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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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11/24/2014 0:07:55   

Character- Sage of the Wood
Appearance- old man wearing Brown robes Adorned with a Mossy Vestament and Sash around his waste, In his left hand he has a Gnarled staff made of Oak with A single vine wrapping from the base to the top, where leaves sprout kind of hanging off the side, like kudzu or ivy.

Controlled Quote- You to shall now become a part of the Forest
Enemy Quote-The Life will now flow from you back to the earth.

Name-Arken Of the Wood

3x 200 attack
3x 500 Attack
2x 500 defend
2x Stonewall
1x Natures Gift (thing that turns defenses into health)
2x Crush (Damage and Stun)
1x Mountain Strike
1x Earthquake


Trained in the Natural order of the world and its magics at an early age, only ever venturing into the world of man when it was absolutely necessary. He stays reclusive, living what some would call a hermit like life in the forest. This is all due to a terrible accident that befell his home not so many years ago. Arken lived in a small village in the shade of a very large tree, that the people who lived there worshiped and called the Sheffu Tree. One day a band of orcs came into the village collecting resources for their weapons and other such things. When they approached the Sheffu tree, Arken was in their path, When he refused to move out of their way, the chieftain set to make an example out of him and he was beaten and tortured in front of the entire village. Once the orcs finally finished with the tree it was nothing but a shadow of its former self and it would not live for more than a few days. Arken crawled toward the tree, and at its base he found a single seed, which he immediate took up in his hands. Later he began to fashion himself a staff, using only the Remains of the Sheffu Tree and fastening intife of a hollow orifice at its crown, the seed itself. Since that day he has roamed the forest using the Staff he fashioned to protect the natural order of things and everything that dwells withing the forest itself. To this day Arken claims that the tree spoke to him and gave him this duty, and he will continue to fufill it until all life leaves his body, other claim he sufferd from delerium due to all the torture he suffered, but one thing is for certain, Somewhere, Deep within the wood,Lies Arken, the Sage.

AQW Epic  Post #: 426
12/13/2014 9:38:37   
Gorillo Titan

A giant pray mantis made of ice.
Post #: 427
12/31/2014 13:14:11   

Character - Doomknight
Rank - Master
Appearance - A normal doomknight as shown in AQW

Controlled Quote - Prepare yourself for DOOM!
Enemy Quote - HAHAHAHA! You think you can defeat an elite Doomknight?!

3x 200 attack
3x 500 attack
1x 500 defend
4x Life Drain
2x Sacrifice

Combat entrance - Black energy spirals into the form of a skull, the black energy skull then embodies into a doomknight
Charging - Holds the doomblade upwards with black energy making the doomblade glow
Attacks; 1 hit Doomblade slash, 3 hit Doomblade combo, 5 hit Doomblade combo, 1 hit black energy wave (headed by a skull)

Victory - The exact reverse of the combat entrance
Loss - Kneels down with doomblade jabbed into the ground

Story; Elite swordsmen have always been one step above the others. But, if they with their great lives experience a horrible loss, they become vulnerable to the Doom. If the knight chooses to accept the Doom, it will overtake his armor, taking control of the knight entirely. The knight loses all moral reasoning, and will then work only for his own benefit.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 428
1/1/2015 20:50:12   

I'll post an entire Evolution Tree.
Apprentice: Greater Void
Element: Shadow
Alignment: -15
Appearance:Red Skinned Void Mage
Sacrifice X 2
100 ATK X 2
200 ATK X 4
100 Pierce X 2
500 DEF X 3
500 ATK X 2
Controlled: I am rising in power, don't underestimate me.
Enemy: Good luck on beating the Greater Void.
1 Hit: Same as Void Mage
2 Hit: Same as Void Mage
3 Hit: Same as Void Mage
5 Hit: Same as Void Mage
Veteran: Paramount Void
Appearance: Black Skinned Void mage
Element: Shadow
Alignment: -20
Sacrifice X 4
200 ATK X 2
500 DEF X 1
500 ATK X 4
Poison X 2
Life Drain X 2
Controlled: My power is rising by Nuglath.
Enemy: Good luck on beating the paramount void.
1 Hit: Same as Void Mage
2 Hit: Same as Void Mage
3 Hit: Same as Void Mage
5 Hit: Same as Void Mage
Master: Exalted Void
Appearance: Black Skinned Void Archmage
Element: Shadow
Alignment: -25
Sacrifice X 1
500 DEF X 3
500 ATK X 4
Poison X 3
Mark of Death X 1
Life Drain X 2
Void Reflection X 1
Controlled: Nuglath grants me a rise in power soon, with each fight I get closer to ranking up.
Enemy: Good luck on beating the Unbound Void.
1 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
2 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
3 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
5 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
Legendary: Unbound Void
Appearance: Red Skinned Void Archmage
Evolve Cost: 10 Soul Gems
Element: Shadow
Alignment: -30
500 DEF X 3
Poison X 4
Mark of Death X 2
Life Drain X 2
Shadow Fire X 2
Void Reflection X 2
Controlled: I support Nuglath and you don't. Therefore you die.
Enemy: Good luck on beating the unbound Void.
1 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
2 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
3 Hit: Same as Void Archmage
5 Hit: Same as Void Archmage

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1/1/2015 21:01:44   

Legendary: Medusa
Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/cSlk3h4.png
Element: Earth
Alignment: -40
500 ATK X 2
Earthquake X 2
Petrify X 3
Neutralize X 2
Corruption X 1
Iron Hide X 2
Stonewall X 3
1 Hit: Shoots a thin green line at the enemy
2 Hit: Shoots 2 thin green lines at the enemy separated by 3 inches
3 Hit: Shoots a purple line at the enemy that is actually 3 hits
5 Hit: Shoots 5 purple lines, 1 from each direction, and 2 on the top
Controlled: Bow down to Medusa, your new Queen!
Enemy: I will turn you to Stone!

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1/11/2015 22:53:13   

Character- Chaorrupted Valkyrie
Rank- Master
Element- Light/Shadow
Alignment- Neutral
Appearance- http://twitpic.com/ds4rri

Controlled quote: "The chaos makes me strong"
Enemy quote: "You're no match for the chaos"
Victory quote: "Rest in oblivion"

200 Attack x3
500 Attack x2
Sacrifice x1
Holy Strike x2
Defend x2
Void Reflection x1
Heal x2
Blessed Strike x1
Shadow Fire x2
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 431
2/1/2015 0:39:09   
The Jop

I don't think I ever put this here:

Name: Demria
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A mass of dark green seaweed shaped with two hanging arms, somber eyes, and a gaping mouth.
• Pale arms and legs of corpses are sticking out out of the seaweed, with some of them losing skin or stripped down to the bone.

• 200 Attack x1
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x3
• Healing Spring x4
• Water Rapid x3
• Water Crash x2
• Power Flow x1
• Fresh Start x1

Controlled Quote: "Please run...I can't stop this."
Enemy Quote: "I'm sorry."

Combat Entrance: Drags itself in slowly from the side of the screen.
Charging: The seaweed making up its body wriggles.
Casting a Spell: Raises its arms up in the air, the seaweed ones and the corpses'.
Shielding: Holds its seaweed and the corpses' arms in front of it.
1-Hit Combo: Raises itself high in the air and smashes down on the opponent.
2-Hit Combo: Extends both its arms into the opponent.
3-Hit Combo: Attacks the opponent with a water spout from its mouth.
5-Hit Combo: The seaweed consumes the opponent, and the corpses' arms and legs move into the seaweed to attack.
Upon Victory: Turns around and droops its head down.
Upon Defeat: The seaweed falls apart onto the ground and some of the corpses are exposed.

Hundreds of years ago there was a necromancer named Siriso who led an attack against the world in an attempt to rule over its inhabitants, who he intended to turn undead. The struggle went on for more than 20 years, with Siriso bringing anyone he had slain to his side and a powerful healer named Demria sustaining the side fighting to survive, as well as easily dispatching undead with her healing magic. Finally, Demria led an attack against Siriso's tower as retribution for those who had fallen, getting rid of Siriso's remaining undead with her healing spells. She found him alone at the highest room in the tower, but she was alone and untrained in combat magic. She tried to keep herself alive for long enough to have the rest of the army reach her, but Siriso's dark magic overpowered her. Siriso fled the tower with the badly wounded Demria, as Demria's followers set his tower alight.

He took her to a lake far from the tower and said "I want you to suffer as you made me suffer throughout this war. And then, finally, you will be mine", as he threw Demria into the lake. She did not have the energy to swim up or heal herself as she slowly dropped to the bottom of the lake and drowned. As she fell, she was caught amongst seaweed and other unfortunate souls who had died in the same lake. After waiting about an hour, Siriso cast a resurrection spell towards the bottom of the lake where he had killed Demria. She awoke feeling very distant from her body and she heard multiple whispers in her mind, but she could not understand them and she knew they were not hers. She was drawn against her will to drag herself out of the lake towards Siriso, who was trying to control her. When she reached him he laughed and said "You used to be a healer, now look at you. You are a monster, under my complete control." Against her will, she quickly attacked him. The corpses that had been resurrected together were fighting for control, but most of them were killed by Siriso so they immediately set out to kill him. When he was dead, the mass of seaweed forced him down into the lake as revenge. Demria had retained her ability to speak and heal, but she was only one of many corpses who fought over control so she rarely could control its movements. She tried to stay away from living things so she would not be able to hurt them, but she sometimes moved to them and attacked against her will. She wandered the land of Oversoul for years, as rumors of this vicious behemoth spread and the healer Demria was forgotten.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 432
2/1/2015 10:07:32   
Gorillo Titan

Frost Hydra
element ice and water

The guardian of the Frost Goddess frozen body as long as the Goddess remains frozen the hydra will continue to rise.
Post #: 433
2/9/2015 6:08:57   

Name: Noir Detective
Element: Neutral
Rank: Veteren

Appearance: SOmething like this: http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/Megakyle777/media/NoirDetective_zps22e42a7d.jpg.html All noir style grey and drab browns, he wears a 30's style trenchcoat and hat. Carries a gun from the time in his belt.


Controlled Quote: "I've fought worse then you in the sewers."
Enemy Quote: "I don't know what you are, but a gun'll fix it."

Combat entrance; Gets into a bar brawling stance
Charging: Checks his gun.
Spell: Reloads his gun.
Shielding: Blocks the attack with his arms
1 hit: Shoots his gun
2 Hit: Shoots gun twice
3 hit: Shoots his gun three times
5 hit: Gets in close to the enemy and fires six shots at point blank range before giving them a right hook and backing off.
Upon victory: Walks away Noir style, coat blowing.
Upon defeat: Falls over

Story: "So, you want to know how I got here huh? Well it started off like any good tale: a dame came into the office just as I was taking a short break from a tough case. Smoking hot, but that ain't the first thing you'd notice about her. No, the first thing you'd notice is the full plate Armour she's got on. It seemed... wrong somehow, like someone had torn a hole in the world or something. She said she was stuck in this world, as though she came from another planet or something. Naturally, I thought I'd just had too much. But I offered to take on her case if she'd pay. Broad just put a sack of diamonds on the table like it was nothing. Course I'm not gonna say no to that. I had no idea what she was after but she explained. She was looking for some sort of "rip" in the world, like it was some sort of tapestry people could rip up in a frenzy. I found it. Problem was, so did some people i did not want meet just them. And they had friends. Fast, deadly, lead filled friends. I ran though with the broad. What else could I do? it was that or die. Maybe dying'd be better. Found out this girl was some head of a army, a army of creatures with no skin or organs. I ran. I ran as far as I could.

Seen some weird stuff since then. Went back later, the hole was gone. It shut or something. I guess I'm stuck here. But honestly? It could be worse. I find people still need someone to find their husband or look into a possible murder. I get by. And I had enemies back home anyway. Perhaps it's better this way. I don't know. No go away."
DF  Post #: 434
2/13/2015 9:03:23   
Gorillo Titan

Not sure on the name yet.
Blood or Blood Knight maybe.

Once a servant of Nulgath he found himself hunted by the Dread Hounds sent by there master to kill blood but by a bad strike of luck blood runs into a blood imp swarm and has his body infused with the souls and blood gathered by the imps to feed there master the Blood Archfied enemy of Nulgath. As blood asborbed the imps he gained a great power his souless body filled with the countless souls of the wisp allowing him to control blood from it he made a whip of blood strong enough to drive off the Dread hounds. As blood body began to disiengreate from the wisp the blood archfiend appeared before blood giving him one of two options to come with him and become his soldier of blood or die and the archfiend would regain his souls.

Blood agrees in pain knowing he escaped one archfiend only to become the servant of another and in time would break free from the blood fiend and regain his soul from Nulgath.
Post #: 435
2/18/2015 13:39:47   

Name: Chaos Artist
Element: Chaos
Rank: Master

Appearance: Wears a purple art style beret with a eye on it. Wears purple eccentric clothes and wields a chaotic paintbrush, with the hair of it being tentacles and the paint being a darker pure chaos.


Controlled Quote: "CHAOS...IS ART!"

Enemy quote "I'm willing to die for my art! Are you?" AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!


Combat entrance: A painted portal opens up and he steps out.
Charging: Paints his charge energy and absorbs it.
Spell: Uses his brush as a magic staff
Sheilding: paints a wall of chaos tentacles in front of himself via a blast of paint from the brush
1 hit: paints a blade that strikes the foe
2 hit: fire 2 hits of Chaos paint at the foe
3 hit: Paints a Crypt Samurai but chaoruppted who does his three hit
5 hit: paints a portal to the Chaos realms and multiple chaotic tentacles attack in a frenzy.
Upon victory: Paints a epitaph next to the foe
Upon defeat: Busts into Chaos ENergy

Story: Once, long ago, thus artist was nothing morr then a painter living a humdrum life in a normal village. He was content to live his life painting small paintings for small people in a small nation.

Then he heard the whispers.

He followed the commands in his head to a glade, but this glade was purple and felt... wrong. But he had no time to think on that as chaotic fluid entered his body and warped his mind. When the element was done rebuilding him, the Chaos Artist was left - a insane being that uses reality as his canvas, dedicated to one thing - spreading the art of Chaos.

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2/19/2015 11:46:13   
Gorillo Titan

Name Mana "King"

Element Fire
Alignment Neutral
Rank Master

Young looking man age 17 wearing wizard clothes brown long straight hair and gold eyes.

Wears a typical wizard hat colored red and gold with a cape


x1 Incinerates

x1 surge

x2 200s

x3 500s

x1 sacrifice

x3 shield

x2 meteorites

x2 Fire whirls.

1. Hit floats up and fires out a giant orb of mana exploding on contact with the enemy.

2. Places his hands up as a storm of small plasma orbs shoot out at the enemy.

3. Hit three beams similar to mana guardians attack hit the enemy in a pyramid formation from off the screen.

5. Hit A mana guardian appears on the screen glowing bright white as a count down begins on the screen everything goes white forshadowing the mana guardian exploding and the damage is done.

How about a young boy who stumbles across the tomb of the wizards who created the mana guardian once in side the mana guardian active and instead of attacking him it turns out that he is a descendant of the wizards and uses the mana guardians to start a war with the rest of Oversoul to become its king the core of the mana guardians also activated the magic inside of him?

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2/24/2015 1:00:15   

Name: Suzuka the 9 tails
Element: Fire
Alignment: Good
Rank: Legendary

• She wears a black school girl uniform
• She is a 9 tailed fox in human form with her tails at her back
• She has long black hair
• She has fox ears
• She has whiskers on her face reminiscent of a fox
• She has green eyes

• 200 Attack x2
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x3
• Incinerate x1
• Fire Whirl x2
• Fireball x2
• Sacrifice x1

Controlled Quote: "Why hello their."
Enemy Quote: "I hope your worth my time."
Victory Quote: "Is that all pathetic."

Combat Entrance: 9 tails sprout out of her back.
Charging: Does a ninja charging stance.
Shielding: Two tails from her back shield her from incoming damage.
1-Hit Combo: Spins and her tails slashes the enemy.
2-Hit Combo: Sends a flying kiss to her enemy and her kiss first hits the enemy then explodes.
3-Hit Combo: Her tails slashes the enemy three times first upward then downward than ends with a spin from the 1-hit combo.
5-Hit Combo: Fires 5 fox fire generated from her tails to the enemy.
Upon Victory: Strikes a victory pose.
Upon Defeat: Falls over.

Suzuka is a teenage nine-tailed fox who lived her life disguise as a normal school girl who disliked her parents ancestral ways of evil and wanted to live a normal human life so she ran away and found a new hometown near solace. She lived her life being adopted by a farmer who she asked to be part of his family in exchange for helping their family business since the farmer believe her powers would bless them with good fortune. She defends her new hometown secretly mostly using her tails in incredibly blinding speed to incapacitate or bisect foes whenever she's out of sight from others.

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2/26/2015 16:55:41   
Gorillo Titan

lava slime.

Same as slime but red and fire element.
Post #: 439
2/26/2015 18:48:08   

how about chaos slime, basically a purple slime with some eyeballs(aqw chaos 1's) which would simply have a couple chaos strike with the charge cards but be dual elemental with some other element(which element? probably neutral for pure chaotic-ness, a char that's dual the 2nd 1 being it's elemental weakness)
Post #: 440
2/26/2015 21:22:20   
Gorillo Titan

eh idc at this point I want a specific group of characters added don't need to be strong with fun animations.

A wisp character with all burn cards.
Post #: 441
2/26/2015 22:30:08   
Elite Tuga


lava slime.

Same as slime but red and fire element.


how about chaos slime, basically a purple slime with some eyeballs(aqw chaos 1's) which would simply have a couple chaos strike with the charge cards but be dual elemental with some other element(which element? probably neutral for pure chaotic-ness, a char that's dual the 2nd 1 being it's elemental weakness)

Suggestions above are not too bad in my opinion, but if we have the privilege(s) to come up with a character/monster, we might as well dream big and ask/wish for something more refreshing & unique other than just asking for the same old characters/templates, which can be boring (no offence intended).


My example, i'd love to see in OS is something different like the following exquisite characters/monsters:

(1) Demon Shadow.
(2) Dragon Slayer Neutral.
(3) Sorcerer Light & Energy.
(4) Dark Knight Fire & Shadow.
(5) Elf Mage Light.
(6) Bounty Hunter Earth & Neutral.
(8) Sky God Light & Chaos.
(9) God of Evil Chaos & Shadow.

Everyones entitled to come up with anything they like but i'm sure it would be better if we'd suggest something more innovative like the above. It's just some ideas of what we lack of & would be cool to have in the OS Realm.

Age-inappropriate images removed. Please find sample images which comply with the forum's PG age-rating. ~James

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Epic  Post #: 442
2/27/2015 12:10:56   

Finally got around to squeeze some time in between college work to get back to learning how to do art in flash. Here's a shadow/earth veteran, the Ravenwraith

EDIT: Also posted my latest work, the light/earth master Ancient Archivist

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3/5/2015 17:47:35   
Gorillo Titan

Blindspot a character that only appears in the screen as a glowing bright light unless your using a character with a pair of glasses.
Post #: 444
3/11/2015 22:55:18   
Alchemist Gira

I'd love for some old forgotten AQW mobs to come Wisteria most of all. i feel she'd have a nice tree of characters
if she got evolutions if not guess she'd be master cause i couldnt see her as Legendary in that form.
obviously Earth but maybe a dual type? Earth/Water maybe Fire?[color]
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 445
3/21/2015 20:29:13   
Lord GrimDusk

Character Name: Possessed Child.

Element: Fire/Shadow

Rank: Master or Veteran.

Enemy quote: Tantum animorum in tenebris servio. (This is Latin for "I serve only the dark souls within.")
Controlled: Daemones autem consumet. (Latin for "The demons shall consume you.")

Appearance: A male or female child (Kid Drakath size) whose skin is extremely pale, possibly decaying. They float in the air when moving, and float while in battle, twitching occasionally. They have only whiteness where their eyes should be.

2 X 100 Attack (1 Fire and 1 Shadow)
4 X 200 Attack (2 Fire and 1 Shadow)
2 X 100 Pierce (1 Fire and 1 Shadow)
4 X 500 Attack (2 Fire and 2 Shadow)
4 X 500 Defense (2 Fire and 2 Shadow)
2 X Fireball
1 X Meteorite
2 X Life Drain
3 X Mark of Death
1 X Void Reflection

Combat Entrance: Twitches, while floating up to the position to battle in.
Charge: Twitches, and grimaces.
Blocking: A blood red shield surrounds the child.
1 Hit Combo: Flies over and strikes the enemy.
2 Hit Combo: Shrieks at the enemy for two hits.
3 Hit Combo: Spews vomit all over the opponent for 3 hits.
5 Hit Combo: The screen goes black, and a pair of red eyes appear and stare at the enemy, hitting it five times.
Upon Victory: Head spins 360 degrees.
Upon Loss: Reverts back to a normal child and runs off-screen.

Not all oversouls maintain the body they possess in a good condition. The possessed child is one such victim of this kind of oversoul. The child has gained demonic and dark powers, able to fly and unleash the true dark being within, if it gains enough power of course. The only way this child would return to normal would be to beat the oversoul out of it.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 446
3/24/2015 15:01:18   
Gorillo Titan

I'm currently working on a new look for my main OS character. Will post the deck once it gets drawn out.
Post #: 447
3/24/2015 23:59:57   
Elite Tuga

Character Name: Elite Tuga

Element: Light & Neutral

Rank: Legendary

Enemy Quote: "I will show peace by destroying Evil as does an Angel of Vengeance!"

Controlled: God given gift will not be in vain, I will serve God & protect the innocent!

Appearance: Angel of Vengeance

Entrance: Descends from the sky to the ground, gracefully with a God-like stance and wings spread-out.
Victory: Flies back to the sky after opening the wings up.
Defeated: Turns into a celestial matter and ascends up to the sky in retreat to recovery.
Charges: Turns into a gold glow when Light from the heavens shines down on him.
Shielding: A celestial aura & heavenly glow emerges.

1 Hit: Leaps out & slashes with the sword.
2 Hit: Leaps out & slashes twice with the sword.
3 Hit: Angel of Death opens up wings & leaps to slash left, right & then stabs through the heart of the enemy.
5 Hit: Angel of Death charges up pointing his sword to the heavens, whilst his aura emerges out & suddenly he bursts through his enemy from one side to the other.


x4 500 Attack
x2 700 Holy Strike
x1 Sacrifice
x2 Defend
x3 Greater Heal
x2 Retribution
x1 Neutralise


A young spiritual Catholic, helpful & charismatic man called Ruben a.k.a Elite Tuga has a tragic experience in his life along with the human race in Earth, when he finds out that not only the planet is in jeopardy but he also realises that his beloved gorgeous fiancι (girlfriend) perished along with several hundred million of other innocent beings & counting. The evil behind this is the 'mastermind' Nulgath and his Legion Void-Army who work for him and have arrived in these countless vast soul abduction space-crafts. Prior to this catastrophe initiating, Nulgath hack's into our 'Satellite telecommunications system' with his advanced, unknown fiend technology and broadcasts all around the world a ghastly, spine-chilling message:

"Mortals.. It looks like your luck has just run out, and I think you all have the right to know what's going on before my minions take action.. We are from 6 billion light years away from my Dimension known as Over-Soul! I've sent my minions this far & they have been abducting alien-life forms through-out the journey from other Solar systems and now they have collided into yours.. My purpose is to send my Void Army in seek of as much life possible so they can bring it to me for I shall devour living-souls to grant myself more power & see my true potentiality and reach my 100% peak to be able to evolve into my perfect 'Godly Evil' form. I plan to overcome my nearby future 'WAR' against my rival arch-enemy 'Dage the Evil' and his countless Undead-Army in domination of the "Underworld", this explains why this is happening and your souls shall all soon belong to me! -Evil Laugh."

Subsequently, when the message was over, all the ambassadors & governments take immediate 'National Security' action to try save our humanity from going extinct as well as the planet itself. In all this disastrous, baneful & apocalyptic tribulations, moments later after Elite Tuga shed's a bloody tear from crying prayers in hope of God's intervention. Moments later a miraculous event happens as if God listened & answered the prayers of hope in great despair from Elite Tuga and every other pure hearted innocent being. Hence it was literally a Godly response and all of a sudden by majesticness a almost near blind & deafening world-wide thunderstorm occurs as a sign of God (our father of creation) who intervenes but only spiritually as he can not interfere physically at this time of life due to great enigmatic reasons of his own. God specifically summons a magnificent, angelic robust & exuberant matter to stop 'Nulgath's evil plan' and sends it telepathically to Elite Tuga's mind and soul, as he receives it a flash of pure light & sun like rays burst outwards from his body and a celestial aura emerges as the power level is of epic powerful proportions and he ascends from the ground high up to the sky in agonising pain right after his white feathered wings burst out of his back. While simultaneously from the heavens above by Gods will a sacred sword made of sheer Star-dust forms in Elite Tuga's hands.. Transformation completes, exquisitely. Elite Tuga cries in emotional joy & says:

"Father I appreciate you giving me 1% of your intellectual heavenly powers to me & this sacred weapon of the Gods, I feel very privileged. I as second Messiah after Christ, I will be God's messenger as well as God's 'Angel of Vengeance' & with all this might not only stop these evil intentions from Nulgath but also come to his own dimension & destroy him over there.. As well as stop similar devilishness that can harm & destroy humanity from here on. I shall be the second humanitarian saviour of this Universe!"

To be continued........
Epic  Post #: 448
4/14/2015 16:07:26   
The Jop

Name: Lilliput
Element: Earth
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Legendary

• Large pieces of cobblestone carved to look like a dragon.
• Covered in moss and plant-life.
• Its feet/hands are separate from the body.

• Bash x3
• Thrash x3
• Defend x2
• Stone Wall x4
• Crush x2
• Petrify x2
• Mountain Strike x3
• Earthquake x2

Controlled Quote: "Run or face our might, giant!"
Enemy Quote: "Okay, everyone, into attack mode!"

Combat Entrance: Raises its head from the ground.
Charging: Red light glows from inside the dragon (visible through its eyes and mouth).
Casting a Spell: Raises its detached hands into the air.
Shielding: Creates a mossy stone wall in front of it.
1-Hit Combo: Shoots a moss-covered stone out of its mouth.
2-Hit Combo: Curls its hands into fists and bang them on the ground, one after the other.
3-Hit Combo: Roars at the opponent.
5-Hit Combo: Lilliputians (tiny people) pour out of the dragon's mouth and eyes and unleash a torrent of tiny, multicolored spells at the opponent.
Upon Victory: Lilliputians pour out of the dragon and start cheering and jumping.
Upon Defeat: Falls apart as some Lilliputians run away.

The Lilliputians have existed since the world was young, but they did not adapt to their surroundings by becoming larger and stronger, instead by becoming more intelligent and magically adept. Unfortunately, intelligence does not mean much when confronted by something 100 times your size, so in order to protect themselves they manipulate enormous structures to serve their needs. This is the structure that houses their capital, and is used for defense and quick travel (compared to the Lilliputians walking).

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The Jop

Name: Astral Orb
Element: Energy
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran

• http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/astral-orb-pet

• 200 x4
• 500 x4
• Defend x4
• Charged x2

Controlled Quote: "Trust me, you'll hardly notice when your soul is gone."
Enemy Quote: "I get your soul if I win...and this counts as a verbal contract if anyone asks."

Combat Entrance: Goes up and glows.
Charging: Turns into lightning and spins in circles.
Casting a Spell: Lightning arcs around it.
Shielding: Floats up to the upper left of the screen.
1-Hit Combo: Runs into the opponent.
2-Hit Combo: Turns into lightning that goes through the opponent and back to the starting point.
3-Hit Combo: Holds itself next to the opponent to shock it.
5-Hit Combo: Turns into a pentagram over the opponent.
Upon Victory: Absorbs the opponent's essence.
Upon Defeat: Dissipates.

A small part of Nulgath's soul that he sends out to communicate with his followers and consume souls whenever he gets the chance.
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