for me

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MQ  Post #: 122
11/12/2015 11:54:17   
Warmonger DragonJax

WierdACC:I think Eddie who is our Vehicle Salesman looks a bit like Tom Cruise.
Post #: 123
11/16/2015 7:47:00   

Dis This fight >_<
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 124
7/30/2018 2:07:27   
Silver Sky Magician

MEGA ACC: Beat all Planet 51 challenges, including the Void Doom Lord, as a level 29 NSC player without using nova gem equipment and with a full luck build. How's that for an accomplishment?

ACC: Got to level 30!

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