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5/9/2013 10:39:11   
Times Silent Keeper


Location: Battleon Town » Speak to Miss Fixit » Kidnapping!

«Scene: Sparse forest. Karuna's children, Mara and Vita are playing hide-and-seek!»

Mara: Okay Vita, no cheating, this time.
Vita: Sorry, I don't mean to do it. It's just - well, I end up inside what I'm hiding behind, sometimes. I promise I won't do it this time!
Mara: Okay, be sure you pick a decent spot...

«Mara covers her eyes.»

Mara: One... Two... Three... Four...
(Thought) Vita: Better hide quick!

«Vita floats away to hide. Some time later...»

Mara: Ninety-eight... Ninety-nine... One-hundred! Ready or not, here I come!

«Mara begins her search through the bushes and trees.»

Mara: Hmm, don't see her around here...

«Going further in, she spots Vita with Kamui.»

Mara: There she is! But who's that with her?

«The scene zooms in to the conversation between Vita and Kamui.»

Vita: So what are these 'samples' for anyway, Mister Kamui?
Kamui: Nothing really special; observing how the plants interact with certain chemicals, analyzing soil composition, that kind of thing.
Kamui: You, however, are a great deal more interesting in comparison.
Kamui: Most ghosts I've seen are more interested in attacking the people they find wandering around as opposed to engaging them in conversation.
Vita: Attack? Moth would not be happy if I hurt people. Are you going to check that stuff you were talking about here in the forest?
Kamui: Not quite, I have an easy way of storing them, but it's best to examine them in the lab I have nearby. Actually, if you're willing, you could acc-

«From off-screen, Mara exclaims:»

Mara: Found you Vita! You really should hide better. Who's your friend?
Vita: Mara! I totally forgot!
Vita: I was looking for a hiding spot when I saw Mister Kamui here wandering around looking at the plants and stuff. He says he's collecting samples for analysis or something.
Kamui: It's a pleasure to meet you Mara, Vita here was just keeping me company while I was working. She's certainly an interesting girl, although it seems you're quite the interesting one as well.
Mara: Huh?
Kamui: You're a Vartai, are you not? Although the variety of Vartai you are is the real draw. Given your skin tone, I'd have guessed you were golden, but that aura of yours... Half Gold Vartai, half Dark Vartai?
Mara: That's what momma told me. How did you know that?
Kamui: I've spent time studying a lot of the intelligent races on Lore, so I've memorized the vast majority of their cultural and physiological characteristics. That and I have good eyes.
Kamui: Anyway, I was getting ready to head to a lab I have near here to examine these samples, would you and Vita care to accompany me?
Vita: I dunno...
Mara: Oh come on Vita! Mister Kamui seems really nice!
Kamui: I merely want to talk some more with the two of you on the way, like I said, the both of you are quite interesting.
Vita: Okay, we'll walk with you to this lab of yours, but don't try anything funny.
Kamui: Rest assured, comedy is the last thing on my mind right now.

«Scene: Battleon»

«You»: So wait, this legendary dragon was offering bits of his power for mouse tails?
Aelthai: I know! I suppose he could've been hungry, but still...

«From off-screen, a voice calls for your name.»

Karuna: «You»!

«Karuna enters the scene.»

Karuna: I need your help!
«You»: Karuna? What happened? Did something happen to Mara again?
Karuna: She was kidnapped! Along with another one of my children, Vita! Baldev here saw the one responsible stealing them away!

«Baldev enters the scene.»

Baldev: He was a human with white hair wearing black and red robes and some weird gauntlets. I couldn't follow them across the terrain they were on, and they were too busy talking to hear me.
Aelthai: Oh! You mean Kamui!
Karuna: You know this criminal?!
Aelthai: He's a friend of mine, a researcher. His experiments tend to explode a bit more than I'd prefer, but he's not the type to kidnap children -
Baldev: See mom? I told you they didn't look like he was forcing them to go with him.
Karuna: Did I hear you mention EXPLOSIONS? Miss...?
Aelthai: It's Aelthai, or Miss Fixit, whichever you prefer.
Karuna: Aelthai then, do you know where this Kamui took my children?
Aelthai: If I had to guess, it was probably to his lab. I can teleport us right there.
«You»: Great! Karuna, you and I can go, but you might not want to take Baldev with us.
Karuna: Agreed. Baldev, sweetie, can you stay at that inn until mommy comes back?
Baldev: Um, sure thing mom.

«Baldev leaves the scene.»

Aelthai: Okay, you two ready?
«You»: Let's go!

«Aelthai raises her staff.»

Aelthai: Alright, ready, and...

«After an awkwardly long pause...»

Aelthai: ...Are we still here or did I forget to bring my eyes with me again?
«You»: Still here.

«Aelthai stops raising her staff.»

Aelthai: Huh, I guess Kamui's new anti-teleport device really does block teleport spells... I'll have to remember that.
Karuna: So you can't get us there?!
Aelthai: I can, but we'll have to walk. The only problem is the lab's entry scanners. They only let identified people in, and you and «You» would be classified as unknowns.
«You»: Isn't there something we can do?
Aelthai: I might have an idea, but I haven't tried it before, so I have no idea if it'll work.
Karuna: What is it then? We've got to hurry!
Aelthai: I'll bottle some of my energy. Using that, there should be enough in the bottles to mask a person's energy if you keep it in your pockets or bag.
Aelthai: That SHOULD enable us to bypass the external security scanner.
«You»: Sounds like a plan to me!
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    «Regardless of choice»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Through silhouettes, Kamui, Mara and Vita can be seen navigating through the forest to get to Kamui's lab.»

    Kamui: So Vita, I have to ask. What's it like to be able to pass through solid matter whenever you choose to do so?
    Vita: ...I don't get to choose when I do it. I just pass through everything no matter what.
    Kamui: I see, so you don't really 'feel' the matter as you pass through it?
    Vita: No, I don't feel anything. I don't feel the heat of the sun, the grass on the ground. ...I can't even feel Mother's hugs.
    Mara: Vita...
    Kamui: Hmm, so then, if someone were able to enable you to 'feel,' would you allow them to do so?
    Vita: You can do that?!
    Kamui: I don't know, ghosts are a rather unexplored subject. As I said, you're the only one I know that doesn't attack people on sight.
    Kamui: If I could observe you a bit in my lab, I could possibly come up with an idea. It'd be very interesting to see what we could find out about you, would you be willing to let me take a look?
    Mara: Wow, that sounds like fun Vita!
    Vita: I don't know about that, but it couldn't hurt.
    Kamui: Excellent, the lab's just a couple more minutes away. If you'd like Mara, I could give you a proper physical checkup while we're there as well.
    Kamui: It'd be interesting to see if there is anything different about you from other varieties of Vartai.
    Mara: Sure! That sounds like it'd be fun!

    «Scene: Sparse forest»

    «You»: So how much further to this lab anyway?
    Aelthai: It should only be a little further, no more than thirty minutes of travel time.
    Karuna: Too long. I want to be there in TEN minutes!
    Aelthai: I keep telling you that Kamui may be a bit careless sometimes, but he wouldn't hurt OR kidnap children.
    Karuna: He has two of my little girls! And he is going to be in a world of pain if either of them have been hurt in any way.
    (Thought) «You»: I REALLY wouldn't want to be Kamui right now. But anyway...
    «You»: Let's get going to the lab.
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    «Regardless of choice»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    Aelthai: We're here, this is the entrance to Kamui's lab and research facility.
    «You»: Entrance? But this is just some random spot in the forest.
    Karuna: Where is this lab? If this is some kind of joke it isn't funny!
    Aelthai: Just watch.

    «A thin laser beam scans through everyone in the scene.»

    Scanner: Familiar energy signature detected and identified as Aelthai.

    «The scanner keeps scanning everyone non-stop.»

    Scanner: Signature is spread around, suggests that owner of said signature has gained weight from eating too much cake.
    Aelthai: That's a lie!
    «You»: Why did it pick cake?
    Scanner: Subject appears to be in denial.
    Scanner: Nevertheless, it is assumed the subject wishes to enter the research facility, and subject's sudden weight gain will not affect that action.
    Aelthai: I'm going to convince Kamui to erase your circuits once this is all over...
    Scanner: Confirmation requested. Does the fat person wish to enter the facility?
    Aelthai: Yes, you dolt. One more comment and I'll stress-test the energy shielding Kamui installed after my last visit.
    Scanner: Confirmed, hailing elevator. Do be sure to enjoy your time here, and do try to resist your urge to eat everything in sight.
    Aelthai: I'M NOT FAT!

    «The ground opens up, and an elevator appears from under the ground, opening its doors to invite you in.»

    «You»: That was a... unique conversation.
    Aelthai: Let's just go, I think I should inform Kamui his AI coding could use some... tweaks.

    «Scene: Kamui's Lab»

    «You»: Well, looks like we made it in okay.
    Karuna: Agreed. Your plan seems to have worked, Miss Aelthai, so long as we have these bottles the scanners think we're you.
    «You»: Yeah, it should be smooth sailing from here on ou-

    «You slip with a complete backflip, and the bottle of energy from Aelthai falls out your pocket and shatters into pieces!»

    «You»: Ow my back... Why is the floor wet?!
    «You»: Um, I don't suppose you can make another of those really, really fast?

    «Something can be seen at the top right edge of the screen.»

    Aelthai: ...Not really, no.

    «That "thing" is revealed to be a security turret!»

    Turret: Unknown entity discovered, initiating test run of the Portal Oscillation Turret Automatic Defensive Operating System.
    «You»: Uh oh.
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    «Regardless of choice»«You»: ...Did those things spit HAMMERS at me?
    Aelthai: Yes, yes they did.
    «You»: I find it a bit scary that you're apparently more upset by the entrance scanner than hammer spitting robots.
    Karuna: If these are the kind of things that are commonplace in this lab, then I KNOW Mara and Vita must be in danger!
    «You»: It looks like more are coming!Aelthai: I think that's all of them, now let's find Kamui and the girls.

    «Further in Kamui's lab...»

    Kamui: Alright Mara, you reflexes look perfect. You're fit as you can be!
    Mara: Yay! Thanks a lot Mr Kamui! Do you think it'll take you long to... what did you call it again?
    Kamui: Analyzing the data from Vita's scans.
    Kamui: It'll take a while, and I don't know if there'll be anything I can use to help you from the data, Vita, but I'll do what I can.
    Vita: That's alright, I'm just glad we had fun. You're really nice, Mister Kamui.

    «From off-screen, a concerned mother exclaims:»

    Karuna: Mara! Vita!

    «Kamui turns toward the voice, and Karuna enters the scene.»

    Karuna: There you are! I was so worried!
    Mara and Vita: Momma!
    Karuna: And YOU! How dare you kidnap my children!
    Kamui: Kidnap? I'd never kidnap children! I invited them to keep me company while I walked back to my lab.
    Kamui: On the way, I asked Mara if she'd like me to give her a checkup, and if Vita would let me do some basic scans on her.
    Mara: It's true momma! Mister Kamui was really nice! He says I'm fit as can be!

    «Aelthai and you enter the scene.»

    Aelthai: You see Karuna? I told you Kamui wouldn't hurt your children.
    «You»: Seems you misjudged him, doesn't it?
    Karuna: ...Maybe so. I apologize for my earlier outburst Kamui, and I apologize for jumping to conclusions about you before knowing you.
    Kamui: Don't worry about it... Karuna, was it? What's in the past is in the past.
    Kamui: Although, now that you're here, I wonder if you'd consent to Mara giving a small blood sample.

    «A huge bucket appears, dangling on a rope from the ceiling...»

    Karuna: ...Kamui, can I speak with you for a moment alone?
    Kamui: Certainly, excuse us a moment please.

    «Karuna and Kamui leave the scene.»

    «You»: I wonder what they're talking about...

    «Several sparks of impact can be seen from the edge of the screen. Karuna returns along with Kamui... who now has a black eye.»

    Kamui: If you'll just listen a moment, Karuna--

    «The "bucket" opens to reveal a cabinet containing small liquid vials!»

    Kamui: See? I DID say a SMALL sample.
    Karuna: Fine, I suppose you can get a sample if Mara's okay with it.
    Mara: Yay!
    Kamui: Right then, since you both behaved so well, I'd say you deserve a gift.

    «A cute compact box with teddy prints fall from the ceiling.»

    Mara: What's that?
    Kamui: It's a new invention of mine. It's a perfect companion for kids!
    Cuddle Cube: Stab?
    Kamui: Oh wait, that's... the one I made for Shii.
    Karuna: Kamui, would you come into the other room with me?
    Kamui: I... suppose so.

    «Once again, Karuna and Kamui leave the scene.»

    «You»: I wouldn't want to be Kamui right now...

    «Whack! A spark of impact from the edge of the screen!»

    Mara: This was a fun day!
    Aelthai: Now Mara, Vita, I know things turned out okay this time, but you really shouldn't talk to strangers, and you DEFINITELY shouldn't go anywhere with them no matter what. Okay?

    «More sparks of impact!»

    Mara: I'm not sure I get it, but okay! I won't talk to strangers anymore!
    Vita: I won't either.
    «You»: And remember, if a stranger DOES approach you, be sure to get away as fast as you can. Go to your mother or someone else you trust.
    Vita: So we can look for Mister Kamui then.

    «Short pause»

    «You»: That's right!
    K5 Kidnapping

  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 7]
  • Cuddle Cube Conflagaration [L. 8 G]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 27]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 47]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre Z [L. 51 Z]

  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 67]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 87]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre Z [L. 97 Z]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 107]
  • Cuddle Cube Pyre [L. 127]
  • Cuddle Cube Conflagaration [L. 147 G]

  • Hammer Turret [L. 7]
  • Hammer Turret Z [L. 15 Z]
  • Hammer Turret [L. 27]
  • Hammer Turret [L. 47]
  • Hammer Turret [L. 67]

  • Hammer Turret G [L. 84 G]
  • Hammer Turret [L. 87]
  • Hammer Turret [L. 107]
  • Hammer Turret Z [L. 117 Z]
  • Hammer Turret [L. 127]
  • Hammer Turret G [L. 147 G]

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    Entry thanks to BlacKitten25. New location thanks to In Media Res.
    Monster ListMonster list thanks to BlackAces.

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