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(AQ) [Quest] Paxia's Void

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2/16/2013 13:54:39   
The Arcane

Paxia's Void

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2/16/2013 14:13:44   
The Arcane

«A storm is brewing over the island of Paxia. The inhabitants can feel the energy surge through their veins with every pulse. Something is coming, something which will change Paxia and the rest of Lore forever. This strange atmosphere has appeared from nowhere, as if out of nothing. However, the Paxians must always remember:

"Creatio ex nihilo."

Nothing comes from nothing.»

«The scene is a ship. «You» and Captain Rhubarb enter.»

«You»: What a lovely day for a cruise! Thanks again for taking aboard to relax for a while, Captain.
Captain Rhubarb: Arghhh, indeed! But I sense that thar wind be blowin' trouble a' your way, «You».
«You»: When isn't it according to you, Captain?!
???: I'm afraid your ship Captain is correct, «You».

«Jacques enters the scene, he looks weak. The three elemental powers inflicted on him are taking a toll on his body and mind. His eyes take on a glowing shade of purple, suggesting a new power flowing through his body.»

«You»: Jacques?! What are you doing here?
«You»: Wait. Let me guess. Paxia is in trouble and only I can save the clans, right?
Jacques: Exactly! Can you sense it too?
«You»: No, I can't sense anything. I just knew that Lore wouldn't let me relax for at least an hour!
Jacques: Hahaha. You should know by now that heroes are never on holiday. Lore will always need you.
Jacques: But right now, it is Paxia who needs you most.
Captain Rhubarb: How did ye even get on my ship, ya squid thing?!
Jacques: Even old sea dogs such as myself have tricks up our sleeves... or tentacles.
Captain Rhubarb: Fair 'nuff. To Paxia we go, full steam ahead! Arghhh!

«The scene changes to the island of Paxia. It is sunset. «You» and Jacques enter.»

«You»: So tell me, Jacques. What is this all about?
Jacques: It would appear you're about to find out first hand...

Random Void Monsters
Full Heals after battles #2, #4 and #6.

«You»: Void monsters?! But how? Jacques, tell me everything you know! Please!
Jacques: A Void rift has opened over Paxia. It has infected all eight clans and tainted the land in which we live. You must stop it now, «You», before it is too late.
«You»: Uhh, let's talk more later. Right now, I've got to slay these creatures!

Random Void Monsters
Full Heals after battles #2, #4 and #6.

«The eight clan leaders enter.»

Igneox: Jacques, you've returned!
Dynamo: And with «You»!
«You»: All the clan leaders together in unity? Something must be wrong!
Noctros: Well... not "all" of them now there's a ninth leader...
Lucius: Enough, Noctros! What he means is that it is worse than what we suspected, Jacques.
Jacques: No no no, how can this be? I thought the prophecy was nothing more than a legend; a child's fairytale!
«You»: Will someone please explain to me what is going on?! How can there be a ninth Paxia clan?!
Nauticia: We speak of an ancient prophecy which was foretold many years ago. It speaks of an evil creature who attempts to universalize Paxia and its elements through the power of the Void.
Glaciar: Let Jacques explain the rest of the prophecy.

«As you all move to a more secure location away from the Void beings, Jacques begins to tell you the tale of the ninth clan:

There are eight clans within Paxia, one to represent each element of Lore. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Energy, Light and Darkness. However, there is another force at the heart of Lore... for all these positive elements to exist, so must the negative power of the Void. Legend foretold that when the elements were at their weakest, a creature of malicious intent, known as Inritos, would attempt to re-create itself within the heart of Negatus, the statue of neutralization.

Now Inritos has risen and summoned an army of Void creatures to attack Paxia. His goal is to plunge the elements of Paxia into the Void as punishment for not granting him and his people a place on Paxia all those years ago. He has created the land of Irritu on Monolith Island for his people and awaits the arrival of the Chosen One.»

«The scene changes to Monolith Island. The sky is a chaotic purple, with lightning flashes across the sky. The Negatus statue is visible, but has purple and pulsating eyes and gems. The shadow of Paxus is cast behind Negatus. «You», Jacques and the eight clan leaders enter.»

Geoto: This is Inritos' base. His power grows stronger the nearer he is to the Negatus statue.
«You»: So what now? We lead a surprise attack on the clan?
Aerodu: Hmph, do not underestimate Inritos, «You». I'm sure he already knows we're here.
«You»: Oh... great. So where is my army?
Jacques: I'm afraid there won't be any army to lead, «You». You must confront Inritos alone. If any of us go near him, he will use Negatus' power to neutralise our elements making us vulnerable and useless.
Jacques: Inritos is expecting you, Chosen One, in order to complete the prophecy. So although there will be a battle, he still needs you alive.
«You»: This just keeps getting better and better.
Jacques: Good luck, «You». You are Paxia's only hope.

Random Void Monsters
Full Heals after battles #2, #4 and #6.

«The scene changes to a large crystal tower made out of the essence of the Void. «You» enters.»

«You»: Well, you've got to give it to Inritos. He has awesome style.

Random Void Monsters
Full Heals after battles #2, #4 and #6.

«The scene changes to a room in the tower. Inritos is sitting on his throne. His large, threatening indigo eyes glow with power. An almost human body, though with features of a dragon and a lion, his ferocious face is a combination of these creatures with a chaotic mane, and a demonic, barbed tail ready to pierce. All in the color of a dark amethyst gem. His long iron claws grasp the throne as he sits there, relaxed, knowing he is control. There are purple glowing eyes in the background. «You» enters.»

Inritos: And so the hero comes to save the day! Hahahaha!
«You»: This ends now, Inritos! Vengeance is not the way to solve your issues, and the people you are attacking are not those to blame for what happened to you.
Inritos: Ahh, the bitter-sweet taste of vengeance -- yes, that used to be my most powerful motive. Though I have risen above that now. Through harnessing the power of Negatus, I can neutralise the world of Lore and corrupt it with the Void which flows through my veins!
Inritos: Now, face me, "Chosen One". You will always be remembered as the first victim of Inritos! Hahahaha!

Full Heal after battle.

Inritos: Curse you, «You»! I deserve to be a clan leader!
Inritos: Argghh!! I will return one day. My spirit will always live inside the Negatus statue, waiting. Waiting to claim this world and watch the rise of the Irritu clan!
Inritos: Hahahahahahahaha!

«Inritos' spirit returns back to the Negatus statue. The sky and Negatus return to their normal colors. Jacques and the eight clan leaders enter.»

Jacques: You have destroyed Inritos and returned Paxia to unity! On behalf of all the clans; thank you, «You»!
«You»: I doubt this is the last we've heard of Inritos and the Irritu clan of the Void. I will be ready for him next time.

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