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Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3

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1/20/2013 22:21:07   


So here's my proposal.

We play a game that's sort of like Risk, conquering areas as indicated by the map by the black lines. I gave each clan 3 areas and their own color that indicates the areas they control. The white areas are not owned by anyone at the start of the game.

Battles would happen in the weekend, but it'd be up to the clans to discuss where they intend to attack. There would also be a GameMaster, who's job is to collect the attack plans of each clan, which they would provide to him/her by PM.

After the weekend comes, there's the usual score tally thing. Maybe like... if two clans are going for the same uncontested area, the one who manages to raise their Defense Score more wins the spot. Attacking a clan would require for their Defense Score to drop below what it started as.

As another example, say Dynami is going after B7, but Igneus decides that they will attack owned Dynami lands. At the end of the weekend, Igneus has successfully lowered Dynami's D.S. which will result in their attempted capture of B7 to fail. This is a tad easier to do than to somehow keep score on the Dynami's attempted capture of B7 AND Igneus' attack on Dynami lands, that'd then occur in Dynami possibly capturing B7 but also losing an area to Igneus.

If anyone has better ideas for these, do tell.


The attack plans have ONE little thing to 'em. They will only be revealed AFTER each weekend plan. Sure, the clans can go about diplomacy and make treaties and plans, but for the sake of the game's secrecy and THRILL, we politely ask that they keep such actions a secret. Anyway, after the weekend is over, the map is updated along information being given out who did what, attacked who, repelled who's attack and so on.

The first round will sort of be crucial, as it will give each clan an idea which clan they should focus their effort afterwards, one way or another.

Also, each clan can only take ONE action per weekend. Like attack an enemy clan area or try to capture a free area.

Speaking of which, the free areas are currently labelled as A, B and C.

B currently has a LOT of free spots, but it's sort of a historical area so I figured it would be allright to make it tougher to control. In case people are upset about it, go ahead and say and I can cut down on 'em.

A is the route for Glacius, Nocturu and Geoto to go about in their own corner, primarily for Glacius since they lack any contact to the mainland, just like Aerodu, who have the C area for them, along Igneus and Nautica.

While Glacius really has no chance right now but to attempt capture of either A1 or A2, depending who they wish to go after, Aerodu has the chance of either capturing C2 or attacking Nautica.

I figured the best way to go about the uncontested areas which connect some Paxia areas to the main one is to make it a 2-step thing, so it won't be that Aerodu makes one move and by next week they're ready to invade the mainland.

I figured I might do a summary of the rules explained above in details:
-Monday to Friday, you get to decide where to attack. Battles for taking control of an occupied area are done during the weekend. The clan who has gained the most points wins. If the two or more clans manage to beat the defender's score raise, the defending clan lose, and the area is given to the clan who had a higher increase in points.
-Battles begin at Friday 10:00 PM to Sunday 10:00PM AQ Server Time (GMT-5 Eastern Timezone).
-You have until Friday at 10:00 to PM your clan's battle plan to the GM (me). If it's not received by the GM until then, the clan is considered skipping it's turn.
-Battles are done in the Adventurer Server (free button on the homepage) to give a fair chance for every player to participate.
-Each clan has two actions during the week.

As to not create any confusion or things that might get this thread delete, THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL SUGGESTION FOR PAXIA IN-GAME!
This will be some sort of contest game for Paxians to play in, to fill the huge gap of inactivity so we can actually do something.

ROUND 1: Thankfully, we were able to fight off Ebilcorp. Congradulations to all the Adventurers and Guardians who helped fight odd the threat of chairman Platinum.... For now!
ROUND 2: We have our first clan casualty! *readies the cannon* and now Nautica's powered by nothing more than a wing and a prayer! Wish us luck! I'm off to retrieve a bag of puppies from the river before Geoto declares war.
ROUND 3: Unfortunately, Nautica could not find enough puppies to throw at the border to win this round. The clan is now wiped off of the map. Good luck, fellow clans! And remember.... The best offense is a shark cannon!
ROUND 4: Aerodu came close, but wasn't enough to beat the Dynaminio menace.... Also, Geoto had a pokemon battle with the lightning clan, but couldn't stop them from taking B5 and B7.... Should've brought more full restores.... *insert fake sitcom laugh track*
ROUND 5: Dynami blocked both attacks again, but it notable non-standard news, Nocturu was wiped off the map! Now, Lucian and Glacious had better do something before they dissapear as well.
ROUND 6: Dynami and Geoto attacked the same spaces again so Dynami won, Aerodu seems to be losing hope, and I'm starteng to suspect Dynami of cheating.... After all, they have consistantly gained 1000+ points while the other clans have yet to get more than 600-700.
ROUND 7: For once, Aerodu took 2 Dynami spaces. Suspectedly this is thanks to a 'Silent Hero' accidently summoned by Heroes. Oh yeah, also Geoto took a Glacius and Lucian space. Or maybe many of Dynami's over work labrats fighters got tired of fighting each week? I dunno.
ROUND 8: Wow, Dynami lost points twice in a row. Uhh, Lucian got wiped off the map, Aerodu almost didn't get enough points, and.... Yeah. Let's beat them 3 times in a row and score a Turkey. Go Paxia!
ROUND 9: TURKEY MADNESS!!! Well, Dynami was stopped once again thanks to the brave work of fellow dedicated Paxians! They were both cookied and turkied this round.... Keep up the good work, Paxia! Only 2 more successfull rounds until they're wiped off the map!
ROUND 10: Now things get intresting. Like a radioactive penguin to a wooden mallet, Aerodoo and Geotoo have reduced Dynami down to 2 spaces. And yet, each clan can attack 2 spaces each turn. Much like *spoiler* in *spoiler*, You must now kill the person closest to you! *insert evil laughter*
ROUND 11: Not a whole lot going on. Dynami forgot to send in thier plans... I forgot to take the screenshot.... Thankfully Dig dug took a screen shot. And Geoto took a Glacious space. I blame Christmas hysteria!
ROUND 12: Bad news, there was no progress what so ever. Good news, I just saved money on my carrage insurence by switching to Ebilco! Now to crash it into a volcano and collect the ransom insurence money........
ROUND FISH: This will go down in history as the year that we just barely managed to win a war before the 11th day! As for the actual game, Geoto winz!
ROUND 14: Dynami winz! They realize magic is more friendship!!! *throws a Necromancer at the PUC*
ROUND 15: Nothing happened.... Dynami's forgetting to send in plans and still keeping thier spaces. Should we clear the map and start a new round?
ROUND 16: Aerodu ALMOST got the space. So close........
ROUND 17: It's been a month. I hate to sound mean about this, but unless anyone says they want to keep trying to take Dynami or there's some kind of change, I'm starting a new map. It's just getting plain redundant at this point, you know?
ROUND TABLE: Dynami finally started attacking again, we all waited 2 weeks for the Undead war to finish, and holy crap, I'm hyped enough to kill a shark with my toenails. Let the Paxia Ultimate Conquest RESUME'!!!
ROUND 19: Something has to be done.... The PUC is just not getting any attention and, even though Aerodu took 2 Dynami spaces, I'm getting sick of such inactivity each week! Lets make some noise, people! Half the clans out there just sit around each week waiting to be captured! Do we need a new round? New rules? Let me know what you think and it shall be done!
ROUND 20: Nothing really this week. Just Dynami once again forgetting to send in thier plans and no one taking any spaces. Geoto set a new personal record for defense....
ROUND 21: Uhhhh..... Well, th..... no, that's not........ Yeah, the missiles didn't work. That is all! *clicks off button*
ROUND 22: I think I'm sensing a running theme here... every time I consider quitting because nothing's happening, then something happens to push Dynami back. I don't know what's going on or if they forgot a member or are playing with us, but to heck with it! I'm staying hopeful!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
1/21/2013 7:57:51   

I'd like to start this new thread off by saying that I have not forgotten to send in plans. Since we'd stomp all over any resistance, we've decided to hunker down on the spaces we already have and let the remaining clans have fun fighting each other instead of the relentless tide that is Dynami. But they keep attacking us anyway so nothing changes.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
1/21/2013 17:23:37   
  James Lu

I would like to ask that PMs not be sent to my inbox regarding PUC, as I am not a participant. Thanks.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
1/22/2013 5:02:03   
Oliver Bell
AK in Limbo!


I'd like to start this new thread off by saying that I have not forgotten to send in plans. Since we'd stomp all over any resistance, we've decided to hunker down on the spaces we already have and let the remaining clans have fun fighting each other instead of the relentless tide that is Dynami. But they keep attacking us anyway so nothing changes.

So basically this is going to become a test of who breaks first. It won't be Geoto, I can promise that much and I doubt it will be Aerodu.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
1/22/2013 11:50:48   
Riffus Maximus

Aww... you guys aren't making this any fun.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
1/22/2013 18:16:52   

I can probably take down 2000 in a weekend from dynami if I get the time
AQ  Post #: 6
1/22/2013 18:57:28   

Challenge accepted.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
1/24/2013 13:52:17   
Spanish Inquisition

2000....is that all? I am disappoint.
AQ  Post #: 8
1/25/2013 22:05:11   

And now.... The first #16 round of the new Thread #3 of Paxia's Ultimate Conquest! *insert dramatic fanfare*

Best of luck, ye yonder heros!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
1/25/2013 22:26:54   
Heroes of the Scape

With my new Witch Hunting gear it shall be death for the traitors!

EDIT: and the bane of this conflict strikes again.... BSOD

< Message edited by Heroes of the Scape -- 1/25/2013 22:32:47 >
AQ  Post #: 10
1/27/2013 22:57:47   
Riffus Maximus

I'm just going to be generous and slip this here.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
1/28/2013 10:14:52   

Thanks, but I took a screenshot at 10:05 server time. Just got caught up in some things and havn't uploaded until now.

And here it is.

Starting off, Geoto chose to attack 2 Dynami spaces. Dynami gained 1,073 points. Geoto lost 57, so it looks like another round of verry little activity.

Aerodu, to quote them, said:

Will this sink their battleship? B5 and B7

Aerodu actually gained 1,047 points, just barely keeping from taking Dynami down for once. Maddeningly close, but no Christmas ham. 27 points from a win!

And, once more, Dynami forgot to send in thier plans. And, while I know they're probablyholding back, that's the phrase I'm going with rather than "Dynami refused to start attacking."

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
1/28/2013 18:27:28   
Heroes of the Scape

Grrr!!! So close yet so far.
AQ  Post #: 13
1/28/2013 20:14:43   

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
1/28/2013 21:10:15   
Spanish Inquisition

I was sick this past weekend. We won't be as generous the next time.
AQ  Post #: 15
1/28/2013 21:24:43   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

Really? SI is the entire Dynami war effort? Well that explains everything then O:
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
1/28/2013 23:01:52   

Well, then.... We need *dramatic music* AN ASSASSIN!!!

*plugs in the Wallo searchlight and waits for a convienient patch of clouds to project the light on*
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
1/29/2013 19:31:15   
Spanish Inquisition

No, put I do pack a punch. :)
AQ  Post #: 18
2/1/2013 22:57:31   

A tad late, but I assume most people are fighting the war anyways.... <--Link

I kind-of wish we had some Lucian/ Nocturu participation this week. Would be fun to fight seperate sets of light or darkness monsters....
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
2/3/2013 18:23:37   
Heroes of the Scape

Just so you don't have to use edit
AQ  Post #: 20
2/3/2013 23:15:15   

Thanks. Sorry I was gone so long, but Superbowl and the time gets away yet again. So.... Links and all, ja? It's like a thing you click and.... Takes you places, man........

So, let's light this puppy! *hides a dog and a firecracker behind back*

Geoto chose to attack B3 and B4. Do I even have to look at the map to tell where they are? Geoto gained 99 points. However, Dynami gained 3240 points! Shocking difference, right?

Next, for Aerodu. Do I enev have to say anything?

We the Necromancers and Paladins of Aerodu have formed an alliance to raise the dead and slay the undead resting and defending the graves of B5 and B7. LONG UNLIVE THE SHADOWSYTHE! (oops wrong game)

Heroes of the Scape, Aerodu Gamemaster

Aerodu gained 121 points.... And Dynami gets away once again.

Dynami didn't send in thier plans, so..... Map isn't updated AGAIN! Seriously, should we go to a new round? I mean, this is just.... After a while, you know. I think it's been about a month since the PuC's made any progress.

< Message edited by dethhollow -- 2/3/2013 23:28:35 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
2/4/2013 8:26:26   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

Stop the next round until the Pally vs Necro war is over. It's a big event in AQ and people would rather max their chars caps thar then here.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 22
2/4/2013 9:07:42   

As you wish, great Moogle. I honestly didn't expect the war to get this huge.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
2/4/2013 12:41:15   
Heroes of the Scape

I agree with my flash head. I even sent my secondary into the war when she only ever does the PUC.
AQ  Post #: 24
2/15/2013 9:18:28   

Should we skip this round because the war's still going, or do it anyways because we're so close to ending the war?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 25
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